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    Is team USA required to have a former UND player on their roster at all times going forward for key shootouts? Simple question.
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    Jocelyn..... my god.
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    Two words: Stauber. Minnesota.
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    Cough.....Gopher logic......cough.....
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    Congrats to Jocelyn on one of the all-time great shootout moves. Well done USA!
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    Finland may have won bronze in hockey. But they are definitely gold in lookers.
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    After we smoke cigars and drink booze at center ice.
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    The twins have carried the team late in the game. Other players need to step it up if they want to win.
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    Dear Mr. Kawaguchi, It’s almost March. Please feel free to score at an insane pace like last spring.
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    Century over GPR 4-2 Davies over Jamestown 6-0 Central over Dickinson 4-1 Red River over Bismarck 4-3 Davies over Century 3-1 Central over RR 2-0 Central over Davies 3-2
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    Gionta was that bad.
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    USA won the 3rd and OT. Canada won the second. FIrst period was a draw. Maybe slight USA win. I'd say USA outplayed Canada most of the game.
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    Give the guy a break....like honestly how much have the Twins played with each other the last 20 plus YEARS??? Great coaching call to not have them together in OT.....
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    If the men's team had brough Wolanin with, they might still be playing. #SimpleAnswer.
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    What game were you watching?
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    A shootout is a !@#!$ way to end a game of this magnitude. That being said, the U.S. outplayed Canada most of the game and especially in the O.T. They deserved to win this game. I hope the Lamoureux bashing ends here now. They have done North Dakota and the United States of America proud.
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    Better team won tonight...Canada goon squad goes DOWN!
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    What was with the US coach? Why split the twins up in OT and then why not use them in the first 5 shooters? That’s just stupid.
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    Well, it's only February, Fetch...
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    That had to be the filthist shootout goal ever in the Olympics. Oof. Goalie had a lawn sale, she got deeked so hard!
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    Nice mention of Grand Forks & Warroad
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    And I quote: "Theres gonna be a party in Grand Forks, ND."
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    Also tip of the cap to goalie Rooney. Made some great saves in that shootout. But also obligatory plug for how I wish shootouts weren’t used to determine winner. Even though I’m happy as hell that USA won.
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    Shoot-outs: "I understand why they have to do it." Ummmm...I don't.
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    I got out of bed to watch... Can't figure out the sound but at least I have picture
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    But I'm south of the border. And they're in South Korea, so they're south of the border. too.
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    I really want to watch the twins be allowed to check.
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    Pierre is all but saying "Stauber, WTF are you doing?". I would say 70% of our offensive zone time 5 on 5 has come when the Twins line has been on the ice. Problem is their line is a distant 3rd in minutes played.
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    There is a noticeable difference in aggressiveness in the way these teams run their PKs.
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    Pieaire knows Hockey
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    maybe there will be an 8 team tournament for bronze, and US v Can in a best of 7 series for the gold
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    I’m sure I could pick a team of all Minnesotans to play for the Goldy Goophies.
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    They are an eyesore and right on the main path (University) through campus from 42nd to Columbia. Not a great welcome mat. Clean it up. Come off I-29, go past the tech incubator and the CAS complex to see that mess: not a good impression. Clean it up; put in better.
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    Not surprised by the Men's team - They should let all Pro Coaches & College Coaches vote on the team any ties & let whoever is the team coach pick from the tied players & I'm OK with no current NHL Players I have been more excited about the Women - It's their time Go Lammy Twins & Gigi & GO USA !
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    Scoring in hockey as a whole has changed big time, too. But, this fits your narrative, so I get it lol.
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    Which was pretty common in college hockey at that time. Times have changed though. First round draft picks in 1994,1995,1996,1997 that played college hockey: 5 FIrst round draft picks in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 that played college hockey: 27 You can be a team with "high-enders" or you can be a team competing against "high-enders."
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    A number of years ago now (time flies), a few forward recruits plateaued early and the coaches reached into the AJHL for late recruits in Rodwell and Rowney. Their level of success both at UND and afterward differed, but they were important members of the program. Rowney paraded around with the Stanley Cup about eight months ago. We really won't know what we've got in these recruits until next fall at the earliest, and more likely a few years down the road. For the lamentations about the lack of high-enders and the denigrations of overagers, if I recall correctly the 1997 team was without an NHL draft pick and stuffed full of overagers. Did I love watching Schmaltz and Boeser? Of course, but there's more than one way to compete.
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    Ok, I like to think of myself as having at the very least average intelligence. Pogo, Olson, simo, gornall = Weatherby, senden, keane, Hain. We have also added this new kid...for explanatory purposes I’ll just say gersich. Were we short another player? Or are you pointing to the fact that this is a new strategy to keep more non scholly players on the roster “just in case”.
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    In 'Committed Recruits' news, Jasper Weatherby is a finalist for the MVP of the BCHL... which is nice
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    My lord, settle down haha.
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    Sucking in our own conference. We just did that last year!!
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    Randklev with another hatty last night in the first round of playoffs. Understand he's still in HS and a 19, but the doom and gloom in this thread have to be glad to see someone in the pipeline putting up goals
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    When those were built, there was clear land all the way to Larimore. Now they look like low income projects that one sees in the South. They just aren’t a good use for much more valuable real estate property.
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    Yeah, 10 years... like, you know, 6 years shorter the time that this thread has been buried. What are you trying to accomplish here?
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    Nice flop, Lamoureux