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    8 wins a year should be expected. Less than that should be a down year.
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    Fix the offensive line. Get the backs somewhere to run, and by association Ketteringham (or whomever) time to pass, and suddenly you move the ball, possess the ball, and put less exposure and wear on your defense. You are dictating pace of play, style of play, and you are punishing the other team. I have no problem with a 1st and 10 dive over LG if it nets 5 yards. Heck, if it nets 5 yards call it again. But that requires an offensive line.
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    I hope I wasn't the only UND fan cheering for JMU. They are the ONLY thing potentially stopping the Plundering Turd from winning it all again.
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    This is an awkward thread to revive. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was looking for a press conference today about Hakstol, only to find you quoted a post from two and a half years ago.
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    The TE position is mismanaged related to production and team. We traveled five TEs last year for around 20 receptions and 250 yards. (Cloyd and Pinke combined for 11 receptions and 201 yards, Fielder didn't add much, just guessed because they never update the player profiles) I would think in 'our' style of offense the TE position would contribute at least 50 catches on the year. Going into 2018 we have 7 eligible TE's and are adding 1 or 2 more that will redshirt? So, we're deep at D Line and Tight End, that is abundantly clear. I expect a TE will move to FB or HB. I am tired of hearing that youth is a reason for low performance numbers. Cloyd has all the talent but hasn't produced because he's young and just getting his feet wet for 2 years.........got it. He's a Junior now this season, albeit a young Junior, so don't expect much....... If we feel our players are talented, I encourage the staff to put them in positions to be successful, free of 12 pre-snap checks and reads, anytime they touch the filed. (even as freshman) This whole complexity issue and stacked positions with relatively low production is striking a nerve with me. I think the D line has really good players, just going to be a limited return with a 3-man front. (UND, home of the freshest D-line in the nation, paper thin at LB) I like our TEs, but no real super stars as far as we use them, so low in receiving production that I will bet money other teams don't even prepare for them. You can only play 1 or 2 TEs at a time, glad we are stacked there. Let's try stacking the O-line and Linebackers with talent then we should be able to at least run the ball and stop the run. 5 o-lineman on the field at a time and even more in a heavy set (play one at TE) and 4 LBs on the field most times. Really basic math that 9-10 positions on the field is more critical than 4-5.
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    Maybe they should sit down with Dave K for a few minutes so they can understand what they might be passing up.
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    Let's make .6 t shirts now and wear them while we lose in the national championship.
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    Perhaps we should figure this FCS thing out first.
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    The ultimate goal for this program has to be contending for and winning FCS titles. FB was one of the main reasons we moved up in the first place, so we better give it the attention it needs.
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    It's nice to see some positive momentum lately.
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    ND hockey must be pretty exciting these days for their fans to be hanging out in an NCHC team's message board. They come here now and then to see what a banner looks like.
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    I supposed they hung a banner because they were ahead of the goofs?
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    I disagree. He's the type of kid who has often ended up at MSU-Moorhead, and the Dragons would have beaten UND in several recent seasons IMO. Moody can score, and his athletic ability is better than several perimeter players who have played significant minutes at UND in the division I era. Even if he doesn't pan out for whatever reason, I have zero problem with Jones giving a ND kid a shot given the incredible numbers Moody put up in high school. I think Jones has made a lot of recruiting mistakes over the years, but I think this was a good decision.
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    The equipment guys will be challenged.......look at that Noggin!! This guy is my favorite recruit, 2018. Rain Slater - Winnipeg, MB
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    So the Vikings losing their starting QB means that they're Super Bowl contenders but Philly is doomed in losing its starting QB. Makes perfect sense.
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    Not NDSU's fault they have built proper depth. Bubba has been at UND for 4 + seasons .... Yet, true freshmen are still making the two-deep? Sounds like a lot of throwing darts in the dark and hoping for some luck. That is, if Bubba doesn't have so many recruits quit, leave, or just plain not play well then UND doesn't have to play true freshmen.
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    Second game I've been to this year along with the Utah Valley game. Seems to me that this year's team is the same as every other version of the past 12 teams, which is a bunch of street ballers. The M.O. seems to be the same as it always is: stick 4 or 5 of the best athletes on the team on the floor at the same time, let them run & gun, and hope for the best. Problem is that this season we don't have a player like Hooker that come overcome the discombobulation that surrounded him on the floor. It was very easy to see which team had the more talented players overall last night, it wasn't even close. The difference was that NDSU seems to have an identity and a goal with what they want to accomplish at each end of the court.
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    Not a bad weekend ....played a very very good team tight, made correctable mistakes. took at least 2 points. im ok. seriously pathetic scsu fans....you split.......seriously do they hang a banner for a December win????.......wait maybe that’s a stupid question
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    No. Im not going to hope for the FCS to become less competitive. To wish for NDSU to regress actually implies you want FCS football to become less relevant. NDSU, whether we like it or not, has elevated FCS football to a caliber and reputation it's never been at before. UND football needs to match that caliber or forever be considered a mid- to low-tier program.
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    I hope this Janatweeten guy scores the game winner.
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    Sometimes this forum has the feel of bisonville with the arrogance.
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    Love this kid already. What a great attitude
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    Think Carter can do a pull up? “It’s just giving up your day-to-day lifestyle,” Randklev said. “First thing on my mind is you got to get better at hockey. Not everyone thinks that way because they’re a kid, especially when you're a teenager. You want to hang out with friends. You got to put a lot more work than people expect. Getting up every day and going in the gym and shooting pucks and being on the ice as much as you possibly can. If you’re not the biggest guy you have to spend hours on the ice to improve the skills.”
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    Randklev is coming to UND! He just tweeted it.
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    Happy to say Carsons surgery went without a hitch and now it's the long road to recovery which he will tackle like he does with everything else in his life.
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    Lucia: "Any of your strength guys know how to teach pull-ups?"
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    So you're bringing your vague accusations over to the basketball forums now?
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    While we are talking Selection, I would like to suggest the following change to process: "Instead of the Committee ranking and placing teams, the Committee stops at ranking them. Then, the Committee places hosts and seeds them. Finally, to fill the bracket, the Committee asks schools where they wish to play." In this example, the Committee first calls St Cloud. Perhaps they choose to play in Sioux Falls OR maybe Motzko wants to be somewhere else. Then, Notre Dame and on down until the #16 seed is placed in the only remaining spot. It would make Selection Sunday way more interesting.
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    And some on here need to understand that 3 recruiting classes is not an excuse but a reality to better understand the depth issue and that the injuries this season were not something that could possibly be expected and that NO coach expects that many freshmen (RS and true) to fill in for All Americans and All Conference guys without missing a beat. I get that you want Bubba and Co out and as I've said before, many will join you next year if the team has only a normal number of injuries and doesn't make the playoffs. That said, it's not that those of us who do NOT support canning Bubba now are less passionate about winning or that we suffer from low standards somehow. All of us want W's as much as you do.
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    Get a life- You add absolutely nothing every post you make.
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    I think Gooch has been improving as the season has gone on. He has good vision and makes some good passes. Maybe I'm alone, but I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of player he grows into.
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    I don’t even know what line is UND’s top line to be honest...
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    What scpa is saying is that he feels terrible. Nothing more.
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    I was expecting more out of them for a new locker room that was hyped up. Not sure where I said average either. Your salt intake is getting dangerously high.
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    If he flops and acts hurt he draws a five.
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    Just thought I would update you guys on my post earlier about all those guys with injuries. Got some insider information that Donnell Smith is recovering nicely. Mr. Smith has been putting in a lot of physical therapy work, I've heard it has been several hours every day. He has also been doing a lot of pool recovery work that has slingshotted his recovery process. Wishing Mr. Smith the best from here on out.
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    Would be an absolutely huge get.
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    Jost really should’ve stayed another year.
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    It's been mentioned many times, he apparently just can' comprehend Bubba's first true recruiting class would have only been sophomores this year and that the lack of food depth in the upper classes isn' necessarily on him, other than perhaps not bringing in transfers. Which the transfer thing is kinda funny..... you get many people say that transfers and juco isn' the way to go and they often don' work out, but yet then are disappointed when we don't have more.