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    The MVFC issue is settled so there is no reason to kick that dead horse. I agree we need to have the mindset that we win. I believe most of our fans understand that. I wouldn't look 70 miles south. They have a very different community and support system. They are a community of almost 200,000 people. They receive tremendous financial support from local and regional businesses who often times are not Alumni. Three of their most generous contributors are UND grads. (Mercil, Barry, Ingstad). UND's support strength is our alumni. We have a number of area businesses who are also very generous supporters but their aren't enough of them. We need to be evaluating every possibility for our programs including level of play and conference affiliation on a regular basis. Hopefully Kennedy has that in mind. He does have an affinity for what the AC is doing. I believe we need to pay attention but that wouldn't be my blueprint. We need to do it better. We need to consider the cost and options of moving up in FB. That wouldn't be possible right now and maybe not in the future but if we aren't positioning ourselves for that possibility we will be left flogging the dolphin like we were when UNI, Montana, Montana State moved up , then later the Su's. We need a vision and long term strategy that includes better support and sustainable support from out Alumni association. There is no reason we don't have the Phase 2 part of the Sports facility going. It will also take a commitment from our present donors to maintain and hopefully increase our present support. We need to put the name and logo crap to rest. That ship has not only sailed it has sunk. One of the reasons it won't ever come back is that no one in their right mind wants to deal with tribal governments. They can completely change over night. Happens with our own government elections. We also need to stop the crap about hockey vs other sports. There are many fans of neighboring schools in other sports who are loyal UND hockey fans and we need them. We also need to make sure the transition of the Engelstad arena to UND goes smoothly and we remain sensitive to the Engelstad family and are respectful of their opinions and input. Lots of work to do but lots of opportunities for success.
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    As will I. For anyone to say this still isn't our biggest rival is delusional.
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    Will the new AD still let Haj dress up in player track suits and pretend hes on the hockey team?
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    Ya.........let's get Grandma Ellen playing her accordion or the Barber Shop quartet from Drayton which consists of 3 guys. No thanks.......he's terrific and a student favorite.
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    Side note- I'm 41. Nothing compares to when the Gophers are in town. I love to win, but with the Gophers I HATE to lose.
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    Can we take away the Jr High drama and just talk about things that are real. And if whatever THIS is, just tell it.
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    We can fuss about the injuries and we can lament what could have been. On the other hand I would love to break down the film and challenge these kids to fix what we did wrong. I think I saw us run ourselves out of position on defense multiple times. Our LB's and DB's can correct being out of position. I didn't think our D-line played well but they are capable. We need out O-line to get better each game. It would be nice to be bigger and faster but then we need to play smarter and tougher. I think our coaches and players are more frustrated than we are. Our areas of strength ( RB's, D-line, receivers and Senior QB) need to improve the play of those around them as well as their own play. We can't have receivers dropping the ball and we can't have a QB mismanage the clock and miss receivers. We can't have our D-line pushed around. No more dumb ass penalties. We aren't good enough right now to overcome them. We don't worry about conference championships nor playoffs. We concentrate on doing our job. If we can beat the guy across from us on a given play, we need to figure out how to make every play a given play. No more excuses about who is hurt, being too small or who the OC is. It starts by looking within and digging deeper. You can't afford to let your man beat you. Whatever it takes for each of these guys to keep from getting beat on that next play. If we are completely overmatched at a certain position that is where the coaching staff needs to make adjustments. It was a total team disaster and it will take the entire team to turn it around this Saturday. Our linemen and linebackers are big enough if they play smarter, faster and tougher. I would tell this team that. I would tell them that now it is going to get fun to see what we are made of. Are we going to be guys who our teammates can count on and go to battle with or are we going to fuss bout weighing only 215 lbs instead of 230 lbs or only 280 lbs instead of 310? We have to be able to overcome adversity in order to be a champion. I would challenge these kids to figure out who they want to be as a FB player and a man, then go out and get the job done. Coaches need to keep things simple right now. Bubba can figure out if he needs to make changes in the staff at the end of the year, but right now if he has a weak link he and the other coaches need to help out so the weak link is protected. This should be when coaching gets fun. It's a lot more challenging to have to figure out a way to convince these kids to play better than their talent level and overcome adversity than to make excuses and go through the motions. If we can do that, we may be surprised and the record will take care of itself. We aren't going to replay the last 2 games. Bubba has worked his ass off the improve attendance and the game experience. I am going to continue to support the kids and Bubba cuz that is my job as a fan and alumnus. If I fail to do that, then I am part of the problem not part of the solution. I am still disappointed in some of the coaching decisions and I am not blind and I can find areas where the kids and coaches deserve the criticism. After awhile I would rather focus my attention to watch and see how our staff and kids respond to adversity. How they do that can have a real positive impact on the future of the program. I also have had a good time tailgating and talking smart with friends and other fans. Keeping up that energy is good for the future of the program. Losing like we did sucks and there is no excuse but now is the time to move on and regroup. Go Hawks, Sioux or what ever strikes your fancy.
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    I think most posters believe in the team, but who can ignore the play of last week? How could a talented team play so stupidly, lethargically and timidly? Add the injuries which also can't be ignored and you have a fanbase that's very concerned. I'll be there tomorrow; I'll support the team, but I hope to God I never see the team I saw last week.
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    While I believe Faison was encouraged to retire, I find it interesting how the Forum "reporters" are constantly trying to please Bresciani and ndsu while the Herald reporters are constantly looking for new ways to sh*t on UND and its admin.
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    You mean like this place after a tie? Wait...you mean like this place after ONLY a one goal win?
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    What the hell do any of your assumptions have to do with Kolpack's comment? Why do NDSU fans have an incessant need to make everything about them regardless of who or what is being discussed? It is actually quite amazing.
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    After the past 2 Saturdays the season can't get here soon enough!
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    Question. If Kennedy encouraged Faison to retire, but then put on a show for the media to make it seem like it was Faison's choice (allowing Faison to save face and go out gracefully), does that make Kennedy a bad leader? Seems like the right thing to do to me.
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    At this point, I'm not really sure what the difference is. He wasn't going to be around much longer, if the President was the one who thought it was a the right time for a new AD, then so be it and he did it in the proper way. If Faison felt he was ready to retire, being 67, dealing with some family health issues and able to see his grandkids more, good for him. Either way, he has left a pretty clean slate for someone new to step in: Conference and nickname issues are cleared up, budget should be in good shape, coaches contracts are fairly settled. I'd rather focus on making sure the next hire is the right person for the job.
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    Were you at Marriuci? Friday night was nuts and the crowd was going wild. I talked to Gopher fans who said it was the craziest atmosphere they've seen since the Big10 started and bemoaned the current state of their league because atmosphere was nothing like that weekend. So according to you, I haven't moved on from the Sioux nickname right?
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    UnF-ing believable we didn't start Z.
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    With all due respect, the last group of Mussman recruits are seniors - so they should be among your better players. You're leaving out some awfully talented players, starting with Santiago and Oliveira, along with Wanzek and Toivenen who are not flashy but young and solid at the WR spot. Mason Bennett, Donnell Rodgers are bona fide playmakers. Evan Holm looks to be the real deal. We're all tired of hearing about Elijah Grady, but you have to include him when you're talking about recruits. It's not all doom and gloom. There's no question that there's reason to be concerned about the results on the field, but I challenge anyone to play a game without 60% of your starting OL, your two NFL prospect DBs and several of the backups, and your best LBs and see what happens. This team looked good in Utah, looked good against Missouri State (yeah, I know...), but then the injuries started to mount. When that happens you lose talent, you lose leadership, you lose experience. I realize message boards are a place to vent, and we all had high expectations coming into this season, but I'm not ready to start doubting the staff that we were all praising a year ago.
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    There’s a decade worth of student-athletes who had no interaction with their AD. None. He didnt know their names or accomplishments. Academic or athletic. That doesn’t go unnoticed by those kids. Faison was unapproachable and took no initiative toward his athletes, alums, and fans alike. He showed no fire and enthusiasm towards his university. Brian was a non-factor in fundraising. In fact he was a detriment. Did he help grow the fan base with his outgoing personality? Engaging fans at games, meeting the average joe knowing there’s a bigger picture? Fostering those relationships that grow into bigger and better things? He did none of that and to argue otherwise is pure ignorance. This fine university will be much much better off without him.
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    Well, between people on here trying to revoke my professional degree and give me behavioral health advice, I'd say this performance from UND football tops everything off fittingly. UND football has major issues going on right now and it goes beyond the injuries. The culture went from good to broken in less than 12 months.
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    Whenever someone starts arguing UND and NDSU football, why does some UND fan always start talking about hockey trophies? It's like losing a drag race so you start bragging about having a nicer house.
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    Agree with you 100% on this. Anyone who watched the game saw that it looked like the ice was tilted to UND's favor. I attribute the lack of finish to nerves...first games of season, long road trip. The ice was also clearly bad. Games like this happen. We fortunately come out no worse for wear with a 1-0-1 record...still undefeated : ) The next two weekends are absolutely HUGE. We need to go 2-0 vs SLU and we must go 1-1 with the Gophers. I don't think this is too much of a stretch. For PWR, you never want to lose a H2H comparison, and it also makes a difference on your COP vs other teams in that conference that you don't play, and always factors into RPI.
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    This bold is the key. It isn't that it's hard to get games, it's that it is hard for them to get the games they want at the price/terms they want and that fit into their scheduling philosophy. That makes a big difference when people are publicly crying about that "no one will play us" when in actuality it is "no one will play us under the terms we want". Nothing wrong with it, but it is definitely misleading. I don't think we need news releases, but they sure have not problem letting out scheduling information that makes them look like the victim, however I don't see them leaking out anything that would paint them in any other light. Their prerogative, they can do as they please. There are tons of FCS schools who would do a home/home with NDSU, however NDSU is reluctant to do that because of how traveling to an FCS school impacts their flexibility. Matt Larsen has publicly admitted as much multiple times, so I'm not sure why you are getting all worked up over it? I'm not believing what I want, I'm going off exactly what Matt Larsen and others have said about scheduling. It doesn't take a rocket science to do the math. As for the talking out of both sides of your mouth thing, you first comment was about how previous commentary was spot on about how "extremely difficult" it was to schedule games and your second comment was about how you don't have the information to elaborate on scheduling when in fact you already did exactly that and then did so again in the above comment. You are deflecting when it's convenient.
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    There is a difference between treating and healing. There is no evidence that I am aware of that necessarily heals TBI but there are some studies that showed decreased mortality in controlled studies with marijuana therapy. There is a difference between mood altering drugs such as alcohol or marijuana and other life stresses. There are certainly a significant number of marijuana users in sports. If you stoners think it is a benign drug you are mistaken. Alcohol isn't a benign drug either. Medical studies marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the US. You can become addicted to it and you may have withdrawal if you stop. Obviously that is associated almost exclusively with heavy users. It is associated with other drug use. Long term heavy use can cause insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, and altered time perception. A Duke University study showed people who started using as teens and continued to use as adults "lost an average of 8 IQ points between ages 13-38. Those who quit pot as adults didn't regain what was lost. It can cause respiratory problems, increased heart rate. It can cause adverse effects to brain development in the fetus when pregnant women use. Heavy use can lead to hallucinations, paranoia and worsen schizophrenia. There is supportive evidence that support the idea that marijuana is a "gateway drug" but the majority of users do not progress the harder drugs. You and a couple other posters are either misinformed or have already lost you 8 IQ points if you think this is a benign drug. To even insinuate that it is no big deal for HS or MS kids to use is stupid and wrong. I will say that spouse and child abusers are seldom stoned on pot, they are usually alcohol abusers. Other than that if you are using this crap you aren't very smart. I have seen it become a cancer on athletic teams. When something goes wrong the teammates tend to blame the drug users and the stoners get defensive and it causes a divided locker room. To many kids lose focus and forget why they are here. Back to the subject at hand, I believe Bubba and his staff will do their best to identify the problem and deal with it. I hope we help these kids get good legal advice and try to get them back on track for their degree.
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    Bubba and the coaching staff have a real opportunity here going forward. Injuries helped get the train off the track, but with what's come to light with Poole, Taylor and Randolph, it obviously went much deeper than just injuries. With the season shot, it's no longer about wins and losses. I know this is a really talented football, so the cupboard is far from bare. They wouldn't be starting from the ground up, like they did when they originally got here. What needs to happen is they have to flush out the bad apples. I'm all for drug testing everyone, giving one warning for those that fail, if they fail again, they are off the team. It's simple, what's more important, playing college football, getting FCOA and an education or smoking weed. I don't care how many players have to go, as long as the ones that are here are here for the right reasons. If I was a player doing the right things (I believe to be the mass majority), I would be pissed about this and would hope the coaching staff would put their foot down. Clean it up now!
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    Hopefully our guys just need a little vacation to get back in track. A little Cali sunshine should do the trick. I'm expecting an inspired performance by the F'n Hawks today.
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    Are you drunk, high or just trying to increase your post count by repeating the same question every 5 minutes?
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    It's already been 10 years since Evan Trupp hustled on a back check to squash a Manitoba breakaway, but I still remember it vividly. That one moment in a throw-away game previewed what an exciting player he'd be.
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    Timothy Ornelas SNL's Matt Foley, motivational speaker
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    As requested.... Grant Collins Travis Tritt
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    I sincerely hope this is just coach speak.
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    I would respectfully disagree. Maybe a handful of people claimed they wouldn't support UND because of these guys. Blaming stuff on Mussman has gotten a bit old. I'm not defending him as a coach, but he wasn't given the resources to transition to the FCS level. He has been the whipping boy on this board for way too long. The guy is long gone. Faison's job wasn't to raise funds. He had a number of issues to deal with including a financial mess. The athletic department was also in a transition to FCS and was not given the resources to make that happen as quickly as we might have. Faison was not charismatic and certainly people who felt they were important to UND athletics never seemed to get the schmoozing they wanted from him. I was disappointed in his lack of interaction with fans and boosters. He did some good things in difficult times. I liked him better than Bunning. He had nothing to do with the Fighting Sioux issue. None whatsoever. It was a done deal before Faison got here and it was a done deal before Kelly got here. We wasted a lot of Kelly's time kicking the proverbial dead horse.
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    Faison deserves a press conference. It's the standard for any large athletic department to have a press conference. Your idea would be total bush leage.
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    Brad is just a writer (an excellent one) he doesn't understand business and basic math...
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    Your comparison is apples to oranges but go ahead and make fruit salad if you choose.
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    Just read through the spring ball and fall ball practices posts. Most everyone that attended a practice and or practices mentioned Zimmerman was the obvious choice for backup....a clear #2. We all noticed that but not the coaches!?!? Wtf!! Complete incompetent leadership on the offensive side. And your quote about the rbs....I feel the same, John and Brady have one year left. Their jun yr is wasted. I feel for Santiago and Brady as they give it their all every play. Someone on egriz mentioned they thought Santiago had a deflated look in his eyes. John needs to be put out in the slot and a JJ/ Brady combo at rb. He was recruited and practiced as a wr! I believe everyone on here has mentioned the Santiago out wide thing.....but Rudy is content on doing the things that haven't worked and keeps sending the 175 lb straight up the middle when the box is stacked. It's like when he looks at John, he sees a 6'2" 220 lb. Montana stacked 9 in the box!!....He sends him up the middle!?!?! The offense has been a mess for 3 and half years. Rudy needs to go ! I haven mentioned this numerous times ....the D was always able to bail out the O in years past ...they are unable to do that this year.. now Rudys "work" is amplified.
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    So do you know anything about sports medicine? What are the responsibilities of the sports medicine staff? How do they interact with the coaching staff, the athletes and strength and conditioning coach? Medical staff planning? What the hell are you talking about? Isn't this the same medical staff that takes care of the other UND athletes? Which type of injuries are you referring to when you refer to "this type of injury situation", Doctor? Who should lose their job and why? Be specific please. I think the injuries are certainly a factor and I think the coaching staff will review the season and where mistakes were made and how to improve, just like they do after every game. Bubba will need to decide if anyone needs to go at the end of the season. Typically, the strength and conditioning and medical support has a year end review as well. I'm sure they all would appreciate your expertise. Are you willing to donate hundreds of hours as a team physician to upgrade what our staff does or is that something you really know nothing about???? I don't know anything about the players conditioning how do I find out, or do you have inside information not available to others? Maybe you know what you are talking about but I would need to be convinced.
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    That looks like a legit Reebok replica jersey to me!
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    Little brother is funny. NDSU has thee most insecure fan base I’ve ever seen. Must be old wounds from being the little AC or something.
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    One of the things I like to look at this time of year is their ability to handle adversity. It's early, and there are some encouraging signs, but it looks like this fanbase has some room to improve.
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    If you aren't embarrassed about this then I am curious what it would take. Like it or not, this is a team and the team represents the University in maybe the most visible venue, intercollegiate athletics. What we do as a FB player is a reflection on our teammates, our coaches, the University and our families. I have no idea what the outcome is going. The Poole kid and now these guys arrested based on evidence they were selling dope is a major problem. These guys are a bad influence on teammates and if others on the team know this is going on, it creates a divisive atmosphere and can become a cancer. I'm not "putting this on the Captains" but there is a breakdown in communication somewhere if this is going on. The Captains are supposed to be the communication link between the players and coaches. That isn't easy and requires leadership. For those of you who claim this is no big deal you haven't a clue. A felony conviction for this or any other offense is a serious blemish on these guys records and can adversely affect them the rest of their lives. Some felt Taylor had a shot at the NFL. They will overlook a kid smoking pot but most won't want anything to do with guys with felony convictions for drug dealing if that is the outcome. One of the dumbest posts I have ever seen on these blogs was the person who thinks it is no big deal that HS and or MS kids are using even if "only" marijuana. Those kids have more problems with truancy, lower grad rates and more emotional problems. They are also more likely to graduate to other mood altering drugs than the kids who abstain. This isn't jumping ship nor lack of support for Bubba and it's not fickle. It's being embarrassed about the shi@&show this season is turning into.
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    What does "I ballsack drama" mean?
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    Completely agree. Unfortunately, it's always easier to criticize than it is to empathize. Fans are upset and hurting now because the season has done a 180 from what everyone had hoped and expected because of an inordinate number of injuries and the unfortunate retirement of Connor O'brien, but no one is hurting more than the players and coaches. So, more than anything else, they need, and deserve, our support for the remainder of the season, no matter how it goes. Along those lines, I, along with two friends, am making a 1,400 mile roundtrip to see our last two home games.
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    Midco probably has some SD high school football game to rebroadcast.
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    No impulsive decisions are going to be made this season or shortly after. Bubba and his team could lose the rest of the games this season and, yet, nothing will happen going into 2018. They've earned that based on UND's progress from 2014 to preseason 2017. With all that said, no one should accept blow out loses to conference opponents, regardless of circumstances, including injury. Your "standards" or "expectations" should always be questioned anytime excuses supersede concern and frustration. This is also true for the players - I don't see much anger or fight from the UND football players on the field and that is concerning and frustrating, also. Remember, small dogs with big fight can also go toe-to-toe in fights. Right now, these 2nd and 3rd string UND players are small dogs with small fight and that is upsetting. There's very little passion out there; the team's actions suggest they believe 1-10 is inevitable.
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    I was obviously joking. Some of the dumbest friends I have are bison fans.
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    Fans have every right to be angry at what happened to UND against USD and I would question those that are ok with it. That was a flat out embarrassment!! To say anything about being a bandwagoneer because a person is upset with what they witnessed ....complete bull#%^% !! As much of a fan as I am, I'm also their biggest critic. I've missed maybe 5 home games in the last 25 years....I have a right, on a UND forum site, to speak my displeasure when things were as bad as they were on Saturday. They have 8 games left......let's see who the real fans are.