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  1. 2018 UND Recruiting

  2. 2018 Season

    Actually doesn’t better defensive line play make it easier on your linebackers and safeties? If they are getting in the backfield and getting pressure, that’s less time tour secondary has to cover? Also if they are penetrating and causing chaos, that’s more the opposing team needs to scheme to block your D-Line which keeps blockers off your linebackers. Allowing them to run and make tackles.
  3. Non-UND FCS Thread

    -Made all the plays he needed to beat Iowa last year -34 and 3 as the starter, 15 wins away from the all time winningest QB in D1 history But he’s average your right... Shake my head.. Give me a break, what’s it take to be a good QB? Winning! That’s all that matters bottom line. Yes his supporting cast, system he plays in, defense, etc. are top notch at the FCS level. Look at the side-by-side stats with Wentz, Jensen, and Sticks junior years. Guess whose is the best? Easton Sticks. For what it’s worth, there’s a lot of great QBs in college football that don’t win anything. Gubrud, Briscoe, Steveler for example. All sitting at home on their couches. Stats are great because the system they play in allows them to put up video game like numbers. Braeden Hanson would of not fit in NDSU offense, he was a statue back there. Hendrickson could of fit it well, even Strudsrud would of been efficient. A great QB in my mind is about one thing: winning!
  4. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Depth crushed 2017. Both JMU and NDSU have had 15+ injuries.
  5. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Since 2010: Big Sky's highest playoff finishes 2010: Eastern Washington: National Champions Also playoff teams: Montana St. 2011: Montana semifinals: Lost 31-28 Sam Houston Also playoff teams: Montana St. 2012: Eastern Washington semifinals: Lost 45-42 Sam Houston Also playoff teams: Montana St. 2013: Eastern Washington semifinals: Lost 35-31 Towson Also playoff teams: NAU, SUU, Montana 2014: Eastern Washington quarterfinals: Lost 59-46 Illinois St Also playoff teams: Montana, Montana St. 2015: Montana 2nd round: Lost 37-6 NDSU Also playoff teams: SUU 2016: Eastern Washington semifinals: Lost 40-38 Youngstown St. Also playoff teams: UND, Cal Poly, Weber St 2017: Weber St quarterfinals: Lost 31-28 JMU Also playoff teams: NAU, SUU I think the proof is that at the top, the best teams can compete right to the end. My point is the Big Sky, like most conferences in the FCS are very top heavy. It is the same teams knocking at the door each year getting back into the playoffs. Every few years a new team has a good year and makes it. Its the teams that win consistently and find away in that shows the truth strong programs. I don't see any reason why UND shouldn't compete at the top of the Big Sky with the resources they have, facilities they have, and tradition they have. What I my question pertained to does it mean more for UND that one year? Or the conference as a whole? Was it just another year where that one team comes out of no where and then falls back, or is it a program thats going to cement itself as a top 3-4 in conference every year. Even UNI, in the MVFC, which is a solid, not spectacular program. Competes for a playoff bid every year with average facilities and below average resources. They had a ton of injuries this year. Beat teams they should beat, even without their starting QB. They don't loose to that below average team like Indiana St, Missouri St, or SIU. Thats difference. UND shouldn't loose to Portland, Sac St, etc. even on an average year IMO. Maybe I am wrong, and I am fine with that.
  6. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Does that prove something about UND? Or does it say something about the rest of the Big Sky?
  7. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Money. I was talking his lack of posting or interest about where he wanted to Twitter.
  8. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I don’t necessarily think it was that he did or didn’t want to sign at NDSU. I think it was deciding whether he wants to play football or basketball at the next level.
  9. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Moral of the story he was more than likely not offered by either.
  10. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Maybe as a PWO? But I don’t think as a scholarship. Usually they show up on list of interest even as a PWO. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Noah-Larson-93102/RecruitInterests https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2017/noah-larson-17489
  11. UND Football Strength & Conditioning

    Yes sir. I think Eric Bachmeier might be hurt also. Not positive though.
  12. UND Football Strength & Conditioning

    Listed as co-starting Left Tackle: Dillon Radunz- ACL Pre-season All American D-End: Greg Menard- ACL Starting MLB (had moved ahead of Matt Plank in depth chart after EWU game) Dan Marlette- Believed to be ACL 4th String RB: Demaris Purifoy- ACL Listed as 2nd String free safety, key special teams player: Jaxon Brown- Knee injury (will return, out 6-8 weeks, hurt season opener) Starting Weakside LB: Nick DeLuca- Meniscus (played this week) Starting TE: Jeff Illies- Sprained MCL (missed first two weeks) Starting FB: Brock Robbins- foot injury (missed 2 out of 4 games) Back-up QB: Cole Davis- separated shoulder (expected to miss 4 weeks) Starting MLB (hard to say his role when/if he comes back with Marlette out and DeLuca back): Matt Plank- ankle (missed last two weeks) 3rd String RB, kickoff returne: Ty Brooks- missed the last two weeks, injury undisclosed So that’s 11 that are or have been injured. I could be missing more too.
  13. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Most of NDSUs elite recruits like Trey Lance, Phoenix Sproles, and some others that aren't committed only camp there 1 day. The 3 day camp is for invites that mainly don't have offers. Also there are many surrounded colleges there that are able to see these kids that are bright it. So the 1 day argument with SDSU is kind of silly because quite a few kids that camp at NDSU are 1 day campers. Also one of my kids is coming to UNDs camp this Thursday at 4:00. Hunter Sand is being recruited as an athlete by UND. Really good kid. All around athlete, has invite to both NDSU and UNDs prospect camp for basketball also. Plays AAU and is an all state baseball player.
  14. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Hunter Sand was there. Plays QB and Safety for Lakota-Dakota Prairie. They are recruiting him to play Safety. Really good all around athlete. 1,200+ career points through his junior season. Plays ECI basketball, also is an all region shortstop in high school and legion.