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  1. The Avs will be dangling a million a year to get him to leave
  2. I was also wondering how early others were getting there for SRO. If anyone wants to let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it! Still trying to get plans for Friday figured out
  3. I just want people to have an open mind about the new logo and nickname. It's not going to happen overnight, but if people don't even give it a shot, if they shout "Sioux Forever" until they're blue in the face, then that's just dividing the fan base even more. I've been happy to see it slowly start to come around on the students, and I think that with time, and perhaps with more success of the teams, people will move on from the Sioux nickname and accept and embrace the Hawks.
  4. Whichever regional gets Buccigross and Melrose will get the worst
  5. Lol my bad guys
  6. This isn't about the Hawks logo, but anyone else annoyed by the unbalanced Fargo, ND on the ice? IIRC, the G was on the other side the last time we hosted
  7. Looks like Junior Day is being held on the same day as the Spring Game, April 14th.
  8. If you'd like to vote.
  9. I'd argue that South Carolina, even though their a 7-seed, is definitely a cinderella squad. I didn't have them getting past the first round, and almost nobody had them beating the Dukies. First time in school history they've reached the Sweet 16.
  10. Yeah, and I hope the Bison win it all in football next year too... okay pal.
  11. I like the way Denver plays hockey, and I really think they can win it all this year. The reason I won't be cheering for them, however, is because I don't want to be tied with them for national championships again. So I'll be cheering for AF, Tech, Notre Dame.. the underdogs. But after last week, I'll never cheer for the Bulldogs.
  12. Bold prediction
  13. Air Force Lowell Harvard Penn State Bowling Green UMD
  14. Um is this a coincidence @Oxbow6?
  15. Just thought of this, but our first look at the new logo on ice won't be at the Ralph, but in Fargo during the regional games.