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  1. UND (4-5) @ SDSU (8-4) 12/12 7 PM

    Listed as a guard
  2. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Wofford can't defend the pass
  3. Non-UND FCS Thread

    46 yd fg by jmu on the last play of the game. 31-28 jmu final
  4. Non-UND FCS Thread

    40 yd td pass jmu, 2 pt conversion good
  5. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    Player from the 70s?
  6. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    339, 639 shown wednesday at 2am. Live on foxsportsgo Edit: Not live on foxsportsgo since midco doesn't have fs2. Only tape delayed on 339, 639, or foxsportsgo Live on satellite tv, 149 on dish
  7. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - SATURDAY Gameday

    Anderson is the only one with pads
  8. 2017-18 Season

    Dooley was on the bench in street clothes, wonder if she'll be ready for the bison next Saturday
  9. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    Or multiple times in the Ralph concourse, by someone you don't know.
  10. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    The emphasis on eliminating diving has greatly improved the acting, obviously. Coaches need to eliminate it, or add another review to the already too many reviews.
  11. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    I meant they didn't look concerned with what they knew to be a non-injury
  12. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    Since he didn't feel anything, he had to guess at what the referees might have thought they had seen, so had to feign injury to every body part. His writhing on the ice made it look like serious internal injury occured. These referees have to look closely at the tape postgame and target these morons in future games. The WMU bench didn't look concerned, they must have known what was up
  13. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Much more alike in Carson and the Prince than many in the look alikes thread, where facial hair matches often rules.
  14. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Thanks, apparently it's not just me.
  15. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Carson is a dead ringer for Prince Harry. Given how many times we've seen the Prince and his fiancee lately, every time Wentz is on I'm wondering where Meghan Mutrie is. Although Carson is no doubt a King already in Philly