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  1. UND1992

    2017 Season

    I live 10 or so houses down from where this happened and knew the house was rented by multiple football players but didn't know which players. About 2:00 yesterday afternoon I watched 10 or so cops storm the house to serve the warrant but nobody was home. Obviously they went back later on and found what they were looking for. I suppose drugs were the obvious guess but I worried it may even be worse by the amount of cops looking to serve the warrant l, I guess I don't know what the norm is. So I figured some news was forthcoming today. This season has went from bad to worse. Not sure what else to say.
  2. UND1992

    Utah Predictions

    I will go with 34-13 bad guys. Given Utah's assumed good defense I just think we are going to struggle moving the ball as the past few seasons it seems like it's taken our offensive line and offense in general a while to get warmed up. Our coaches will want to run and stick with the run but I just don't know if there will be room to do so. I think our D will hang tough but is young on the back end and I think we'll give up some big plays. I guess I'm not overly concerned with what the scoreboard says at the end but the things I want out of tonight are 1. no injuries 2. Keaton to look like a senior/consistent with his throws. 3. Tackling and hustling to the ball. 4. Have I mentioned no injuries? I think we'll be fine this year but tonight will be a tall task, lets get out healthy and with a better idea of what we have in a few positions. GO HAWKS!
  3. UND1992

    2016 Season

    If memory serves, Cam Kuksa would have been a senior this year, does that sound right? Hard not to think about what could have been with him teamed up with Cole and Co. Congrats to Bubba and all others recognized, building a true team.
  4. UND1992

    Cal Poly vs UND

    Yes I totally agree that we need to play Santiago more in the slot or at wide out. Since Clive went down we've had no deep threat and this would help with that and should spread out the defense more. Plus it would get Santiago in to space as you said since he isn't finding any space from the RB position. He should have some wide out skills correct being he was recruited as such? Plus Brady seems physical enough to handle 20 plus carries. I'd still like to see Santiago get 20 touches but them coming from a combo of places would be nice. Time for the offensive play calling to get a bit more creative.
  5. UND1992

    2016 Season

    Interesting schedule this year, after the initial back to back on the road then we alternate home and away each week, with no bye week until the end of the season. Will be interesting to see how that last week ends up with us sitting and watching while most of the rest of the conference is still playing. Hopefully we'll have a playoff spot secured by then and won't have to be too nervous that last week. Will be tough going through the conference season without a bye, but could bode well getting that week of rest prior to playoffs if we have some healing to do.
  6. UND1992

    ISU Predictions

    I think control the game enough on the ground to come out with a win despite the injuries. Lets get loud for this one!! UND--27 ISU--24
  7. UND1992

    GDT: UND at PSU

    Well we showed our youth at times today, but that is to be expected. Still we overcame that and injuries for a nice road win. Next two games should be very winnable and set us up for the tough stretch run. As has been said, really hoping injuries don't derail us, I know every team has them but they really seem to be piling up and for a young team that is a killer.
  8. UND1992

    Portland State Predictions

    I'll go with 17-13 good guys with our touchdowns coming on a long run by one of the freshman and the other on a short pass to the tight end.
  9. UND1992

    Digger vs Ratelle vs Tibesar vs LeClair

    I never saw LeClair play either, my Sioux football days started about the time Tibesar came in. I don't think Ratelle has done enough yet to be at the top of this list, although he may be the most physically gifted and his legacy could change with more games like last week and some UND victories. Really hard to pick between Tibesar and Digger. I guess I would slightly lean towards Digger as I remember him standing out on special teams the first time I saw him. He was such a good combination of will, athleticism and instincts, but I guess that could be said of all of these guys. But I guess for a full four years I remember Digger making play after play and was a constant his whole career. I'll be interested to hear some of the others who go back even farther debate this. One thing is for sure UND is lucky to have landed all these guys as they most certainly could have all been playing at even higher levels at some point in their careers.
  10. UND1992

    UC Davis Predictions

    UND 14 UC Davis 2 See what I did there!