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    You're dead on with your first two sentences and then off the rails after that. The ticket revenue is a completely separate line item than the box office services provided by the REA. UND paid an additional $247K to the REA outside of the 52% of ticket revenue for those other services provided. And neither of those include an additional $1.1 million paid for "utilities, maintenance staff, phone service and other expenses". I'm not sure what's so hard to comprehend some of this: The ticket revenue UND pays to the REA is the equivalent of "rent" for use of the REA/BESC. UND also makes separate payments for other services and expenses. Regardless of whether its all a shell game of some sort (with minimal oversight on one side the equation), the football team has nothing to do with the REA yet, 52% of their ticket revenues are directed towards "rent" for a building they don't use (again, a separate fee is paid for ticket services). When the original agreement was made, ticket revenues were significantly lower than they are today. On top of that, the athletic department has had to deal with significant budget cuts, yet the REA has managed to keep the same amount of revenue flowing in to them from UND, meaning that athletic department has had to cut extra from other areas to make up for not being able to do across the board cuts.
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    Look at the size of Garrett Maag compared to Adam Theilen who is a big WR by NFL standards.
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    The family does not own the building, a non-profit does. That nonprofit is setup specifically to benefit UND athletics.
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    Shell game is exactly right. UND needs to pay for the usage, services, and employees at the Ralph. Ticket revenue is simply the means through which UND pays for that. Take ticket revenue out of the equation, and UND needs to find some other source of money to pay for the usage, services, and employees at the Ralph. I understand you agree the funding for UND football is not tied exclusively to the football teams’ ticket revenue. The athletic department is going to allocate money to the football team regardless of the team’s ticket revenue. Others on here clearly don’t understand how any of this works. They actually portray it as the Ralph taking away money that the athletic department allocates to the football team. Changing the 52/48 breakdown or removing football ticket revenue from the usage agreement would do absolutely nothing to ensure more funding to the football program.
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    100% off all revenue from UND sports should be used to fund all UND sports. Obviously it won't be distributed evenly as some programs cost more than others. But can we all agree that UND needs to fund all programs at a level where that they can succeed at the Division 1 level?
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    First commit on June 21st and it's an OL! Love it.
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    What is with your scramble approach? REA manages the majority of ticket revenue (52%) and always sends the majority of that to the hockey program, either directly or indirectly. Don't act so clueless. 52% of ALL ticket revenue - *majority* Does hockey receive more support than all of UND's other programs? Yes Do most DI athletic programs around the country allow a building management group and/or the major donor to manage the majority of their (the university's) ticket revenue? Absolutely not. UND hockey average attendance is approximately 11,500 per game at the REA. UND football average attendance is approximately 10,000 per game at the Alerus. So, does UND football receive 87% of the financial support that UND hockey receives? Absolutely not. The total attendance is in UND hockey's favor, but anyone objectively looking at that knows it is purely a product of the building itself. Basketball would lead UND sports in attendance if it played in the REA and hockey played in the Betty instead. Thus, Engelstads essentially own UND athletics. The Engelstads' personal interests and biases are completely reflected on UND athletics. Not UND, not North Dakota, not Grand Forks, but rather a family in Nevada. Not to mention UND football has nothing to do with the REA yet the REA handles 52% of football's ticket revenue? This current arrangement is not sensible for a DI athletic program; maybe, just maybe, a DII program.
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    You do realize there are expenses relating the ticketing/accounting... that entail the 52/48 breakdown? You do realize that if the REA wasn't handling the duties that there would be expenses to hire all the staff and other related expenses to get this done? There is a difference between gross income and net income. To think the hockey program is the beneficiary of this "issue" is laughable. To think the football program is harmed by this issue is laughable. The football team needs to get better. Getting better has zero to do with the this ticketing issue and the hockey team/REA.
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    lol, does eating blue paint chips make gfhookey a blue chippa?
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    Isn't it the fans of our rivals who are supposed to be the ones we feel sorry for when they make immature, negative comments towards UND? Sad and pathetic those comments come from our own fanbase. Dislike the logo or name? Fine. But to consistently bash them on a regular basis any chance you get is something that is getting tired and old.
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    Ralph Engelstad Arena Foundation is NOT the Engelstad Family Trust.
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    This sounds like a clear and concise argument to move back down to Division II. No thanks.
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    It makes total sense to those who can add. If Team A has revenues of 100 and team B has revenues of 20 and Team A spends 80 and Team B spends 40, Team A is not stealing from Team B. I support the football team 100% but they need to do a little lifting as well. I realize it is a bit of a catch 22 situation in that they need money to win and they need to win to bring in more money. If you look at the attendance for the first two games last year which followed the playoff season they were trending well until the season went off the rails. What I don't like is ill informed people speculating that UND is diverting money from football to the hockey program.
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    FWIW, from what I was told nobody had to deal with negative recruiting more than UND the last 10 years or so. With all the conference stuff, transition, nickname, etc. Stuff came up quite often from other schools as UND was an easy target.
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    The ticket revenue is completely separate from what UND pays the REA to handle ticket sales, which was $247K last year. It is also separate from the additional $1.1 million UND paid in "utilities, maintenance staff, phone service and other expenses". I don't think there's an issue with UND paying the REA to handle ticket sales. I don't think there's an issue with some ticket revenue (MIH, MBB, WBB and VB) going to the REA as it basically is equivalent to "rent", which has helped pay for the building of the Betty, and updates/maintenance to the REA/BESC (though the extra $1.1 million on top of 52% of ticket revenue is a bit curious). But why football ticket revenue continues to be included in the whole equation is beyond me. On top of that, UND is now using the REA less with WIH being cut, meaning the REA has more capacity to bring in outside events and their operation expense is less overall as there are 16-20 less events they have to staff for each year.
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    has anyone called out Jody for 100% lying to our faces about the "stencil for center ice not being ready for 2016"???? mcgarry 100% lies too and no one at Heraldo follows up on it.
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    Regardless of what "side" you are on, this type of commentary does absolutely nothing to help the situation.
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    The deal has been made and the [sad] reality has set in. The Engelstads essentially own UND athletics which means UND hockey will always be the program disproportionately emphasized and supported. This was fine back in 2001 when UND was DII in all other sports. Now, with UND trying to play catch up within the DI environment, this agreement continues to boost UND hockey at the expense of UND football, basketball, volleyball, etc. because the REA manages the majority of ticket revenue (i.e., the REA always sends it to the hockey program). UND's "other sports" will always have a hard time with this horribly one-sided agreement in place. UND made a deal with the devil and now we all should understand how (unless you are a hockey #1 fan and we certainly know many are). Large summed donations typically always have strings attached; this one certainly did. For the sake of comparison, NDSU has thrived as a DI institution because the athletic program received an appropriate boost across the board. That can't happen now at UND because of this deal and the Engelstad family. If you're content with UND being "only hockey", then this deal won't bother you. I am not of that crowd and so this arrangement sickens me. I've never been one to understand the GF culture towards hockey and I refuse to blindly support it.
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    I see the whole "pompous a-holes" thing now, gundy.
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    And that seems to have exposed how she operates. Someone dares to question and she runs to the media?
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    As we are a D1 FCS school isn’t your statement inherently wrong?
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    She brought it on herself by lying to the Heraldo, dragging contract negotiations into the open and acting like a diva. You can feel sorry for her, I will not.