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  1. Chirped Seibel as well after that hit
  2. 375 from GF
  3. Trip being planned to Vermillion on September 16. Leave in the morning, return after the game.
  4. I'd agree with the int, should have been called. A bit dangerous where he dragged him down, but can't, as much as I'd like to, turn it into an attempt to injure. No where near the 2 hits on Cam and Tucker. Probably lucky for Denver it wasn't called, because if the marbles get heavy the diving begins.
  5. At the opening of the HPC it was announced that phase 2, offices and dressing rooms, would be added on the west side of the HPC. Since the east wall of Memorial is immediately adjacent to the west side of the HPC, the memorial footprint would essentially be eliminated with phase 2. Unless something has changed?
  6. Why does Duluth get away with this stuff and will Denver get called if they do it
  7. Combo slew foot take down by 22, didn't look clean to me
  8. 25 year old injured Tucker, cost him some bucks not being able to burn a year of elc
  9. The Lincoln 9 hole course is reasonably priced, other than trees not many problems. For more of a challenge, the kings walk links course. Fescue roughs are probably not bad yet, like they'll be when everything is green http://lincolngolf.org $24/18 http://www.kingswalk.org $35/18
  10. Duluth will need to start by injuring a couple Pios, then have the referees buy into the diving. Unfortunately, they won't have the Anderson crew
  11. Kneee bone connected to the neck bone
  12. So Osterburg got kneed in the head
  13. Better be a dive
  14. Just saw a pic of backs on the news. Apparently none would show their front, and refused to be interviewed. Looked like both M & F, so maybe some S and D athletes. News called it an athlete protest, other than that i know nothing.
  15. And today's on campus protest outside the hpc was expected to have 70+ Student athlete protestors, but just 12 showed up. Not sure what they were #turningtheirback on. Appeared to be the parking lot to the north. The no- shows feared repercussions from UND. Really?