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  1. Well if we are going to talk I am just waiting for the big ten to take all Dakota schools just for UND hockey.
  2. Maybe we make our own conference just like hockey
  3. They drove a dumptruck of money up to my house-Jost
  4. I know a long shot but I have a standing room ticket and would like to get a seat. 6513661559 Thanks
  5. The refs were awful on both sides but the difference in the game was that in the first period were should have scored at least 2 goals and maybe 3. We had a 5x3 for 1:43 in the first period. Also UMD scored 2 on 5x5 play that was a big difference too. Playing come from behind hockey is not our thing.
  6. Goaltending is not the problem. Its execution and defensive turnovers.
  7. You work for Delta?

  8. I can not believe the bad luck this team has, hit posts just goes wide and the other team comes down and scores.
  9. need to hit the net.
  10. Pull an Omaha right now. Stop shooting from the point. Move the puck
  11. So is a Big ten hockey next??
  12. Duluth is a dirty team if they are not flopping allover the ice they are hurting our players. They are good but not classy
  13. Tonight is a must win
  14. Does Joe Senser in Bloomington show games that are on NCHC TV?
  15. The worst part is that they keep doing the same thing over and over. The best PP is puck possession and moving the puck around not standing at the point and hoping it goes in.