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    Who cares?? The mom needed the kid to flip her.....what?? No one should be surprised at how shallow and superficial some are. On the flip side, a long time banker/insurance guy I know, from up north by Hoople, graduated from NDSU but now has season tickets at UND because of the "pompous a--holes" that fill the Fargo dome. (his words, not mine) But I suppose that story doesn't write as well. When Fargo N. elementary sends classes to NDSU to run around on the field with some football players my girls insist on full head-to-toe UND. They say the players are really nice to them and joke about it, not a big deal. That impresses me more than some 'fan flipper' that probably never went to a UND football game anyway.
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    Yes...it’s called Golden Gopher hockey.
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    I see the whole "pompous a-holes" thing now, gundy.
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    https://www.si.com/nhl/2018/06/13/north-dakota-womens-hockey-team-lawsuit-reinstate Well, that's all fine and dandy but I'd like more information on how this will affect girls in Finland and Manitoba since that's where UND's recruits seem to have come from...
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    Here's what I'll say about Kennedy, how he gets things done might need some fine tuning moving forward, but I couldn't be happier with the overall results. The agreement being the latest example, but also (I know a lot of factors played into it), but getting UND down to 17 sports was so important for the overall health of the athletic department. I think UND is in a great spot with Kennedy and the new addition of Chaves as AD.
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    UND Hockey only....ba bye!! I had a UND Hockey only fan join us at tailgating last year. He had so much fun his wife called me a week back to get him season FB tickets!! We were undefeated in tailgating last season!!
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    I have no idea when you were in school but in the 36 years prior to Jones, UND had a winning % of .641 (very good). Gunther was 332-177 (.652) and Glas was 335-194 (.633). In the 8 years prior Gunther and Glas, Fitch and Rodgers has a winning % of .643. Jones' record is 178-199. He would have to win 145 games in a row to equal Glas' winning %. For the many on here who say we now accept mediocrity, I fully agree!!
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    I'm actually not critical of the women's game in that way. I certainly don't have the exact same expectations for style of play when I go to MBB compared to WBB. They are equally pleasing to me in their own ways, especially if UND is winning. Where I depart from WIH is when I see the sense of entitlement that seems to exude people associated with the former UND program that it was somehow different and that it should have been handled differently than other cut programs: wrestling, baseball, M&W S&D, and the privatizing of MG (to include the recent broaching of a possible endowment plan). Their (many WIH supporters) vitriol is nauseating even for someone like me who attended almost all of their homes games and cheered them on win or lose. "hell hath no fury ..."
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    So according to some people’s criteria on this board, recruiting class with no “blue chippas.”
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    I just watched the WDAY video in the link for the first time...This guy gets off with no probation because he has a "stable lifestyle"? This wasn't his first altercation of this type. I think the state really blew this case.
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    There is zero proof that he threatened a lawsuit. Kennedy saying that the REA is straying from it's mission is an implication, at best. The emails were released after Kris said this, and it's not the only thing that she was caught lying about. Her word is worth nothing after her lies about scheduling a meeting were revealed.
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    If Moser is banned, darell deserves to be banned for constantly turning threads into Sioux nickname sh.t shows.
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    Good grief, do you have to start this nonsense in every thread. Give it a rest.
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    Is Kennedy just playing us all? Think about it. Because of all this fiasco, we learned how much the REA takes for ticket and ad revenue plus we learned about the unwillingness of the REA and KEM to listen to Kennedy, Chaves, and the other UND coaches to put a Hawks logo at midcourt at the Betty. We also learned that this deal that is supposed to get negotiated yearly is just kicked down the road and not even discussed for years. Sure, nothing changed this year. But now that information is out there. Is Kennedy just holding serve now and not changing a thing to appease UND's biggest donor and just saving up his ammo for the next time he negotiates the deal?!!
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    And thank, you for your daily faithfulness, to UND football threads in the off season.
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    Darrell, don't act so oblivious. How could UND be further along? Obviously recruit better players in years 1, 2, and 3 and not lose so many of them to attrition. Why don't you take a look at what Jay Hill has been doing down at Weber State (he took over a team that went 2-10 in the same conference as UND). Handicapping UND by continually proclaiming "Muss put them in a hole, blah, blah, blah" only feeds into the hysteria that NDSU will always be way ahead of UND. NDSU doesn't ask for excuses like that, so neither should UND and Bubba.
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    Those excuses are over. Time to recruit and retain with success.
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    I think it's great SME continues to offer employment opportunities for the blind.
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    Careful, you might interrupt Darrell's hawkgasm.
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    How much of this information is public? Is there records out there that would show how much net profit the REA generated each year and how much it gave to UND? If those numbers are not the same, then the REA is making money off of their giff, which I don't think is right.
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    There will be more people at the the Thursday game than if it was 2 days later during Labor Day weekend Not everyone is going to Vegas Not everyone hunts
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    So, an update on my auction purhase I referenced in a post a few days ago. I stopped by the Bradley Center yesterday to collect my "Auction Lot," which included the UND jersey. With respect to the jersey, it is one definitely signed by the 1996-97 team. Aaron Schweitzer, Dane Litke and Mark Pivetz all signed, and that was the only year they played together at UND. I did not see any coaches signatures. All of the signatures are on the front of the jersey, which will make it nice for framing. There are 22 player signatures, so I assume it was just signed by the players who were listed as eligible to play in that Frozen Four, although that's just a guess on my part. It's a size 52 Gemini home jersey. It has the number 9 on it, but no name. It was also packaged with a souvenir program and souvenir puck from that Frozen Four, which further supports my assumption about the jersey. I was hoping someone there could shed some light on the background of the jersey, but no. After I took a look at the jersey, puck and program, I started digging through the large boxes of stuff that I bought without having any idea what was in there. As my wife and I started pulling things out of the boxes, we couldn't stop from laughing at the crazy assortment. A brief list of the items I received for my $180 (other than the hockey jersey and Frozen Four stuff) includes: An authentic Bucks basketball jersey with Taylor Swift's name on the back and autographed by her on the front. An authentic Bucks basketball jersey with Bon Jovi on the back. I've yet to find any autograph. Five Milwaukee Wave soccer jerseys, one signed by what appears to be the entire team. I'll confess that before yesterday I literally had no idea who the Milwaukee Wave were. One pair of Nike soccer goalkeeper gloves. Two brand new canvas Milwaukee Buck carry bags (which came in handy for hauling all my stuff to the car). Two autographed "Raw is War" t-shirts from the August 16, 1999, Monday Night Raw event. Each t-shirt probably has twenty autographs on it. Not a huge wrestling fan, so I'm going to have to do some digging to figure out who signed those shirts. I can only assume most of those people are dead, being wrestlers. A crapload of signed glossy pictures, and one signed t-shirt from a bunch of professional figure skaters. A handful of brand new NCAA basketball t-shirts and sweatshirts (tags all still attached) from the 1999 March Madness first round games played there. I'll actually be wearing those shirts. A heavy duty rubber Gene Simmons KISS mask, that candidly, is spectacular. Honestly, it was hilarious pulling that stuff out of the boxes.
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    Turn the 5x5 overtime from 5 minutes into 10 minutes.
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    the problem was it was a percentage based agreement from 20 years ago. Revenues have changed considerably, as they increase the gap only widens. That was the real problem with it, props to Kennedy for hopefully fixing it.
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    No justice was served today. What a effing joke.
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    The suit says the hockey program was "the most prominent and popular sport" among women's athletic programs at the Grand Forks college. A little bit misquoted, but even claiming that it was the most prominent and popular sport among womens athletic programs is a stretch. Womens basketball and volleyball were much more popular. Attendance numbers don't lie.
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    In a typical NBA game 200 points are scored but watching it is hardly enjoyable or entertaining. To each his own. .........and remember scoring isn't everything. Anyone married for more than 15+ years can relate!
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    he doesnt know anything more than anyone else.
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    Jacobs got the GFH so it basically a reprint of Washington Post fake news and sounds as if is local. Jacobs loved and protected Kelly.
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    Whoever the first commit is, can we even get excited? 2014 - Ferguson (gone after 1 year) 2015 - Grady (gone after 1 year) 2016 - Secrest (never made it) 2017 - Larson (PLEASE STAY) 2018 - Slater (never made it)
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    Probably a reason why a search firm retained by the largest university in the country by enrollment came calling. “What the hell, I’ll throw my hat in the ring.” For this and looking at a 2nd generation billionaire cross-eyed he should be tarred, feathered and sent on a rail car out of GF. Get a clue people, good Christ.
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    I know, right? High school boys' baseball is now being played at places like Heart River -- where on earth can boys go to play college baseball after high school?
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    For the 1000th time, Engelstad Foundation isn't profiting off of the Ralph Engelstad Arena.
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    Sano demoted not to AAA, not to AA, but to single A ball. That’s how bad he’s been this season.
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    So what would be considered a win for Kennedy and acceptable? 100% of football ticket sales and 60% of everything else? I think that Kennedy shouldn't have accepted anything less than that.
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    I heard it includes womens hockey funds since it's the 2nd most popular sport played at the hockey arena
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    Number 10 on that list isn't wrong. Yes girls hockey participation has increased but the sport of hockey itself is not popular. Grand Forks is considered to be a hockey hotbed in this country yet the women's program was incredibly unpopular. If it couldn't work here, it will not work pretty much anywhere else. Has participation increased? Yes. Is the sport's popularity and growth skyrocketing? No.
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    Do you know how long Brian Jones has been the head men's basketball coach at UND (hint: it hasn't been only within the "immediate" past)? Do you know Brian Jones record as head men's basketball coach at UND? Do you know if UND won their conference this most recent season? Do you know how many conference titles UND has had with Brian Jones as UND's head mens's basketball coach? The answer to all of those questions are not up to my standards. I am not going to apologize just because some who support UND are subconsciously immune to mediocrity. Jones has a track record at UND that is not overly competitive save one season where UND made the NCAA tournament. I look at the big picture; it sounds like you do not follow UND basketball closely and are not familiar with the big picture.
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    So basically a redshirt can play in up to 4 games and keeps his redshirt right? Man that would have been handy last year, and probably even the last couple of years when we were short on depth. Larson I'm sure would have gotten in and maybe even started 4 games towards the end of last year, would have been a good learning experience for him. I agree that it would probably keep redshirt freshman more engaged as well, knowing they may see some game action.
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    I'd hope no football player would let this frivolous thing affect recruitment. Their lawyer is apparently good with employment and general activism, but doesn't appear know as much about Title IX. This will generate headlines (activism), but shouldn't amount to much else.
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    Thank you for your $2 million donation to fund the program for 2018-2019. Can we count on your continued support for 2019-2020?
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