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  1. 7 and 9 make 16.
  2. I'll say it again: The debacle by the Cannonball allowed by Standing Rock tells me that I'm glad North Dakota's flagship university has no dependencies on their opinions or politics.
  3. 1. This thread is to discuss conference realignments. Check the other crap at the web portal. 2. I needed the old thread to keep up with all the changes so it getting locked was a real disappointment to me. 3. I have moderator powers. (Betcha didn't know that.) I haven't ever banned anyone but do wonder how it'd feel, so, in the immortal words of Harry Callahan, "Go ahead, ... make my day." 4. Expect a strict constructionalist interpretation of the forum rules and guidelines.
  4. Same thing only different.
  5. However, that is two Horizon League teams (Valpo, Milw) and an OVC (Murray State). As I've said, I could easily see the HL moving on IUPUI and IPFW to backfill. And I wonder if the OVC would move on Youngstown in that scenario. That would damage the Summit and potentially the MVFC.
  6. Worry about YSU after this round, meaning the MVC, is done deciding.
  7. The Great American Conference. Make America Great ... nevermind ...
  8. All the teams are not in the south and in the middle of the country. The North Central ... nevermind.
  9. That's right ... we're FOCC'd.
  10. National Collegiate ... nevermind ...
  11. It would be the "Western MAC".
  12. The AAC set off this wave. The MVC is feeling it now. It'll ripple through east to west. I'd expect the Horizon, Summit (and MVFC), Big Sky and WAC to be affected before it's done.
  13. The game was different. Coaches were run and gun. Nobody taught defensive systems, and gap control, and sweep checking techniques. And the goalies weren't wearing sectional sofas on their legs.
  14. That ain't workin', that's the way you do it.
  15. Ray77 and I have been collaborating (conniving?) another game for the SC playoffs for 2018. We're prototyping it this year. Watch and see Ray kick my < bleep >. We'll explain scoring as we go, but here's our opening round picks.
  16. No. Omron. I never have good results using their stuff.
  17. I call myself a UND graduate and fan.
  18. Better to be a "Mormon" ... than short one "m".
  19. Given the three in bold, could this group also take over administration of the NCHC and share costs?
  20. Say Omaha stays, but the MVC picks off Valpo and UWMilw. You have to assume the Horizon goes after IUPUI and IPFW. That would make the western Summit really have to ponder what some have speculated: West: Montana, Montana State, Idaho, EWU, plus Denver East: UND, NDSU, USD, SDSU, plus Omaha 8 FB / 10 BB. Want a balanced FB schedule? It takes 9, not 8. Option 1: If Wichita State adds FB make them the 9th during their time as FCS. (Stay at 10 for BB.) Option 2: Bite the bullet on Northern Colorado (9 FB). In that case you grab a 12th (BB only) like UMKC or ORU. I'm not sold on NMSU. Based on geography and demographics, they should be in a Texas-centric league.
  21. Montana would lead a western group looking for a home. North Dakota, and it's past relationship with that western group, would lead a eastern group looking for a home. Let's face it: The maps of most NCAA schools show anything west of I-35 and north of I-80 as marked "Do not travel in months ending in R or Y."
  22. Bus the Dakotas; half (or less) the flights.
  23. I'll say it again: If the MVC peels off Omaha (Summit) and Valpo (Horizon) and UWMils (Horizon) the Horizon will go right after IUPUI (Summit) and IPFW (Summit) for backfill. That crushes the Summit.
  24. The MN hockey playing DIIs could go DI ... the same way Omaha did. (Football. Dead. Wrestling. Dead.)
  25. Money's tight, nothin's free; won't somebody come and rescue me?