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    So you're bringing your vague accusations over to the basketball forums now?
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    Lucia: "Any of your strength guys know how to teach pull-ups?"
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    This was bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. If this was a case of hot shooting, sometime that happens. This wasn't one of those cases. UND played well for 6 out of the 40 minutes tonight. The defense needs to get better, now. At least give more of an effort for goodness sakes. I think a potential issue is that since the shots are falling, its getting in their head on the defensive end and they are giving less effort. Geno: You do not have to do it all, R-E-L-A-X. Pick your spots and go. 5-25 from 3. Not going to get it done, some of these forms do not look good. 17 days until conference play starts at home verses Idaho. Its time for this team to have a little "come to Jesus" moment. I'll repeat what I said: a good start to conference play will make a lot of this go away. In order for that to happen, everyone on the coaching staff, players and managers need to start doing better. I'll end on 1 positive note: Dale Jones played the best tonight out of everyone for UND. I hope he can keep putting up similar number and Stay Out Of Foul Trouble!
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    We need that new ad back asap
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    Lifetime no cut contract for bj
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    Jones has his guys playing at a high level as usual
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    It wasn't just my biased and selfish opinion wanting him to stay another year. He has all the potential in the world...he just wasn't ready to leave yet. 1 more would have done him wonders, 2 years would've done even more. He never really stuck out in any of the big games. Toooooo soon. We could've used him this year too
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    I doubt 2018 will feature the same level of carnage that we saw in 2017. I have never seen anything like it before.
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