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  1. Why? Cost to taxpayers? When will UND quit burning taxpayer dollars? Why is this occurring? Educate me please. This needs to be demolished at taxpayer expense?
  2. I could throw some monkey !@#$ here but..... F Poole. It doesnt hurt your program. Idiots happen.
  3. 7 - 65 is not a bad day. Its a slaughter.
  4. Briscoe from SHSU was #1 with his impressive 13-44, 143 yards, 2 INTs - 0 TDs performance against JMU. That list is a joke.
  5. The App St one is still the worst.
  6. Like the Spiders have a chance in hell of beating EWU and SHSU. Lol.
  7. Usually I would agree, but UND was the better team in this game.
  8. Wow, UND will take abuse over this loss for a long time. Coaches own this disaster.
  9. Oh no.
  10. Way to stop running and go 3 and out.... Come on man.
  11. Citadel lost.
  12. Just eat 5 min and kick to win by 3.
  13. UND defense appears to be gassed.
  14. Generally speaking, you are miserable most of the time right?
  15. Woff vs Cit 3 - 3 late 3rd qtr.