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  1. What do you think of the logo now??

    Honestly, the Hawks logo doesn't really bother me anymore, do I think it's a good logo? No. Do I think it was worth $50,000? Not a chance in hell. But realistically I've seen a few tweaks on here that last makes it look serviceable. The part I really don't like is the new font that he designed to go with the logo. It looks like something off a 90's digital watch. While that may work on the Football or Basketball Jersey where the team name is traditionally much smaller, I think it will just look tacky as hell on the hockey jerseys.
  2. NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Target Center

    Or hosting an other hockey events... You think MPLS could support an AHL team in addition to the Wild?
  3. Jerseys

    The sad part is that people will probably buy the knock offs before they buy the new jerseys.
  4. College Hockey Expansion

    When did the club program at winona get suspended? I can't see any info about it online, and they are still listed on the ACHA's website.
  5. Memorial Stadium

    I think that is best thing UND could do, Bide its time and wait, see if A. the economy improves or B. the legislature decideds to raise more revanue for Higher Education... or both. Of course if anyone knows a multimillionare or Billionare that wants to spend some cash...
  6. College Hockey Expansion

    Well they are also Pretty small and they are NAIA affiliation, not NCAA, which is the same reason I didn't look at Dickenson State University.
  7. Indian nicknames in the news

    this is just like when SJW's tried to change the name of lake Calhoun because it was named after a racist former VIce-President, the reality is that they were probably the only ones who knew this, and they probably had to do a fair bit of digging to find out that information. People are going out of there way to be offended... fucking sjw's.
  8. College Hockey Expansion

    Yea its easier to find info on.
  9. College Hockey Expansion

    Well to be fair I did say they were a longshot, however I wasn't aware of the situation at Winona, that sucks.
  10. College Hockey Expansion

    As promised here come the Dakota schools… North Dakota Minot State University –Beavers – ASU - for the sake of argument here I’m going to be ignoring the unfortunate recent events which cause massive cuts throughout the North Dakota Public University system. Minot state University is the fourth largest institution in the state of North Dakota, however even with that distinction its student body still amounts to just under 4000, the bright side is that the Minot area has around 77,000 people living in it. And I’m not entirely sure that those figures include Minot Air Force Base. This, means that there is a large enough population there to be able to support a college hockey program. Masya Arena has a seating capacity of 1800 people, I’m not sure if there’s any room to possibly expand that level of seating, but this would be sufficient enough for the short term until a new arena could be built with larger seating capacity. One of the biggest issues Minot would face would be travel expenses. It should be noted that Minot state does have a very successful ACHA Division I program. So they have the framework with which to build a NCAA Division I squad, it all comes down to getting enough funds scholarships and running the program, while new arena would certainly be nice I don’t think it’s necessary right away. North Dakota State University- Bison – PSU - This forum has had numerous postings on the potential of North Dakota State adding hockey. North Dakota State right now is so focused on their football program I doubt they would add hockey and less they were given the Penn State sized gift to create a hockey program. I think there is a bit of a chip on the shoulder mentality when it comes to the idea of hockey and NDSU. They play up the idea that NDSU is strictly a football school and there’s no interest in hockey. However, the Fargo-Moorhead area is a hockey town. I think it’s more a matter of just giving them the right incentive. So if somebody wanted to endow an NDSU hockey program, I have a feeling it would do just fine. I also don’t think there would be a problem with both Moorhead State and North Dakota State having Division I hockey programs. If you look at the numbers from other college hockey cities. Minnesota State University in recent years has been able to fill up their building at least 70% full on the majority of nights if not more with a similar population to Moorhead. To be fair, a good chunk of the reason some of those seats are empty is that it’s a U-shaped arena and no one wants to sit on either end of the U. Fargo is at least twice the size of Moorhead and would likely be able to support high turnout for Bison hockey. However, in the current climate, I can’t see North Dakota State University make an actual effort to try and actively get a Division I hockey program. Someone would have to give them a large financial gift to get them to create a hockey program, and I think this would also need to include a new arena. It should be noted that North Dakota state does have men’s and women’s ACHA Division I clubs. From what I understand the Bison men’s club is not particularly good however they do have a very successful women’s club which means if they got enough money they could start both men and women’s hockey programs. South Dakota The University of South Dakota – Coyotes – PSU - the University of South Dakota is located in Vermillion South Dakota. The town is pretty small of population of around 10,000, but the large student body of around 9000 helps to make up for that. While the idea of hockey working in Vermillion is by no means stretch, the town itself is similar in size to Bemidji, and student body is much larger Bemidji State, STU faces some challenges to adding Division I men’s hockey. The Coyotes have a club which currently plays in the ACHA. However, they play as a Division III club. Additionally Vermillion does not have any indoor ice, which means the team has to drive to the nearby town of Yankton for the nearest indoor ice. Additionally, this arena and Yankton is not capable of acting even as a temporary home for a Division I University of South Dakota hockey team, so right out the gate the school would need a new arena in Vermillion. Realistically even with the Division III club the University would be starting from scratch and creating a men’s hockey go hopefully the Division III club would help to gauge how interested students might be in seeing a men’s hockey program at the University of South Dakota. I’m going to call this one a long shot as there just doesn’t seem to be as significant a level of interest as at other schools. South Dakota State University – jackrabbits – ASU - SDSU is not much better off than the University of South Dakota when it comes to creating a hockey program. They do have a facility and the club program. However, like the University of South Dakota, the club program competes at the Division III level. The major advantage that South Dakota State has is that there is an ice arena in the Brookings with seating capacity for 2000, which would make it bigger or on par with many of the smaller East Coast thus a serviceable arena for the program to at least get started in. Another advantage which the state has over University of South Dakota is that Brookings is double the size of around 23,000 people and a student body of 12,000 there would be more than enough people theoretically to come in support a Jackrabbits Division I hockey program. However much like some of the other programs I’ve talked about even though SDSU would have a serviceable arena to start with they would eventually need to move to a new facility with higher capacity especially if they had any designs on joining the NCHC, even the WCHA would likely push for the University to either create a new venue or to make significant renovations to the existing arena. However, the WCHA might be willing to overlook the seating capacity and more basic amenities in the beginning. Northern State University – wolves – ASU – northern state is similar to Clarkston in the fact that creating a Division I college hockey program would be a long shot at the school. Unlike Crookson the Aberdeen area is a fair bit larger at around 26,000. However, the University has just under 4000 student meeting there would be a particularly large student body to support men’s Division I hockey program. Another factor that would go against northern state creating a D1 men’s hockey program is the lack of an existing club program. While it’s possible that such a program does exist and I’m just not finding it, I haven’t been able to find any website referencing and ACHA club program at Northern State. However, if Northern State University were to create a Division I men’s hockey program there is an arena in town with seating for just under 2000 which could serve as a serviceable home for the men’s hockey program until the facility could either be expanded to increase capacity or an entirely new facility could be built. In all likelihood, northern state would not be a viable candidate for adding a men’s hockey team however they do have some of the infrastructure necessary for doing it and stranger things have happened
  11. College Hockey Expansion

    Depending on the conference I think that 2500 capacity would be the bare minimum, so long as it has modern broadcast facilities. I'm not sure how the CCHA would come back, the WCHA for all intents and purposes is the CCHA with four Old WCHA holdovers. I'm curious as to which schools would add hockey to keep both conferences intact. Well, I guess the best way is which schools could do this via the ASU route (smaller donation) or the PSU route (Larger donation plus arena). Minnesota Moorhead State University- Dragons - ASU route - They came pretty close to adding hockey a few years ago but were unable to. Now with a better economy and a Republican legislature which is more interested in helping the state universities, Moorhead would probably need less donated capital to start a hockey program. While I think Moorhead could get a Bonding bill passed to build a new arena it would likely be able to use Scheels Arena until it could build its arena, the Sanford Center would be a good template for a Moorhead arena, plus the arena could also host spuds matchups and youth hockey. I am reasonably confident that Moorhead will have D1 hockey in the not too distant future. U of M Crookston- Golden Eagles- (PSU) - This is a long shot, as a community Crookston is quite small when you add in the college student body the town has just over 10,000 people. However, for the sake of argument, Crookston does still have a successful division 2 club, and actually, would have a new and more decent facility that it could play in than ASU's oceanside arena.And actually, it would have the same capacity as Robert Morris.Of course, the downside of a return of Golden Eagle hockey would be that Crookston would be in the shadow of UND hockey, but never say never. Even if they didn't get the money for a new arena, they would still have a serviceable facility to play at. All that said I still think this would be a long shot, a very long shot. South West State University - Mustangs - (ASU) - This one is another longshot, but maybe not as much as Crookston. SWSU has an enrollment of around 9,000 students making it larger than BSU and has a town which is around 13,000 residents, again similar to Bemidji. The school does currently have intermural teams, but I can't find any mention of a club team. This city also has a newly built arena (Red Baron Ice Arena) which has a capacity of 1400, which is the same as Holy Cross College,.this could work in a pinch until funding could be obtained for a new arena. But I think they would only need to build a Ridder Arena-Sized building; it is possible that Read Barron Arena could be augmented to add another side of bleachers and bring up the seating capacity to just under 3000. I think this is still a long shot but not quite as long as Crookston. Winona State Unversity - Warriors - (PSU) - With around 10,000 students and a city of just over 27,000 Winona on paper is probably the best choice for hockey other than Moorhead State. Winona Has an existing ACHA DII club program which seems to generate a good bit of interest on campus.The biggest obstacle Warrior hockey would face is the lack of even minimally acceptable facilities, the team currently plays at Bud King Arena which seats 500, this would not work. Winona would need a brand new facility I think something Similar in size to Sandford Center or Verizon Wireless Center. Though if the Facility was a multipurpose facility designed to host basketball and hockey games, they might find it easier to get funding. Still from what I understand club hockey is still fairly new at Winona, but it's off to a promising start. I'll do the dakotas later...
  12. College Hockey Expansion

    If they want the sport to grow the best way to do it will be a combination of D2 and D1 schools. Also, I think I'd rather that they have sperate hockey-only conferences. It's a far better than the major conferences trying to add hockey. This would allow conferences to be more region specific and help to decrease travel costs.
  13. College Hockey Expansion

    FIrst, my mistake I was thinking of Pittsburg State... my mistake. But the rule you are thinking of does not allow schools to play down a level, however, they can play up if the sport is not offered at Division 2 level. If schools couldn't play up for hockey then about a third of college hockey programs wouldn't be able to play. There is also an exemption for Colorado College which plays D1 hockey but is actually a D-3 school in all other sports. http://www.uscho.com/2015/01/09/commentary-without-an-ncaa-tournament-to-play-for-division-ii-teams-are-stuck-in-the-middle/
  14. College Hockey Expansion

    I don't think they would need to go full D1 to add hockey, as currently there is no Division II hockey sponsored by the NCAA, I think that means that schools can either play up or down if they wanted to add hockey, and even if they needed an exception, it would make sense for the NCAA to grant one, as long as the number of male scholarships does not eclipse the number of women's scholarships then they should be fine.