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  1. Brock had a sub-par year, but Jost was very good. everyone on offense should be returning though and much improved, along with new incoming freshman. we won't have a star on the team next year but everyone will be very good
  2. I've heard it was more than just his shoulder
  3. Wouldn't be surprised that if he doesn't sign in the next week, he stays.
  4. Seemed like their was not much effort besides some flashes by Boeser. Thought it was his wrist, but guess not
  5. So the past 3 years, everyone wearing green and white who filled up 3/4 of the arena wasn't a fanbase?
  6. Frozen Four attendance will be the worst in a long time without BC and North Dakota there. Only way it gets boosted up if Minnesota goes there, which hopefully doesn't happen.
  7. Where would Cam go? I believe that he will get offers, but that after this season he is going to want to come back to prove the doubters wrong about how good of a goalie he actually is, and that his stats last year represent him.
  8. When will we find out if Pionk is suspended or not?
  9. Is it not on directv?
  10. Congrats to Ladue for signing!! Just a guess, but I would think this is what our defense would look like. Correct me if Im wrong. T. Poolman Ausmus Shaw Wolanin Evers C. Poolman
  11. Just not in the frozen four
  12. The Wild have scored 2 goals in their last 14 periods of play. Looks like it's going to be 15 soon.
  13. Who are the top two defenseman coming in next season?
  14. It will be very different not to see stecher and caggiula out there. By far most exciting players i've watched at North Dakota since Kristo
  15. I think that thompson will leave since he was close last summer, but i could be wrong. If he does though, this is how I have it.