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    Ya.........let's get Grandma Ellen playing her accordion or the Barber Shop quartet from Drayton which consists of 3 guys. No thanks.......he's terrific and a student favorite.
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    Will the new AD still let Haj dress up in player track suits and pretend hes on the hockey team?
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    You mean like this place after a tie? Wait...you mean like this place after ONLY a one goal win?
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    UnF-ing believable we didn't start Z.
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    Well, between people on here trying to revoke my professional degree and give me behavioral health advice, I'd say this performance from UND football tops everything off fittingly. UND football has major issues going on right now and it goes beyond the injuries. The culture went from good to broken in less than 12 months.
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    Whenever someone starts arguing UND and NDSU football, why does some UND fan always start talking about hockey trophies? It's like losing a drag race so you start bragging about having a nicer house.
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    Agree with you 100% on this. Anyone who watched the game saw that it looked like the ice was tilted to UND's favor. I attribute the lack of finish to nerves...first games of season, long road trip. The ice was also clearly bad. Games like this happen. We fortunately come out no worse for wear with a 1-0-1 record...still undefeated : ) The next two weekends are absolutely HUGE. We need to go 2-0 vs SLU and we must go 1-1 with the Gophers. I don't think this is too much of a stretch. For PWR, you never want to lose a H2H comparison, and it also makes a difference on your COP vs other teams in that conference that you don't play, and always factors into RPI.
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    This bold is the key. It isn't that it's hard to get games, it's that it is hard for them to get the games they want at the price/terms they want and that fit into their scheduling philosophy. That makes a big difference when people are publicly crying about that "no one will play us" when in actuality it is "no one will play us under the terms we want". Nothing wrong with it, but it is definitely misleading. I don't think we need news releases, but they sure have not problem letting out scheduling information that makes them look like the victim, however I don't see them leaking out anything that would paint them in any other light. Their prerogative, they can do as they please. There are tons of FCS schools who would do a home/home with NDSU, however NDSU is reluctant to do that because of how traveling to an FCS school impacts their flexibility. Matt Larsen has publicly admitted as much multiple times, so I'm not sure why you are getting all worked up over it? I'm not believing what I want, I'm going off exactly what Matt Larsen and others have said about scheduling. It doesn't take a rocket science to do the math. As for the talking out of both sides of your mouth thing, you first comment was about how previous commentary was spot on about how "extremely difficult" it was to schedule games and your second comment was about how you don't have the information to elaborate on scheduling when in fact you already did exactly that and then did so again in the above comment. You are deflecting when it's convenient.
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    As will I. For anyone to say this still isn't our biggest rival is delusional.
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    Were you at Marriuci? Friday night was nuts and the crowd was going wild. I talked to Gopher fans who said it was the craziest atmosphere they've seen since the Big10 started and bemoaned the current state of their league because atmosphere was nothing like that weekend. So according to you, I haven't moved on from the Sioux nickname right?
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    Brad is just a writer (an excellent one) he doesn't understand business and basic math...
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    Your comparison is apples to oranges but go ahead and make fruit salad if you choose.
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    Just read through the spring ball and fall ball practices posts. Most everyone that attended a practice and or practices mentioned Zimmerman was the obvious choice for backup....a clear #2. We all noticed that but not the coaches!?!? Wtf!! Complete incompetent leadership on the offensive side. And your quote about the rbs....I feel the same, John and Brady have one year left. Their jun yr is wasted. I feel for Santiago and Brady as they give it their all every play. Someone on egriz mentioned they thought Santiago had a deflated look in his eyes. John needs to be put out in the slot and a JJ/ Brady combo at rb. He was recruited and practiced as a wr! I believe everyone on here has mentioned the Santiago out wide thing.....but Rudy is content on doing the things that haven't worked and keeps sending the 175 lb straight up the middle when the box is stacked. It's like when he looks at John, he sees a 6'2" 220 lb. Montana stacked 9 in the box!!....He sends him up the middle!?!?! The offense has been a mess for 3 and half years. Rudy needs to go ! I haven mentioned this numerous times ....the D was always able to bail out the O in years past ...they are unable to do that this year.. now Rudys "work" is amplified.
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    So do you know anything about sports medicine? What are the responsibilities of the sports medicine staff? How do they interact with the coaching staff, the athletes and strength and conditioning coach? Medical staff planning? What the hell are you talking about? Isn't this the same medical staff that takes care of the other UND athletes? Which type of injuries are you referring to when you refer to "this type of injury situation", Doctor? Who should lose their job and why? Be specific please. I think the injuries are certainly a factor and I think the coaching staff will review the season and where mistakes were made and how to improve, just like they do after every game. Bubba will need to decide if anyone needs to go at the end of the season. Typically, the strength and conditioning and medical support has a year end review as well. I'm sure they all would appreciate your expertise. Are you willing to donate hundreds of hours as a team physician to upgrade what our staff does or is that something you really know nothing about???? I don't know anything about the players conditioning how do I find out, or do you have inside information not available to others? Maybe you know what you are talking about but I would need to be convinced.
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    That looks like a legit Reebok replica jersey to me!
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    Little brother is funny. NDSU has thee most insecure fan base I’ve ever seen. Must be old wounds from being the little AC or something.
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    There’s a decade worth of student-athletes who had no interaction with their AD. None. He didnt know their names or accomplishments. Academic or athletic. That doesn’t go unnoticed by those kids. Faison was unapproachable and took no initiative toward his athletes, alums, and fans alike. He showed no fire and enthusiasm towards his university. Brian was a non-factor in fundraising. In fact he was a detriment. Did he help grow the fan base with his outgoing personality? Engaging fans at games, meeting the average joe knowing there’s a bigger picture? Fostering those relationships that grow into bigger and better things? He did none of that and to argue otherwise is pure ignorance. This fine university will be much much better off without him.
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    I would respectfully disagree. Maybe a handful of people claimed they wouldn't support UND because of these guys. Blaming stuff on Mussman has gotten a bit old. I'm not defending him as a coach, but he wasn't given the resources to transition to the FCS level. He has been the whipping boy on this board for way too long. The guy is long gone. Faison's job wasn't to raise funds. He had a number of issues to deal with including a financial mess. The athletic department was also in a transition to FCS and was not given the resources to make that happen as quickly as we might have. Faison was not charismatic and certainly people who felt they were important to UND athletics never seemed to get the schmoozing they wanted from him. I was disappointed in his lack of interaction with fans and boosters. He did some good things in difficult times. I liked him better than Bunning. He had nothing to do with the Fighting Sioux issue. None whatsoever. It was a done deal before Faison got here and it was a done deal before Kelly got here. We wasted a lot of Kelly's time kicking the proverbial dead horse.
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    Faison deserves a press conference. It's the standard for any large athletic department to have a press conference. Your idea would be total bush leage.
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    There is a simple easy solution to this issue.................................if you are one of those that is offended by "Sioux" at then end of the anthem at UND hockey games stay home! Not too complicated really.
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    Have many close military friends that I go to games with that shout it and love it. Comparing this to kneeling or disrespecting isnt even a convo.
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    I don't know you and I respect your opinion, but I have to say I think you are so far out of line with this statement, but that's me.
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    I would love to see this on a sign in the student section this weekend.
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    Obviously your mind is made up so no sense in beating up this topic…however after watching and listening to the countless interviews from this past weekend from the ’87 alumni team every single one of them mention the pharse “Fighting Sioux” in their interviews multiple times…It’s tradition and something that is carved into the essence of this storied program … so while you see dis-respect I see homage to those that paved the way for the greatest program in college hockey …
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    Next season UND will finish higher than NDSU and then the next season we will defeat them in Fargo and the cycle will begin again.
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    I hope that's the case. But in light of recent events I'm not sure this offensive coaching staff could properly evaluate a beauty contest between Kate Upton and Roseanne Barr.
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    Someone in the media needed to ask Bubba, point blank, what went into the decision to start Heidelbaugh over Zimmerman. I'm echoing what everyone has said, but even though the game had mostly been decided, there couldn't have been a bigger difference between the two. I was very impressed with Zimmerman, especially given this was his first substantial playing time at the FCS level. His best throw of the night, was dropped by Mercer, but it was an elite throw. He had confidence, could make throws, scramble for additional time. I mentioned this before, but there's nothing easier than stopping the run when the opponent knows that's all you can do. This would have been a different game if Zimmerman would have started, the coaching staff (Bubba / Rudy) should be embarrassed with their decision. Looking at the positives. Since Heidelbaugh won't play again unless Studs / Zimmerman are injured, you can throw out the first half offensively. Second half with a competent QB they looked much better. I remember watching the NDSU / Montana game a few years back when a young Trey Dempsey got worked all game. He's now an All-American. Blubaugh was completely exploited this game, but he's going to be a good one. In a lost season, give him all the reps you can. It'll pay huge dividends down the road. Given a couple really short fields, I actually thought the defense (outside of Blubaugh) played a pretty good game. Excited about Canady, Hunt continues to improve at ILB. Would have loved to play that one over with Zimmerman going all game.
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    Same here. I'm not happy by any means. I'm just not going to let a team in this shape ruin my whole day. If they were totally healthy and this was happening it would be a different story.
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    If we had Z in there from the beginning, might have gotten more than 7 yards on our first three possessions before Montana got their score. Starting Heidlebaugh has to rank up there as one of the dumbest coaching decisions next to Seattle throwing a pass instead of giving it to Lynch.
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    Yeah... We need more dump and chase. Fans here really liked that!
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    Holm is listed as a starter this week. That is huge.
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    I would trade the Nickel for 1 of those at FCS level........
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    Testing every day is ridiculous and is not going to happen. Can we put this issue to rest, or are we going to have another 5 pages talking about pot/drugs. I'd say start another thread if you want to yap back and forth about this, but having a separate thread on this sure wouldn't be a good look either. Let's talk about the 2017 season moving forward.
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    Not a rivalry? Why are the tickets for this weekend worth 5x as much as most conference play? If it's not a rivalry you should tell the people that are paying 150 a seat
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    Both teams are 6-0. One has played a harder schedule. Seems pretty simple to decide who, to this point in time, has a better resume. Also, if you use only results from this year, USD is rated #39 (76.65) and NDSU is #46 at (74.83). The main rankings are still showing bias from outside this season. What's going to be your excuse for that?
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    Watch a KC chiefs game once and I believe the Blues also do it. So many people have become so soft, their feelings are hurt over the dumbest things, don't be part of that. That anthem represents the very freedom we all have to yell Sioux at the end of it! It also allows you to have your personal feelings not to like anyone yelling Sioux. No I don't yell it very often, (and I don't kneel either) maybe 3 games a year I'll yell Sioux, (NCHC tournament, Regional, and FF) but I grin every time it is said and you can just feel what it does to the mind of the opponents.
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    The troubling thing to me is that our coaching staff think their is any comparison at quarterback between Heidelbaugh and Zimmerman
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    we were inside the 10 yard line?
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    All valid criticisms. I like that they found a way to win.
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    Calling for a split is a total sandbag move. We should sweep.
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    Yes its a real replica Jersey, sold at the sioux shop and other retailers. its legit sold for between $90 and $110 new. Its not the Authentic on ice jerseys that sold for $280-$350 but it is legit retail SIOUX jersey, I own many, you should buy and wear proudly Forever
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    Yea but if it comes from my keyboard it's not looked at as trolling
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    The terms of a home and home are "you play at my place and I'll play at yours", it really is that simple and there are not really any other terms to dictate. I feel pretty confident your sister's kids could probably handle it. The problem is because of NDSU's preferred scheduling philosophy, they don't want to/are unable to do they part where they play at someone else's place. 1. I don't care, but NDSU fans are being dishonest when they say "no one will play us" when it's more accurate that "no one will place us under the self-imposed conditions we want to base our schedule on". Be honest about it, the want/need of 6 home games and an FBS game has been a huge hurdle and prevented more home/home being scheduled and is a big part of the reason "no one will play us". 2. Not sure what the relevance of that is other than they did go to EWU this year, fulfilling the back-end of the home/home, which is why they either weren't going to have an FBS game or 6 home games. NDSU obviously had given up trying to get an FBS game for this season when they signed the EWU contract in 2014 because the 6 home games take precedent. 3. Again, I don't care what they do but again, complaining that "no one will play us" is clearly disingenuous. Why does "manufactured" discussion on a non-rivals message board bother you so much? An NDSU fan asked for a team, he gave one. NDSU was the one who refused to sign a home/home. Why the need to get so worked up over that?
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    Cooper Sprunk Farva + Ron Swanson
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    MEXICO!! -couldn't help myself