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  1. Game Day @ Da Birds 7pm

    I heard hes the shits
  2. Pluto

    Is todays game on Pluto??
  3. Rings

    Which would have been a nice option in 2016, especially for the seniors
  4. Rings

    It wasnt a Div 1 program then
  5. Rings

    Here's how the National Championship hockey rings were paid for in 2016: The Engelstad Family Foundation paid for the rings, which were made by Jostens. “We are incredibly grateful for this special gift from the Engelstad family," UND coach Brad Berry said. "They are so important to our program and to this University and we cherish that relationship. The young men on the ice last season earned these rings, but we also wanted to pay tribute to the championship teams who came before us and laid that foundation of success.”
  6. Rings

    I know for a fact volleyball got them because I saw pictures somewhere...I even commented to my wife about it due to the fact that football got screwed
  7. Rings

    You could pass a hat around at tailgating and/or inside the game and come up with 35K in a season. Fans would gladly contribute for this. Or collect half the $ and offer the rings to the players for half price if they want one.
  8. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    Yes, what more do you need, right?!?
  9. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    Any observations on the fullbacks?
  10. Improving the game day experience

    To get the high school kids involved???
  11. 2016 UND Recruiting

    Thank you, I appreciate that!
  12. 2016 UND Recruiting

    I can only speak for sure about some current commits including walk-on(s)
  13. 2016 UND Recruiting

    yes this is a huge recruiting weekend.. approximately 10 coming in Hi by the way...new to the site but not to the Sioux