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    I'm afraid not. That only works at Duluth where hockey and diving are one in the same.
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    The NCAA has shown again that it will STEAMROLL anyone who opposes its agenda. If you have any doubt how serious they were about scrubbing "Fighting Sioux" from the history books, you only need to look at the boycott of North Carolina that essentially put Duke on the road against the University of SOUTH Carolina in the men's NCAA tournament. If the NCAA was willing to mess with one of the cash cows of March Madness just to "prove" their opinion, rest assured, they would have spent millions to get rid of "Fighting Sioux." I, too, smiled at the "Sioux Forever" chant immediately after the Frozen Four. Then when I heard it in-person at Target Center a month or so ago, I cringed. It's time to move on. It was quite an experience watching the men's basketball team in March Madness - think about that, OUR men's basketball team playing in March Madness. Unthinkable back in 1988-1992 when I was at UND. The jerseys looked great and so did the wordmark on them - as well as the logo on the TV scoreboard. The university is still wearing green, white, and black, and I am looking forward to seeing the new wordmark and logo on the hockey jerseys next season. Hawks on the jerseys, Sioux in my heart, but still MY University of North Dakota.
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    There's a new store opening in downtown Grand Forks this summer. I hear they will also be selling T shirts.
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    People will stop ripping them when they stop ripping UND.
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    If anyone suggested a different DI university should drop football in order to preserve women's ice hockey, they would be laughed out of the room without an ounce of serious consideration. It is embarrassing that folks think UND and the people of North Dakota should somehow be held to different standards. UND is a "hockey school"? Well that pseudo-title sure didn't improve UND's WIH program's attendance or success, so I too think that descriptor is demeaning and embarrassing. People need to move on. UND and President Kennedy made the correct decision.
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    Schlossman has many awards in journalism and has done a ton of great work. But, the way he handled the WIH cut was one sided and very unprofessional. He has lost a lot of credibility by overly supporting the WIH program and the twins. He needs to be subjective and report the facts, UND can't afford WIH.
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    I'm not a fan of the new name or logo, but would say 95% of names and logos suck. They just have been around so long that they are accepted by fan's. Problem is we went from what might be the greatest name and logo on all of sports (of course I'm a little bias). I was one of the fans chanted Sioux Forever after the National championship game last year. To me it was meant to be an FU to the NCAA. While at the banner ceremony earlier this season and hear the Sioux Forever Chant I thought what I bunch of idiots. I know that makes me a hypocrite, but I think the Sioux Forever chant is embarrassing and needs to stop. I’m so sick of the Facebook posts questioning who are the Fighting Hawks, they are the fighting Sioux. Questioning why the hockey team would put the new logo on their jerseys. It is the logo of the university and should be used in place of the interlocking ND. I wear Sioux stuff almost all the time on the weekend. Don't feel the need to repurchase a new wardrobe just because of the name change, but plan of purchasing a fighting hawk’s polo and hat before football season.
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    OK, Ace. The way they slandered UND, Kennedy, and Faison makes them fair game. They made it personal and then tried to starting using "sexism" and "title ix" when they realized the merits of the program were not nearly enough. UND was just fine before them and will be just fine without them, now and into the future. They made their feelings clear.
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    From the article: Eight players in the Olympics? Holy crap, why hasn't this been mentioned before?
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    Other NDUS schools affected by the state budget are cutting sports, programs, departments (Dickinson State). Like I've said, I'd like to hear more than just grousing; I'd like to hear the solution provided by the Lamoureux twins.
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    I went left to right, top to bottom.
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    Also a fact, not a belief: UND has never won a national championship while the moon wanes, only waxes. Wax has 3 letters > Tucker Poolman is #3 > Poolman can be translated roughly to Pool Man in Norwegian > Norwegian has 9 letters > We are trying to capture our 9th championship Whoa...
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    Friday, April 18th, 1997. The dikes in the Riverside and Lincoln Park neighborhoods began to fail. Mandatory evacuations began in those areas before the sun came up. The streets began to fill with filthy Red River floodwater, either from the breeched dikes or through the storm sewer system. The mass exodus from town began and would accelerate on Saturday, as the water treatment plant was compromised, which eliminated the city's source of potable water. About 4pm Saturday, a fire broke out downtown. The water system had no pressure, so firefighters could not put out the fire. It would consume 11 buildings downtown. Me, my mother and our cat fled to Minot, ND to stay with relatives. My father, then an employee of the Grand Forks Health Department, stayed behind to help fight the flood. When I returned about two weeks later, there was one or two restaurants open and they were using paper plates and plastic silverware because the water still wasn't safe to drink or cook with. During the next several months, I consumed a lot of Salvation Army and Red Cross meals (pretty good, btw), used a lot of waterless hand sanitizer and port-a-potties, helped assemble cleaning kits for people to clean up their homes, gave away big bags of ice to people who needed it and tried to put my life and routines back together. My family's home only sustained damage to the basement. Of course, that was where the electrical box, washer, dryer and furnace were located, which means they were all ruined and needed to be replaced. So the three of us and our cat were crammed into a hotel room for several weeks until we could get the electrical box and furnace replaced (it was a cold and sometimes rainy spring). I don't know who was happier to go home, me or my cat! :-) Gradually, life returned to normal. But for those who lost everything they owned, it would take 10 to 15 years to get their lives back to what they were on April 18th, 1997. I cannot believe it has been 20 years. Time flies I guess. God bless those who took in flood victims. God bless our Congressional team (Sens. Conrad and Dorgan & Rep. Pomeroy) for fighting hard for this community when the future was on the line. God bless President Clinton for visiting our community and using your influence to get us the help we needed. And God bless those Americans who generously gave their time, money and effort to help us pick up the pieces. All of you made a difference. And we thank you.
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    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that had UND football been an 8-time FCS football champion as "Fighting Sioux," there may have been some resistance in the football crowd to re-branding as "Fighting Hawks" as well.
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    I just think everyone is different. So let people come to terms with the nickname change in their own way and timeframe. Some people may never come around, but who cares. Keep supporting the teams and the school and leave it at that.
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    Anyone the downplays what the Lamoureux twins did for the women’s program is an idiot. The program was garbage before they got here. They were the sole reason the program was relevant in women hockey. Idalski failed to get the program to the next level. UND made the right call by dropping the program and the Twins should either come up with a realistic solution or stop the complaining.
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    Their solution is to force officials to cave to (supposed) moral outcry in the name of gender equality. Worked with USA hockey, why not try the same strategy with UND I guess.
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    If you don't want to get ripped on, quit making false claims and false accusations. That being said, I don't think any Lamoureux family member is getting too offended by comments made towards them on a message board.
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    This best reason to move on is that we have Regional Hockey tomorrow and we still have people who give a rats behind about the logo issue. Who cares anymore? Not only has that Sioux ship sailed but it sank! Those PC folks and activists whose lives were so miserable because we had the name, have nothing on the folks whose lives seem miserable without the name. Who cares, it's a name and logo. I'm more concerned about whether T Poolman, who I think is one of the most complete and outstanding defensemen we have ever had, will be healthy enough to play.
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    A league with the Montana's and Idaho sounds great but I imagine the hard part would be selling it to Montana and getting them on board. NDSU-UND SDSU-USD Omaha-Denver Montana-Montana State Idaho-EWU NMSU-Weber State You could quickly build a mid-major basketball conference that would easily rival the MVC and of course be a premiere FCS league with FBS potential.
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    Then take it out on the previous president. President Kennedy is getting the house in order. I believe he handled a bad situation the best he could.
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    They have a right to rip on UND. That doesn't mean the decision by UND was wrong, but if there is anyone who has a right to be angry, frustrated and disappointed with the actions of UND regarding the women's hockey program, it's the Lammy twins. Let's just ignore the rest of the family's connections and contributions to UND hockey. The Lammy twins gave up an opportunity to be stars on championship teams for nothing more than an opportunity to join a horrid program, in their hometown, and try to breathe some life into it. I'd say they were successful. Some have suggested failure because of the lack of national championships, but all things being equal they certainly put the women's hockey team on the map. I don't necessarily disagree with UND's decision. Something had to be done, and this probably made as much sense fiscally as any others. But the way the school handled it was sub-optimal, to put it mildly. Frankly, it probably bothers me more the lack of outrage over the cutting of the other programs (didn't they care?) or the lack of outrage that our school can't get it's fiscal house in order and seemed to be caught by surprise by all of this.
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    After today here is the Wild's new logo.
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    You also claimed Shanks' alleged Mormonism was a contributing factor in him returning to Utah, despite a blood-relative cautioning you to shut your pie hole because you don't know what you're talking about. So, take it easy on those who take your knowledge with a block of salt.
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    Dear Mr. Kawaguchi, UND's playoff start in October and run into April. Please plan your obscene scoring outburst accordingly. Signed, UND fans
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    Poor Simple Dan, so clueless on what his own athletic department is actually doing that he has to troll a UND message board. How's the volleyball team doing with their lame duck coach? Anyone else in their way out of the men's basketball team? And how about that dumpster fire of a women's basketball team? Any other football players get DUI's that didn't make the news? Can't wait to see the cuts announced next month...
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    actually looking forward to the feds saying we are uber compliant and shutting up the lammy sisters. and then setting their gps for ndac.
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    From what I have seen and heard about the NDSU football coach I would say anyone questioning his character and integrity would be a 180 degrees from what I have gathered and from what others who have met or had dealing with him would say as well. Quality guy, quality coach.
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    The divided fan base argument is over blown. The 4,000 fans at scheels were all cheering for our team. I didn't see any arguing between our fans on what they were wearing, either FH, FS or just ND.
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    No one here is anti hockey. We just love ALL Fighting Hawks sports. Not just one.
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    Which side will they display in Bismarck? The team that won the most meetings, or whoever won the last time it was played for?
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    It's undergoing gentrification.
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    Ummmmmmmm.....ok. I guess I don't see the issue. Some fans are still passionate about the legacy and history of the Sioux name over decades. I get that. If it offends you find a safe space. I'm not a "SF" guy. Loved the old nickname and logo and I grew up with it but it's gone. I have accepted that. I don't like the new logo or nickname, personally I think it's garbage but I don't shame everyone or anyone I come in contact with that wears the new gear just because I don't care for it. You just keep preaching here, along with others, on how some are "wrong" and you all are "right". That tactic seems to be working well.
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    One time I went to a boutique and a women's hockey game broke out.
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    http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4258281-sale-attracts-long-line-shoppers-downtown-grand-forks "A crowd wound around a downtown block in Grand Forks Friday morning for a sale by a local boutique" More people stood in line for this boutique store than stood in line to attend games of that aforementioned "boutique sport."
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    There is mutual interest in Ketteringham, who would have to redshirt this season and then would have 2 years of eligibility remaining. Scholarships are the issue and he may have to pay his own way for a year until Studsrud graduates because we have no money left at QB this year. This would be very smart of the staff to do and if they could pull it off, would have Zimmerman and Ketteringham as juniors, and Heidlebaugh, Bolinske and Boltmann behind them in fall of 2018. A much more quality depth chart at QB that UND has never seen. Landing Ketteringham would be huge. I really like that kid, especially if he's running our offense with a solid running game to take the pressure off. He's got tools.
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    That debacle as you say was a complete embarrassment for ND. At the time I was already slowly becoming a fan of the Fighting Hawks name and logo, but during those protests is when I gave up on the SIOUX, especially being Standing Rock didn't help us with retaining the SIOUX name years ago. Sure I have lots of UND apparel, and will still wear them, but more for like memory of some great times (not for like some sign of protest) while supporting the Hawks. When the new name first came out and later the logo, I had some negative comments. Now, it's growing on me and I can say I accept it. Time will heal the wound from the name and logo change for many, UND is more important that the logo.
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    So what you're saying is they drew double the Big Ten (men's) final four average.
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    Actually, the Lamoureux family has 2 National titles at UND.
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    I heard that the Michigan Tech players were literally pulled off the ice during a practice and informed of the decision earlier today.
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    He hasn't outright lied in his articles, but he's certainly omitted pertinent facts at times and focused on making UND administration look bad.
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    Dear Dan, Thanks for your interest in UND Athletics. We've been moving to an alignment that looks more like NDSUs. The Same -- NDSU: FB, MBB, WBB, VB, WSB, WSOC, "The Six", WGolf, MGolf UND: FB, MBB, WBB, VB, WSB, WSOC, "The Six", WGolf, MGolf The Differences -- NDSU: Wrestling, Baseball UND: MIH, M/W Tennis, WIH, M/W S&D, So, yes UND has M/W Tennis. Seems balanced there so let's forget Tennis for now. Now the questions: Does MIH at UND balance out both Wresting and Baseball at NDSU? By participants, opportunities? Surely not. More importantly, should one smirk and feel glee about a Title IX investigation (that I welcome), but instead, should one be asking, "Why did UND have that happen only when they moved to look like NDSU?" So, should you really be happy? The NDSU model triggered an investigation at UND. You should be hoping that UND comes away with no findings, or else NDSU would seem to be prime for a similar investigation. So, Dan, thanks for reading, and enjoy that morning cup of coffe. "The Six" == M/W I/O T&F and M/W CC
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    Do they hang banners for Olympians?
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    Embarrassing how? Since you're excluded from the "preaching" part of this discussion please enlighten me/us. I don't chime in on that chant but in no way find it embarrassing. BTW so I know for sure......are you an employee of the university?
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    Retrench? How would anyone be able to tell the difference? UND has a good amount of say in what goes on at the REA, but to ensure that it doesn't matter, the interlocking ND has about two months to go until it's retired (and look what logo ended up on the ice in a Fargo). There will be no alternatives for the shoulder patches or the ice, it will be the new logo.
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    I think I did a simple Google Images search for "2000 UND Hockey Jersey" or something to that effect and this photo (and others like it) came up. I chose this one as it was the only one in the lot with a full frontal view of the jersey. (not to be confused with doing a Google images search for "full frontal view"). Ha Ha...I'll show myself out.