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  1. Great news! Supposedly Nate was even willing to pay his first year of school if no scholarship money was available. Coaches are excited about this guy
  2. Just saw him play at a recent AAU BB tourney in Sioux Falls...very good basketball player as well
  3. Just to add to the great news already... QB Ketteringhaul from Sac State apparently wants to come here. Has to sit out a year but has a redshirt season to burn.
  4. Pure economics... their budget is through the roof and they bring in no revenue!!! Should have been an easy decision all along.
  5. Heidlebaugh is said to be moving to new position.
  6. Talking to one of the coaches the other day and he was impressed with Zimmerman, said he throws a very nice ball. Can't wait!!
  7. Spoke to Faison the other day, he said new season tickets are doing excellent
  8. Just heard one of our LB recruits has been offered by Oregon but is still committed to UND. Not sure how many LB we have commuted, but I suspect it might be the kid from Wisconsin.
  9. Yup... you hit it!
  10. I suspect Ott will be persued very heavily in the next week by FCS and FBS teams. Could be one of the FCS steals if he commits to us on the first!!
  11. Heard he was offered by Washington State but passed and reconfirmed his commitment this weekend on an official visit
  12. Studsrud is an average QB, good game manager and will be the starter in 2017. Zimmerman will probably be the man in 2018.