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    "Bill, Brad S here from the Grand Forks Herald. Can you tell me what your plan of action is for reinstating women's hockey at the University of North Dakota and how soon you will make that happen?"
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    Get out early and tailgate. The game is just the second half of the fun.
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    Roger Thomas? Geez Louise, he was as bad you could get. His hatred for NDSU pretty much screwed UND over for years. I'm sure the only reason he wouldn't push for us to move up was he wanted NDSU to fall flat on their faces, and ending the games with them hurt us far more than it did them. We should have pulled the trigger and moved up the day after the Bison did. In fact, we should have moved up the day before they did and been the leader for once. RT set us back 10 years.
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    Number of nattys he's expected to win here before retiring.
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    People really have the time in a day to go back to posts from almost 16 years ago.....
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    Smile and/or say hi when someone tries to talk to him. It would've been really easy.
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    Became a season ticket holder 2 years ago, and haven't missed a game. In the early, summer weather part of the season, the tailgating atmosphere is great because of the students making it a huge party. The winter becomes the traditional tailgate with harsher weather and layers of clothes. I plan to maintain my season tix forever.
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    BF was pretty good at the behind the scenes, nuts-and-bolts, administrative part of the job. He managed to get UND to convince a D1 conference to add UND in which they don't really geographically fit (which saved UND from independence purgatory, and then eventually got UND into closer conferences, one of which kept publicly saying they weren't expanding and had no reason to (other than some begging by the Summit). He also was one of the main drivers behind creating the strongest hockey conference in the nation, which saved the hockey program from being held back by some non-like minded schools in the WCHA. On top of that, he dealt with a whole pile of crap most AD's would never have to dream of (D1 transition, nickname issue, cutting sports). Could he have been a better public face and fundraiser? No doubt. But he managed some tough waters on the administrative side and has left a pretty clean plate for Chaves to step in and do his thing.
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    When you're the face of the athletic department, not being a "prick" is part of the job. During one of the greatest economic periods in ND history, we had an AD who donors didn't like. The process to hire Bubba was also a joke (I'm not complaining about the final decision).
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    I don't think any conference thinks it will keep the same membership for 20 years, because that's how long it will take for a Pac12 hockey conference to join. The "short term" benefits of having a P5 school that is willing to spend money in your conference will outweigh them leaving in 2040.
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    Well they're morons. Everyone knows that the greatest win ever was Aaron Rodgers' 50+ yard throw against the Lions on the last play of the game in the middle of the regular season a couple of years ago. You remember, the one where Detroit got called for a facemask on the previous play because a defensive player's pinkie finger touched Rodgers' helmet and Aaron spun his head around like Andre the Giant had just snapped his neck?
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    My wife had the honor of singing the National Anthem last night at the CC/Duluth game at World Arena. I’m very proud of her! C7749736-C217-4DEB-BB7B-AC14E2EDBDE1.MOV
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    Hak gets his 100th NHL victory.
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    I'm happy with this decision. Let's move forward!
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    That was quick. I hope he's the best AD we've ever had.
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    Do you have a source for this one? As an alum, I was waiting for an announcement from the UND athletic department the following morning that the Fighting Sioux were also going to move up a notch from DII. When the announcement was finally made that North Dakota was "happy" staying right where they were, my immediate reaction was that they were making a GIGANTIC mistake by allowing the school to not remain at the same level as NDSU. And I would bet that I'm not NEARLY the only one who felt that way. I question your "unanimous" support.
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    The experience of going to the FB game well exceeds the show on TV. The cost of tickets is reasonable, and there are only a hand full of games a season at the Hawks Nest, plus the potential to get same seats for playoffs. Can also look at this as a donation to UND sports, supporting the FB team, and be in position in the future when tickets may be hard to come by. FB will be much more interesting to a larger pool of fans starting in 2020.
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    Gotta love this! Sean Payton's 'Skol' chant went from troll to self-own in 25 seconds thanks to the 'Minneapolis Miracle' Also, on KFAN yesterday someone called in and said that they were sitting near the tunnel where the Saints went into the locker room, and as Payton was heading back there after the game they shouted to him "This one was for 2009" and Payton threw 4 F-bombs their way.
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    Honestly, it would serve every "Fire Hak" person right.
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    Debatable? Not really.......Buning was a trainwreck and BF was marginally better. Just a 3 car pile up. Chaves might not be "Mike" to some in the UND network but Bill will be better than our previous two ADs... guaranteed.
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    Some folks around UND are blindly attached to the UND athletics' employees already within the department, despite mediocracy. This sense of loyalty is actually a dangerous game. It keeps UND from expanding and pushing the limits. I understand that these long-time "UNDers" are friends and great people, but UND athletics ultimately needs to be based on results/success and not subjective emotions. Glad to have Bill Chaves, who has a record of success elsewhere, onboard at UND.
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    Of course there's something better out there. There always is. Did something better out there apply? Who knows? Either way, I believe we got a pretty good AD for our level as proven by his track record.
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    If it was North Dakota women's hockey, he'd be predicting Hawks sweeps every weekend. #TheUConnofWomensCollegeHockey
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    For only being a member here for 10 hours, you sure know how to stir the pot.
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    Have not missed a home game in probably 4 years now and prior to that only missed a few since 2010. Have had season tickets for 3 years now and will for as long as I can. Got season tailgating spots last year for the first time and will keep doing that. Don't renew your season tickets just because of one bad year. If some people got through the Mussman era then you can get through this. Get out and tailgate and support the team win or lose!
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    I wish instead of a worthless heart icon that means the same thing as a thumbs up, this site added a laughing icon
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    And yet Vikes beat them twice this year. I guess the Saints choked twice.
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    The Steelers didn’t win the Super Bowl following the Immaculate Reception. They lost to the Dolphins in the AFC championship game the following week yet it is still celebrated in Steelers history. The Diggs play, regardless of how the season ends, will go down in history with The Catch, The Music City Miracle, and Immaculate Reception.
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    Your exact point appears to keep lobbing cheap shots at a team that just beat yours. Poor form. The Vikes surely can still get beat this year but the Saints can't.
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    Hahaha...you do know it was 17-0 into the 3rd quarter and it was 23-24 with 14 seconds left in the game right? If my team kicked your team's ass for 2+ quarters and your team kicks my team's ass for the last 1+ quarters that makes your team the better team? If they scored back and forth instead would that make a hard fought game? That last play happened so the D didn't get called for PI, the Vikes get one more play because it was on the defense, field goal, game over. The defender panicked but with good reason. You can whine all you want about it but if there is any team out there that deserves this to finally go their way.....FINALLY GO THEIR WAY, it's the Vikings! I still remember the Cinderella story NO did for their last Superbowl. Lucky, absolutely, but that's part of winning it all and the stars are lining up for my Vikings! SKOOOOOOLLLL LOLL!!!
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    If Faison was leaving a department that was humming along like a well-oiled machine, with experienced staff in all roles (not staff that just got outside review by 300 Twamley's consultants to see if they had the right skills mix), sure MM would be good to bring in and as he said in his interview, depend on this staff. That's not where the department is right now. But, now is not the time to bring in a guy (no disrespect intended) that does not know what he does not know. Right now you need an AD that has "been there, done that", that knows what's what, and can recognize strengths and weaknesses in the department. Alternatively, Kennedy did a very smart thing: He brought to his staff what he doesn't have, namely, a ton of NCAA/Athletics administrative experience. Good leaders don't surround themselves with clones or "yes-men", they surround themselves with people that fill in their own weaknesses.
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    Green Bay Packer fan math: Q) If the Vikings have lost 4 Super Bowls in their existence and lose 1 more this year, how many total Super Bowl losses will they have? A) 6.
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    They're going to lose TWO Super Bowls in ONE season?
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    All is right in the world.
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    I watched enough of him to know he doesn't do well when he has to win a game with his arm. He's erratic at times. We can all kiss his rings, just not his ass.
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    A winning team again is what’s needed at the Alerus. I want Bubba to have success and have a sold out game. Times ticking. Still optimistic.
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    With Payton's (F-bombs, Skol mimicking) antics, the "Curse" may have flew back with him to New Orleans. 4 lead changes in last 3:01, that 61 yd play was so huge (a play the Vikes practiced, and where Williams misses the tackle and takes out his teammate), clock runs out just as Diggs crosses the goal line with a first NFL playoff WALK OFF TOUCHDOWN, the Minneapolis Miracle. One of greatest multiple lead changing finishes in the playoffs! Maybe the brown paper bags return on the heads of NO fans at home games.
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    Go make another stupid play challenge, tool...
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    Rule #1 of attempting to throw shade: know wtf you're talking about.
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    First time in NFL Playoff history a team has won a game on a walk off touchdown, can't believe Vikings fans would get excited about that after decades of playoff letdowns. The nerve!
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    I'm just catching up on posts after being in Knoxville last weekend. (was able to see U of Tennessee recruiting up close). I don't believe Gundy's connection to Mike "clouds the picture" but naturally there is some bias because he knows Mike.( I believe that may be what you meant). I lot of posters know Mike and believe he would be able to do an excellent job. I also think had Mike been the choice, he would have . I think UND picked the person who they think will do the best job and I trust that decision. I mentioned before, I didn't meet any of the others, review CV's, or contact references. Therefore, I couldn't say Mike was the best guy for the job. I think UND made a good choice and hopefully Chaves will move all programs forward and improve facilities with the sense of urgency I think is required.
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    We'll choose to not use the same modus operandi as your home board, thank you.
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    I know quite a few major donors and have a few observations: -- While they really like Mike and most like a UND pedigree, they didn't think Mike was ready for this job. Most think Mike will make a good AD someday in the future. -- I think most are apt to give more with the assumption that Chaves will be more hands-on, personable, etc. than Faison. -- With the optimism that Chaves may bring to the department, coaches, community, fans, etc., the number of donors will likely increase. I have told Kennedy and DeAnna Carlson Zink that I expect a 20% increase in donations after the first year of a new AD being in position. That may be a little optimistic - I hope not!
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    Yeah, but that was just to figure out their order for Buffalo Wild Wings....