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  1. Hahaha. Just think if they would have had to deal with a mascot change like we did. The morons would never have had the smooth transition we pulled off.
  2. I think the difference being no one will be purchasing $5 tickets to give away to NDSU students because the general public will pay $40 to snarf these extra tickets up.
  3. I find it embarrassing that we have to bribe our students with $5 tickets. Simply wow!!
  4. My take on their attitude is that they are tired of being the big brother all the time and would like us to take some iniative and make good choices of our own.
  5. I hate to admit it, but it would be a step up.
  6. As much as I hate to admit it, it would be a step up.
  7. Agreed. Although I'm sure Canadians look at our hockey team the same way.
  8. WTF? Another letter.
  9. How come we never get these kind of letters?
  10. You're also making my point, you're that annoying know it all in the bar who everyone ignores. If UND was playing this weekend of course the softball game would be broadcast, but it's NDSU. This is my last post on this because no matter what you post, whose playing on ESPN?
  11. That bar also has ESPN, which is covering the Bison game, so she again will be ignored.
  12. Unlike the UND girl whom is completely ignored because she's at home waiting for cousin Bubba to show up.
  13. I did a couple of weeks ago. They hung up on me.
  14. Sarcasm. Maybe you are serious. Good one.
  15. Purple? You can't possibly be serious.