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    I haven't seen the film, but I know how it ends.
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    Outdoor ain't gonna happen up here. There's a reason they're called fair weather fans.
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    In all seriousness I like our incoming class this year. I've just noticed our total number of drafted players has been decreasing. Recruiting has been getting tougher and tougher as other schools build their programs. BU (7), UMD (4), PSU (4), WIS (4). Were usually up there. Of the 60 NCAA players we only had one. Just a an off year. Shocked that someone didn't take peski or kawaguchi with a 7th rd flyer
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    Would rather have a Stecher or Caggiula than a one and done.
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    That year turned out horrible for UND.
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    Oh Darell....I have no problem anymore with what has happened! But I do have a problem with you always having to poke the sleeping Bear! How about you just give it a rest? That's what I care about.. Attention...Clean up aisle 4....thank you.
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    Don't spoil it for the rest of us!
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    Oh thats right you only care about Fighting Hawks hockey, and not any other sports. Figures.
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    Ken Wregget was actually good though, 3rd best goalie in Penguins history after Fleury and Barrasso.
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    Oh so Bigskyvikes better not talk with his mouth full and don't drip on the keyboard.