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  1. Help!!! Real or Fake??

    It's an actual flag but a cheap replica. The green interior "headdress feathers" should come to a point and the letter thickness on UND varies.
  2. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Just a little jersey post in the Commit forum....just got game worn Penticton shirts in the mail...looking forward to seeing Scheel, Reid, and Keane get to ND and put some green sweaters on.
  3. Early Departures 2018

    I laugh every time I see this, never gets old hahaha
  4. Early Departures 2018

    It's a good possibility....I did also notice at the Frozen Faceoff (as we had pretty good seats) how vocal Nick Jones is on the bench...either way we should have a little better senior leadership next year!
  5. Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

  6. Jerseys

    Yes, they say K1 on the tail. An Authentic will say CCM below the laces on the front.
  7. Sioux Survivor Game #14 2017-2018

  8. Jerseys

    It isn't an authentic Reebok, it's a Chinese replica. 1. The Reebok above the Sioux on the front has a skewed "b" and should be a patch instead of sewn straight to the jersey. 2. The WCHA on the tail should be a patch instead of sewn straight to the jersey. 3. The sleeves are way too long. 4. Parise never wore a Reebok Sioux jersey
  9. Jerseys

    If you get $150 it would be a good sell.
  10. Jerseys

    Did anyone acquire any of the camo jerseys that were worn against the USA U18 team that were auctioned off over the past 3 weeks?
  11. Sioux Survivor Game #13 2017-2018

    At this point Berry is going to tell everyone to start putting pucks on net....for that reason I'm saying: Cam Johnson to get a goal at home against Denver on Friday night, because at this point you just have to switch it up! Haha
  12. Refs like Denver

    There's no doubt that DU plays at a higher caliber than AF, heck all of our NCHC teams probably do. That being said, the at home favoring of penalties has got to be noticed by and taken care of by the NCAA and now that it's been called out more than once in half of a season they will more than likely be monitoring it a little more closely. I side with AF and UND on this one.
  13. USA World Juniors Jersey Thread

    WOW, just like @UND WFO78, I am blown away. This thing is amazing! Thanks @MafiaMan for getting this order together...can't wait for the next little project!!!!!
  14. Sioux Survivor Game #11 2017-2018

  15. Stubhub has them for 600+ per seat