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  1. I'm assuming they mean Joe Schobert who went to the Browns in last years draft.
  2. Kenny Golladay just went to the Lions with the 96th pick.
  3. I should have clarified. They don't have Sioux Falls listed as a host for MBB on that site...
  4. They don't have bball listed on this site:
  5. Are you talking for Men's basketball or for Hockey? I don't see anything about Sioux Falls hosting for NCAA BBall? Also, they are hosting hockey in 2018.
  6. I see Coach Horner is following him on twitter so you may be on to something...
  7. Are you referring to players or are coaches in play?
  8. Could it be because the majority of people just don't care? They've had their 15 minutes and people are now moving on...
  9. I'd settle for just four more wins than this years team had.
  10. No, there were many teams left out, including Arizona. I'd never heard that each team is included in that segment before. Maybe they've done it in the past but they didn't this year.
  11. From an article at the beginning of the tournament: Bernstine also likes the fact that the Hawks will play in Utah. His step-brother is Josh Perkins, the starting guard for No. 1 seed Gonzaga, which opens play Thursday against No. 16 South Dakota State.
  12. He has a half brother that plays for Gonzaga I believe.
  13. I know someone mentioned it earlier, but just hearing the crickets from REA on the issue should tell even the most uninformed people that cutting WH was the best option. If the REA wanted to house the program, they would be saying so...
  14. There's a poll in the GF Herald regarding the Lamaroux's letter. So far, readers are in agreement with the Twins by a 75%-25% margin. Over 700 in favor...again, where were these folks during the games/playoff games?
  15. I now see you are saying that Lindenwood would replace UND in the conference. I've had a couple drinks so didn't see what you were saying initially..