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  1. 2018 West Regional - Attendance

    A College Hockey Regional just isn't a Regional without UND.
  2. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - SATURDAY Gameday

    Bring Cary Eades back!

    I still only have a black screen on NCHC.tv
  4. 2016-2017 College Hockey (Non UND Hockey)

    The ref was watching it and doesn't call it. Where are the refs from for this game?
  5. 2016-2017 College Hockey (Non UND Hockey)

    The BU goalie over-committed, rare mistake. Why he didn't do that yesterday at least once for us.
  6. WEST Regional (fargo) - UMD/OSU ~~ BU/UND

    When a fan's team loses the first game, I would guess that most of that fan base leaves before the 2nd game. It's just not as evident as it was in Fargo last night, because there usually aren't many fans at the other regionals and its hard to tell if anyone left or not after losing the first game. That was a tough loss for everyone yesterday.
  7. WEST Regional (fargo) - UMD/OSU ~~ BU/UND

    Did Ferris State make it?
  8. UND Sports TV Options

  9. UND Sports TV Options

    If a person purchases a one month pass on NCHC.tv, is it good for a calendar month or 30 days? Thanks, Ron
  10. 10/1 UND Hockey Game

    What are you asking for the tickets and where are they located? Thanks, Ron text 701-315-0146
  11. We are the champions!!! Finally

    They have it televised on the local ABC weather channel, 17-3 in the Bismarck area.
  12. Closing in on Epic Title Drought

    I think the "Skate for #8" slogan has been over-used for too many years and is bad luck. Can we come up with another slogan for next time (next year)?
  13. The NCAA Championship Game Dream Match-Up: BU vs. PC

    Karma came through, really glad BU lost and Providence won!!!! If we didn't win it, glad it was a team that hasn't won one before.
  14. SIOUX @ Miami - FRIDAY Gameday

    On my review, it was a goal. I even took off my green glasses.
  15. I will take 2 for each night of still available Thanks, Ron 701-315-0146 Rmcleod@grenergy.com