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    He looks older than I expected....
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    Doesn't surprise me that a lot of the faculty hate Kennedy, too many of the Liberal Arts and Social Science faculty are so leftist that they hate anyone to the right marxism. I once when into a professor's office in the English Department, she had a picture of Karl Marx, like some Catholics have pictures of Jesus or people in North Korea have pictures of the Kim's.
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    Is the first number zero as well?
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    It was so nice of Mr. Jacobs to be so critical of Mr. Kennedy for responding to a head hunter. Actually, shame on Mr. Kennedy for being so competent that he's garnering outside interest in his president capabilities in just 20 months.
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    Calls like that are why people can't stand Crosby. Pens - Flyers 1-1 late in the second.
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    Crosby with a gawd-aweful flop....looked like nba.
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    Things can change obviously, but I don't think I'd trade UND's current 02's (Kleven, Bowen, Kunz, Sanderson) for any other schools Top 4 for that years birth year.
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    Kennedy: 20 months on the job and being sought by headhunters for larger universities. Jacobs: Another year at the GF Herald. Been there since last century I believe. Did the NY Times, or even just the KC Star, call him?
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    Kennedy getting ripped by the Herald because he's a republican.
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    So you're saying we could have.... OLYMPIANS?!?!?
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    Not enough bad guys on the early departure list?
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    C'mon Tufte, you are next.
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    No way on a mascot.... but I'd be totally down for UND adopting an actual Hawk. Be especially awesome to have when the Minnesota Gophers visit Grand Forks. I still love the idea of someone throwing a live gopher on the ice and our Hawk swoops down from the REA rafters to tear the gopher apart. Nothing like a pregame ritual to get fans amped.
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    What really bothers me is that they attempted to flee but couldn't get away. We clearly need to recruit my speed to this football team.
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    This is what the GF PD does with their plain clothes officers on a Friday night. Good grief.
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    Here's my guess for the mascot. It screams/screeches of the same creativity put into the logo design.
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    I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I just knew this had to be somewhere on Mafia's iPod.
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    How about them deep Good Old Blue Brothers Boy Band pockets you jack jaw about?
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    They can??? What have they done over the last 5 - 10 years with their hockey hotbed recruits?
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    Broncos GoFundMe closed at midnight last night. $15,185,300 was raised in 12 days, the second highest amount of money raised on GoFundMe ever. Hats off to Saskatchewan, Canada, and the World for the incredible support shown. #broncostrong
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    As a Rangers fan, I'd be very happy on two levels.
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    Offensive line play is an issue around the country, hence the large scale changes in offensive style of play that takes pressure off the play up front (up-tempo spread option offenses). The programs that still run a downhill physical style of play need good offensive linemen, but those programs are becoming more and more scarce. Some of the few remaining include Alabama, Wisconsin, and Michigan. At the FCS level, NDSU is really one of the only programs that comes to mind, and they do it so well no one can counter it.
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    Scoring goals makes it easier to overcome that bad hop off the dasher or the one that the goalie wants back.
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    Uh oh...womens hockey fan/staff alert! Is that you BobHawks4?
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    To quote a wise mentor: "Anybody can say anything."
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    Which wouldn't be all bad if the schools could be more self-sufficient and less to the whims of state budgets or politics du jour.
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    Don't forget about a group of forwards that would backcheck the bejeebus out of teams... Schmaltz, Cag, Boeser, LJ, Rhett, Pogo....
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    Randklev first star of the game tonight for Fargo with 2 goals and an assist.
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    Thanks for catching that. I had Stamkos with only 3 points. That will then change your score, along with andthehomeoftheSIOUX!! and MafiaMan. Here are the updated standings: April 17th Update (please double-check your score): 44 - George M. Bluth 40 - Goon 39 - stoneySIOUX 38 - Ray77 37 - sioux rube 35 - Siouxper Dave 31 - andthehomeoftheSIOUX!! 30 - Petey23 28 - Fader 28 - Shawn-O JV 26 - The Sicatoka 26 - Engineer 26 - 90siouxfan 23 - Shawn-O 23 - MafiaMan 8 - 90siouxfan's buddy Alberto's JV
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    How about the Harvard of the Midwest? UND!
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    I know Rieger had that error against St. Cloud, but I certainly very much like his game as well.
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    So moral of the story... our defense is gonna be legit next year?
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    I'm setting my mascot expectations in line with my nickname and logo expectations: Low, so they're easily exceeded.
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    Don't do dumb stuff to get your name in the paper and you don't have to worry about consequences. That being said, it is a fairly minor thing, though definitely not very smart. They didn't try to beat anyone up or run away while they were handcuffed, so it could always be worse.
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    Las season, women's golf gave out 4.6 scholarships with 9 players on the roster, meaning they "brought in" around 4.4 "units" of tuition dollars while showing a Net loss of $171K. There was one ND player on the roster out of 9. Women's tennis gave out 4.4 scholarships and their were 13 players on the roster. They "brought in" 8.6 "units" of tuition dollars while showing a Net loss of $222K loss. 5 of the 13 players were from ND. Using your formula of offsetting losses with non-scholarship tuition dollars, I'd say both of these programs are actually doing pretty decent. Average NCAA women's lacrosse team has 30 players and they can give up to 12 scholarships, leaving 18 "units" of tuition they would "bring in". So you're cutting 2 sports to gain roughly 5 tuition "units", while the budget for lacrosse is at least double what women's tennis and golf are currently costing (combined for $513K in total expenses in 2017). I don't think the math pencils out on this one.
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    Actually the MIP bothers me more than the pissing in the wind. If you're on the team, at least follow the rules or be discrete and drink at home. It just shows a total lack of discipline.
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    It is resolved, but doesn't mean people have to like it and can move on as they please. You (not specifically you, but the "FH crowd") telling people to move on only continues the annoying cycle.
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    Mary and Jamestown are private
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    How about we cut some 4 year schools down to a 2 year. We need only 4 of them in this state (UND, NDSU, Minot St and Mary). If our state is hurting that much that it’s cut, cut, cut every year maybe looking at this needs to be brought to Burgum’s attention.
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    I guess my point was that while ISS has him high, Central Scouting had him at 62nd among just North American skaters. And Mock drafts had him around 58th pick. That’s a big difference, so that’s why I don’t think he’ll go in the first round. We’ll see how the draft goes. I think we’ll know if he’s coming in the fall once his season ends.
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    F'waks lovers - WAHHHH people don't love the new nickname, and the hockey teams aren't wearing it, they must all hate UND sports and UND, traitors TRAITORS!!!!! Siouxforver people - Those stupid F'wacks people at just a bunch of libtard safe space loving idiots, once we get rid of them we can sue the NCAA and bring back the Nickname. The majority of fans- I don't care, its a crappy name and crappy logo but I still back my team, just don't expect me to shell out $150 for a jersey I don't like.