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  1. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    Chatter on eGriz about Ben Hardy from Fairview MT transferring to UND...anyone heard anything about this?? http://egriz.com/grizboard/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=76783
  2. Greetings from Salt Lake

    Well folks...I took the plunge and bought tickets for the opener out in Salt Lake! I can't wait for the road trip from North Dakota to SLC! I'm not sure what to expect from the tailgating scene in Utah...but hasn't anyone heard if there will be any kind of pre-game meetup out there? Like I was saying...time is going to drag on agonizingly slow until game week! Hopefully the Hawks can do enough to give themselves a chance!
  3. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    Oh I remember that...he was literally the last man left standing. Pretty tough to finish the year without a quarterback...and for all we know Keaton told them he wanted to play. Can't go back and change it now...that's part of rebuilding a program from the ashes...those sacrifices sometimes have to be made.
  4. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    I'm expecting a very good year out of Keaton this year...he's not starting the year with two true freshman wide receivers and 4 new starters on the offensive line like he did last year.

    My thoughts exactly. Those who thought he'd slide right in and start at RT this year were drinking some powerful koolaid. College sports aren't for everyone...and I'd rather see the spot go to someone who is 100% bought in.

    Here's the confirmation...https://millersports.areavoices.com/2017/08/02/unds-grady-no-longer-on-roster/ As far as I'm concerned...next man up! It's not fair to the other guys that bust their tails day in and day out to give second or third chances to someone not fully committed to the program. I hope Elijah can get things straightened out in his life going forward.
  7. 2018-2019 Recruiting

    I believe that he is the son of former Valley City HS Mr. Basketball Tyrone Terry...not that it necessarily helps our cause but it's still interesting nonetheless...
  8. UND to cut women's hockey

    You said "In Grand Forks? Nope, hockey is THE sport"...most schools use athletics as a way to gain exposure and attract new students...substantially all potential for UND exposure growth resides in sports that don't involve a puck...
  9. UND to cut women's hockey

    I didn't realize that UND's athletic footprint begins...and ends in Grand Forks County...
  10. UND to Summit/MVFC

    Which to be fair is no less important...I'm a UND grad and dang proud of the school...but I grew up on a farm and know the importance of NDSU to the state of North Dakota (and that it goes far beyond the farm). As much fun as it is to rip on NDSU...the reality is both are very good schools. I hate the Bison...not NDSU...there is a difference! There are definitely aspects of the Big Sky Conference that I will miss. It felt unique to the area...and the travel opportunities were undoubtedly appealing. However it's a whole-lot easier to travel to Brookings and Fargo than it is to Missoula (and other places further). The Big Sky may have a slightly better perception amongst the common fan due to it's relative stability (no name changes), but the Summit is on par or slightly ahead in terms of conference strength (having more teams doesn't help when more of them are bad). Between cost savings and the reasons above I welcome a move to the Summit...having 6 games a year in all Olympic sports vs SDSU/USD/NDSU is a great thing in my opinion! The MVFC is going to be great for UND...but we are going to have to continue to up our game (which I'm confident we will). I see a lot of MVFC football message board fans crying over the fact that the schedule will be unbalanced and tougher...whatever happened to bring on the competition?!? Plus nobody even knows if the current MVFC team makeup will be the same in 2020. A UND for YSU team swap would make the MVFC even more compact geographically, while not significantly hurting quality of play (but maybe hurting history, which too many fans love to live in). There's a lot of talk about UND being geographically isolated...but YSU is dang near in Pennsylvania, and has no affiliation with any MVFC team in any other sport. They'd be better off in the CAA with a team like Rhode Island dropping to the NEC. If UNI doesn't like it...well they can just lobby to get some of that Iowa/ISU athletic money to elevate their program. I'm appreciative of Dean Bresciani's help in getting UND into the MVFC, and hopefully we can pay the conference back with some quality football!
  11. Who coaches special teams?

    My take on these items one at a time... 1 - I cringe every time Seibel is in there to return a kick. I'd like to see Santiago or the new kid out of Washington (or anyone else really) get a look next year. Seibel doesn't inspire confidence in fielding punts. 2 - The coaches clearly were calling punt safe on the play. Not sure what was running through the head of the player who ran into the punter...but there's no excuse for that. To me that's not on the coaches... 3 - Punt protection is a disturbing issue to me...and I'm surprised that more teams didn't try to heat us up on punts. Dussold was very good for us this year...but it seems to me that it takes him an eternity to get his punts off. Recognition needs to be better. It also seems upon further review that the punt we had blocked was the result of a couple of whiffs. That can't happen... 4 - The return that got called back...I think that was a product of the punt was supposed to go to a certain side of the field, but Dussold hit a bad one (probably hurried) and booted it to the one area of the field where he shouldn't have...We were very lucky to get that called back. 5 - Missed field goals...need a better effort from Taubenheim, especially since this isn't going to be an offense meant to put up 40+ per game. We were lucky missed field goals didn't hurt us more this year. At this point, I'm not going to put all the blame on Kostich and proclaim him as incapable. I think a lot of our issues stem from a lack of talent on special teams (this was the case early in the year when kick coverage was so bad...we started putting better players on the kickoff team and that problem fixed itself). As we get further into Bubba's reign...I expect special teams to continue to improve like everything else as the depth gets better. That being said...we need to figure out something better for punt protection...it cost us 1 game for sure and contributed in a second...that's inexcusable...
  12. Fighting hawks vs spiders

    Richmond is not Winona State...I don't disagree with all of the things you say about our squad...but Richmond is the real deal...and its going to take a great effort to beat them...I hope we get it!
  13. Fighting hawks vs spiders

    It's annoying enough that the message board takes on that attitude with certain teams...but the fact that they conduct a poll that's not totally meaningless to teams makes it even more of a joke...
  14. Fighting hawks vs spiders

    I have no idea what to expect Saturday...as this is completely uncharted territory for this team. That being said I'm hopeful we come out and play our best football of 2016...and that effort is enough to allow us to move on. That's all I can ask for at this point. we are down to the final 16 teams in the FCS...I'm not going to write off any of them...
  15. Fighting hawks vs spiders

    Ok...one time...I stand corrected. I'm all for having high expectations...but I'm not going to call any FCS playoff game a cakewalk...especially when we are making our first ever appearance. Richmond is a good team and their young QB is talented...they will be a tough out for us...as will any team we play from here on out...