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    (Figured this should get its own thread, separate from the rest of the Stanley Cup discussion.) Proud to call you a Fighting Sioux (forever)! Savor every minute, and enjoy the summer. Well done, young man.
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    I don't remember a "no" vote meaning you automatically want to buy a condo and live downtown. I voted no because I want to accept a company investing in our city, and feel that we have enough green space to develop some of it.
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    Boom... well put The brownstones across from Joe Blacks sold at similar price points. Would I buy one? No... I want a house w/ my own yard. But clearly, not everyone feels that way thus investing their money into downtown real estate. If real estate were built on one person's preferences it would fail miserably. I still find every excuse from some of the Yes votes laughable. "Why not a different lot?" Because Dakota Commercial decided this was the best(See: most valuable) place to build and they're investing the money and chose this lot. "But they're just another set of overpriced condos". Just because you can't afford them doesn't make them overpriced. They're worth what people are willing to pay... which we'll discover shortly Honestly, you'd think us No voters were agreeing to cut down a rainforest. It's a tiny not-really-a-park that some people sat in a few times on their lunch break and a select few that are looking for a nice spot to fornicate after bar close.
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    http://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/letters/4285986-letter-und-football-players-did-their-neighborhood-proud bubba is the best glad we hired him
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    Yeah, sitting on the intersection of two major Interstate systems and railway hubs to and from the Twin Cities and Chicago, hasn't hurt Fargo one bit. Good on them. I will take Grand Forks, though, any day and twice on Sunday.
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    The NCHC is working to upgrade their package with Neulion. It will include native apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices. Streaming to your TV will also be a big improvement for mobile devices. Think of something similar to the BTN2Go app.
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    You've been waiting how long to let that out......? No one in Grand Forks is selling this game as anything but a body bag game while I seem to remember the Fargo media pumping up Valpo like they were the next coming because they were a "D-1" team. But regardless, you obsession is amusing to the rest of us.
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    Hopefully the raise is big enough for Monique to go on a twitter rant.
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    While Denver is the sexy choice as October national champion, I think the Pioneers are going to have their hands full trying to unseat 31-time champ Minnesota.
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    Yes we know, your dick is huge.
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    Can't believe the vote was that close. Scary.
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    I think more people have been to a UND Womens hockey game in the last year than have been to Arbor Park. (Too soon?)
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    The new Fighting Hawks Magazine is ready to hit the shelves!!
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    Because Schlossman thinks it should. The ironic part is that he spends way more time covering the women's hockey team now than he did while they were competing. Would be interesting to see how many tweets and stories he made about the team the year before the program was dumped, and how many after.
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    http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4271430-how-und-happy-go-lucky-guy-became-key-player-penguins-playoffs Very interesting article by Schlossman on the emergence of Carter Rowney. Especially interesting is the fact that his rookie class both he and Dell were the only two players that weren't drafted and they are the only two in the NHL. Also thought it was interesting that the coach of Grand Prairie called the coaches and told them he was a North Dakota type of player. Kind of goes to show you that all the gnashing of teeth over the talent or lack thereof coming in on any given year doesn't really reflect how things will turn out in the end. Could definitely use a few more 4-year players like Carter Rowney.
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    I haven't seen the film, but I know how it ends.
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    You never go full Bison Dan
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    Actually in most of these cases it was a whiney contingent of the majority virtue signaling and telling the minority they should be offended and others how smart they are and how much they care.
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    Would you have rather been NAU, Sac St, Weber, EWU, MSU or Montana last school year in the Big Sky?..... Or UND?
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    We love it when FBS teams schedule games against lower level opponents. But hate it when UND does.
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    Oh, boy...the folks in the Wild front office must be scrambling to find a former Gopher to sign to replace the one they just lost.
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    That's ok... I don't think 12 listeners will affect the vote... plus Packer Lady and Farmer Ray aren't eligible to vote in GF anyway.
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    Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, whatever.....just take the best deal that is offered for the entire department. Seems like Adidas and Under Armour tend to give the best team deals and perks over Nike in the past. And everyone better get on board, including mens basketball.
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    Most of NDSUs elite recruits like Trey Lance, Phoenix Sproles, and some others that aren't committed only camp there 1 day. The 3 day camp is for invites that mainly don't have offers. Also there are many surrounded colleges there that are able to see these kids that are bright it. So the 1 day argument with SDSU is kind of silly because quite a few kids that camp at NDSU are 1 day campers. Also one of my kids is coming to UNDs camp this Thursday at 4:00. Hunter Sand is being recruited as an athlete by UND. Really good kid. All around athlete, has invite to both NDSU and UNDs prospect camp for basketball also. Plays AAU and is an all state baseball player.
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    Outdoor ain't gonna happen up here. There's a reason they're called fair weather fans.
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    Would rather have a Stecher or Caggiula than a one and done.
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    Jordan Schroeder to the Columbus Bluejackets. Wild are dumping Gopher players like they went to NDSU.
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    Making room for Tolvanen, now that he didn't get into BC
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    All that stress you held in, and now you will watch the Bizon slip.
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    That 2013 UND team went 3-8, what would have their record been if they played a top FCS team that first game? They just weren't a very good team, period. Why do so many P5 teams schedule games against lower level of competition? I just don't see the reason to have a gauntlet of a non-conference schedule before you get into conference play. Would you be better prepared, probably, but you'd also be more beaten up going into conference play, with a better probability of having more losses. With UND being a night and day better team today than they were back then, I'd be less concerned about them regressing because of one or two games, or not being able to match a better conference opponent following a Valpo like opponent.
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    I wish the best for Bolinske, but I could see before he even stepped foot on campus that he wasn't going to make it as a DI quarterback for UND (see my comments in the recruiting thread on here - which I got plenty of flak for via the "experts"). The two transfer QBs that UND has now brought in allows for improvement at the QB position, but UND definitely needs to better emphasize high school DI-caliber QBs in the recruiting process. This needs to start with the 2018 recruiting class.
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    Not real surprising and I hope Bolinske does well for them. Hopefully the staff has learned from its mistakes of going 2 years without bringing in a legitimate scholarship QB prospect. Having to bring in 2 transfer QBs from California in one off-season isn't a habit UND should fall into.
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    This letter made my week. Kudos to these anonymous men! Quality players off the field means quality players on game day.
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    To keep the fat NDSU bandwagoners away.
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    Pics or it didn't happen, right?
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    It is significantly larger than other two lots that are on the same block, one of which does not have the alley access that is required for the project. The fact that you think other lots might be comparable (they aren't) has zero bearing on what the people who are looking to invest millions of dollars into downtown want to do or need to make a successful investment for them and Grand Forks.
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    I like these ideas. Once we get tailgate alley organized UND needs to make sure that everyone knows when the team is going to walk thru 'tailgate alley'.(2 hours before kick-off) Find a way to organize this better and make it totally nuts, something the players will look forward to and always remember.
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    Congrats to junior Molli Detloff for earning All-American second team honors by finishing 12th in the hammer through at the 2017 NCAA Outdoor Championships.
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    Is Bayou Hawks available? Cajun Hawks, perhaps?
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    "My little johnny is going to be the one they pick."
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