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  1. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    But the WCHA wanted ASU to subsidize travel expenses for other teams, WCHA is already geographically too far-flung without adding ASU, so ASU backed out of talks with the WCHA. I realize I am in the minority here but I am not convinced that ASU hockey won't fold when the donation money runs out, at least the way things are going now.
  2. College Hockey Expansion

    Still, you are counting on - WMU and Miami Leaving the NCHC.. and with a 2 mil buyout I don't see that happening. And then you are counting on two other schools adding one of if not the most expensive start up sport in college sports. I could happen but it will take years. Or, Three teams from atlantic Hockey defecting to join a Conferance in Michigan. First if you get Those three to join, then it isn't really the CCHA, the purpose of the CCHA was to put all the michigan teams and the few from ohio and Indiana in the same leauge to reduce travel costs and foster rivialries with local opponents. They aren't saving any money andtravel costs and they are getting an even more underpowered leauge. You're also basing this all on an article from a few years ago, which I haven't seen but its very likely that few things have changed since then. More likely that you will see both the NCHC and WCHA try to compete to add Oakland if they join. the WCHA is convinced that rapid expansion is the best anwser, I don't agree as I think the leauge would have been better off staying at nine teams and not add UAH. But the WCHA still has a dream of creating two divisions if they get up twelve or more teams so we would probably see them try to do that and make another offer to ASU. THe NCHC would want them to appease WMU and Miami, and then try to poach another team off the WCHA or if ASU has gotten it's act together try to add ASU.
  3. College Hockey Expansion

    Whoops, but that just kinda proves the point, there is no way to have new CCHAwithout adding D2 teams to the league.
  4. College Hockey Expansion

    Not really sure how they would recreate the CCHA without recreating the old WCHA, Let's say that Oakland Adds hockey. if you Took just D1 squads you would have Western, Miami, Ferris, BGSU and Oakland in a 5 Team conference, They would need to add at least one D2 school to get to 6 teams, So realistically they would probably extend an invite to Tech, Northern, and LSSU. The NCHC would need to add two teams to replace Miami and Western, personally, I would say that Minnesota State and Bemidji Fit the bill, So the NCHC would essentially just become the Old WCHA minus Anchorage and Tech and of course the Big10 a-holes. Then that leaves UAH, UAA, and UAF twisting in the wind as independents. I think that UAA and UAF could maybe withstand that, Especially if some schools in the Pacific Northwest explore adding hockey if Washington, Oregon and Idaho schools eventually add hockey the Alaska schools would have a bit more sane travel schedule. As for UAH I'm not sure the could survive losing their conference a 2nd time, They would likely fold unless some serious magic happens and a bunch of southern schools decides to add hockey. As for ASU hockey, I will say this, when I see an arena, a more competent coaching staff, and the kind of training facilities that are on par with NCHC institutions then I will take them more seriously until then they are not a good add for the NCHC.
  5. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    http://www.nchc.tv/und Thats how I watch the games over hear in Asia... It took a while getting used to watching hockey while eating an ommlet and drinking coffee but you do what you gotta do.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

  7. College Hockey Expansion

    Looks like University of Mary will be starting an ACHA program next year. Seems like it could be a good fit in Bismarck. http://news.umary.edu/university-of-mary-approves-ice-hockey-for-2018/
  8. College Hockey Expansion

    I think they could have successful programs, but I doubt they would dominate, it a long shot those schools would add hockey, the south isn't exactly clamoring for hockey, The south is riddled with NHL and pro league teams that play to half empty arenas. AHU - the self-proclaimed hockey capital of the south only averages 24% capacity for a game, around 1,600 people. Even if they did incur the massive expense to add basic hockey facilities I seriously doubt they would spend a ton of money on the coaching staff. The only way a southern conference could work is if enough teams in the south added hockey at the same time to create a southern conference that could be more forgiving on things like smaller venues and even lower number of scholarships. This would if nothing else help make hockey cost less while the school built up interest in the sport that might warrant larger arena facilities. You would need to get at least five schools to add hockey and convince Alabama Huntsville to leave the WCHA, not sure how keen the Chargers would be on leaving the WCHA, but the WCHA would probably role out the red carpet for them to leave and thank god that they have one less far-flung team in the league. Then they might start eyeing a sleeping UAA with a Pillow...
  9. Counterfeit Sioux jerseys and pucks on ebay

    These are all over aliexpress, its the same with pro jerseys as well, you can get them really cheap, like 30 buck but they are counterfit, my guess is that they have alot of these patches left over an they are now trying to sell them off. And by they I mean the chinese factories that make this stuff. I bought a Charlestown Cheifs Jersy for about 20 bucks off there and you will run into some of the same things, like the weird little button flap, and the sizes tend to run small. However for me it was fine since it was just a novelty jersy anyway, Halloween as one of the Hanson Brothers.
  10. College Hockey Expansion

    The problem the BigTen has, at least as I see it, is they basically went into the college hockey game like a bull in a china shop, and they didn't really plan for the long term. When PSU joined the smarter move would have been to try and move slowly toward a big ten hockey conference, Start with a Bigten invite tourney with four of the teams competing, then maybe encourage Bigten conference member to schedule at least 2 or 4 of their nonconference match ups against big ten conference opponents. Then maybe, you'd start to re-establish old rivalry from the old old WCHA, Before the Michigans and Ohio State joined the CCHA, then maybe people would start to wonder about a big ten Hockey conference. But they didn't and now big ten members, except Penn State, have lower attendance than in their previous conferences. I think a better move for other conferences, like the PAC10, would be to create a semi independent conference, MVFC is to MVC, this way schools in said conference that want to add hockey have a home which they can go to, but the conference can look to other non-member schools to bolster its ranks. Though in fairness i am not sure that the NCAA would go for it, the NCAA seems more concerned about being a bureaucratic monolith and milking money out of schools rather than trying to make it easier for schools to add sports.
  11. Jerseys

    Sorry I think the logo is okay for shoulder patch, but as the primary on a hockey jersey it looks out of place, that's part of the reason I was confused when this was all we got from SME for 50 grand, I was under the assumption that we would get a primary and secondary logo for that much money.
  12. College Hockey Expansion

    Okay I stand corrected, However I would have to say that one of the assistant coaches, Mike Field , seems to be the only one there who is really "qualified" to be the head coach as he has 4 seasons experience as an assistant in the USHL. I'm a little suprised that ASU hasn't tried to poach a Head coach from the USHL or an assistant from another NCAA program, also wonder if they tired to entice Gwozdecky to come back to the college level, although that might be hard to do with no solid plans for an arena.
  13. Checking In Womens Hockey

    I can't think of any logical reason why checking isn't allowed in women hockey, seeing as how they wear "mostly" the same padding and the rules are otherwise the same. While I don't think it would ever be as popular as men's hockey, just due to the fact that the level of play in men's hockey is faster, at least it would be a similar game, and not what it is right now. A very high-level game of squirt hockey.
  14. College Hockey Expansion

    Thinks strongly huh? Wow, that's even stronger than really hopes. Until there are shovels in the ground and an actual professional coaching staff being hired I'm not going to hold my breath, neither will the prospective players that ASU wants or the conferences that ASU hopes to join.
  15. College Hockey Expansion

    That assumes that ASU sticks around that long, they wouldn't be the first school to have a program that folds. For being one of the largest Universities in the country, ASU still has no solid plans for an Arena and team facilities that would befit a D1 institution, they are still relying on the former clubs staff and have shown zero interest in recruiting a professional staff that will attract top talent to the new school. Additionally, they are still without a conference as the Big10, NCHC and the WCHA have all said no. Far from being the boon to an expansion of college hockey, ASU could still become a cautionary tale of what happens when the schools try to enter the sport halfheartedly.