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  1. And it wasn't even close
  2. Can't determine offsides with those camera angles. Need an nhl like camera right on the blue line
  3. We were better than them. Duluth has a cakewalk to the ff
  4. Well after the whistle
  5. Much better possesion 5 on 5
  6. That was the right call
  7. Shoot the damn puck Boes
  8. Matched the call when Michigan goal vs Omaha when the puck must have been in. Matvik says it was not indisputable
  9. 4th post rebound
  10. Wolanin looks like he should be a forward
  11. We've had a few of these in the last half
  12. Color guy says, that's a penalty. Clean hit, for breaking glass
  13. All ND. They score