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  1. Hunter Sand was there. Plays QB and Safety for Lakota-Dakota Prairie. They are recruiting him to play Safety. Really good all around athlete. 1,200+ career points through his junior season. Plays ECI basketball, also is an all region shortstop in high school and legion.
  2. Maybe the talent pool is slipping?
  3. Might not of been dominant, but that still doesn't clarify your first statement of talent pool slipping? Other teams improve, recruit better, better schemes, better coaching. Could careless with what bisonville understands. Just because they weren't as dominant this year doesn't mean the talent pool is any worse. There were multiple starters on the 2016 team that won a title in 2015. Those players got worse your saying? All I am saying as I think other teams are catching up. But you might be right. That said, I think teams like SDSU, USD, and UND all have the right staffs to compete. I really like what Nielsen has done at USD and Bubba at UND. I am curious to see how much longer Stig will coach. Guys been at it awhile.
  4. Totally understandable. I do not disagree with you. The fact that NDSU was able to turn around and beat SDSU and Montana after losing to them shows me that coaching is big factor. Talent might not always be the determining factor. Game planning and execution are huge factors. I would argue that SDSU was the more talented team out of any of the dakota schools this year. UND is definitely trending the right way. Will be attending a couple games this next season with some friends. Many of them used to just get GA tickets are now purchasing season tickets. Chatted with Bubba at a hockey game two weeks ago. Complimented him on how he is running UND's program and have enjoyed the times I have been able to watch. I just don't see how you can say NDSU's talent pool is falling off after one year that they didn't win the title? None of the other dakota schools advanced further than them, until that happens, I would say the talent pool is stable. JMU was the best team in the nation this year.
  5. Posting from a neutral stand point, can you explain to me how the talent pool is slipping? Like I've stated before I have ties to both school, have attended games at both schools in multiple sports. I just find it interesting that you say that? Curious your reasoning, is it an issue across the FCS? Or regionally?
  6. Courtney Messingham, new OC hired today by NDSU. He was the OC at Montana St last year.
  7. You can purchase watchESPN and have it on any of your devices.
  8. Another small recruiting tidbit, now that UND is joining the MVFC is their contract with ESPN. Every game is on ESPN3, makes it easy for parents to watch their son play. Also very nice for fans.
  9. Has anyone heard much on Hankey? I coach legion baseball in the summers, we play Park River 3 to 4 times a summer. Their legion coach told me he was hoping to land an offer from UND or NDSU. I am under the assumption that neither school have offered money? Probably trying to land him through the preferred walk-on route? I know baseball could be an option for him.
  10. Mauch just took a PWO to NDSU. Supposedly over a PWO offer from UND and D-2 offer from MSU-M.
  11. NDSU returns 8/11 on defense, have to replace a DE, and 2 OLBs. Return 7/11 on offense. Replace an RB, 3 Olineman.
  12. She was from Tolna, and yes used to be turkey capital of ND. Now there is only one turkey farmer left.
  13. No just a football fan. Wife's a UND graduate.
  14. This year
  15. Never said he wouldn't, just stating he faces safeties from a top 3 conference in college football.