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  1. Injuries

    I believe that's the plan with him.
  2. Montana State Predictions

    A pissed off and refocused team that has something to prove will spell trouble for the bobcats ... 28-12 UND
  3. Gameday vs USD

    When we go undefeated in big sky play this will be a distannt memory!
  4. Gameday vs USD

    How many ranked opponents have we beat in the last few years? One ?
  5. Gameday vs USD

    Curious, what is the atmosphere like in their?
  6. 2017 Attendance

    Looking at available tickets on Ticketmaster, we are much closer to a sell out for next week than we were for the opener.
  7. USD Predictions

    29-17 UND
  8. 2017 Season

    Midco now has a daily show instead that covers all sports all locations....Midco Sports Center I guess .
  9. Improving the game day experience

    We tailgated near them ..crazy to say the least
  10. Injuries

    Noah Larson should be back this week.
  11. Da Bears

    The herald is on the way out... The Fargo market/forum will soon dictate all media coverage soon
  12. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    I agree !! spoke to UND Althletics yesterday, they are planning to go through the tailgate area and remind people to go in early if they want to make the kickoff .
  13. 2017 Attendance

    Pres kennedy just announced it at the fan luncheon
  14. 2017 Attendance

    UND just announced that the student tickets have been sold out!
  15. 2017 Attendance

    By the look of the map, I would say roughly 750 tickets remaining???