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  1. Norhsidepride

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    Zeke Ott is a sleeper on this list. May surprise some people
  2. Norhsidepride

    2018-19 Season

    It has been discussed - He is Logan's all time leading Scorer, and player of the year in the Mississippi Valley Conf in Basketball and Track. OUTSTANDING point guard who had spurned several mid major offers to play football. His hudl is worth a google https://lacrossetribune.com/sports/local/preps/high-school-basketball-cj-siegel-s-hot-start-has-la/article_dda4b9ed-b238-5ea5-8fd5-ef07cdc17f5a.html
  3. Norhsidepride

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    I keep hearing that the legacy is more important to a certain program. Is it more important to the players who are actually playing the game or the people who had there identity taken from them by the NCAA? Because those people will always be Fighting Sioux, that can not be taken away - but the future generations will be Fighting Hawks and their experience should not be any different from those who came before them because of a logo battle they have nothing to do with.
  4. Norhsidepride

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    LIke it or not - I will restate and say excluding hockey - the Majority.. since you like to bold things .....of athletes playing at UND, and coming in the future do not identify with the old logo or name - but they will leave their legacy as fighting hawks and will do it proudly wearing that uniform for a University that they will love after four years as much as everyone else here does. I am curious though - as one year leads to another and another if the logo or name will make a difference to Hockey players in H.S right now that may play at UND 3 or 5 years from now. They will obviously know the history and legacy of the program - that doesn't change - but will they care which name is placed where - a thought only, not offering an opinion (before someone else has a coronary at that computer)
  5. Norhsidepride

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    I don't know that anyone cares about this or not, but: UND's current student athletes and incoming athletes, and recruits that you all see tweeting the "love" they just got from the coaches in Memes etc......ALL Identify as Fighting Hawks. Current student athletes do not know anything different and in this generation, branding and gear and facilities are all important. They want to walk into a venue and see Their logo, their mascot...... who they are - All over it. They proudly wear Fighting Hawk gear because they are proud to play for the University of North Dakota. Many know about the Fighting Sioux in general, but not on a personal level. in 10 years you will have a generation of Alum who will be telling their kids about playing for or going to Fighting Hawk games......Playoff games, NCAA appearances, Conf Championships. It could be done for no other reason than that. Also, from what I have seen on here and other places, I would expect the Alerus Center will have Fighting Hawks Logos on the turf the next time it is changed. I don't think there will be any disputes. This is a natural time to do it for basketball because the court is being redone.
  6. Norhsidepride

    Memorial Stadium

    agreed on both
  7. Norhsidepride

    Memorial Stadium

    Playing and practicing indoors is a nice draw for guys not used to the cold. It should stay that way
  8. Norhsidepride

    2018 Season

    Incoming student athlete and worth taking a few minutes to read - Click link not picture https://www.wissports.net/news_article/show/911892?referrer_id=519407 https://www.wissports.net/news_article/show/911892?referrer_id=519407
  9. Norhsidepride

    2018 UND Recruiting

    here is an update on one of the 2018 recruits. Two interesting things: 2 Horizon League teams pushed hard for him to decommit in November and switch to basketball, and, he passed up playing in the Wisconsin football coaches association All Star game, to be on campus at UND in July
  10. Norhsidepride

    2018 Fighting Hawks Verbals

    Article: Siegel's hot start has Logan boys basketball off to 2-1 start http://lacrossetribune.com/sports/local/preps/article_dda4b9ed-b238-5ea5-8fd5-ef07cdc17f5a.html
  11. Norhsidepride

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Dont disagree on Brookings being in the middle of nowhere What I am saying is: An athlete from the WI area can go to a 500 or slightly above MVFC team within 4 hours of home and play away games that are within an easy travel distance for families. A parent could easily see all home and a few away games. It is 9 hours from Madison to Grand Forks and until 2020 No away games are any closer. Just an observation
  12. Norhsidepride

    2018 UND Recruiting

  13. Norhsidepride

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Distance is a killer. So many FCS programs 4 hours or less from Madison/Milwaukee/ Fox Cities. 7 and 9 win seasons boosts the appeal
  14. Norhsidepride

    Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    I have seen a few posts here about lazy work ethics from some guys. Sounds like they may be trying to force those that cant hack it out
  15. Norhsidepride

    Gameday vs Utah

    You obviously are an uninformed provoker since the O line you referenced never played together because of injuries and it was 3 frosh and a sophomore most of the way. So somebody you know and trust doesn't know squat. My understanding is that Reyes may get his medical red shirt for the year meaning two All American's back in the secondary - I doubt Bubba's gone after 18 but if he is I will seek you out and let everyone know you were right