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  1. Facilities Master Plan

    UND Press Release: http://www.fightingsioux.com/sports/news/r...RELEASE_ID=4960 What 360 Architecture did at Iowa State: http://www.iastate.edu/Inside/2004/0827/bergstrom.shtml
  2. Olympic Hockey

    Isn’t that the slogan of this Olympics?
  3. Olympic Hockey

    I’m sure I could pick a team of all Minnesotans to play for the Goldy Goophies.
  4. Facilities Master Plan

    That’s right. Those buildings, they’re history.
  5. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Dear Mr. Kawaguchi, It’s almost March. Please feel free to score at an insane pace like last spring.
  6. Facilities Master Plan

    They are an eyesore and right on the main path (University) through campus from 42nd to Columbia. Not a great welcome mat. Clean it up. Come off I-29, go past the tech incubator and the CAS complex to see that mess: not a good impression. Clean it up; put in better.
  7. Your "Team USA"

    I have my moments.
  8. Your "Team USA"

    After the Slovenia nightmare, I'm wondering what you think Team USA should've looked like. Create your roster, but you MUST follow the same rules USA Hockey had to (no NHLers).
  9. For one last time

    And with Fetch’s final edict ... locked.
  10. SIU Athletics: $26 million in the hole

    Not good news coming out of MVFC member Southern Illinois. Seems they could use someone to make some tough calls to manage their finances. https://dailyegyptian.com/79417/sports/siu-athletics-running-on-cumulative-deficit-of-26-million/
  11. Olympic Hockey

    One more reason why ratings are down: The self-loving self-ingratiating “look at my hair and make-up and clothes” high-maintenance diva below ... and the blonde in the photo too. https://goo.gl/images/6dNqir
  12. ND State Board of Higher Ed

    Given the impact this group has on UND, I'm surprised this thread hasn't existed before now.
  13. Downtown Grand Forks

    Kinda hip kinda now kinda cool kinda wow. IALTO.
  14. Olympic Hockey

    Hey, ... take a knee.
  15. Olympic Hockey

    The coverage is, well, not watchable: Too much sniff-sniff feel good stuff and "with the athletes" stuff, no medal ceremonies, and not enough actual sport. Toss in a little fawning over a dictator's little sister and ... VOILA! Ratings. Crapper. < harrumph, harrumph, harrumph >
  16. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I have no insights, just a peek at stats, but, what if Huber is instead of Keane? We need scoring and Keane hasn't been "offensively dynamic" in quite a while.
  17. Olympic Hockey

    Wait a dadgummed minute here ... Norway > Slovenia > USA? Ludwig Hoff > Troy Terry?
  18. WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    I'm pretty sure I see my monorail in there!
  19. Your "Team USA"

    My plan: April 15, 2017 (post NCAA Championship game) The six NCAA conferences, in conjunction with USA Hockey, take their teams' active rosters, subtract any seniors, add in any admitted freshmen (for fall 2017). Then they eliminate all non-US players from the list. Then the conference (by coaches consensus) create the Americans-Only All < conference name here > team. The conference's team is coached by selection of a coach by whatever mechanism the conference chooses (reigning champ, vote of coaches, vote of media, draw straws, this); however, the chosen coach must be American (obviously). Additionally, the leagues are ordered 1-6 by league-wide 2016-17 KRACH finish. July 2017: The start of single elimination play. Yup, no round-robin; one game, save costs. At site chosen by USA Hockey (assume bid process): Thursday -- 1 and 2 seed get byes Afternoon session: 3 plays 6 Night session: 4 plays 5 (winners advance to ...) Friday -- Afternoon session: if 6 won, plays 1; if 3 won plays 2 Night session: 4/5 winner against 1 or 2 (based on winner of Thu afternoon game) Sunday afternoon -- Friday's winners play for a trip to South Korea to be "Team USA". League adjusts its conference schedules for 2017-18 schedule to account for stars gone to Olympics.
  20. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    1. This thread is to discuss conference realignments. Check the other crap at the web portal. 2. I needed the old thread to keep up with all the changes so it getting locked was a real disappointment to me. 3. I have moderator powers. (Betcha didn't know that.) I haven't ever banned anyone but do wonder how it'd feel, so, in the immortal words of Harry Callahan, "Go ahead, ... make my day." 4. Expect a strict constructionalist interpretation of the forum rules and guidelines.
  21. North Dakota Colleges and UNIVERSITY?

    The case I mention is not Roers so I don't know.
  22. Fetch's Random Musings

    I can't claim credit for this thread: OK, I changed it slightly to "musings" because not all of Fetch's postings are really thoughts but maybe reflections. Fetch: Have at it.
  23. Olympic Hockey

    US scores on the power play ... and gives one right back 25 seconds later. Yeesh.
  24. Olympic Hockey

    Did the US send the Mighty Ducks to PyongChang? Yeesh. The US breakout tonight is a goal line to near blue line pass to a center who proceeds to go to the far blue line 1 on 3 and shoot four feet wide. Double yeesh.
  25. Kennedy bids new job

    Topic exists. Thread closed.