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    Can you shutup already? We got it. Sincerely, Everyone
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    I've avoided this board for the most part since our season ended for good reason. The thing that bothers me most is that fans(not all but some) are already pontificating the scenarios in which Coach Berry is let go after next year. The guy that literally is 2 years removed from winning us our 1st national championship after a 16 year drought where his predecessor(now being paid millions at the highest level of hockey and is a great coach) couldn't get the job done for us. The fact that some bobos are scripting our future demise of the next season and ousting of the head coach before we even hit summer is mind-boggling to me. And it's not just on these boards btw... it's on twitter, people heard it in St. Paul this weekend, I heard it in Grand Forks. If the hockey program shared an inkling of the negativity and 'woe-is-me' attitude we wouldn't win a damn game. Again, I don't believe everyone shares this mindset and I appreciate constructive conversation many on here provide but IMO to sift through the other crap to get there is almost not worth the effort anymore.
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    Anyone else feel that old sense of excitement with the conference tournament being back at the X with St Pattys day again? I never got excited for the tournament at the Target Center.
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    Friday: 7-1 UNO. This team is a bunch of lazy dickbirds, and Berry is too soft to succeed with anything but an nhl-ready squad. Saturday: 7-1 UND This team may not have stars, but it can play with anybody. No team wants to face them in the tourney. Berry is a better game coach than Hak. Sunday: 10-0 UND. About time the refs called a game the way it is supposed to be called.
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    Man some of you are sensitive. The UCF job would be a massive professional upgrade. It has nothing to do with his lack of loyalty to UND. He’s got a vision for UND to expand and improve which is more than can be said about our last couple of presidents. I hope he stays.
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    I'm not positive, but I think those numbers are off. Even if there were 8 players in Sochi (the Herald only named 7), Schlossman only named 6 this year in this tweet. It's not Fighting Sioux hockey anymore You "understand" that the University was in financial distress? How kind of you to acknowledge that There was a way to make it work?? Oh really? Strange that claim is short on details. UND explained what was needed to make it work: a $60 million endowment. I don't recall any of this "talking up" in past Olympics, especially from the foreign players because, well, their games get minimal coverage in the US. I also don't recall UND seeing any noticeable bumps or exposure from the previous two Olympics at a cost of $8 million/4 year cycle. The University found a way to maneuver numbers to make it look compliant? Decisions weren't made in the "spirit" of Title IX? I don't think she actually understands how Title IX works and there isn't a "spirit" behind it, either you're compliant or you aren't. The OCR investigation proved that UND was in compliance. Period. Women's team of what caliber? Slightly above-average? 0 Conference Titles, 0 NCAA wins but once finished T-2 in league play. What exactly are you hanging your hat on here? This pandering and flat out misinformation is why people have such strong feelings that appear to be negative. Enjoy your gold medal, it's an awesome accomplishment to be incredibly proud of. Quit trying to drag UND through the mud while doing it.
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    This is sort of backwards thinking here. From what I understand he was contacted by a search committee so he said what the hell and checked it out. So would some of you rather have a president that no other school wants? This shows we have a president that is worth something but according to the article above he has to go because someone else was interested. Makes no sense.
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    Not saying he wouldn't have elevated the overall skill level, but sometimes it's more important to have a happy, cohesive unit off the ice
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    Can someone just ask Brad why UND had two of the best players in the world and after that, all these Olympians and talent, yet only had a whopping 2 NCAA tournament appearances and zero NCAA tournament wins? The team being cut sure gives a lot of convenient cover for what appears to be severe underperformance for all the supposed talent that was on the team.
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    In my analysis, if UND wins out the remainder of their games this spring while everyone else loses, we will be hanging banner #9.
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    Kevin, feel free to create a user name and password here and PM me directly. Nobody WANTED women's hockey to go away, but that $2 million-a-year albatross around UND's neck was hard to ignore. Bemidji State vs UMD yesterday in women's WCHA playoffs...FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE ATTENDEES! News flash: North Dakota isn't the only school that's going to have trouble keeping women's hockey afloat. Call it a hunch.
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    F’n A, Cotton! Idiotic fans. What are they thinking!!?? First rule of fandom... never express hope or glass-half -full opinions. Always mire oneself in absolutes and brutal honesty to the point where you’ve expunged all fun and you’re indistinguishable from SU trollers. “Hope springs eternal”?? — screw that noise! We are what we are, FHawks fans. Until we’re not. Get use to it. And quit trying to hope yourself out of the cellar. Tell you what, hope in one hand and crap in the other, and see which one fills up quicker. Get the point? No room for inane optimism in here. That’s simply weakness entering the fan base. No fun allowed. This is a business, so get back on the depression wagon and get back to work hating on these young men. Tough love is the only way, folks. Quit making them think they might have an iota of a chance. That’s pu$$y talk. They won’t get better any other way! C’mon. Sheesh! LOL!
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    Sorry....... didn't know having an opinion was not allowed. Never said the other 3 weren't important. I'm just of the "opinion" that Colton is a beast and of the 4 who have been speculated to leave his return is huge. Would be great to have the other 3 come back too. Feel free to pull your panties from your crack at any point now.
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    Remember the .6 tee shirts? Well here’s one for the gopher faithful
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    But I was told before Hak left that everyone would be fine with 4 or 5 UMD-like dumpster fire seasons sprinkled in with an NCAA title once a decade... Apparently that's not the case anymore. Two years removed from a national championship, Berry needs to be fired, the roster needs to be gutted, we need a new nickname and logo on the jerseys, and REA needs to be imploded. My, my, my...
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    Ok I will play. So superiors, meaning ND State Board of higher education talked to UCF leaders and got them to interview Kennedy so that he could miss the Gold Medal celebration at the Ralph? The UCF leaders agreed to this rouse, even putting Kennedy in their top 3. This is some high level stuff...the UCF process began before the US won the gold, meaning that somebody there knew that USA would win, and they also knew when the twins would be done with their national circuit of talk show appearances and available for the GF celebration at the Ralph. Knowing this, they got Kennedy in for interviews, put him in their top 4, and even made it look more plausible by putting him in their top 3. I am glad I know how it really went down. I am one of the sheeple, a mere pawn, so I don't see this top level stuff unless I come to this board.
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    It's almost as if the coaches have some sort of insight from watching the guys practice every single day beyond what the casual fan sees 6 hours a week.
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    Moser53 should change his name to Master53. He has locked up more threads than the night manager at Jo-Ann Fabric.
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    In my expert opinion, there's three keys to having a better season next year: 1. More wins. 2. Fewer losses. 3. Fewer ties.
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    Ciskie has a face for radio and a voice for silent film.
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    What crony did he give money to? Care to elaborate on that pretty damning claim? Where did he even get cronies that quick or is he funneling money out of state? Really want to hear more on this accusation. I'll counter and say the general public has been pretty critical of a lot of his moves and frankly after a decade of plenty of decisions being made with the goal of trying to toe the line and done in a way that tried to please everyone instead of solving a problem, it is a welcome change. You don't have to agree with everything, but sometimes people in charge have to make unpopular decisions.
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    Well, UND is sitting pretty good if they have a president that was the #3 finalist at UCF.
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    What needs to be cleaned up? Boys played their sacks off tonight, but it wasn't enough. If trashing the team and/or individual players makes you, or anyone here for that matter, feel better in any way, shape or form, so be it. I'm good without it as it accomplishes absolutely nothing and makes people look like idiots. No other choice but to go out tomorrow and play with the same effort. Gotta finish, though. Been the story all year. Can we do it? We'll see. And btw, what is Bubbs supposed to say in a post game interview? Maybe he should insult the players. That could make him feel better.
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    So, a few posts regarding Senator Heitkamp's tweet is teetering on the edge of a cliff in regards to discussing politics, but a poster bringing up "nudie pics" of the L twins is promptly backed-up with a comment from a moderator. C'mon, guys...this stuff gives fuel to the fire and is not called for at all.
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    Tough to say early on in his tenure but I appreciate that he has vision and the balls to make a tough decision.
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    I can tell you from personal experience that ndsu's facilities upgrade early in their transition was a primary reason why recruiting picked up to the level that it did for them and why it made it so difficult for UND. It's still working for them today (along with the winning obviously) in recruiting. Their facilities upgrades came before their winning success that they've maintained. Ask the UND coaches. They will tell you that facilities are killing us right now, specifically coaches offices, operations, and meeting rooms. Any coach, good, bad or neutral, will be able to recruit better talent and athletes with better facilities at any level. It's not debatable. Phase II is critical for UND in the next 5 years. It has to happen. And yes, obviously winning helps too.
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    Essentially, the Sam Houston game will be a playoff game early in the season. If we want to gain respect with the pollsters and get the fans back on board, we have to win this game. We cannot get blown off the field; especially with Washington on the schedule early. We need to find a way to start 2-1. This might be the most important game of the year.
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    Jayson Hajdu‏ @JaysonHajdu 54s55 seconds ago More It's that time of year where a handful of @UNDmhockey players have to make difficult decisions with regard to their careers. I'm happy to pass along that F Nick Jones and D Colton Poolman have already confirmed that they will be back at UND next year. #UNDproud
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    Disagree about a goal celebration. We say: act like you've been there before, we're proud when Boeser gives the most modest fist pump imaginable after his many goals, we decry the jersey pop. If he wants to low-key it, I have no issue.
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    In an effort to change the topic I offer this: When the best team in the country pounced on a freshman defenseman's mistake last night, the team rightly jumped in celebration for winning an overtime playoff game. Then their fans erupted in a continued chant of "You suck!" As I listened to this I wondered to whom the "You Suck" applies? Was it the UND goalie who has more NCAA national championship rings than the entire Saint Cloud State roster? Was it the Freshman defenseman who made an ill advised clearing pass to a top line St. Cloud Forward? Was it to the Coaching staff of UND who also holds more NCAA championship rings than the SCSU coaching staff? Perhaps it was directed at the UND hockey program with its 8 National Championships hanging at REA, as compared to zero in NHC. Or maybe it was directed at the UND fans who were there supporting their 14th ranked hockey team from a campus 230 miles farther away than Saint Cloud, and an 8-1 attendance effort. My final consideration was that maybe, just maybe these fans don't consider any of these items when they chant "you suck' because they all have a certain lack of class and the ability to examine their own behavior. After examining the cases above, it is easy to recognize who truly sucks.
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    If I was In charge of the Slummit: 1) Change name of conference 2) Double header games - women/men games travel together. 3) Talk to NMSU versus Augie 4) Start football .
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    Keep the comments positive, guys. We don't want the kids crying on Instagram when they stroll thru this thread twenty minutes from now. #CancelThe Hogger
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    Maybe you can turn it backwards and project fans in the seats for WH games.
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    Seen their locker rooms, coaches offices and meeting rooms?
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    CNN will be reaching out to him soon for a position.....................................................
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    I think a technical school is also a form of education. A 4-year bachelors isn't the right answer for everyone, despite this idea being shoved down kids throats for two decades now. We are in desperate need of good people in the trades.
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    Did you watch the post game press conference on Friday afternoon? Coach Motzko talked about playing North Dakota and what they bring to the rink. He complimented UND. He basically said, The games can’t get any more intense. And they have to bring it every time they play UND. It’s not what’s on the front of the jersey but what’s in the players heart and mind set. It’s playing North Dakota and being in a war every game. That still exists today. It hasn’t changed. There are going to down seasons. That’s sports. Coach Berry talks about the culture and no one player is above that. Doesn’t matter if your a first round draft choice or a fourth liner. If the fourth liner is playing better they’re going to play. Yes, this year was down but to suggest UND’s brand is ruined because the university dared to put a Hawk on the shoulders is short sighted. Five conference titles and an NCAA Title have been won under the Fighting Hawks nickname. It isn’t going anywhere. While the Nickname is gone, the same culture remains. Kick Ass and go hard. Bring it every game. Hey, I love the Fighting Sioux nickname but it’s gone, forever. It’s not coming back. After botching the nickname transition the university is moving forward to develop a brand.
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    If somehow the NCAA would permit UND and Minnesota to play half-ice during intermission like the little kids do, I'd be more apt to make the trip.
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    I thought it was won due to an NHL-level first line and one of the strongest d-corps that UND has been able to put on the ice in recent memory. To think that a nickname or logo has any bearing to the play on the ice is foolish. I've been a Sioux fan my entire life, never knew any different growing up in GF. The tradition is still there.
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    Must have forgotten about that awesome national title season a couple years ago.
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    Would a #moveonbrad solve the issue of the wayward reporter? asking for a friend.
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    Do you hear the baseball players constantly bitching and complaining like this? Or the Swimming and Diving teams-who won more in one year than the WH did in their entire existence? This attitude is why they don't have support from the masses, only their little myopic niche.
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    When they've only won four games since December 2, it seems preposterous to think they could go on a little run. But I think it's possible. Since a very poor showing against Duluth, they went 2-4-4 to close the season. The four losses included two in overtime and two trailing by one late in the third, until empty netters put them away. The leads coughed up, and the inability to finish, have been real factors and I understand they can't be ignored. But it's also true that they played very good teams Denver and St. Cloud to regulation draws in four out of four games. They certainly deserved a better fate tonight, as did the aching goalposts. What happens if they continue to play well, and actually catch a break? Maybe a tight game falls the right way for once. Or twice.
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    Jake Brandt praising Olson for sticking up for his teammate and taking the penalty. I say great move if you being macho is most important thing but stupid move if you want to win a hockey game and try to save your season. We wouldn't be behind right now and maybe ahead if he plays it smarter.