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  1. University of Minnesota... Isn't SiouxVolley throwing around University of Utah as a possibility on another thread? I would think Oregon with Nike money, could be a possibility.
  2. Nope, they haven't. But they do play in the PAC 12. Trips to UCLA, USC, Oregon, Utah, Arizona etc...bit of an upgrade from the Big Sky conference.
  3. What type of paper are they using for the cover? Not sure I like the feel/texture of it...
  4. UND is listed twice in this article. The Montana game at #22 and the EWU game at #2.
  5. So where would you put Shanks in these two scenarios??
  6. He signed a two month extension a few weeks ago...
  7. I saw him dressed up and downtown for the Kentucky Derby Pub Crawl a few weeks ago. He was with some of the other coaches. Does that count??
  8. UND is playing in a tournament at UTEP along with New Mexico and Youngstown. anyone know if we are hosting a tourney again this year?
  9. Looks like Mayor Brown thinks fixing streets/potholes is more important than lowering speed limits. Good for him.
  10. Try this one: four teams are BC, Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan, and Arizona St.
  11. I'm assuming they mean Joe Schobert who went to the Browns in last years draft.
  12. Kenny Golladay just went to the Lions with the 96th pick.
  13. I should have clarified. They don't have Sioux Falls listed as a host for MBB on that site...
  14. They don't have bball listed on this site:
  15. Are you talking for Men's basketball or for Hockey? I don't see anything about Sioux Falls hosting for NCAA BBall? Also, they are hosting hockey in 2018.