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  1. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    I thought this year was supposed to be "The Year".
  2. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Even if it is a player attitude/culture issue, its the coaching staffs job to fix it.
  3. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Wow WTH?
  4. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Missed that, how did it happen?
  5. Gameday vs USD

    38 points. Same total number of points that NDSU gave up........................................................ In the last 3 years. Sorry, it just hit me as a weird coincidence.
  6. Gameday vs USD

    Percy Harvin runs it a LOT for Seattle.
  7. Gameday vs USD

    Oklahoma, Iowa, Oregon, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Seahawks, most NFL teams, etc........
  8. Gameday vs USD

    Griz QB had his foot ripped backwards. Done for the year.
  9. Gameday vs USD

    No, out of the franchises that I own, KFC is not one.
  10. Gameday vs USD

    Receivers eat KFC right before the game?
  11. Gameday vs USD

    Corners are playing 5 yards off. Well UND caught a break. Missed FG.
  12. Gameday vs USD

    It looks like nothing now.
  13. Gameday vs USD

    Wow. #SAD.
  14. Gameday vs USD

    Not sure, but that was the wrong call on 3rd and 14 when the middle of the field has been wide open for passing the entire game.
  15. Gameday vs USD

    Nothing has gone right for you guys. Nothing.