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    Ahh man, this was such a positive thread. We almost made it 1 page before a debbie downer showed up. Seriously, I'm sick of all the complaining. Go back to the Fire Rudolph thread or coaching regime change thread if you want to rant. And no, I'm not in the "its ok to be medicore" crowd, but I don't need to read negative comment after negative comment all the time, because guess what, that won't change who our OC is. Its fun to talk about the players coming back, who could have a breakout year, who will provide depth, etc. It's ok to be positive even after a 3-8 season. It really is.
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    Stick salute from Saturday night. How cool is this shot?!!
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    9. Got in an argument about the grey pants with a guy drinking a mikes hard lemonade, consequently dividing the catwalk
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    We are rebuilding this year. We were picked to finish 10th by CHN, the bottom 4 by USCHO, 6th by the coaches and 6th by the media. The ECAC has 12 teams. We lost two of the top scorers in the country. We lost 52% of our offence, our two best blueliners and our goalie who was decent. Unfortunately, a single great line will only take you so far. Our PK and PP are both terrible. Minnesota is 5-0 against the ECAC. Clarkson (2), Harvard (2) and Union. IMO that is not so much that Minnesota is good but rather the ECAC is very weak this year. We are playing a lot of freshmen who are exceeding expectations. While we have no superstars, we have the makings of the possibility of 4 scoring lines. Its a work in progress. Hopefully, we will keep things close and use it to step up our play going back into the ECAC. Rebuilding is going well. I think next year we will be better able to compete. If you look at the strength of schedule, ECAC teams like Cornell are like 42? I am not sure why they are highly ranked. Going forward they have to have one of the weakest schedules in all of College Hockey. The inter-conference numbers show the west much better than the east. However, it is worse than that, if you just look at ECAC and HE vs NCHC and Big Ten. Not sure how many eastern teams are going to make the NCAA's this year. ECAC is pronounced by just saying the letters. If you really want to piss us off, pronounce it EZ AC (Easy - AC). Hockey East teams used to use that in a cheer up about 2011. They don't anymore. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !!! Will always remember you folks cheering for us in 2014 in Philadelphia.
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    Don't you have a calf to mount this morning, King of All D-Bags?? Or all you need is your mirror and Sioux Forum to get off........my bad.
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    Denver-Schmenver. Enough of this "Monty's a great guy", "Borgstrom's a great player", "Denver's the greatest team ever" sandbagging,lovefest, crap. We're the University of Freaking North Dakota! Denver can kiss our arse. Where's Gwozdecky when you need him.
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    You miss the Denver Saturday game a couple weeks ago?
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    Nice welcoming committee. We really know nothing about the guy. The main fact I'm aware of is the UND coaches saw him play and liked him enough to offer him a scholarship. Sounds good to me.
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    Who is praising the UND football team right now? Your constant whining and portrayal of yourself as the only disappointed fan is getting old.
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    You are so dramatic. It's a little much.
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    8 wins a year should be expected. Less than that should be a down year.
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    Dipietro is a POS diver as far as I'm concerned.
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    Are we really trying to pin this season's failures on the players not getting a copper-clad class ring from Josten's as a reward for last season's results?
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    I have and do, save for Coach Agnew. Have not met him yet. All very good people who understand the rabid and mercurial nature of sports fandom. One day you're king of the court; the next you're the jester being carted off to the Pit of Despair.... Dilly, Dilly!
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    As I recall, those three losses were more attributable to our depleted and non-sound tackling defense, which got shredded by fast read-option QBs, for the most part. There’s blame to go all around here on both sides of the ball, plus special teams. If Bubba is going to consider changes: then Schmitty and Kostich should be under review just as much as Rudy. Personally, I think this year was an anomaly year with injuries and a few bad apples not buying in to the program culture. Reset. Hit it hard next year and see if we don’t rebound. If after that we are still languishing, make the proper adjustments at the top.
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    I don't think anyone was praising Rudolph. His total lack of creativity and feel for the game is unbelievable. He keeps no defense off balance ever. Many here are totally frustrated that Bubba won't make any changes in this area. I've said this before, but it is a joke in my section that everyone can call his next play with about 80% accuracy (sometimes more) - people even had bets on it. Bubba has shown that he stubbornly refuses to change anything. That's the frustration.
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    Jones just does so much. On the ice for three of the four goals, kills penalties, and you never have to question the kids battle level.....ever. He is the first half MVP in my book. Keep him with Gersich and Mismash and let Pogo and Rhett bounce some bodies with JJ.
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    UND was stupid enough to earn a seed and play a tougher team. If only they had lost another regular season game they too could have played a doormat and bragged about a playoff win.
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    Note to all boomers and xers. If you don't like how millennials are you shouldn't have raised them that way. Look in the mirror.
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    So he needs to figure out how to not get called for penalties that aren't penalties?
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    Not equally, and not even that close. Coaches evaluate and recruit players based on their ability and character. Coaches decide who plays what position and what type of O & D to run. Coaches call the plays. Coaches can put the right guys in the right spots on the field to make plays, or not do that, but it is up to the staff. Coaches decide philosophy and how conservative/aggressive to be and when. Coaches can put checks and balances on the team. (diet, workouts, drug testing, etc) So, you probably didn't mean equally, right? These coaches are big boys. They know this year sucked. You don't have to provide cover for them.
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    Actually this is the same lame stuff over and over each year, we drink alot and are hillbillies that travel to support our team. we got it the first time he wrote this, zzzzzz
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    I also heard thru the grapevine that he did not one but TWO pull-ups in the locker room after last Saturday's game. #Show-Off #BeastMode
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    Fix the offensive line. Get the backs somewhere to run, and by association Ketteringham (or whomever) time to pass, and suddenly you move the ball, possess the ball, and put less exposure and wear on your defense. You are dictating pace of play, style of play, and you are punishing the other team. I have no problem with a 1st and 10 dive over LG if it nets 5 yards. Heck, if it nets 5 yards call it again. But that requires an offensive line.
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    I hope I wasn't the only UND fan cheering for JMU. They are the ONLY thing potentially stopping the Plundering Turd from winning it all again.
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    This is an awkward thread to revive. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was looking for a press conference today about Hakstol, only to find you quoted a post from two and a half years ago.
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    Overheard (and shamelessly stolen) recently: "So ... is this a season schedule poster or the side of a milk carton?"
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    I sure wish you could find a way to say: that you think that Bubba and his staff are below par and you expect more that those of us who don't agree with you are accepting mediocrity and .500 seasons. that losing 15 starters shouldn't have a big impact on the season. And if you could state and restate that over and over and over again would be great too.
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    On one extreme if a team was so overly talented they could run 4 plays and win every game. On the other end teams like an emerging Boise St. and even Utah in the '09 Sugar Bowl used schematics, grit, heart, and coaching to overcome and be successful against more talented team(s). I can't stand the approach of waiting for better players until 'our system' works. Gotta play and coach with what you have. (and win)
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    What are you confused about??? I don't think the power plays need to be even. I am saying if you call tick tacky penalties on one team you damn well better call the same thing on the other team if they do it. I don't want penalties called based on the scoreboard, whining coaches, or who had the previous power play. Call the penalties that actually happen.
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    Lost a ton of respect for Monty. Saying anything about that crap officiating being good is a joke. And he knows it.
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    Montgomery is disgusting. His antics after that play were crap. Plante should have never been playing and he knows it. I’m so sick of every time someone gets hurt it has to be 5.
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    Shocked if any DU coach wants his recruits to be hearing "Let's Go Sioux" all night.
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    Okay...holy sh$t ...I am HAPPY TO EAT CROW...unbelievable
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    You are correct. Biggest reason I would like Rudolph replaced. I also think the QB situation and how it was handled is Bubba's biggest mistake as a head coach. There was absolutely no reason for them to pull Studsrud's redshirt at the end of a year we weren't going to make the playoffs. Hanson could have finished the season handing the ball off and Studsrud would be a senior next year. We all gave Keaton a pass for 3 years and much of this year because of the O line and receivers dropping passes. We never gave either Mollberg or Bartles a pass for the same problems. Their 1st 2 yrs our o line was as bad or worse and we had no running game. Their 1st yr they had talent at WR but those guys including Hardin had too many drops and the Fr Golladay and Jackson weren't always running the correct nor disciplined routes. Look at some of the old film and see what kind of protection those guys had. Mollberg was developing his Soph year before he got hurt and both years you should have been able to see the potential. Our staff did nothing to develop any of these three QB's. What progress Studsrud made was more the result of his own initiative and hard work than coaching. I know Mollberg and Bartles turned the ball over too much their Fr year but they also had no pass protection. Keaton had more Int than TD's his senior year. He also turned it over on a couple of fumbles. Whose is to say how Mollberg would have played but he should have been given a chance. They didn't let him play even when Keaton was injured. He got hurt when he was starting to play better and was told at the end of the season he was no longer in their plans. Rudolph treated him like crap and he didn't deserve that. You don't do that to a kid who gets hurt playing for you. The following August he was healthy and could have played. For those who think it was because he wasn't healthy you don't know what you are talking about. At the end of his Junior season one of the RB's told Mollberg Rudolph had commented he would never see the field Again as long as he was coaching here. Mollberg said he would play any position they thought would help the team so he was moved to TE. They also hinted they would cut his scholarship. I know some think my opinion is only because he was from DL. Maybe you are right. I also told UND Adam Thielen had the best hands of any HS receiver I had seen and I guess that must have been my DL bias too because UND didn't recruit him. Incidentally, Mollberg set a DL BBB career scoring record his senior year breaking Adam Thielen's record. He was Bohl and Vigen's top QB recruit his Sr year and they seem to know something about QB's. (Brock Johnson, Wentz and now Josh Allen). How the hell Rudolph and Bubba didn't want to at least give him a fair shot at coming back from his injury will never make sense to me. He was an excellent student, great athlete and great kid. He had as good of an arm as I have seen at UND in the almost 50 yrs I have been involved with UND FB. Had Mollberg been QB his last 2 years, he would have pissed off Rudolph because he would have changed some of the dumb ass play calling but I think we would have been better both years and made the playoffs 2 yrs ago and gone further in the playoff last year. No way to know what would but if anyone doesn't think we need a QB coach I disagree and I would bet all three of those QB's would agree. I think Bubba did what he thought would be best for the team and what he was trying to establish offensively. I disagreed with his decision but he is at practice and he is coaching. He is the one held responsible for the decisions. In that I supported him. They way Rudolph treated Mollberg was not acceptable and I will support his dismissal.
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    You do realize coaches aren't going to be getting their advice from fans. Even those of us who have played and coached can give them our opinion but they aren't going to waste a lot of their time considering anything we suggest unless we alert them to a potential recruit or donor. That is the way it has to be. What they need from us is money and support. There are a number of fans who base their decision to do so for the wrong reasons. These blogs range from former players some with high school or college coaching experience to elementary or middle school kids and it seems quite a number of sports fanatics who likely are living in their parents basement or extra room. On a blog each opinion is as valuable as another. Doesn't take any brains or knowledge of the game to figure out this season was a huge disappointment. People are venting. There are valid points and some not so much. People need to vent. They want to identify with a winner and for some this is maybe there only opportunity. Coaches shouldn't read these blogs. Players and parents shouldn't read these blogs. The problem is that pretty soon some of us might think we know what we are talking about!!! Having said that I would like you or someone else to explain the reason to keep Knauf or Rudolph.
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    http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4359579-und-commit-who-flew-grand-forks-found-out-program-was-cut-lands-di-scholarship-new Thanks for keeping us informed of this Brad, I have been just waiting to hear where she went! Your hard work on keeping the women's hockey program around is soooo great!
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    Yet, in spite of the injuries, sit at #1 in the nation. Down in the most recent game, their offense picked up the slack and won the football game with the last 14 points. Amazing how that works.
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    The majority of the football fans on here actually know something about their sport.
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    UND hockey fans after a season-opening loss: "HAKSTOL'S HEAD SHOULD ROLL! BREAK UP THE TOP LINE! DO SOMETHING - ANYTHING!" UND football fans after a 3-8 season: "Keep everything the same - no changes needed. Don't hit the panic button. Let's not make any snap decisions."
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    Bubba has neither the insight nor the stones to lead this program. It is clear that he is the big problem. Sounds like another year of 1 yard plunges on first down.
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    Fat fingers. Inside and out I think that we will have a tough team next year. Always liked Studs but he just didn't elevate his game this year. Lots of weapons on offense. I like the upside of the QB's next year, still loaded at RB, TE, WR, but the o-line is the biggest question mark. The young defenders got a lot of experience this year and if we can stay healthy, have a chance to be dangerous
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    I agree that a coach with a good philosophy can be a powerful thing. Look at that team to the south, for example. However, I am not sure how that morphs into sheer stubbornness in the face of all facts. Maybe some of you who have coached or played at the college level can help me understand - what has to go haywire in a coaches brain (one who has played and studied football all of his life) that he looks at our stable of stud running backs, looks at our line, understands that our D is going to give up points, and still tries to pound our 185 pound running back up the middle against an 8-9 man front? Can't he figure any other way or configuration to use our talent? Santiago in the slot? Nooo , all 3 on the field at the same time - nooo, screen pass - noooooo, throw to the tight end - which one is he again? This is pure coaching malpractice and it seems to start with Bubba. Every week we heard him in an interview saying "we have to find a way to get better" - he might as well say "we've tried nothing and it doesn't work". Would we put up with this kind of lack of insight from our doctor, our dentist, or our plumber or electrician? I hope not. I'm beginning to think we were sold a bill of goods on Bubba because he's "one of us, one of us". I am so frustrated at the lack of change so far. Here endeth the rant.
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    Go to any team's message board after a 3-8 season. If that team has fans, they're not happy.