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  1. I'd rather get it against Kansas St. in 2020
  2. Thanks. I have a difficult time believing UND will cut women's hockey. I could be wrong but I think if they will do anything to that program, it will be to cut funding/resources for it.
  3. Just out of curiosity, have any women's Ice Hockey programs ever been dropped at the D1 level?
  4. Could be...I see they also hired a Title IX Consulting Firm. Is that pretty typical when schools cut sports?
  5. I enjoyed the story the announcers shared during last nights game talking about UND's coaching staff vs. Arizona's coaching staff. Coach Jones said the only thing their staff is better at than Arizona's are bigger bellies and bald spots. At least he seems to have a bit of a sense of humor at times...
  6. Ummmm, it doesn't start until after the VCU- St. Mary's game. About 9:05 pm
  7. They have two seven footers...
  8. Hmmm, I watched the game but don't really recall the injury. Hopefully nothing too serious. We will need him to play well, especially on the defensive side of the ball.
  9. Just watched the VNL sports cast from SLC. Beth Houle (sp?) reported that's Geno is battling an injured ankle. Did he injure it in the conference tourney? I don't recall seeing or hearing anything about it?
  10. I agree that it looks bad not having a band or cheerleaders. Simple fix is move spring break to a weak earlier to avoid potential conflicts.
  11. Arizona coach, Sean Miller, with some praise for our guard play.
  12. Where is SWsiouxmn? We need him to start the game thread....
  13. I was putting my picks in for my bracket on CBS sports. I took a look at their "expert picks" and one of their guys, Kevin Boone, picked UND to beat AZ. A little respect there I guess.
  14. Yep, Not sure when it went up, but I noticed it yesterday. Is it on the north side as well?
  15. I've never really liked the helmet logo on the side of the Alerus. It always seemed 'dated' to me for some reason. As much as I didn't like the new logo initially, it is starting to grow on my a bit. And as stated in my last post, the logo/sign on the IPF actually looks pretty good. Wouldn't mind seeing that on the Alerus.