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  1. Supposed to be on the Tunein app, according to the web site. Haven't tried it. Also appears to be 100 per year for the app, after 30 day free trial
  2. 1440 the fan has Hennessey and Co on weekday mornings, I think 7-9am, mostly und sports talk
  3. It's really close to the CC tent
  4. Also requires your TV provider to carry the network to watch it on the app
  5. That's an Android app, but not on roku
  6. What app on roku? I can't find a pac 12 now app
  7. Hawk pin? Interlocking ND pin? http://siouxshop.com/store/product/21417/Interlocking-ND-Lapel-Pin/
  8. No doubt, but a friend from Fargo didn't get his club cards and just bought single game tickets when he could come. We'll see if he gets them this year since he bought season tickets.
  9. Do they send your tickets?
  10. I Came today
  11. Creative accounting for entrepreneurs. He's the star of that class.
  12. Yes
  13. It will be the same $50 if you pay at the Ralph box office. A higher fee this year for printing and sending hockey tickets. Football only is $20, fb and hockey is $50. No discount for paying by check or cash like last year
  14. apparently
  15. So ND fans and alumni that don't live in GF should stay home?