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  1. HockeyFan31

    Twins ?

    Yep, the first couple weeks out of the break will be telling. I think they have seven games against Cleveland during that stretch. That being said, I agree with SWSioux. It's time to start selling. I'd start with Dozier before he cools off.
  2. HockeyFan31

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    Too many former goofers on the Knights roster for my taste but still fun for sure
  3. HockeyFan31

    Twins ?

    Just when I wanted to start believing, they go lay an egg against KC. p.s. What's wrong with the Yankees? They got walked off by Baltimore last night who couldn't even win a single game in a four game series. LOL!
  4. HockeyFan31

    College Hockey Expansion

    Those are some interesting names to consider adding D1 hockey. I do agree, they'd be interesting adds to the NCHC, though.
  5. HockeyFan31

    College Hockey Expansion

    Yeah, I would have to think the NC$$ will start seeing all those dollar signs and change that rule pretty quick.
  6. HockeyFan31

    Twins ?

    I can't read the full article but I always kind of thought that guy was on the juice.....
  7. HockeyFan31

    College Hockey Expansion

    Frozen Four in Vegas?! Never thought of that!
  8. I've seen others posting so I figured I would try. As a lurker, my apologies if it is out of line to start this thread. That being said, I'm looking for 2 tickets to the Vegas game. I'm following StubHub closely so I know what's out there. Just figured I'd see if anyone has anything available here. Thanks!