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  1. UND to cut women's hockey

    I hated to see the program cut simply because as a grad who has lived over 1000 miles out of state for decades I know that UND’s identity is hockey. Despite attendance etc it was a big loss in the big picture. But, everything has to be paid for and until there is a way to do that it can’t and shouldn’t survive. (Does that apply to football? I’m not informed enough about it’s relationship to donations, ancillary income, and conference requirements to comment) I held out hope it would find its way back via thinking outside the box to fund it, not by ex-players taking the easiest way out and hiring a self agrandizing SJW to ram it down everyone’s throat and forcing other people to pay enough to feed a third world country without making their own concerted effort. I really hoped it would come back, but not this way. Hopefully the suit gets tossed in a summary judgement and we start again on the right foot.
  2. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Spot on. Top programs go after the best and go hard. A great staff considers recruiting as competitive as the games.
  3. Grand Forks Economy

    Probably because libraries are even more obsolete than malls. Shelves of books are medieval technology. Libraries now are glorified meeting spaces, study halls, and a place to make copies Nobody makes libraries anymore, they just downsize or close them. If I don’t want to buy a kindle book I download it directly from the library onto my desktop, laptop, notebook, or kindle. They don’t even need to buy a hard copy to lend it out. And google search gives more info than every magazine in a library in seconds The entire Harvard library could be in a large room with computers, scanners, and a handful of IT employees and librarians. I’ve seen gov’t offices successfully rent mall space. Tax office, DMV, gun licenses, special offices of police force, early voting, etc
  4. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Absolutely no offense intended but that’s what blue chips do. There’s a lot of guys who go all-out 60 minutes; if they don’t that’s on the coaches and staff. But you can’t coach speed, instinct, past training, or natural athleticism. Congrats to the staff on this one, keep em’ coming.
  5. Destination hockey

    I’d prefer we play these games in high school hockey hotbeds and use the game as a recruiting tool. Host recruits etc. But I have to agree that Nashville is a great town and well worth the trip for fans. Like a little Las Vegas. I’d never give a B10 program like PSU who is now focusing on hockey and backing it with cash the ability to tell recruits they get games and opponents like this.
  6. What do you think of the logo now??

    I have to admit that when I see it next to the others it looks really good
  7. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    (Not directed at you) It doesn’t suck despite being a generic, grunting grazer with turds on it’s fur, because they win. If NDSU’s football logo and mascot the past 50 years had been a Pekingese peeing on a lamp post it would now be awe inspiring, and Fargo would have a public hanging for the dork who changed it to bison. In sports winning fixes everything. It will at UND too.
  8. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Agree. Every successful college sports program is intensely branded. Its not easy to do but It’s critical for recruiting, monetization, and winning. The most important thing about the logo/mascot is that it’s incorporated into the overall program brand. What the logo actually is, is far less important, Penguins sounds stupid until they reel off championships, after that it’s a brand and next thing you know hard nosed Steeler fans are walking around with a formal chicken on their shirts and it looks fine. Golden Knights was a little cheesy until now. Oilers, meat Packers, Crimson algae, Buckeye nuts, generic animals like Jayhawks, Eagles, Gators, Bruins, Bears, Longhorns, and Ducks...all goofy until they kick your a$$. Those schools and teams are the brand, the logos are secondary but need to be embraced and incorporated Other teams feared North Dakota, not the Sioux. They don’t care what our logo is or was, but they do care about playing a great hockey program. The more we bitch the more it hurts our brand. As a recruit it would be weird going somewhere where fans are so neurotic they seem hate the mascot on your jersey more than they like the team. 1/2 these kids in college are probably sick of a bunch of grumpy old men screaming ‘Sioux’ and ‘get off my lawn’. I guarantee the players get sick of it, they never played for the Sioux and are here because UND, not the Sioux, gives them a shot at glory and the NHL. Allow them to be proud of the logo, not be embarrassed by it I didn’t like it at first but my brain trumped my vicarious memories, and I decided I like winning a helluva lot more than nostalgia. Life is about change. Put the damn Hawk on the floor and hats and embrace it, buy a keychain. We can modify how it looks later if we want, it’s done all the time. Build the brand, sell the shirts, pay the bills, recruit the players, win the games, have fun; repeat.
  9. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    “Usefulness”? Think back on your life about someone who did something for you they didn’t have to and it changed everything. Thank you Englestads
  10. Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    Please don’t mess this topic up with a cogent argument. But thank you anyway.
  11. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    I assume his uncle is Bill Stankoven. Maybe not the best goalie we ever had but certainly had the best hair.
  12. UND Budget Cuts

    Or would it make it easier to comply if we gave up that many men’s schollies? I know enough about Title IX to be dangerous but my wife is an HR attorney who deals with Title IX suits, and I sleep at Holiday Inns. Without a lot of background info she said eliminating a football team is more likely to solve than create IX issues. It seems odd a school would allow losing enough money on one poorly supported sport to wipe out the deficits of 7-8 sports. I feel like an actor in the commercial where we become our parents for even discussing a football cut, and I admit I’m bias because I love our hockey program. From a sports perspective hockey is our identity. I live in the east and and no matter how cocky people are about their behemoth football they defer entirely to UND hockey. Side note: I wonder how we are able to lose about double the money on women’s basketball and volleyball than NDSU
  13. UND Budget Cuts

    The football team virtually bleeds money. Negative revenue of 2.3 million in 2016. I barely missed a hockey game in my four years but I might have been to the Potato Bowl once, ate a potato, and left at halftime. Small college football is going the way of the dodo at an accelerating rate. I will duck now.
  14. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Do you have a sense of how hard this staff (top to bottom) recruits relative to the pre-Berry era and also to other good and upcoming programs? I’m not beating up on this staff, just trying to get a read. Thanks
  15. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Thanks for all the great posts and info I get here; one of my pearls in life is to surround myself with people smarter than me. Would anyone mind posting what you consider good sources directly related to hockey recruiting and evaluation. Greatly appreciated