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  1. 2018 schedule /team

    I am kind of curious if our new AD will try to bring in new combos for our uni’s. EWU always seemed to change things up with their uni’s. I would guess he would defer to the coaches though. And our coaches come across as fairly conservative when it comes to uni’s...
  2. Alerus Center Events

    Yea, Half Brothers has been a great addition for the live music scene.
  3. Alerus Center Events

    So something along these lines? https://www.basilicablockparty.org/ Town Square does some of that already, but it is nice to change it up a bit.
  4. Alerus Center Events

    Not as big of a name/national brand, but Half Brothers Brewing and Brick and Barley are having Hairball perform for a free concert on 3rd street on May 5th. Add in Blues in the Red, Concerts in the Garden, Up North Ribfest, Alley Alive, and Greenway Takeover Festival, more bars downtown offering music and GF has quite a bit of entertainment/music options. Entertainment options is one of the things I've always enjoyed and wanted to see more of in GF. Over the last few years this area has grown a bit more.
  5. New Hospital Facility in GF

    http://www.grandforksherald.com/business/healthcare/4399303-altru-build-hospital-current-location Seemed the most logical place to build the new hospital would be at the current site.
  6. College Hockey Expansion

    With the budget issues at EWU and a President who appears to be reluctant to emphasize sports, I doubt they will be adding hockey any time soon, if ever.
  7. Volleyball Recruiting

    Someone needs to remind Tom that we are moving to the Summit for all sports except football (and hockey) for next year. http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/volleyball/4397153-und-volleyball-lands-uconns-offensive-leader
  8. Volleyball Recruiting

    Also, UConn volleyball is not very good relatively speaking finished with q losing record last year. Lost to Sac St. 3-2. But it is interesting that she chose to head so far west. At 5'9" I agree that she will more in be in the Merselli mode, hitting back row and some OH. She appears to be very good on defense and collecting digs.
  9. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Not sure if there will be a blog but did see this on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1471225586337855/
  10. Volleyball Recruiting

    Appears to be a very solid player and will have two years to play. Nice get. Has Pryor been signed to an extension yet? If not, Chaves better get on it...
  11. New AD posting and hiring process

    Of course there's something better out there. There always is. Did something better out there apply? Who knows? Either way, I believe we got a pretty good AD for our level as proven by his track record.
  12. New AD posting and hiring process

    You forgot to mention Kennedy's meeting with the #GOBC at Judy's tomorrow afternoon. Need them to sign off on it first, then the negotiations will begin...
  13. New AD posting and hiring process

    So it appears as though no announcement will be made today. Anyone know when we might expect an announcement?
  14. New AD posting and hiring process

    So then you find a way to let your "top candidate/guy you want" know that he's the top candidate, before forwarding the finalists. I know there' s "open record" laws...but I'd imagine there are ways around this. I guess "your guy" could still back out after that, then you would have the "train wreck" your describing.
  15. New AD posting and hiring process

    I don't think the person making the decision has to choose from the three or four finalists if they aren't satisfied with them. I would guess if the decision maker were not happy with the finalists (or the top candidate withdrew in the scenario your referring to), they could choose to open it back up?