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    I'm enjoying the freak out
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    Then maybe we should make an offer to Gene Taylor, just for $hits and Giggles.
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    My opinion is that the media is blowing this out of proportion. Sure he may have been forced into retirement, but he is 67 and was let go with grace and a nice pay check. New blood is not a bad thing. I am starting to think the media's position with Kennedy it's damned if you do, damned if you don't. I think he is a good leader and he was nice enough to have a five minute chat with me out in Utah. He simply could have said hi and kept walking like a lot of other leaders would have done.
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    Agreed. My brother and I are going to tailgate, go to the football game and then let it ride into pregaming for hockey. Should be a great day!
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    One would have to be a complete imbecile with an adverse agenda to drive UND hockey downward. A $100 million dollar college hockey arena will win over just about any recruit or fan, irregardless of AD competency. Football and basketball aren't that fortunate; their facilities are a work in progress and fundraising for those programs requires work. It requires an AD who is passionate, proactive, and optimistic with big plans. Not to mention social skills is also a must; donations can come from all corners, you just have to be willing to look.
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    So Morton will be the new AD and this billionaire donor, who is going to influence UND to hiring Morton, is going to build UND a FBS sized stadium according to SiouxVolley. I’m getting my chair and popcorn ready for this plan. I’m still waiting since last season for this new stadium plan to be announced.
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    Don't agree at all; that would reinforce the status quo and reject much needed growth.
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    I don't think Hakstol is going to take a pay cut to come back to Grand Forks.
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    I hope not. He clearly didn't have the athletic department's best interest in mind when he encouraged fans to get the state legislature involved with the Fighting Sioux nickname.
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    Is Fenton a long shot? I would be extremely happy with him. He is young, smart, personable, and has done an amazing job with the NCHC after the league stumbled out of the gates. He also has relevant experience from his time at Miami. He has my vote. Anyone know how much he currently makes? Other than him, I'm not really interested in anyone that has ties to the university. North Dakotan's don't tend to be good idea people, imo.