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  1. How about und hosts the west regional every year with Fargo and sioux falls and minny or another in state school can host at the x every year for the mid west and then just have the 2 east regionals. That'd be perfect. Well I can hope.
  2. Did minny not bid for 2018? I assume with hosting the frozen four at the x next year they can't host a regional in the same year. But interesting. Hosting 3 years in a row!
  3. Better be a five.
  4. Tied? No score yet right?
  5. How's the game so far? Unable to watch or listen.
  6. That was really difficult to read. Yikes. I think my brain is hurting.
  7. I knew it was sarc Didn't Duluth and Notre dame split the first weekend of the season? I know it's been awhile since then but you never know.
  8. I didn't get to watch but sounded like a diving tournament was going on...
  9. Wonder how attendance and crowd will be like.
  10. You should stay humble and kind when you work hard and earned what you have been given. They don't need to act like spoiled brats. I'll cheer for the girls when they put on that usa jersey. But their reaction to this is poor and makes them look uneducated and spoiled brats. If they don't have to agree with the decision they should at least understand the reasoning. And not hate at the state and university that has already given them so much.
  11. Good question.
  12. When your reporting looks one-sided and against the university the people who come to him for this news won't get the whole story. He can't keep retweeing things that show people against the cut as it makes him look like he's on their side. I'm not sure what he thinks of the cut but it should have been done last year. Kennedy actually had the balls to do it unlike Schafer. With the name change and logo choosing, he didn't want to be the cause of another thing I bet.
  13. Those girls and the whole family (phil and mario on the mens team) have received a lot with free education and hockey from the university. And this is how they act. It's disgusting. They should acknowledge the reason for the cut and be thankful they even had a chance to wear the jersey.
  14. Can't waste money on something like this. Does anyone know why woman's hockey was added in the first place? Unless they add checking to the game it's not the same game. And Schloss really needs to stop. It's rather embarrassing how the ones against this cut have responded. Grow up. Nothing is free in this world. The state told them they would need to cut their athletic budget. They had no choice. Woman's hockey is the most obvious and best choice. And the lammy twins need to give it a rest. Complaining about this, wanting more money for the Olympics, and asking people to buy their t shirt to fund their family's free vacation to south Korea.