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  1. Jerseys

    Who among you have any FF jerseys that you’re just itching to have me add to my collection? Doesn’t necessarily have to be UND...

    Open tryouts?
  3. Jerseys

    One of the easiest ways to tell if it’s a fake is simple... If you buy it and don’t automaticlly feel sick to your stomach after spending $$$ on what is essentially a shirt, it’s probably fake. Meaning, if you can easily afford it, it’s most likely a counterfeit.
  4. Jerseys

    EPS may be able to do it (I personally have never never sought it out). I'm assuming they were the ones who added it when the jerseys were customized for UND during that era. But there are embroidery shops I'm sure that would be able to replicate it - seems like it'd be pretty simple.
  5. Jerseys

    The dazzle jerseys had the WCHA embroidered on the shoulder. The patches didn't come about until Reebok took over.
  6. Jerseys

    EPS does still customize the Nike dazzles. I just got a couple back as well as sent a couple others down. They have pics on their website.
  7. Jersey and logo history

    Haha. It's a club sport at UT. I grew up in E. TN. and the fact they have ice hockey back home amazes me. Growing up, I was the weird little kid on skates, a stick, and slapping around a Coke can while everyone else was playing football.