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    Got Bubba as friend on Facebook and he wished me a Happy Birthday on my day and followed up with a question, "Do you have your football season tickets and tailgating spots yet?". The guy works his ass off for the program. Period. He knows that the team and the fans have to come together to generate enthusiasm and revenue to make Football a worthy investment by the AD as opposed to the minimal increased investment in the program. To that extent, the team has to produce...no excuses and I don't expect Bubba will give any either. By the way, my tailgating spots are purchased and so are the season tickets from a life-long Hockey fan....
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    As a female I find these types of articles offensive. I want the best coach available no matter the gender. I work for the federal government, I already see enough hiring to meet quotas. It doesn't result in the best employees being hired. Go based off qualifications and potential, not gender, age, race, income, etc
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    Was I happy on August 5, 2005? No. I knew what was coming: 2012. Was I happy that something generic (bird) was the choice? No, but I could see it coming. Did I figure generic begets generic when it comes to a logo? Yes. Was I happy? No. All that said, when I hear "Fighting Hawks" or see the new logo I'm happy. Why? No more nonsensical news stories about how the old name causes this, that, or the other. No more grandstanding "protesters" when we go on the road. No more having to listen to pontifications by Jeanotte-heads. No more NCAA threats. So, amongst all that unhappy, I found my happy in this outcome. So yeah, I see that name and log and I smile because I found happy in unhappy.
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    Worst. Analogy. Ever.
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    Football is not a loss leader when you consider donations, merchandise sales, and cost per athlete just to name a few. Why don't women support women's sports? Isn't that the true hypocrisy?
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    Thank you for your $2 million donation to fund the program for 2018-2019. Can we count on your continued support for 2019-2020?
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    Nothing in the last 15 years back that statement up. The community supports men's hockey and it wasn't for the lack of funding for the women's team. Volleyball had more fans/attendance and ticket revenue than WIH. Wishing it to happen doesn't make it so.
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    Legacy of her nature? She chairs her family Foundation (and pulls salary well into the six figures for doing so). Continuous spirit of philanthropic donation? Recent tax returns and dealings with UNLV might show you're taking a few liberties on that. I'm also going to assume you don't work in the business world if you think that was a "shameful display of ungratefullness" nor do you have any understanding of how a relationship like UND and the REA works. MK also went out of his way in every single communication released through FOIA to explain how grateful and thankful UND was for the gifts. However, apparently standing up for what he perceived as wrongs against UND and working to fix them was just a step too far in his capacity running the actual University. Good on him for doing what it takes to make an important donor happy but I don't doubt he got what he felt was important out of the deal.
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    Incredibly happy that someone who has professional aspirations and is also willing to stand up for UND when needed is running the university. You can have your status quo, they are a big part of what put UND square in line with some of the issues MK is trying to clean up. About time there is some forward thinking going on, even if it can be uncomfortable at times. There will be (and have been) hiccups, but it's unfortunate that some people can't see the big picture.
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    Yes, hopefully the REA management will continue to operate the building past 2030. It's amazing to me that each year you go and attend your first hockey game it's like the arena is still new. If Ralph would have turned the arena over to the university after the building was completed I'm not very confident that it would look like it does. I doubt there would be any funds put away to keep it fresh and new. With a government entity handling the proceeds over the last 17 years that pool of money would have suffered that same fate as the Social Security Trust Fund. They'd most likely would have used all the funds to pay the salaries of professors who want the arena tore down.
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    Yes...it’s called Golden Gopher hockey.
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    i wonder if anyone would like the ask/remind schloss how many female beat reporters there are for men's d1 hockey and if he's embarrassed there are probably none will he voluntarily step aside for someone named....monique or joceyyln?
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    Take away all of the drama and all: The court does look nice. I think it is a massive upgrade.
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    You might be the most insulting, condescending, myopic, close-minded person in the history of siouxsports.com.....and that is saying a TON. Still trying to figure out after 50 pages what you have contributed to this thread besides divisiveness and negativity. Both sides are wrong here in my opinion, but it's debatable at least. You just are awful at debating this topic and your true colors have been revealed.
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    Probably the guy who stayed at UND longer than he had to by the greatest margin. He was ready for a regular NHL shift that last year. So, very glad he won it.
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    Montana was 3-5 in conference play in 2016...
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    Who said they are complaining?
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    Don’t care if he hashtags ‘Bigfarts’ as long as he’s coming to UND.
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    https://www.si.com/nhl/2018/06/13/north-dakota-womens-hockey-team-lawsuit-reinstate Well, that's all fine and dandy but I'd like more information on how this will affect girls in Finland and Manitoba since that's where UND's recruits seem to have come from...
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    Here's what I'll say about Kennedy, how he gets things done might need some fine tuning moving forward, but I couldn't be happier with the overall results. The agreement being the latest example, but also (I know a lot of factors played into it), but getting UND down to 17 sports was so important for the overall health of the athletic department. I think UND is in a great spot with Kennedy and the new addition of Chaves as AD.
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    He was too excited.... As jdub pointed out, he almost forgot to mention all the Olympians! No mention of program cost again though....
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    The staff put an extraordinary amount of time in with Geno to get and keep him on the court over his last 4 years. Above and beyond what most players need or get. His comments likely have to do with him not liking the staff's response to him looking into the grad transfer route while still having quite a few credits he needs to graduate. They basically told him he is either in or out and they weren't going to sit around until the end of the summer to see if he was going to make it or not. He made the choice to try the grad transfer route, which will be very interesting. Had a chance to be one of the best of the Summit, now he has to hope he graduates and then find a place that has a roster spot, let alone scholarship. Apparently it got to the point where he thought he was too good to play at UND and made his move. Time to move on with guys that want to be here.
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    I don’t care about some other team’s guy’s 40 time. Where are my offensive linemen. That’s all that matters.
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    If Moser is banned, darell deserves to be banned for constantly turning threads into Sioux nickname sh.t shows.
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    Coaches, working with AD financial analysts (and alumni) got 'er done. Got rolling under BF, completed under Chaves.
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    Our favorite Hawk flew back to Grand Forks last night.... Upperclassmen begin actvities (lifting/skill work) this week ...Incoming frosh still have 4 weeks or so. Wished him a healthy, fun, bounce back season..... GO Hawks!!!
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    Hey Guys, New to the forum and, as i am a transplanted North Dakotan out here in Seattle figured it would be a good time to join up and see if anyone will be making the trip to the Pacific Northwest for the game. It will be my 2.5 year old son's first game (he will be decked out in Green and White, of course) and i played for Coach Berg and am hoping to run into him as well. Would love to see some of my fellow Midwesterners and UND fans. Cheers, Ryan
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    General rule of thumb on Sioux Sports message board. If you get an upvote from D76 you are message boarding wrong, if you get a down vote from D76 you are probably on the right track and doing well on the interwebs.
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    Brad Berry wears Fighting Hawks gear. Brad Berry publicly supports the new logo. If only Brad Berry would post more pictures of himself wearing his ”I Love Fighting Hawks" t-shirt on Instagram, all would be good in Hawker land.
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    So, Ralph created these boards to manage the facility until 2030 because he knew the insatiable cash needs of the University would ultimately be the undoing of the facility and as of today we can see what happens to the University's athletics program when the State starts cutting contributions (Kennedy wants to renegotiate). Ralph was pretty smart to handle it this way and hopefully they are building up enough a trust to maintain the structure and not have it reassigned to the State in 20 years because UND robbed its future to pay for its current deficits. If you don't believe me, then ask how the people of the Thief River Falls are doing with their facility donated by Ralph but with no board structure like the UND campus version. People are having to pay increases in property taxes and also have to volunteer, unpaid, to make the maintenance and day to day operational costs manageable for the facility. Whine all you want about the gift, but Ralph knew business and how people in power act and he protected the gift at least until 2030....
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    No significant donor is making their decisions based on what is said by anonymous message board rubes. Claiming that is what they are basing their decision off of is more insulting to their intelligence than anything posted here. But just for fun, since you can GUARANTEE it, name some names to back it up.
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    Hayduke, I appreciate your passion for hockey and willingness to play devil's advocate for the sake of discussion, but this answer has been stated several times. I'm sure we could have a good-natured debate about some of these and which apply to football, but here is the list as I see it. 1. Nearly $2 Million deficit per year 2. High cost per athlete ($80,000 per year/per athlete) 3. Extremely low attendance 4. Minimal public interest 5. Minimal Champion's Club related donations 6. Minimal merchandise revenue 7. Minimal TV exposure 8. Average on-ice results (Poor championship level results) 9. Limited local recruits 10. Low future growth potential
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    I didn't enjoy it at all.
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    At what point is Jones held accountable for all of the players leaving his program?
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    Hopefully Chaves is searching for a gay female who can do lots of pull ups so we can put all this to rest.
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    Good grief, do you have to start this nonsense in every thread. Give it a rest.
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    I know this is pure fantasy, but do we really have to mention Grady ever again? If the dude wanted to be playing football, he'd be playing. From what I've been told by guys on the team that knew him: He didn't take his final exams after the season was over his freshman year. That's the move of someone who doesn't plan to be back or to go somewhere else. He doesn't need the scholarship $. He had a child at home and wanted to be more present. He had a second chance and didn't even show up. He stiffed some of his teammates on paying rent and just left his stuff in the apartment (XBox, etc.). Didn't reply to voicemails, texts, etc. from the guys that thought of him as a friend. He was a great talent. But to blame the coaching staff for not retaining him seems unreasonable. He DIDN'T want to be here. End of story.
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    Interesting timing. All the belly aching can stop now.
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    One certain one just sorta pops!
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    There's no question the current offensive philosophy needs a lot of work. It's far too reliant on a basic inside running game, that quite frankly, when you have average at best offensive linemen, will not work. There needs to be a greater emphasis on the passing game. I'm not saying open this thing up like Sam Houston State does, but the quarterback position and offensive formations/calls associated needs to open up some. People joke that all three RBs should be on the field at the same time; I don't think that's a joke at all. I seriously think an innovative offensive coordinator would find a way to have that happen consistently for UND's offense. Swallow your pride for wanting to be this "basic smash mouth team" that you aren't and actually put a little thought into the offense. The best players need to consistently be on the field. I really question if this offensive staff can do that.
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    I'll agree with this (in general) so then UND should not dismiss that large fanbase they are trying to market and rebrand to. The "hockey crowd" is the largest sports fanbase UND has that will drop money on apparel and merchandise. This "you're going to like it or else" mentality many of you present here isn't working and it's not working for UND either. Again for many it's not a nickname issue, even though it was a safe and generic pick, as the ship has sailed but it's a logo issue. To me that's fixable. .......and for 1983 I don't have the perfect logo design but all I know is this current one isn't working.
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    The logo on the REA ice is a new stencil and three (existing) colors of paint when they install the ice. The logo on the Betty floor is a resurfacing and repainting of a floor scheduled to be resurfaced and repainted this summer. Better? Could they share the stencil from the REA ice? The logo on the Alerus Center turf requires making the new sections of the field (that will have logo), then cutting the field, and then resewing a $2,000,000.00 surface such that it doesn't have imperfections dangerous to play (remember, the 2012 field lasted one year to 2013 for such issues). Understand that turf is not painted. Those colors are from-the-factory colored turf. No paint. Oh, and turf that was new in 2013: will the new sections color-match the existing field? If they don't it'll be torches and pitchforks. And that's before you mention that: REA/Betty are private entities that control annually sponsorship on the surface. Their private boards ("for the benefit of UND Athletics") control what's on those flats. The Alerus Center is a public (City of GF) entity that has signed a long-term naming rights agreement on the field and cashed the check. Want to remove "Alerus Center" signage from the turf? Include that contract cancellation and repayment in the bill. Things sound and seem easy, until you really dig in and think step-by-step what it would take to make it so.
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    I went to the post office yesterday, and a fighting hawks pep rally broke out.
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    Because the Engelstads have been around for 40+ years that means they are telling the truth, MK isn't, and we should believe them. Got it. Cause that's definitely how it works in Vegas, I am sure.
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    I would say most posters and a large number of just viewers are slowly getting a lesson in The Ralph here! One of SS best threads.
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    Perhaps that player can win and is choosing to do so at a school that gives him a nicer place to hang his jock