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    General rule of thumb on Sioux Sports message board. If you get an upvote from D76 you are message boarding wrong, if you get a down vote from D76 you are probably on the right track and doing well on the interwebs.
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    Which is exactly what I was alluding to when I brought up Joe Finley versus Tychonick or JBD. You can still have a first round draft pick that is a project that isn't expected to have immediate impact at the college level.
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    Toews essentially spent what would have been his senior year of high school playing as a freshman at UND and looking at birthdates it is possible Kariya did the same? The problem with labeling a player a blue chipper for a college team based on his NHL draft position can be a little tricky. Depending on the NHL team and their needs they will sometimes take a shot on a "project" who because of size or late development they feel could develop. Players like these are going to develop in college but may not contribute much.
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    UND doesn't need to add a secondary logo, they need to add a primary logo and make the current logo secondary.
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    This thread is a full blown prairie fire. South Dakota is even helping, wow!
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    Brad Berry wears Fighting Hawks gear. Brad Berry publicly supports the new logo. If only Brad Berry would post more pictures of himself wearing his ”I Love Fighting Hawks" t-shirt on Instagram, all would be good in Hawker land.
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    You know it’s going to be a long summer when you read page after page of what the definition of a blue chipper is.
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    You show me where that definition is. Rocco Grimaldi’s name was thrown around as a Blue Chipper, and because he fell just short of the first round doesn’t change that he was considered as the elite. More people had higher hopes for him than J.T. Miller, and Miller was drafted higher because he fit more into the pro mold. I’m much more excited about Tychonick and JBD than I ever was for Joe Finley. By your definition Jonathan Toews wasn’t a blue chip recruit coming into college because he wasn’t drafted until after his first year.
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    This would be awesome. In 2016 I actually looked forward to watching our defense every series...last year I cringed.
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    If ya hadn'ta picked Blackheart and Owbow as two of your four D ...
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    So, Oxbow, I'm really "Agent J" of the MIB ... forget me not.
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    Exactly! Rocco Grimaldi goes in the first round in his draft year, had he had an "NHL type size." Instead he fell to the second round. Still a top college recruit. He was the 2nd college bound player taken! 33rd overall and according to some at Sioux Sports.com he's not a blue chippers! Zero logic in evaluating NCAA players strictly by a draft position.
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    How is that watered down? It's being realistic and evaluating players on more than a draft position. You need to when the majority of top players DON'T play NCAA. The definition defined here isn't how it's defined in other sports recruiting.
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    You get a blue chipper. You get a blue chipper.
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    It was a good ride while it lasted.
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    OK, so what is your "interpretation" of the purpose of the REA and the Betty? What was the reason they were built. (By the way, ripping on someones grammar in a post might be the lamest thing ever).
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    Apparently some prefer a more watered down definition of blue chipper....
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    ? Says who? No recruiting site that I've seen define s them like this. Like that gives perfect validation based SOLELY on being one of the first 31 players taken. Again, only 6-8 players that are college eligible get taken in the first round. Typically UND gets their hands on one or two. This year we have two that could go in the first to early second. To not call them "big chip" would be ridiculous if they went 32 or 40th overall. Zero logic in that.
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    That's your opinion. Your ability to articulate it surely leaves something to be desired. I personally know several people who have started to taste "chicken salad" after a year of time to digest the reality of the logo and nickname. And, once again, the fact such a divide regarding the nickname/logo even exists is detrimental to UND athletics in general. It's a fight that takes valuable energy away from potentially more focused, unified goals and accomplishments.
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    http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/3768806-staking-claim-name-und-nickname-options-include-local-high-school-mascot How about this one?
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    Or Darell will go back to all your posts and smack them with the down arrow!
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    But yelling “Go Sioux” feels so right! Once a Sioux, always a Sioux!
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    I just don't see a large enough trend to say that we aren't... So, if JBD and/or Tychonick get drafted at No. 31 instead of 40, this sprinkles the magic fairy dust on them to make them blue chip? C'mon.
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    You have quite an imagination. Maybe you should get some thicker skin; you seem to be bothered by any comment on here that doesn't end with "Go Hawks!"
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    What is the magical name and logo? Nobody ever seems to know but they sure know Hawks isn't it.
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    Wow, I pop on over here and see a 63 page thread, what must this be about? Same old, same old. Old wounds that will not heal. Outsiders perspective, you can't put lipstick on a pig. The pig, in this case, is the Fighting Hawks name, it's terrible. The lipstick is the logo. Good luck devising a logo to go with a generic bird nickname. I've said this before and I'll say it again, sacrifice the Hawk. Blow the whole dang thing up and start over. It is the only way you guys are going to be able to move on. The Fighting Hawk name will simply never be embraced by a large portion of your fan base. If it were, you wouldn't see 60 page threads and entire sections of your message board dedicated to the subject.
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    Haha...blue chips have always been first rounders....that’s just the way it is. I never created the term. And to spin this around, certain posters can’t loosen the blue chip term simply to say we have some. Haha. Doesn’t mean second to third rounders aren’t absolutely phenomenal to have. I would love a team full of 2-3 round guys. I mean, I am satisfied to get a nice crop of drafted players.
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    The logo, not the student athletes...do you not see the difference? Scratch that...dumb question...
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    I heard the Sioux Forever fans are going to start employing Antifa tactics on those wearing Hawk logos next year.....just a heads up.
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    His point was really solid. 6-8 each year are first round college players. Why do you get to define what a "blue chipper" is? Haha. I think if ever team in college wants the kid, ala Tychonick, JBD, etc., they are blue chip.
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    Sure they are high end recruits, but blue chips are 1st round draft picks
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    All I am saying is look at the results. Bubba came out 10 minutes after the logo was announced and gave his full support and acknowledged that is was important for us to embrace the new logo. He then said the logo would be on the helmets next season. Go to football games. You see the Fighting Hawks logo everywhere. YOu see flags in the tailgate lot. People wearing Fighting Hawks merchandise. You see football players making statements about being Fighting Hawks and being proud of it. If Bubba had acted like Berry has towards the new name and logo, I don't think you would have seen the same result. Brad Berry is a leader. He is the leader of the most popular sport at UND. And thus, has the largest fanbase. People look up to Berry and the hockey team as leaders at the University. They are the most high profile aesthetes at UND. If Berry were to fully embrace the Fighting Hawks name and logo, there would be a different atmosphere in regards to acceptance of the logo. They would see how the team is reacting to the logo and name and many would follow. You can't deny that the hockey program as a whole's rejection of the Fighting Hawks name/logo has played a huge role in people not embracing it. Coaches have a responsibility to support the University. Just like we all have a responsibility to support the practices and policies at our job. I don't think it should have to come to a point where Kennedy or Chaves is going to have to sit Berry down and say, "Hey Brad, we would really appreciate it if you would maybe be more supportive of the Fighting Hawks name and logo because we are trying to promote our new brand and you and your programs support could really go a long way." He should realize this on his own. Apparently he hasn't yet.
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    AS long as the hockey program (coaches and players) continue to reject the Fighting Hawks name and logo, the fans will continue to do the same. Other coaches have gone all in on the logo and name and you can see the result of the fan reaction at games. It helps. Brad Berry is an employee of UND. If I were Kennedy, I would tell him that it is part of his job responsibility to act in the best interest of the University. And the thing that he needs to do that he currently isn't to support that is to get behind the new name and logo. I am not saying that Berry changing his twitter profile pic to a Fighting Hawks logo is going to make everyone accept it. But if he was as enthusiastic about it as Bubba, Jones, and other coaches, you can't deny the climate would be a lot different.
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    So I need Karlsson to simply outscore Oshie by 14 points in the Cup Finals to pull this off and George M. Bluth needs Kuznetzov to outscore Oshie by 10 points during the Cup Finals tp pull it out. Sicatoka has both Karlsson and Kuznetzov trying to make up 17 points vs. Oshie.
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    I think most of us agree with you, Goon, but I don't think they win in '16 without the 1st rounders.
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    Dude, I thought all of Grand Forks, especially UND, was anathema to you. Yet you admit you were there? You have a kid graduate or something last weekend?
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    That is sad. Fans of the name and logo feeling like outsiders to support athletes of the same school, because you have some people who can’t let others accept the new name. I see it on social media, but I bet it’s 10 times worse at the REA. After all it’s the place where people booed their own team.
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    I’m sick of you arrogant ungrateful Hawkzi scum and the jealous hate filled BS you spew. I I GUARANTEE that yes DONORS to University of North Dakota Athletics have seen these pages, and they have been disgusted by the ungrateful whining and complaining. It HAS effected donations that would have been made. I was at an event today and it was the big topic. The people that were talking about it DO NOT throw around selfish internet tirades, they throw money around, a hell of a lot more than I do, and they were pissed at 2 things in particular. 1) Kennedy re: manner this has been handled 2) Comments they have seen from this site about the Engelstads. I’m pissed and disgusted after what I heard today, it’s shameful. If any of you think that you have advanced UND athletics, with the attitudes presented on here, are fools, small sad fools. But hey don’t take my word maybe just ask around to some of the people that ACTUALLY DO support Athletics with more than just your Hawk logoed pacifier purchases. There’s not a quality person involved in the University of North Dakota Athletic Deparment that condones your ungrateful behavior. LOG OFF before you do the University any more harm!!
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    Yup that's it because if you put more mayo on chicken s**t eventually it will taste like chicken salad! I'll dumb it down for you again......................most will be or are ok with the nickname (myself included) but it is the logo and 5+ years from now it will still been seen as garbage by almost all who don't like it today. It's not that complicated.
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    And you are again foolishly assuming a result based on utterly failing to understand the situation. Again. Continually. Foolish.
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