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  1. 1. This thread is to discuss conference realignments. Check the other crap at the web portal. 2. I needed the old thread to keep up with all the changes so it getting locked was a real disappointment to me. 3. I have moderator powers. (Betcha didn't know that.) I haven't ever banned anyone but do wonder how it'd feel, so, in the immortal words of Harry Callahan, "Go ahead, ... make my day." 4. Expect a strict constructionalist interpretation of the forum rules and guidelines.
  2. I kinda dig the "Great Wall" watermark instead of bottom striping.
  3. You do realize that will happen. And it will not matter one iota as to what UND's moniker or logo are. Sorry for the harshness, but just making sure you understand reality.
  4. What year did they play Dynamo Riga?
  5. So will Tyler Burian be a WR or a DB? (He just committed via Twitter post.)
  6. He's just recycling a past story/post. He's green. PS - gfhockey, I thought you were the insider, the card-carrying member of the %gobc and such.
  7. Depending on Illinois universities for anything right now seems foolhardy at best for any league riding the margins of membership. The Summit sponsoring football would solve many of their "membership to maintain the MBB autobid" issues. Remember: the Summit has been down this road once before (getting a waiver while Omaha became a full DI and baseball member).
  8. "Godfather" Abe or "Barney Miller" Abe?
  9. < in my very best-est arena PA guy voice > And now, here to present the InHeavenThereIsNoBeer Women's WCHA Tournament Championship trophy is WWCHA commissioner Katie Million!
  10. What? No status pictures of the removal of the buildings? < harumph >
  11. Be nice to the fuzzy bears. They're going back to HS this year.
  12. I'm looking forward to Mr. Schlossman's take on this. < glances at watch >
  13. Stem cells? STEM CELLS!?!?! I want bionics!
  14. He didn't. He called them a "regional rival". I'd call abutting states "regional".
  16. It's a tendon. It attaches the calf muscles to the heel. It's a major component in walking and what allows you to "point your toes". You tear it the way you tear any tendon - counter force to the muscle action. Bryant and Beckham are probably the most famous pro athletes to tear it.
  17. Not according the roster I cut/pasted that from.
  18. 3 Tyus Carter DB 5-11 180 Jr. Greenwood Village, Colo. (Cherry Creek High School) 6 Evan Holm DB 5-11 175 So. Edina, Minn. (Edina High School) 8 Cole Reyes DB 6-2 215 Sr. Schaumburg, Ill. (Schaumburg High School) 12 Hayden Blubaugh DB 6-0 185 Fr. Aurora, Colo. (Grandview High School) 16 Torrey Hunt DB 6-1 185 So. Madison, Ala. (Navy Prep) (Bob Jones) 17 Chuck Flowers DB 5-11 180 Sr. Chino Hills, Calif. (Citrus College) 17 Kyle Hietpas DB 6-0 175 Fr. Little Chute, Wis. (Little Chute High School) 18 Tamas Stewart DB 6-0 195 Jr. Rialto, Calif. (Chaffey College) (Carter) 19 Deion Harris DB 6-3 180 Sr. Hibbing, Minn. (Hibbing High School) 19 Ty Shannon DB 6-2 185 Fr. Arvada, Colo. (Ralston Valley High School) 21 Tanner Palmborg DB 6-1 205 Jr. Princeton, Minn. (Princeton High School) 24 Garrett Bollant DB 5-11 175 Jr. Lodi, Wis. (Lodi High School) 25 Jordan Canady DB 6-2 185 RFr. New Berlin, Wis. (Eisenhower High School) 29 Andre Randolph DB 6-0 190 RFr. Indianapolis, Ind. (Lawrence Central High School) Carter, Holm, Reyes, Hunt, Flowers, and Palmborg are (relatively) known quantities and will be looked to to do even more. To the rest: Playing time just became available. Who wants to earn it?
  19. The Duluth NT's take on the Donovan commitment.
  20. I've seen no national media "North Dakota is EEEEvil because their logo is RAAAAcist" hack-pieces in quite a while. That's not a bad thing.
  21. Pray it's not an Achilles.
  22. DC.
  23. Mentioning "new jerseys" ... no leaked photos yet?
  24. No kidding. Best guy in a ball cap running a gate DU has had in years.