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    This Thome obsession on this board is downright comical.
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    I think it is probably as simple as this........ If the opportunity presented itself to double your annual income, how many here would turn it down?
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    I get the point, but the whole argument to keep the team seemed to be centered around the fact that there were Olympians on it. It definitely wasn't centered on results, revenues or costs.
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    I’m more interested in the effort and coaching right now. Many people are locked in on recruiting (and I am too). But to be honest, running through CC’s team....they really don’t have one player outside of Bergh who was even remotely desirable. By any top notch school. That game last night had more to do with preparation and execution.
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    I honestly can't fathom some of the recruiting. We've recruited some serious athletes at the tight end position but then game day rolls around and they get maybe a handful of plays as a focus. With how we've recruited tight ends, you'd think they'd be the focus of at least a third of the passing attack.
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    You're right...they certainly don't look bad! Oh wait...did you mean the mascot?
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    As badly as UND botched the logo, this idea really scares me.
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    Don't forget about fair weather fans....we are real deep in that department.
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    3-0 UND. My three stars for this one 1. @Oxbow6 2. Snapchat 3. @itsyaboiiceej Great game thread tonight. Time to download Snapchat.
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    Two extra minutes to browse Tinder...
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    Would folks rather we have a president that no other university is interested in?
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    Let’s send him packing for even looking this early in the ball game.
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    If there's one thing I learned about Northeastern, it's that you don't want to play them in a regional when they're on a hot streak....
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    We could, if people didn't first mock UND's decision to cut an extremely expensive sport with a non existent following.
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    If this happens heads should roll and gfhockey should get his rolodex out and make some calls. No way in hell that should happen.
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    These pictures show a Pretty Nice building. I for one am more for functionality and do not think Public Buildings should be built for Looks. When you are spending public dollars, conservative thought should win out. I don't think there is anything to be ashamed of with this building. I drive by it every week and it is pretty impressive.
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    Phase II needs to get done so we can move on to Phase III.
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    Show of hands for fans who would've taken two ties with Denver before the games this weekend? (Raises hand)
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    The lack of a mascot is the real problem....
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    How about we have a student dress up like a broken vacuum cleaner. Then everyone will have to concede the new mascot doesn't suck.
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    Grand kids are fired up to watch games this weekend. It was wear your favorite team jersey day today at school. My grandkids go to school in southern minnesota right smack in goofer and purple cow territory. Would like to see a sweep this weekend!
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    This just in: Photo of Berry (right) meeting with Oxbow (left) after the game. "They focused all their hate on you and played a great game. It couldn't have gone any better!" Of note: Berry declined dinner at Sizzler, but told Oxbow to keep an eye out for future texts.
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    All joking aside Cam's been dynamite so far.
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    Wolanin just face-timed me from the bench and said you guys better knock it off.
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    Rhett says team playing sioux hockey on cbs lol
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    I get that UND no longer has women's hockey and there are some personal beefs with how the Lammy twins handled it afterwards, however they're still former UND athletes competing in the Olympics. I don't think it needs to turn into ragging on women's hockey.
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    All NCAA team. USA Hockey really missed the target on this one. Even if the kids don't win it harkens back to the days of the 1980 team. Sell the nostalgia, underdog angle. Opportunity to showcase the young up and coming American stars and the growth of the youth game in the U.S. There would be enough top NHL draft talent on that team that they would be skilled enough to compete.
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    I can't help but wonder how many North Korean students UND is missing out on by not having a women's hockey program anymore.
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    So we all agree Thome starts friday? Good, it's settled, now someone inform Berry of our decision!
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    Another reason Bubba and Company should be on the hot seat. Their offensive philosophy is crap as is their player development. They are making it so no top QB in his right mind would sign here. See this year's recruiting results. Time to get their collective act together and think outside the tiny box they have put themselves in.
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    Bubba reassured us this year at long haul saloon changes will be made
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    ...........and somewhere Chris is still trying to convince someone that catching the ball at the 5 and running with the ball for 3 strides and then breaking the end zone plane is not a catch!
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    Beautiful job of highlighting red flag, in red. It really accentuated the overreaction.
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    Can't agree more. Makes no sense. The current TE's are very athletic and not used to there potential. All you hear about is the pro style offense we are using and the TE's are not involved for the most part in the pass offense. Nothing like you see at the next level.
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    Anybody else think it's unacceptable that there aren't renderings yet for phase II? Kind of hard to sell something that people can't see. Would also like to see JLG work on this, rather than Icon.
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    I received an email from the Alumni Assn with an outline of the priority projects which included the HPC Phase 2. They included a Survey which asks us our opinion as to prioritize those 5 areas which also include things like faculty issues/support, the student experience, the environment (buildings) and one other I can't remember maybe reasearch. I listed HPC Phase II at the top of the list because of the importance for marketing and the student experience in addition the value of intercollegiate athletics to the University, community, region, state and alumni. Phase II needs to include locker rooms for all athletes who don't have locker rooms at the Englestad and weight rooms, training facilities not already available, meeting rooms, lounges, offices etc. for those teams not at Englestad. It needs the Sports Medicine research facility. I suggested the Alumni office take $5,000,000 from discretionary funds, ask Altru for an additional $5,000,000 and raise the rest. If Altru opposed the UND Sanford relationship then they need to step up and replace what UND would have gotten from Sanford. Otherwise, they need to work out a joint agreement with UND and Sanford to support this facility, sports medicine and UND athletics. One of the Mayo Clinic guys who chaired their sports med department was interested in reviewing their potential participation in conjunction with their present Altru agreement. I passed that information to Faison and he was going to meet with them but it didn't get done. I believe Phase II is in the UND plan and a priority but I doubt UND plans to ask for State Funds. I believe they should because of the research facility that was supposed to be included in the project. ( Include anything involving concussions and there are grant dollars out there). With Biogenetics and Stem cell research/therapy already here, UND could be one of the nation's leaders in this research if they are willing to invest the time, energy, and resources.
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    Since when have UND fans needed an idiot dressed in a cartoon costume to get them to cheer on there team? But if they do end up making yet another mistake in this botched Odessy of rebranding then I humbly suggest that we name the new mascot "Postal the PC hawk", zer can be gender non conforming, queer, and disabled. The liberal news outlets will praise it for a week until they realize that the whole thing is a big joke.
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    We, ASU, just announced the plans to build our on campus Hockey arena. It will be between 4,300 and 5,000 seats and house Hockey, wrestling and gymnastics and will connect via a sky bridge to our basketball arena which will be refurbished as well. Still hearing that ASU is looking at the NCHC for their eventual conference. Arizona State's new Hockey Arena
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    Well, this class was considered a top 5 class and 2019 and 2020 are at or near the top of the rankings so don't think it has gone dry? 2018 might be a mixed bag with Scheel, Tychonick, and Hain all elite players and 3 over age guys in Weatherby, Keane, and Senden 2019 is looking pretty good with Donovan, Frisch, and Caulfied all being elite players and Costello and Bernard-Docker still developing and Randklev could be a huge get in that he is a 4 year guy and will bring some of same qualities as Evan Trupp with a little more scoring touch. 2020 is looking to be a ridiculous class right now with Kleven(#1 rated 2002 kid in the country) and Kunz(top 5 2002 forward in the country), Ethan Bowen is an elite prospect, Reid is considered one of Canada's top 17 year old D-men, Blaisdell is considered one of Canada's top players in his age group and Mancinelli is considered a pretty good prospect as well. Pinto is hard to gauge due to league he is in but has done well at elite camps. Blue Chippers Tychonick Frisch Donovan Kleven Kunz Bowen Borderline Blue Chippahs Hain Caulfield Blaisdell So bringing in 5 to 8 in next 3 years plus Randklev. I think most programs would roll the dice with these guys.
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    I'm no attorney, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. "Objection. Speculation."
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    Let’s say for the sake of the argument he does leave. Then what? UND try for the Minot Prez again? With the state law changed to only show finalists will the pool change? legacy? Well I drive by a lot of his legacy every day in the cities, the amount of promotion they have done down here is amazing. When I first moved down there 2 years ago there was barely anything! Funny what happens when you get $$$ to advertise (which they got ripped for) He’s better than Kelley and it’s not even close.
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    How did this thread get dredged up from July 2015? Can we send it to the scrap heap of history mods?
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    "Bessie, who is believed to have been trafficked here from New Salem while still a calf, escaped when one of her captors went outside for a cigarette and forgot to close the pen allowing her escape from the harrowing life of a sex slave."
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    He had an easy decision to make this offseason, and didn't make it. I don't think it's too hard to figure out why UND is not signing sought after FCS caliber QB recruits.
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    If you are trying to make sense of Rudolph's philosophy and strategy all you will get is a headache.
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    Everybody remember to take their pills today?
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    Yea, we need more of those guys...the one and dones...and less of four year slugs like Drake Caggiula.
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    Boeser.....Tucker.....Nick.....Jost........ Me too!