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  1. good article on NCAA early signing strategies... http://thehockeywriters.com/overtime-with-bsc-ncaa-frenzy-in-full-effect/
  2. I'd like to give a tip-of-the-hat to Berry and staff. He is a class act demonstrated by his post-game presser - no whining, no bitching, complemented BU and couldn't talk enough about about how proud he was of his boys. I know the PP could have been better, but really I think this team overachieved, and they were peaking at the right time. They were very young and lost a lot of studs from last year. Other teams were in the same boat and where are they? (see QU, BC and Michigan). I think it's a credit to the coaches instilling the Sioux tradition of excellence into a young team that got them to a high level, where other programs would have failed.
  3. ya shoot the puck already! I think a greasy goal is going to win this.
  4. Dane Jackson?
  5. There. Lady Gaga was a good girl. You feeling better now??? I thought this was 'north-dakota-vs-scsu-saturday-gameday' post. CAN WE PLEASE LEAVE THE POLITICAL BS OFF THIS SITE.PLEASE????
  6. That happens at certain lacrosse games, and it is pretty funny.
  7. Actually I think I like this much better than the current logo. It is simple, unique, has artistic value, and may even (god forgive) cause people to use their imagination to interpret what it represents for those not familiar. And if you think those are not good traits I would argue that the somewhat similar Nike swoosh has done pretty well.
  8. Ummm. 46% still think it's a piece of crap. (the D and F voters)
  9. Ya. Still sucks.
  10. I think the issue here is not that you are a loyal supporter or not, a hockey fan or not, or a die-hard Sioux Forever person or not. It's just that the logo is SO UNBELIEVABLY BAD. I could have embraced the Hawks and even bough some merchandise with a cool logo - but I never will and that does not make me a un-loyal alum. I just won't wear something that looks so stupid. And don't chastise people or players that complain. If the logo was a turd-on-a-stick would you not say something? Well this is a turd-on-a-stick if you ask me.
  11. Awesome. They picked the most generic, boring, safe new logo to go along with the most generic, boring, safe new name. How freakin' ugly is this??????????????????
  12. i want to cry. seriously
  13. BREAKING!!!!!! Nick Schmaltz is returning...... to his seat at the movie theater after using the restroom. Ok - I'm done.
  14. BREAKING!!!!!! Nick Schmaltz is returning...... his shirt to JC Pennys, it just didnt fit quite right