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    I think it is probably as simple as this........ If the opportunity presented itself to double your annual income, how many here would turn it down?
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    I get the point, but the whole argument to keep the team seemed to be centered around the fact that there were Olympians on it. It definitely wasn't centered on results, revenues or costs.
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    3-0 UND. My three stars for this one 1. @Oxbow6 2. Snapchat 3. @itsyaboiiceej Great game thread tonight. Time to download Snapchat.
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    Two extra minutes to browse Tinder...
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    Would folks rather we have a president that no other university is interested in?
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    Let’s send him packing for even looking this early in the ball game.
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    If there's one thing I learned about Northeastern, it's that you don't want to play them in a regional when they're on a hot streak....
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    We could, if people didn't first mock UND's decision to cut an extremely expensive sport with a non existent following.
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    This just in: Photo of Berry (right) meeting with Oxbow (left) after the game. "They focused all their hate on you and played a great game. It couldn't have gone any better!" Of note: Berry declined dinner at Sizzler, but told Oxbow to keep an eye out for future texts.
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    All joking aside Cam's been dynamite so far.
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    Wolanin just face-timed me from the bench and said you guys better knock it off.
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    Rhett says team playing sioux hockey on cbs lol
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    I get that UND no longer has women's hockey and there are some personal beefs with how the Lammy twins handled it afterwards, however they're still former UND athletes competing in the Olympics. I don't think it needs to turn into ragging on women's hockey.
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    All NCAA team. USA Hockey really missed the target on this one. Even if the kids don't win it harkens back to the days of the 1980 team. Sell the nostalgia, underdog angle. Opportunity to showcase the young up and coming American stars and the growth of the youth game in the U.S. There would be enough top NHL draft talent on that team that they would be skilled enough to compete.
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    I can't help but wonder how many North Korean students UND is missing out on by not having a women's hockey program anymore.
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    So we all agree Thome starts friday? Good, it's settled, now someone inform Berry of our decision!
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    Let’s say for the sake of the argument he does leave. Then what? UND try for the Minot Prez again? With the state law changed to only show finalists will the pool change? legacy? Well I drive by a lot of his legacy every day in the cities, the amount of promotion they have done down here is amazing. When I first moved down there 2 years ago there was barely anything! Funny what happens when you get $$$ to advertise (which they got ripped for) He’s better than Kelley and it’s not even close.
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    Not calling for Berry’s head but he has lost this team, coaching is an issue.
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    They have essentially disowned UND, as have many of the loudest fan voices on Twitter because of UND dropping their program. Fair game, IMO, especially after that lame ass penalty shot move.
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    Would selling more t-shirts help?
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    We had one of those in the 90's.
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    How did this thread get dredged up from July 2015? Can we send it to the scrap heap of history mods?
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    Omaha didn't even get to throw their fish on the ice tonight. Good job Cam!
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    Just got this Snap from Cam. Didn't know the fellas cut the net for a weekend split road win vs UNO but hey.................
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    Just Snapped him on what the heck happened there? He Snapped back "@&$# you.......and can you check and see who's winning the Women's Skeleton for me".
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    Appreciate the support but Berry already informed me that I am a healthy scratch.
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    Hakstol would be absolutely skewered on this board for the team's performance this year. Berry's head would be rolling too had it not been for a certain Schmaltz semi-final goal against DU just under two years ago...
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    Frickin’ Rudolph!!!!! Oops! Wrong thread.
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    Wtf did they pull the goalie for already?
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    Does anyone know if a TV can be fixed after someone throws an almost full beer at it? Asking for a friend.
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    Again I say about the salary.......... If you are plugging along in your cubicle, doing your job and making $15/hr, and some other company from a distance notices your potential and offers you $30/hour in a bigger and warmer cubicle, are you gonna say no, "I refuse to even consider your proposition "?
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    I want a president that others are interested in but who would say - "thanks but I made a commitment here and they made a commitment to me and it wouldn't be right to leave after such a short time"
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    Heard Kennedy was brought in just to get rid of WH and Faison. Mission accomplished. Sayonara!
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    Maybe we as a country need to go back to teaching all our kids how to work?
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    Can we please celebrate our Olympians without mocking the former women's team?
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    Swing and a miss again D76. Even though somebody brought this topic back to life, you never miss a chance to get one last shot in there. Congrats!
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    They have to throw out their ENGs, but we don't?
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    Cam Johnson was absolutely outstanding tonight. Kind of a ugly game at times the puck seemed to be bouncing all over the place. Thought the guys did a much better job in the neutral zone both offensively and defensively. Forced Omaha to dump it in a lot more and they aren't a team that really thrives playing that way. Had to have this one tonight and got it. Have to have both at Miami next weekend too no excuses.
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    Still 1-0. Just got word from Gersich on AOL Instant Messenger.
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    0-0 end of 1st. SOG 12-10 UND Cam was sharp. Wolanin was amazing. Rhett was terrific. Gersich was sensational. Mismash was outstanding. Oliveira was........wait he can't even skate!
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    For a coach who didn't say two sentences without mention "team culture" during our championship season, Berry's team this year seems totally lacking in culture. No leadership, taking entire periods off, lapses in concentration, stupid penalties when our PK is floundering, and after scoring a goal always taking the next shift off. When you add a mediocre roster to this kind of play you get what we are seeing now. Perhaps time to clean house? We have a lot of guys who aren't contributing squat.
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    I don’t know what to do with all the money I make now. What would I want to double my income?
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    To be fair, he's all jacked up on Snake Juice.
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    There's a big difference between him actively looking for a new a job and a search firm reaching out, asking him to apply and him accepting that invitation. It sounds like it was the latter and I think he'd be crazy not too look at it if approached. The outgoing president, who had been there 26 years, was making over $500K/year. The fact that he made the top 8 says a lot about what the perception of him is. Kennedy had no choice but to send out an announcement as the 8 semifinalists were publicly announced today and it looks like he has pretty decent company on the finalist list: