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  1. I thought it was good but bu blocked lots of shots and got into shooting lanes.
  2. Go Denver!
  3. Kinda like how Omaha was robbed in the NCAAs... but hey this game should have been put away in the 2nd. Missed opportunities.
  4. Feel bad for the guys. They played their hearts out.
  5. Im.just worried about a makeup call for a bu powerplay. Und is gonna need to be smart.
  6. Wolanin really wasted minutes on the blueline just holding the puck.
  7. keep it going. No odd man rushes please
  8. Yep I've noticed that too.
  9. Seems like a dick move someone like him would make. But hey who knows. But who would sell their tickets for $5 or less?
  10. Why even respond? Im sure he's joking about buying for the less fortunate...
  11. I was thinking of doing that this year but logging in and using the watchespn app. Sounds like their steaming app isn't very good sometimes.
  12. He loves anyone and everything in the nchc.
  13. I don't mind him but I'd put him just before Melrose and bucci. Clay Matvick is one of the best.
  14. Holden maybe. Starman? Hell no.