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    Good job reading those tea leaves boys!
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    Heard she left to give the BSC an insider in the CFB Playoff office for when the conference moves up.
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    Build a fence around the tree and call it the GF Zoo. Just add other wildlife as it strolls into town.
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    We need whichever QB emerges to have a break out year or everything else is moot. Hopefully all the injuries we had last season on the defensive side of the ball do not repeat and the result of the unexpected playing time has helped us develop some depth on that side of the ball. We need our offensive line to take 2-3 steps forward. This has been the most disappointing group under Bubba's tenure. guys have either not developed or have left. On offense we need to show a little creativity and unpredictability. I know the lack of depth on defense has been part of the issue but our goals on offense should be to score....not just run clock to give the defense a rest. We have some talented tight ends, we need to use them and for the Love of all that is holy, can we try and put our best offensive weapons on the field at the same time on occasion instead of 1 at a time, 90% of the time? I am hoping to see some sets, especially early in games with JJ at fullback, Brady at tailback and Santiago in the slot...I would rather see Santiago running the Jet sweep or giving misdirection instead of one of our pedestrian possession receivers. As the game goes on and we have a leads, then load up the tight ends and extra linemen and pound JJ from the tailback slot and Brady as well and give Santiago some deep read plays to keep the defense honest.
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    Prove you’re not made of glass by taking a medical hardship and staying at UND for one more year.
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    In my opinion, the very first time we pound Santiago up the middle for the famous 2nd and 9, 3rd and 7 sequence someone should immediately go up to the coaches box and tell Rudolph to take a permanent hike. I could not be more disappointed in Bubba for putting Sioux football second to his buddy system.
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    Or something more useful: The general public needs to listen to the police and what "stay away" means so a bear doesn't have to spend 15+ hours not eating and being stuck in a tree for significant periods of time.
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    Recognized that we need the season thread for the women, so here we go. Here is the schedule that I have been able to find based on what we know and from Midco. <hope for accuracy> 11/21 @ Penn State 12/7 Milwaukee 1/9 Omaha 1/18 SDSU 1/20 @ NDSU 1/24 USD 2/3 @ Omaha 2/7 NDSU 2/9 @ SDSU 2/16 ORU 2/23 Denver
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    I have been shot with a tranq before. Weird feeling but it didn’t slow me down. Just made me feel buzed
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    Hit gfhockey with that much tranq and he'd call it a slow Tuesday morning.
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    I'd argue that Oliveira already did that last year. It would be interesting to know what the median runs for each would be. Not sure if there is anywhere that we can look it up, but I wouldn't doubt that Oliveira would have a better number there. Also curious if there is any way to look up number of attempts that ended in a loss of yards. RUSHING GP-GS Att Gain Loss Net Avg TD Long Avg/G John Santiago 11-11 119 759 42 717 6.0 5 81 65.2 Brady Oliveira 11-0 111 651 14 637 5.7 3 57 57.9 James Johannesson 11-0 41 255 7 248 6.0 4 56 22.5
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    6'9" 210 lbs. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10432409/5aaac0d1bd6a4517784a90a4
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    I hope Foles didn't have to step in to seal the deal.
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    Look at me, look at me...............
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    Can't recommend watchbigsky.com enough. It's the same broadcast as the pluto app, but is way smoother for some reason.
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    I'm just going to throw this out there, but I am hoping Pluto TV is poised for a breakout season. The quality can't get too much worse than last year. Can't wait for ESPN3 in 2020.
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    Not really the same thing as no level of baseball currently uses those type of rules, so there is no examples if they would be good or not. In hockey, the 3x3 is used virtually everywhere in the top levels of hockey. And no league that has adopted it has reverted back. So it must not be that bad. If you don't like 3x3, that's fine. But looking at how often it is used, you are obviously in the minority.
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    So under things to do in GF one of them is get mauled by a bear?
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    Which SEC school did Torrey Hunt end up with anyway?
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    All those ideas sound neat to me, but it would be REALLY cool if they could work knife throwing in there somehow.
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    Life Hack: don’t eat McDonalds.
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    Heard thru the grapevine that Rick Pitino will head U of L's efforts in recruiting puck bunnies to campus...
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    Ketteringham is the man and will be the starter with Zimmerman a fine #2. Studsrud was fine but to scripted in his play. Ketteringham can flat out play with a great arm and the ablility to run...so says a couple of coaches.
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    A little correction to your post: He played 2 years of Bantams. His 1st year he was peewee eligible. His 2nd year he was a 1st year bantam age-wise. It was this year that he was up for Bantam Player of the Year. He was never "old" as a Bantam, he was always on the young side. This year at Red River, he was still eligible for Bantams. Doesn't turn 16 until August (I think). That being said, he has always been way more physically mature than anyone his age and most kids 2-3 years older than him all throughout association hockey. He is still a beast, but boys are closing the gap physically. He has alot of hockey in front of him prior to UND and will be just fine!