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    One time I went to a boutique and a women's hockey game broke out.
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    http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4258281-sale-attracts-long-line-shoppers-downtown-grand-forks "A crowd wound around a downtown block in Grand Forks Friday morning for a sale by a local boutique" More people stood in line for this boutique store than stood in line to attend games of that aforementioned "boutique sport."
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    Since the women's team has never finished below fourth place since the twins were here.....
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    April 28th Update (please double-check your score): 43 - Engineer 43 - KoolGuy2K 40 - The Sicatoka39 - sioux rube38 - George M. Bluth37 - Shawn-O 35 - stoneySIOUX32 - 90siouxfan 30 - Ray77 16* - siouxforcefans
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    "Championship program" has a better ring to it and rolls off the tounge better than "best of the lousiest...lousiest of the best."
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    If you dont have that information. Why didnt you say so.