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  1. 2017 Season

    I don't disagree with anything you said...I think immediate measures need to be put into place...specifically mandatory regular testing. I don't care if pot is socially acceptable or not...it's against the law and those who don't have enough respect for the program to do things the right way need to be dealt with.
  2. 2017 Season

    Ok...I'm as mad as anyone about this but an embarrassment to UND? No these players were the embarrassment...roughly 100 guys in the program and over 90% of them have never had any significant run-in with the law. Like Siouxboys said all programs have at least some "fat." If you want to put this on the captains then go right ahead...that's the direction society is going these days...it's always somebody else's fault! These two need to be held fully accountable for their actions...which if convicted means a swift kick in the you know what from the locker room to the jail cell. Now...I will say this is starting to become a trend...and I don't like it. It's up to Bubba to fix this...and I'm confident he will. Hell it wasn't even a year ago he was named coach of the year and he got a contract extension. This is one fickle fanbase...and I'm not going to fall into the trap of jumping ship overnight. If the trend isn't addressed swiftly and severely...then we'll see what happens...but until then I stand behind this program and will continue to do so.
  3. 2017 Season

    This is the cherry on top of a Sh*tty Season sundae...I'm starting to see a disturbing trend...it needs to be cleaned up...yesterday!
  4. UND at USD

    This...so much this! I like John a lot...but our offense is better with Brady as the feature back...find ways to get Brady and John on the field at the same time...I'm hopeful that's coming at some point this year!
  5. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    Haha...Through two games this year I've already seen calls to fire Rudolph and Kostich on this board...it makes me feel like I'm on Bisonville!
  6. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    Are you referring to the first drive of the game? If I remember right it seemed to me that Keaton checked into the wrong play.
  7. Moo U diaries

    I believe overwhelmingly in the fact that these injuries are largely a fluke outside of anyone's control...but if there was one factor in Fargo that could contribute to NDSU's injury issues this year I'd say it was fatigue from playing 15+ games per year over the last several years. I don't think that's causing these issues but that's a whole extra season of wear and tear over a career that has to have some effect, even if it's not on knees. I feel terrible for Mr. DeLuca though...he's a great player. To potentially lose two seasons due to two completely unrelated injuries stinks. I know it's part of the game...but you never want to see that for any athlete. I hope he can heal up well and get back on the field...whenever that may be.
  8. Da Bears

    I don't remember Utah having 8-9 in the box...if Mizzou State does that this weekend I hope we can hit guys like Demun Mercer over the top and make them pay!
  9. Da Bears

    And I hold out hope that you'll see that this weekend. Remember playaction doesn't work very well if you can't run the ball effectively...
  10. Da Bears

    You mean the 2000s...or were you talking about his time at MSU-Mankato? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Mussman
  11. Da Bears

    I agree with you...and I hope that we see that starting this weekend. I will however not criticize the fact that we didn't see that last week...as against a team as talented as Utah was that would be considered unrealistic in my book...
  12. Da Bears

    I seem to remember us at the peak of Mussman's time as OC winning a lot of games by relying on our stout defense and running game. By the same token I remember Rudy having an offense at St. Cloud that was one of the most efficient and productive in the country. What I'm getting at with that is it's all about philosophy from the top down. I think as long as Coach Schweigert is around we will hang our hat on our defense and physicality. That's not a sexy way to play the game...but it's got a good track record in Grand Forks. I remember Braden Hansen throwing for 600+ yards against Montana...that was fun...but if I remember right we barely won the game and didn't have that great of a year. Whatever style of play leads to wins is the style that I'll get behind!
  13. Da Bears

    Most quarterbacks don't even change the play at the line themselves anymore...instead they look to the sideline and the coaching staff changes it as part of their dumbing things down no-huddle offense. Also...Rudolph needs to channel ZERO Mussman as far as I'm concerned...I don't really care how we win as long as we win. Everyone keeps piling on Rudy...and I'm sure all issues are 100% his fault, since we all know Bubba couldn't possibly be part of the offensive game plan or have any input in play calling (that's sarcasm folks). Our offense is a philosophy that comes from the head coach and is executed by the OC...and it's played a part in far more success than coach Mussman was ever capable of during his time in Grand Forks. I may not like it all the time...but if it keeps us successful (i.e. scoring one or more points more than our opponent 8+ times per year) then I'm all for it.
  14. Da Bears

    I was at the game...and I saw a few things from Studsrud that I did not see last year. I saw at least a couple of occasions where he looked off his first read and hit a wide receiver in the middle. Keaton caught a lot of flack for staring down receivers last year, but I think a lot of that is on the protection. It takes time to make reads with the ball in your hand...and if you have no time you aren't going to be able to find your second/third option. Keaton did a good job of using his legs to buy time...even when it resulted in an incompletion. His one interception hit the tight end right in the hands...that's a tough break. I did see a couple of plays where I thought he could have went to a different receiver, but when your first read requires a 10 yard throw and the second requires a 40 yard ball...all while a defensive lineman is bearing down on you...well sometimes those plays are only capable in Madden. What was also readily apparent was that Utah defense was significantly superior to UND physically. I may be in the minority here...but to me there's no shame in that! Their talent level is on another planet from ours...they had 8 players drafted last year. I'm going to reserve judgment of our offense until Sunday, when we've played a team on our level. Now all of that is not to say that I don't have criticisms of our play calling...I said it last year and I'll say it again I'd like to see more Oliviera between the tackles and less Santiago...and more of them both on the field at the same time to keep defenses honest. I'm going to be optimistic and assume we didn't want to put some of that on tape...hopefully it comes out and we are able to physically wear down MSU on Saturday.
  15. Da Bears

    No offense but I couldn't care less what NDSU does or doesn't do this year...unless we meet in the playoffs it has very little bearing on our season. Not sure why we feel the need to feed the trolls on here all the time. As far as Missouri State...they've got a coach that has been around the block and had a decent amount of success at Mizzou. NDSU fans like to proclaim MSU as the "joke of the MVFC"...but it's much too early to tell if that'll continue this year. They went from 1 win to 4 wins and are probably looking to continue that trend in Steckel's 3rd season. I think we've got a great opportunity to win this game...but their offense makes me nervous. Hopefully we can put up 275+ yards on the ground and keep them off the field...time of possession is going to be critical for us in this game!