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    There was a combination of bad luck (out of staff's control) and poor recruiting (within staff's control) that factored into UND's disappointing 2017 season. UND's coaching staff needs to have learned a lesson or two from 2017 or else they aren't the crew for the job. Just cruising into 2018 without changing some of their methods would be a critical mistake. I sure hope we never see injuries like we did in 2017, but I also hope the backups are more talented and better positioned than they were in 2017. I have no problem recruiting local kids; in fact, I prefer it. It's the coaching and development of those kids that needs to drastically improve. With all that said, a few talented out-of-area kids are also an absolute must for each recruiting class.
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    The thing about recruiting projects, which Bubba and Co have a penchant to do, is that your coaching staff has to coach them up. Nothing wrong with recruiting kids who need some time to develop (if you have the time to teach them), but for goodness sake, develop them. This will be a litmus test of this staff's ability to coach these kids. Many returning injured and lots of underclassmen who got plenty of playing time and experience early in their careers. Could be a great formula, or could be a struggle again. Will reflect more on the staff than the players, imho. That is what I read when I read. UNF-FB-FAN's posts.
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    Sweet, let’s !@#$ on the recruits before they even make it to campus. Great idea.