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    Not sure some on this site can pace themselves this long......it will be a challenge.
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    Well it appears there is no rule against kegs.
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    ...or being a gopher fan.
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    UND Football @UNDfootball Replying to @mrlentz23 New this year the tailgate lots will open at 8 a.m. for each game, regardless of kick time.#PledgeYourLoyalty 9:03 PM - Aug 16, 2017
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    That board has always been that way. Nearly every poster there....
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    First come, first serve will not happen. While it may create some urgency to get there the risk of fighting for spots and unwanted animosity towards each other is the reality. That's not what we need. Folks like a system and some even like to put the cell phones away for a while to enjoy a Saturday.
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    Replicas are still gonna look like crap with the big gap in the middle. Not gonna buy one. Not a fan.
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    This is pretty much exactly what I was suspecting. I don't hate it. My only gripe is that we are getting cutesy with the text and I don't like that. I feel like a program like ours is above changes for the sake of change. Too cute for me. .... *get off my lawn* lol
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    Ah, that would explain why our schedule was easy, we didn't play the 8th place team............
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    One doesn't continually wind up in these situations unless you are complete douche and have been for a long time.
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    wait, I thought the women he beat up was the lady he had sexual relations with and lived with her. Now you are telling me that he lives with his mother! This is getting weird!
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    This traffic during the prime time of tailgating is a nuisance to the fans walking around. There's no way a vehicle should be allowed to drive in the tailgating area close to game time. Like maybe at least an hour prior to kickoff. If they have a tailgate spot and come too late, they can't park in the tailgate area and have to park in regular parking. Edit, or have to park in some designated area for late come tailgaters.
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    It is the ONLY story EPSN has about college hockey.
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    "The pigeon patch." I kind of like it. New name for the student section?
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    Being a douche and gopher fan is kind of the same thing.
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    Again, I wish they hadn't left the big hole in the front. Oh well, they look good on the ice.
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    Did the yoke on the whites have a black trim edge last year? I like it on this.
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    As someone who hates even going on Ferris wheels, this post gave me all sorts of anxiety
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    You make it sound like the Wild are going to finish 9th in the Western Conference this coming season? I know Matt and his family......he wouldn't have come back to the Wild if he didn't think they could make a run at the Cup although his family and boys played a big reason in returning to the Wild. Least I can bust out my #7 Cullen Wild sweater for one more season!
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    Matt Greene becomes a scout for the Kings. A great UND hockey representative. https://www.nhl.com/kings/video/nhl-tonight-matt-greene/t-277437410/c-52478103
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    "Doctor, my baby seems to be practicing diving in my belly - he's flopping around all the time!" "Well...I'd better give Don a call ASAP! Sounds like we have a future Golden Gopher in there!"
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    And UND hockey would be in the WCHA today if not for a major gift. We need a major gift of an on-campus stadium to even contemplate FBS. UND has much more going for it than Ball St, Bowling Green, EMU, Akron, Kent St, La-Monroe, USA, Coastal Carolina, Troy, Appalachian St, Georgia Southern and others that are FBS. What we need is a stadium on-campus, as then FBS becomes a major advertising tool that we don't currently have.
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    Not sure I'm following you, but it's my understanding that UND coaches made the decision a long time ago (well before camp started) to suspend AG for the season and AG was well aware of it. I found out last week that he wasnt going to play this season. I chose not to say anything about it until it was officially reported. That happened today. There are student privacy rules at play here that limits what UND can say. If anything it is UND that has taken the hard high road here and AG respects the decision and has worked his ass off on the practice field despite it all.
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    Veteran leadership, Cup cred, gritty center that can fill in in case of injury. I like it!! Go out as a 4 time Stanley Cup Champion and bring the Cup to Minnesota!!!
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    Other phones may have this feature, but for sure if you have an iPhone. Start a group text with all pertinent parties and go to the upper right corner to the "i" icon, click on it and share your location in the text thread and their GPS will bring them directly to your location.
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    I'm glad you don't think it's an issue and you are able to show up with every person you tailgate with. However we have a large group and not everyone shows up at once and I know of very few groups where everyone gets there at the same time. Some families have other commitments they need to take care of first. Not everyone wants to be out there with their kids for 5-6 hours or even that long themselves. We also invite tons of people to join us and not every one of them makes it every week, nor do I want to spend my time figuring out which people are or aren't going to make it and trying to direct them to where we are. We have a large flag pole, however there are only so many different UND and Hawks flags available to differentiate yourself. Like I stated, these are "first world problem" and I am equally frustrated with some of the issues the come with completely reserved tailgating and am fully on-board with coming up with some solutions to improve it. A couple years ago, for a late season game, there wasn't anyone within 50 yards of us and it was ridiculous. I'm just stating that going to a complete unreserved system isn't going to be a magic bullet and there will be quite a few people who will have their issues with it. Discussing some of them now, while they are looking at changes, seems to be a good way for the committee to take them into consideration and help shape a solution that people can live with. However completely revising the system and doing something like telling a group of large donors who have been tailgating for 15+ years that they are going to lose their spot they have been in since the Alerus opened if they show up at 8:30 instead of 8:00 doesn't seem like a great solution (note that this is just an example, I would love to be in the front of the lot). If that's the route they take, we'll almost always end up with better spots than we currently have and will benefit overall, however I have my reservations of making such a drastic change.
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    Couldn't agree more. The lot is not the big. Everyone has a cell phone. Text out our location. First Come first serve is best. It eliminates the problem of people showing up right before kickoff and claiming their spot up front maneuvering between Tailgaters. Also, it encourages people to get there early and creates more of an atmosphere.
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    I can't believe that people complain about having to tell their buddies where they are tailgating at... It really isn't that difficult. Although normally I'd just arrive with the people I am tailgating with. Send a group text message... Bam, problem solved. Get a super tall flag, problem solved. Make new friends.
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    Practice update: The team looked sharp out there this morning as they took their practice into the cozy confines of the HPC to avoid a wet and slippery Memorial Stadium field. There was a ton of energy on the turf, and all 21 drill sessions were conducted nice and crisp. The boys must sense that install week is approaching. Dranka, Pinke, Bennett and Honerlaw joined the group of a dozen or so players who sit out and DNP with various health conditions each day. On a good note, J.J. was back in full gear and looked just as good as ever. He was hitting his holes hard and participated in all drills. Also, highly touted true freshman, Graham Devore was taking limited reps with the team this morning, still with a hard cast on his right hand after an off season non-football mishap. He'll be a good one in future years. I will have to amend my guess on who might get their RS pulled now that McKinney and Larson have spent considerable time out of the practice and losing out on more and more reps every day. Right now, I am betting on Izzy on offense and Blubaugh on defense. It's probably for the best long term to give as many of our young guys, such as McKinney and Larson, an extra year to get even bigger, faster, stronger and come back with four more playing years. In most cases, as they say, we are trading their relative worst year for the their best year. That said, it is hard not to want to see what they can do right away. But remember had it not been for a hurt hand in Reyes' first year, he'd be gone already. Good things come to those who wait. I have to say that when it comes to the amateur eye-ball test, the line backing position group, as a whole, looks to be faster than ever. Maybe not quite as big but they definitely have the quicks. Since I made such a big deal of Tobin taking reps at RG with the 1s earlier this week, I should make mention that it was Aplin who did the same today. Now for the good stuff, the Play of the Day goes to none other than Austin Cieslak on the DL. Playing the role of nimble linebacker. Cieslak dropped back in pass coverage after Studsrud bought some time with his feet to his right, looking for an outlet receiver. Studs fired a bullet at a target that was in pretty tight coverage. When it was all said and done, the hefty Cieslak was on the receiving end for a pick. He rumbled down the field for about 15 yards before being forced out, eliciting an eruption of cheers from his defensive teammates and coaches, and secretly from some offensive guys as well. Studs more than made up for the Cieslak INT later with a long rope to the deceptively fast and sure handed WR Noah Wanzek who streaked past CB Garret "G" Bollant, who is lightening quick in his own right, for a 60-plus yard reception that might have gone for a TD depending on the angle of the safeties who were near by. Got to take another day off tomorrow but I will try to be back on Friday.
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    As long as we go 2-0 I could care less about this.
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    The Utah new clear bag approach, just add a Hawk's logo tattoo to the right arm and head to the shorter line.
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    Definitely, just annoying that a NHL writer doesn't understand how college hockey, where 30 percent of the players come from, works.
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    Actually, Minnesota didn't really want him anyway.
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    I will never forget the time I went to a Marlies game to see Frattin play. During warm ups I was standing along the glass with my Sioux jersey on. As Frattin skated around the corner he looked up saw my jersey stopped and threw a puck over the glass to me.
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    Jackson Kunz @jacksonkunz9 Proud and honored to announce my commitment to play hockey at the University of North Dakota. Thanks to all that have helped along the way!
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    We've had teams with Toews, Parise, Oshie, Stafford, Zajac, et al, and they came up empty. We had a team with Boeser on it and came up aces; but a Boeser/Jost team came up short. What I want is a winning team. If it happens to have a bunch of draft picks on it, so be it.
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    That year turned out horrible for UND.
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    Even if that parent paid out of state tuition, he or she needs to take a look at what it costs to send kids to other colleges and Universities.
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    I don't see Neal Pionk as being the key cog to keeping the NCHC as a powerhouse. My disdain for UMD exploded this year and I wish them no success, even if it's for a small slight of our league.
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    I suppose the NCAA will require Sioux Falls to change their name to something like "Hawk Falls"?
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    Let's give JC a little more cred... although him and Rocco were usually a package deal
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    0 NCHC regular season titles. 0 NCHC playoff titles. 0-1 in NCAA tournament play. Great freshman year, great talent, hopefully a great NHL career ahead, but legacy?