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    I'm afraid not. That only works at Duluth where hockey and diving are one in the same.
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    The NCAA has shown again that it will STEAMROLL anyone who opposes its agenda. If you have any doubt how serious they were about scrubbing "Fighting Sioux" from the history books, you only need to look at the boycott of North Carolina that essentially put Duke on the road against the University of SOUTH Carolina in the men's NCAA tournament. If the NCAA was willing to mess with one of the cash cows of March Madness just to "prove" their opinion, rest assured, they would have spent millions to get rid of "Fighting Sioux." I, too, smiled at the "Sioux Forever" chant immediately after the Frozen Four. Then when I heard it in-person at Target Center a month or so ago, I cringed. It's time to move on. It was quite an experience watching the men's basketball team in March Madness - think about that, OUR men's basketball team playing in March Madness. Unthinkable back in 1988-1992 when I was at UND. The jerseys looked great and so did the wordmark on them - as well as the logo on the TV scoreboard. The university is still wearing green, white, and black, and I am looking forward to seeing the new wordmark and logo on the hockey jerseys next season. Hawks on the jerseys, Sioux in my heart, but still MY University of North Dakota.
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    In my opinion, Tom Miller completely obliterated Brad yesterday in terms of being a reporter.
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    Tom Miller's article was fantastic and he basically summed up my feelings. It's tough what happened to those three programs as peoples lives were affected. At the end of the day, this will be the turning point into what will make athletics at UND stronger than ever. The way it happened could have been handled better, but Kennedy stepped up like I never thought a University President at UND would. Taking emotion out of it, he made a decision that will benefit UND for years and years to come. Between him and Schafer they cut a bloated athletic department and got the number of sponsored sports down to a number that makes sense. We now sit at 17 (16 depending on Golf), are going to move to conferences that fit from a logistics standpoint, where UND will save another 1/2 million a year. We will finally be running a lean athletics department, where they can fund every team at a level that will be competitive. I couldn't be more excited for the future of UND athletics.
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    Oh, was the Bison football team out getting the pledges?
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    They are going to start a twitter campaign. Bunch of hashtags. Followed by a Title IX misinformation campaign with no facts to back it up. At no time will you hear them mention dollar figures or budget.
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    When all the tweets and facebook posts start coming in from players, alumni, politicians, famous people, etc., we need to keep in mind that everyone who disagrees with this decision is likely to make their opinion public. However, the people that agree with it, or at least understand it why it happened, have little or no motivation to publicly express their opinion (or be called callous, or even sexist). So what we see on social media today is not at all indicative of public opinion.
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    Not slamming but please share how you would have handled it in this day of leaks and media needing to be the first to break news. There is no way this can be done "right".
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    There's a new store opening in downtown Grand Forks this summer. I hear they will also be selling T shirts.
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    Or that football has an endowment approaching 2 million... Or that it is the biggest alumni base (over 900 living alumni) with the most annual giving... Or that the program has a National Alumni Committee of 20+ former players to help aid the program in all areas... Or that UND Football alums have been paying for Impact Scholarships since the transition... Or that the program is currently on the rise after winning the BSC and playing in the 2nd round of the FCS Playoffs... Or that the team attracts 10,000 UND fans for gameday... Or that revenues are on the rise... Or that the program has a 123 year tradition and history of success... Or that silly Title IX thing where it would make it impossible to cut 63 scholarships from the mens side... Other than that and many other things I haven't mentioned, both sports are pretty comparable.
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    Yep....Just look at MBB. 1.4 million people watched UND-AZ in the big dance....But I guess women's hockey and its 209 fans deserve a bigger budget because of Olympians or something like that. Rival fan here but your admin made a very wise move today, a decision that I doubt previous admins would have had the guts to make.
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    People will stop ripping them when they stop ripping UND.
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    Lemme guess...another former North Dakotan who grew up in Grand Forks, Fargo, or Bismarck, who feels that anything west of New Salem Sue may as well be gifted to Montana. Not all of us dumb country folk who grew up in the SW corner of the state were or would be thrilled with the idea of going to college more than 100+ miles away from home. The idea of closing entire universities and colleges so we can fund a floundering athletics program for roughly 30 athletes at the flagship school is so preposterous, it doesn't even merit discussion.
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    What does producing Olympians have anything to do with the cost to support Womens hockey at UND?
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    It's a travesty that the state of North Dakota will not continue to subsidize the development of European olympic hockey players! -- Brad E Schlossman
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    If anyone suggested a different DI university should drop football in order to preserve women's ice hockey, they would be laughed out of the room without an ounce of serious consideration. It is embarrassing that folks think UND and the people of North Dakota should somehow be held to different standards. UND is a "hockey school"? Well that pseudo-title sure didn't improve UND's WIH program's attendance or success, so I too think that descriptor is demeaning and embarrassing. People need to move on. UND and President Kennedy made the correct decision.
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    I am so proud of my university today. They made the best decision possible for the school and the athletic department. These cuts do hurt many athletes but the cuts were needed. UND never needed that many sports. this move may be to motivate rich alumni to sustain the programs with their money. If these alumni care that much about the sports they will raise the money to keep them. Proud of what Kennedy has done so far!
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    http://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/letters/4247084-letter-womens-hockey-never-got-und-support-it-needed Yes, it's the athletics department's fault women's hockey is boring to watch. Absolutely, as evidenced by the multiple NCAA tournament game victories. It does feel like they were cut years ago, especially when you think about the millions of dollars per year not being spent on sports that people cared about.
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    To the folks upset about how this information was released: UND had to inform organizations with which they have contractual obligations (see: WWCHA, WAC swimming). The first "real news" (note the quotes) about this on Wednesday was from Todd Milewski on Twitter. Knowing his ties, someone in the WWCHA offices leaked. That's not on UND. Next, how, when you haven't announced anything yet, do you tell coaches and teams, "Uh, yeah, you're fine for now, but, uh, don't practice or recruit or have visits this week." To quote the great and wise Det. Lenny Briscoe, "I think that's what they call a clue ..." Finally, to those that said "individual meetings" should've been held. And you didn't like how it came out this way? OK, schedule 26 meetings with WIH players, and another 40 with WSD and 30 with MSD. Really. Really? The meetings alone are a tell, and after the first one goes down, with social media? In closing, the WIH coach knew. He admitted as much in the GFH story; however, he probably couldn't admit it to himself. Putting his team on the ice with a recruit coming in says as much about him as anyone or anything else. There's no go way to do something like this other than to just do it.
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    Schlossman has many awards in journalism and has done a ton of great work. But, the way he handled the WIH cut was one sided and very unprofessional. He has lost a lot of credibility by overly supporting the WIH program and the twins. He needs to be subjective and report the facts, UND can't afford WIH.
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    Sometimes when I'm typing, my phone autocorrects the word boring, to boutique.
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    Professionalism is all I ask.
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    Where was this mourning when baseball got cut? 200 people a game and all the sudden thousands are "outraged". Maybe those sad souls should have gone to a game.
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    I am staying out of most of these conversations today as there is a lot of emotion involved for some people, but I don't get how the reputation is damaged on a national level. This sounds bad, but these are 2 sports that people in Grand Forks barely care about, let alone on a national level. If these sports were really that important than attendance and revenue would support it and they just dont. I will admit that it could have been handled better, he should have just been presented the figures and left it out of the media. He was going to get crapped on regardless of what he decided but he did make the proper decision. This will all blow over and UND will be in a better place financially because of it. We have just dropped over $2 million a year in losses and fixed our long term financial outlook, that is a big deal. People are just over reacting today, plain and simple.
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    Only men's hockey makes money right now. Sports cut in the last 15-20 years now include men's wrestling, men's baseball, men's swimming and diving, women's hockey, and women's swimming and diving. Men's golf will be cut next year, in all likelihood. President Kennedy just did what the last 2 full-time presidents were too afraid to do. He did what was necessary to put UND on the right track for the future.
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    The fact that men's hockey-playing schools like Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame don't have women's hockey tells me all I need to know about whether it makes any financial sense whatsoever to have it. There are far less expensive alternatives that can still result in Title IX compliance.
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    I'm not a fan of the new name or logo, but would say 95% of names and logos suck. They just have been around so long that they are accepted by fan's. Problem is we went from what might be the greatest name and logo on all of sports (of course I'm a little bias). I was one of the fans chanted Sioux Forever after the National championship game last year. To me it was meant to be an FU to the NCAA. While at the banner ceremony earlier this season and hear the Sioux Forever Chant I thought what I bunch of idiots. I know that makes me a hypocrite, but I think the Sioux Forever chant is embarrassing and needs to stop. I’m so sick of the Facebook posts questioning who are the Fighting Hawks, they are the fighting Sioux. Questioning why the hockey team would put the new logo on their jerseys. It is the logo of the university and should be used in place of the interlocking ND. I wear Sioux stuff almost all the time on the weekend. Don't feel the need to repurchase a new wardrobe just because of the name change, but plan of purchasing a fighting hawk’s polo and hat before football season.
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    OK, Ace. The way they slandered UND, Kennedy, and Faison makes them fair game. They made it personal and then tried to starting using "sexism" and "title ix" when they realized the merits of the program were not nearly enough. UND was just fine before them and will be just fine without them, now and into the future. They made their feelings clear.
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    From the article: Eight players in the Olympics? Holy crap, why hasn't this been mentioned before?
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    Schools move around money in their athletic department, so I'm with @Bison Dan that lets look at the final number of UND losing 1.4M and NDSU made 1.8M. Looking at this objectively, there's no doubt that last year and years prior that NDSU's athletic department was in much better shape than UND's. I don't really think there's even an argument to be made, because Kolpack is correct that almost every single program at this level lose money (except NDSU Football, UND Men's Hockey). NDSU will continue to do well, they have the right number of sports and play in conferences that fit their location. As insensitive as this statement is going to be, because peoples lives (not just in athletics, but academically as well) were altered, this budget crisis was blessing in disguise for UND. It forced the hand of UND to make cuts that should have been made a long time ago. That probably wouldn't have been made otherwise and they would have continued to be spread thin, with way too many sports. Getting the 3 sports they cut off the books, by Kolpacks numbers that's 2.75 million that goes away. UND can put money into Football and Basketball, will save more money once the conference switch happens. Revenues will go up in Football if Bubba keeps this program on track. Will be interesting to see this article in 2 years.
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    This is fake news...Men's hockey does not lose money. This story does not include the 10 million plus in revenue that men's hockey generates yearly in champions club $, beer/concession $, merchandise $, parking $ etc. In addition, add in the exposure that men's hockey generates for UND which is really not quantifiable but certainly substantial. Next, add the $ to the community in taxes for hotels, meals, and shopping on game nights when nearly 12,000 fill the Ralph 22 times a year; half of these folks come from outside our community. Let's not forget about all the people that are employed because of UND men's hockey on game nights. Also, there are lots of $ coming back to UND from the men's hockey alumni that made it big in their sport. Hockey is a huge economic engine for UND and this community...as is football on a smaller scale; think homecoming weekend...there is no homecoming without football. Basketball is also an economic engine for the same reasons listed above but down the list from Men's Hockey and Football. Then you have Women's hockey and Swimming and Diving...sorry but it just falls way short of the sports mentioned above. Don't fall trap to Kolpack's fake news article, written only to stir the pot at UND and in Grand Forks. Nice attempt to downplay the financial impact of UND men's hockey and to make NDSU look superior in basketball and football to UND. Nice try Jeff, but this UND guy sees right through you and your attempt to once again shine a dim light over UND and Grand Forks.
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    Way to start off with a classy first sentence. That will get some people to change their opinions Here's the issue that I have with cutting even more of the education part of the school in order for the 12 international women to play hockey at UND : At some point people need to realize UND is here to educate people and not just provide sporting opportunities. The administration and education side of things has had to cut the same amount as the athletic side of things. There has already been senior-level "reorganization" and there's still a huge budget deficit in the athletic department.
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    They should be sending that letter to the State, Faison and Kennedy did the right thing. Frankly, those two are getting on my nerves.
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    The people criticizing UND are completely ignoring this. The other option was to leave WIH and then cut 2-3 more sports, impacting even more student athletes. These cuts weren't done for fun, they were done out of necessity, meaning something has to go. Cutting WIH by and away makes the largest financial impact and while impacting the fewest amount of student-athletes no matter how you measure it.
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    This is by far the best decision made at UND in the last 20 years! Somebody made a decision based on numbers and facts instead of feelings. I asked a lot of people today what they thought should be cut at UND and they all said Women's Hockey. It was painfully obvious to anyone with objectivity that this needed to be done.
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    Did you know ESPN refuses to spend a few grand to send a crew to the NCAA WIH championship? Beyond that, they refuse to give up a couple hours of Sportscenter reruns on ESPN 8 to even air the game? Women's fencing championship coverage? Yep. Women's bowling championship coverage? Yep. Women's hockey? Nope, CBS Sports can have that tax write-off. But we (ESPN) are going to pretend to support you now.
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    He did walk barefoot on frozen water.
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    The book has been out on Brad for awhile, he's a very good beat reporter when it comes to covering UND Men's hockey. That being said, there are certain subjects that he goes from reporter to activist. This is a huge problem, because instead of reporting all the facts and stating both sides of something, like any activist, he can only see one side. The problem yesterday, is he is one of the main sources of information for this huge event. A lot of eyes were on him, most who hadn't been following this story closely and we all saw how that ended up. Disappointing, embarrassing, are just a few words to describe how he handled it. You just can't leave out 1/2 the story when you are one of the main sources. Not only leave out the why, but grab anything you could to make the administration and UND look as bad as possible, he was hell bent on it. If you've followed him for awhile, it couldn't have been less surprising though sadly.
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    Schlossman over the past couple years has turned into a clown. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, which I respect, but what he did yesterday was flat out embarrassing. As a reporter, you should lay out all of the facts and let people decide. You can absolutely have your own opinion, but get the facts out to the people. That wasn't the case yesterday, he found everything negative he could and spewed it to all his followers (The Reusse retweet was awful). He did his best to make UND look as bad as possible, while fueling the fire acting like he couldn't comprehend what happened (Olympians!!!). You can be mad, angry, but be professional and let people know this is why it happened. You don't agree with it for reasons A, B and C, but they did it because of D, E and F.
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    I'd UND was a hockey school the support would be more than hundreds per game. UND is a men's hockey school.
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    It isn't the fact that it lost money. It is the fact that it lost money like no other sport on campus and it isn't even close. Cost per student athlete was 2-3x any other sport at minimum. If you bothered to watch the press conference, cuts are done. UND went above and beyond and will soon be recognizing some conference realignment benefits. I know it is easier to have a knee jerk reaction instead of looking into the facts, but give it a whirl.
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    Video surveillance outside of the United Center showed a male Duluth fan violently fall as if he had been shot. However after a 30 second rest on a nearby park bench he was able to return to his previous activity. A suspect was captured and charged with a minor crime but has now been released after his time served. The video evidence that would have resulted in the suspect's acquittal was ruled inadmissible in court.
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    Kennedy absolutely killed it in this opinion piece. Something like this should have been put out two weeks ago. http://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/op-ed-columns/4248122-und-president-college-sports-are-expensive-its-worth-it
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    I'm getting so sick of these two. I realize that their inability to see limitations in their life is what has allowed them to work their way to the pinnacle of their sport but they are so out of touch with this issue that's its laughable. It's pretty simple, the sport is brutal to watch and nobody shows up to the games which equals a $2.5 million tab that UND is supposed to just pick up every year. Not any more.
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    Can't waste money on something like this. Does anyone know why woman's hockey was added in the first place? Unless they add checking to the game it's not the same game. And Schloss really needs to stop. It's rather embarrassing how the ones against this cut have responded. Grow up. Nothing is free in this world. The state told them they would need to cut their athletic budget. They had no choice. Woman's hockey is the most obvious and best choice. And the lammy twins need to give it a rest. Complaining about this, wanting more money for the Olympics, and asking people to buy their t shirt to fund their family's free vacation to south Korea.
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    Other NDUS schools affected by the state budget are cutting sports, programs, departments (Dickinson State). Like I've said, I'd like to hear more than just grousing; I'd like to hear the solution provided by the Lamoureux twins.
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    Chipman's daughter was on the team so I'm going to cut him some slack here. I really doubt he would have weighed in on the matter otherwise. I admire Kennedy more by the day for having made this call, knowing what was coming and who he might piss off.
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    How funny would it be if pionk turns pro and runs through Miska in a game lol
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    I could write a book on this topic, but I'll resist lengthy dialogue on this specific issue ... for now. Higher education provides instruction that ultimately benefits all of society, which includes benefit to even those who do not or did not attend post-secondary institutions themselves. You want to know why tax dollars should go to higher education? Because UND and other forms of higher education both directly and indirectly help the community, region, state, country and world community. This should be self-explanatory, so I'm not going to waste my time on explaining this any further. UND's mission statement echoes this exact premise. https://und.edu/discover/mission-statement.cfm I will again include the same sentence I did with my prior post. Many people of North Dakota have a difficult time accepting higher education as a critical function of society.The State of North Dakota directly sponsors the University of North Dakota for the reasons mentioned above, yet folks would rather hemorrhage dollars with a sport program that draws less than 1,000 attendance per game and loses millions of dollars per year versus properly maintaining the academic, service, and creative integrity of UND's mission statement? Just today people are protesting that UND should drop administration positions in order to keep an unpopular, financially-inept women's hockey program - that is absolutely asinine. As for my University of North Dakota athletics agenda, there is a reason that 39 of the 50 states in this country have either a college football or college basketball coach as the state's highest paid public employee. Its because it directly benefits that specific university through attendance and boosters, and, thus, it also benefits that particular state. The athletic programs themselves may lose money, but how do you quantify the impact that major DI athletics has on other tangible and intangible factors, such as enrollment and longstanding alumni pride? It is quite difficult. I may not agree with the numbers that today's market has produced (multi-million dollar coaching contracts), but I agree with the premise that these programs promote pride, support, and interest for their respective universities. UND should want to compete with other universities around the country. As a DI athletic institution, they need to better emphasize football and/or basketball. NDSU has grown tremendously in support (via both enrollment and donor dollars) due to their football and basketball success. The same is true for universities around the country. UND should not fall victim to complacency. UND needs to look to invest in the mainstream sports - football and basketball - while maintaining hockey. I get tired of this pro- versus anti-hockey argument ( @Oxbow6 ). I donate $ and purchase season hockey tickets every season. I do not dislike the hockey program; however, I feel that program is beyond maxed out, and if UND wants to take the next step as a successful institution, it needs to better emphasize and expand DI football and basketball. The idea that UND should only be a "hockey school" falls right into the competition's hand. The status quo is not good enough. The prior DII status of UND was not good enough. UND athletics needs to continue to expand within the competitive environment that exists today, and I commend President Kennedy for making a logical move on Wednesday that will actually promote UND athletics forward. This is what I like: moves that confront the status quo and look to make UND more competitive within the state and within the country. The people of North Dakota may have a difficult time understanding higher education, but that shouldn't deter those who fully understand it. The consensus within North Dakota is not superior purely due to uniqueness; that is where isolationism comes into play. Continuing to resist change is not a strategy that treats those kindly in the end. I hope North Dakota, and even UND, figures this out sooner rather than later.
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    Not quite. Averages for the 3 years the twins were here: 2010/2011 - 1,259 2011/2012 - 1,406 2012/2013 - 1,216 Total average - 1,294 WBB's lowest average during and since then was 1,469 (during their transition) and has been consistently a couple hundred higher. MBB's lowest average during and since then was 1,625 and has been consistently a couple hundred higher. UND also charges for tickets for those games.