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  1. 2018 attendance

    Will it take a step down after last year?
  2. UND to cut women's hockey

    I’ve seen people arguing the fact that the 2 million dollar loss of the program isnt the “true number.”
  3. 2018 Season

    I don’t think the Richmond game was lost due to halftime adjustments. More of dumb mistakes as players and coaches. Lets not talk about it
  4. 2018 March Madness

    Shanks to the Sweet 16.
  5. Early Signing Day

    Rain Slater is in Kadon Kauppinen is in Cade Peterson is in Caden White is in Jacob Odom is in Ryan Schoenfelder is in C j Siegel is in Mike Bruner is in
  6. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    An absolute ass kicking, why did I believe they actually had a chance?
  7. 2018 UND Recruiting

    UND is the only D1 offer for him I think?
  8. UND (6-11) @ NDSU (10-8) 1/16 7 PM

    Good win
  9. Coach Jones?

    Avants should be a 4, or a backup 5, he is too small, he has some good post moves and he plays hard but he is way overmatched at this level
  10. UND (4-7) vs Idaho (8-4) 12/29 7 PM

    It’s basically freelance almost all the time, basically a 4 out Maybe it’s not, but that’s what it looks like
  11. UND (4-8, 0-1) vs EWU (5-9, 0-1) 12/31 4 PM

    How is the crowd?
  12. former players

  13. Early Signing Day

    Tyler Burian from Red River is in
  14. UND (4-6) @ #12 Zags (8-2) 12/16 7 PM

  15. UND (4-6) @ #12 Zags (8-2) 12/16 7 PM

    Up 64-59 with 3:26 left Wtf
  16. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Kinda have to go with the transfer route right now with how the roster looks But yes, juco OL from CA shouldn’t be what we are recruiting this far into Bubba’s tenure
  17. 2017 Season

    We will have a better team but a tougher schedule. Need somebody to step up alongside Deion Harris, there will be a huge competition at that spot. Losing Coe will hurt but Oline will still be good Wanzek and Toivenen will keep on getting better, hopefully Clive gets a medical redshirt and can come back for next year. Special teams need to be solid next year, UND is built to win by playing good defense, being successful running the ball and being solid on special teams
  18. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Isn’t looking good for him though, had a GREAT year, would be really unfortunate if it was a torn ACL
  19. UND (4-4) vs NDSU (3-5) 12/9 7 PM

    Having Seales would have helped, overall UND is the more athletic team, NDSU is better coached and more disciplined and also actually have a couple 3 point shooters. Also a bit taller
  20. UND (4-4) vs NDSU (3-5) 12/9 7 PM

    UND more athletic, NDSU just actually plays defense and is way more disciplined
  21. UND (4-4) vs NDSU (3-5) 12/9 7 PM

    NDSU more disciplined then UND, UND defense is bad
  22. UND (4-4) vs NDSU (3-5) 12/9 7 PM

    How many TO’s did Geno have. He is so god damn careless with the ball. Make the easy play... Don’t try to do too much
  23. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    Bernhardt? Not even close...