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    Duluth fans shouldn't have a problem finding a place to park. Just hit the parking lot attendant from behind ....and park wherever you want.
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    You guys wanted it? You got it In a game that can be best described as Never Say Die, UND stormed back from deficits again and again to force OT. UND finally gained the upper hand in the OT session to bring the school a Big Sky Tournament Championship to go along with its Regular Season Title. More importantly, it punched their ticket to the Big Dance for the 1st time in school history. Their reward was a 15 seed in the West Regional and a matchup with perennial PAC-12 and National power Arizona. Before diving into the meat of the preview: I tip my hat to the coaches and players of this team for their season so far. They have accomplished a lot this season and while some of it was a bit rough at times, they did put it all together at the end when the chips were down. From the head coach on down, congratulations on a fantastic season. Of course, they aren't happy just being in SLC, they want to be the 9th team in NCAA Tournament history to knock off a 2 seed. Arizona is coached by Sean Miller, who's brother Archie Miller is the coach over at Dayton. Its another banner year for Wildcat Basketball, capturing their 4th Regular Season title under Miller, which they tied Oregon for, and took the Tournament crown as well. Since taking over in the 2009-10 season for the retiring Hall of Fame coach and Mayville-born Lute Olson, every time that they have won a share or the outright regular season title, it has translated to an Elite 8 appearance. Despite the success, two things currently hound this Arizona program. #1 They want to get the bad taste of being upset last year out of their mouths and make a run #2 Despite the Elite 8 appearances, the last time Zona made it all the way to the Final 4 was in 2000-01, where they made it all the way to the championship game before falling to a well coached and talented Duke team. Its been a long time and it is also the one thing that Miller hasn't done with Arizona yet. Could this be the breakthrough year? The Wildcats are deeply talented and are lead by the big Fin Lauri Markkanen. The comparisons to Frank the Tank of Wisconsin is very comparable, as he can hurt teams both inside and out. The 7 footer is shooting 43.2 percent from downtown, around 50% overall and shoots a good clip from the line. Potential Top 10 pick in this years NBA draft. The other big cog is Allonzo Trier, a 6'5 Sophomore guard. Out for the first half of the season due to PEDs (yeah, seriously). Trier has made up for lost time in a big way and has really torn it up in late February and into the Pac-12 tournament. Sneaky rebounder and he can shoot it very well. Geno, he is all yours. Zona also has another 7 foot big from Serbia in Dusan Ristic, who is more of your traditional post player. They can do just as much Around the Big Sky: -Weber, Idaho and EWU all made postseason tournaments. Weber and Idaho in the CIT and EWU in CBI -PSU announced that Gelving will not be returning next year How UND can do the unthinkable: 1) Win every 50/50 ball. When teams pull upsets, they do every little thing right. They dive for loose balls, save balls from going out, force jump balls. 2) Bring what got you to the dance Sometimes you just have to go with what got you here at this point. It might be tempting to try something funky, but sometimes you might have your greatest success with the normal game plan... with a tweak or two. Strong guard play got us here, strong guard play is going to be needed. 3) A senior guard who can shoot Hey Q, your time to shine. Small schools who pull upsets traditionally have that one guard that can fill it up and give their team a chance. 3) UND Bigs: play the best game of your life You have a potential top 10 NBA pick, find a way to slow him down. Carson Shanks... play the best you ever have. 4) Don't be afraid to throw the first punch and take their best punch without panicking Come out swinging, Mike Tyson once said everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Rock Arizona to start the game, get those jitters out of the way. On the reverse side of the coin, if they come out hot. Do not panic, take their best blows and come back. Let them know you are not going away Prediction: The key word today is Pressure: How much of it can UND force upon Arizona on the court and in their heads. Its house money for UND, so they can play as loose as a goose. Can they get to the final media timeout within legit striking distance. If they do, all bets are off. I think they do within the first half before the Finnish Frank the Tank becomes too much in the 2nd half. Hooker and company do provide one shining moment for the UND faithful. I hope I am wrong but I think Arizona wins by 12. Zona 84-72
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    Made it to practice today and was impressed with the way the team looked compared to past spring sessions. They certainly are strides ahead of where they were two years ago, and in spots, the team is sitting better than they were last year. There are still depth issues, which have been hashed to death on here, but, that said, depth is a huge asset in many areas that didn't have it before. For instance, it wasn't long ago that when we saw Santiago go down hard on the turf and get up slowly, we would collectively cringe with fear. Fast forward to today, and it's next man up x 4 at the RB position, alone. WR, DL, C and to some degree CB are other areas where we are plussed up more on depth. QB and other OL line spots, OLB and TE are sitting a bit better, too, whereas ILB and S still question marks. So my first reaction today was "Holy Cow! No. 1 is freaky fast!" No. 1 is none other than freshman WR Cameron McKinney. I had the same type of reaction to Santiago at fall camp two years ago.... but, I must say that McKinney's explosiveness, speed and shiftiness are even better than Santiago's was his freshman year. What's scary is that Santiago never had the advantage of a spring camp going into his first season like McKinney has now. And we all know how good Santiago has turned out. Suffice it to say that McKinney took reps on KR and PR today. I'm told that we shouldn't sleep on Izzy Adeoti (say that 10 times fast) or Mikey Greibel either at WR when they get here in the fall, especially Izzy. I also saw JJ at RB for the first time... #33 is an unusual hybrid of fullback power combined with halfback shiftiness and WR speed. Very excited to add his talents to the mix. S Juco transfer Tamas Stewart remains in a sling on the sideline for spring campus.. which is very unfortunate. The other new comer, QB Zimmerman, really has some zip and loft on his balls. He's got a lot of arm action before his release that sometimes causes his balls to sail on him. He's money within 20 yards, but a little iffier beyond. Still I thought he looked fine, as his mind must be swimming with new schemes and terminology. ILB Conner O'Brien sat out practice today for an undisclosed reason after suffering some bumps on on Friday. CB Tyus Carter is limited but practicing with the red "don't go near me" jersey. Former Lamar University CB and JUCO player Jo Jo Henderson is on campus and was at the practice today. As for the Offensive line... what jumped out at me was: Bryce Blair is still tall and leaner than the rest but he is soo damn good with his technique. His increase confidence was evident on the line, too. C Aplin reminds me of Boas in his second year at UND. If you recall Juco transfer Center Boas had his struggles his first year at UND only to come back the next year to dominate in the middle of the line. That is not to say that Aplin was not good last year. I just see Aplin taking a similar big step. That said, Rooney and Nguon will push hard for playing time, too, at center. Highlights from today included: Wanzek had many many amazing body contorting leaps and grabs along the sideline in tight coverage. He is so Lynn Swan-esque, for us old timers who remember the Steelers of the 70s/80s. Both Wanzek and Toivonen look to have thicker bodies this spring. Reyes was Reyes doing Reyes things. He went up and tipped a pass into his own hands for an INT. Dion Harris, too, did his thing by jumping a route for an almost pick six that jumped off his forearm. Bolinske had another nice ball today to Luke Stanley that went for 70 yards and a TD .... Stanley went up high against Canady and Hunt and brought it down before scampering with speed the rest of the way. Hope that helps whet the appetite! T
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    Wear it, no worries. But might want to walk with at least 1 witness at all times in case you walk by a Duluth fan and they flop on the floor and claim you struck them-
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    Or Ohio state could just take care of it. That'd be fine with me.
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    Interesting to ser if the whole state rallys around The Flagship after all "It is good for the entire state"
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    Anyone else feel the week of the NCAA tourney should just be a holiday week, and none of us should have to work? So anxious for Friday!
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    Kid is a physical specimen. Probably the most NHL-ready player on our team. If he can go, he will go. Here's to wishing him a speedy and full recovery. Post credible updates please and well wishes.
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    I would say I was stunned at how the Fighting Hawks didn't give up, but I knew from my readings ya'll wouldn't. The guards were as great as advertised and the frontline didn't back down. Hooker in particular, is legit and Berstine surprised me significantly. It was an incredibly class move to put your bench in at the end of the game. The future is looking very bright for this program, very fundamentally sound and with the tourney exposure, I think there will be an increase in the level of recruits for UND!
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    Stat of the day: UND is undefeated when scoring an empty net goal. You're welcome.
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    Caggiula didn't level, he got leveled.
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    Actually, winning a regular season conference championship is a VERY big deal as it has to be done over the course of the season and requires a level of consistency that illustrates a team's true nature. Tournament time is fun because of the "one and done" nature and requires focus and intensity over the course of each and every game, with no room for error. To say the regular season doesn't mean squat if the team fails to reach the tournament prize is a great disservice to the effort and sacrifice required to achieve a regular season title. It's hard to control a one-time effort and as IUPUI showed, a one-time top effort can be a great equalizer. Let's hope our hockey team can make up for a less than stellar regular season by putting maximum effort and intensity into the playoffs.
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    I would like to thank UMD for these prime row 5 corner seats where UND shoots twice.
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    My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Tucker in a sling at the Red Pepper last night. I guess it's pretty serious
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    Sam and the rest of the Quinnipiac teams' anuses are probably still feeling it from that pounding they took in the title game last year.
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    I just saw a headline that Dean Blais has decided to retire from coaching the Mavs in Omaha. Best of luck to him and enjoy the fishing and hunting that he so much enjoys. Thanks for everything that he did at UND and for US hockey.
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    So pumped for Hooker. He had been a warrior for UND and deserved to take us to the big dance for the first time. The officiating will favor whoever we play since they will be one of the top teams. Need to actually hit free throws early in the game to have a shot. Let's go be that team that shocks the world.
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    The Men's Basketball team, the one that just played Arizona on TBS primetime and got UND more exposure nationwide in a week than any sport ever, has a smaller budget than WH. W.T.F.
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    This will probably be the most fans Ohio State has ever had.
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    That was fun. Ran with them the whole game. Didn't back down and took every punch.....and responded. Great exposure and representation by The Flagship. Absolutely fantastic. You've awakened a fan base that will want to do that again.....and that's a very good thing. Can't thank the players, coaches, trainers, and strength staff enough. Just wow. Quinton Hooker, thank you. We owe that great young man so much. Thats the type of person I want representing me, working beside me, or leading me. Each and every day.
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    Typical Jones..... And @hoops44 wonders why people !@#$ on Jones all the time. Just have someone take the interview. People who are underselling the importance of this are just plain stupid. It's a terrible look for us at a time when it should be all roses.
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    But they haven't been to the NCAA tourney six straight times.
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    Blame the NCAA for not allowing campus sites for Regionals not allowing UND to bid the Ralph to host. Blame Scheels Arena for not having enough seats. Blame the hockey team for being so damn successful these last 20 years that demand for tickets it at an all time high. Any one of those would be better than blaming the UND administration or athletic department for tickets not being available.
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    UND actually promoting school spirit on campus. Its about damn time
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    Whichever regional gets Buccigross and Melrose will get the worst
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    Berry said to expect Tucker back for regionals at the post game presser.
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    Hey Carl, don't forget to watch the 3rd place game tomorrow online. Game starts at 3:30!
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    You are right, what young kid would want to play for a program that has seen 20 guys play at least one game in the pros this year, is coming off a national title, plays in one of the top hockey venues in the world, is within a sniff of having the most NCAA titles ever...but lost a conference semi-final to another perineal power. Happy trolling.
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    Yes, they want more money, but there's more to it than that. They want more than 9 games a year in non-olympic years. I don't consider that to be that much of a request. They want more advertising and advocation. The women's team will never earn as much revenue as men do, but it's hard to expect them to earn anything when there is absolutely no exposure for the general public. Part of the reason the women's soccer team makes so much is because the public actually knows they exist. They're also advocating for more money to be put into developing girl youth hockey programs, something that USA Hockey has done little about despite being legally required to do so. The Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act states that a sports governing body has to 'encourage and provide assistance to amateur athletic activities for women'. That's incredibly vague and unhelpful, but the same regulation requires that USA Hockey submit to the President and congress (every 4 years) a report that details "data concerning the participation of women, disabled individuals, and racial and ethnic minorities in the amateur athletic activities and administration of the corporation and national governing bodies; and a description of the steps taken to encourage the participation of women, disabled individuals, and racial minorities in amateur athletic activities." If USA Hockey is doing all that they're supposed to be doing in regards to women's and girl's hockey development and payment, why not just release that report (which should include quantitative data) to back it up? Easy to read Amateur Act from Cornell Law School website Article from Julie Foudy (US women's soccer star) about the history of this struggle with USA Hockey For the record, I don't think the women's team should be paid a ton of money (most olympic athletes make crap), but I certainly think they deserve a bit more than what they're getting. And if it takes boycotting to get it, then that's how it goes. They've been remarkably successful...it's time that got acknowledged.
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    I guess I disagree with your premise. I don’t think the fact that UND men won 22 games so far this season is a result of Jones suddenly becoming a better coach, motivator, recruiter, etc. There are so many things that go into each team and each season, that to break it down to so simple an idea is flawed. Sure, coaches continually learn and evolve, but they aren’t dumb coaches one year and brilliant coaches the next. Bill Belichick is a great coach even in bad years for his team, there are just dozens of circumstances that go into making it a great year or a bad year. If you’ve never played, coached or recruited at the college athletics level you can’t even imagine the things that go into a team’s success. Of course, getting good players to come to UND is critical. But, these young college student athletes are each unique. Personality, ability, classroom aptitude, effort, desire, homesickness, parents, girlfriends, maturity, etc., all play a part, and they are different for each kid. Chemistry among a group of kids is hard to define. Coaching staff, of course, is another critical element. It’s clear this group of players and coaches has some real chemistry. I believe Jones has tried to assemble the best combination of athletes and good young men, each and every recruiting class. Being a school known for hockey, in one of coldest, remote locations puts us at a small disadvantage in a lot of recruiting battles. We do well once a kid visits and sees what UND has to offer, but we do miss out on kids who decline to even consider UND. I’ve talked to former UND athletes who have said they visited UND knowing they would never accept an offer here, but after visiting and meeting the staff and seeing the facilities, plus seeing the quality of the education UND offered, they jumped at the chance to come here. And they remain proud they did decades later. I think this team is a reflection of that. I love watching Avants. His intensity and effort on the court remind me of a lot of the intense Sioux BB players of the past, Clausen, S Brekke, etc. The fact that Jones got him to come here from OK was great. But, if Connor was 2 or 3 inches taller, with his ability, he would be playing at a major university, we wouldn’t have been able to land him. Shanks had limited options when he transferred and as a result we were able to get him. Bernstine had a coaching connection and we were able to bring him in. I think Huff was another example from year’s past, if he would have been a couple inches taller and 25 pounds heavier, I think he would have been a star at a major basketball school. Over the years, we’ve had some great kids who were a good fit for UND basketball. This team is an amazing collection of guys that maybe were overlooked a little by other schools. Some unique stories. But, they bought into Jones’ style and in talking to several of them over the last couple years, they love the staff and couldn’t be prouder to be representing UND. One thing this season might do is make it easier to compete for some of those good young men, who have many D1 options for their playing career, to now consider UND as one of the programs they want to compete at. This season can really help in the recruiting process going forward. Just my thoughts as one of those “gray haired guys” who has followed Sioux basketball for over 50 years. Can’t wait to watch the UND – Arizona game! Win or lose, I think it will be a great night for UND basketball going forward.
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    Blais* He was an assistant coach from 1980-1989 and head coach from 1994-2004. Under 10 seasons as head coach he has - the highest winning percentage for a coach at und at .733 - 5 MacNaughton cups - 4 Broadmoor trophies - 2 ncaa titles - 3 title game appearances Not including his hardware from being an assistant coach. I think it's more a respect for a great coach in making this program one of the best in college hockey.
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    I'll have what he's drinking
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    It's evident many people are skeptical of extending Jones. Women's hockey is in need of a change. Here's what i would do: 1. Fire Idalski and his 200k per year contract. 2. Hire Jones as the new women's hockey coach, pay him $150k. (Nice raise for Jones, and with 209 people attending the Friday night Ohio State playoff game, does it really matter who's coaching???) 3. Hire Chad Walthall as new men's basketball coach, pay him base $180k, with lots of incentives. #Winning
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    He's not unsuccessful because he's not paid well. He's not paid well because he's unsuccessful.
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    Hopefully the entire team WILL be available as everyone had the night off last Saturday!
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    Helluva day so far. You can all rest easy now.
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    Last person out of GF, turn the lights off.
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    I didn't know where to put this. I wanted to say how fun this year has been. Some folks have identified the five sports that are followed most closely by UND fans: Both basketballs, volleyball, football and men's hockey. I am optimistic, when all is done, that all five will have made the national playoffs. Many ups and downs but for Pete's sake - it doesn't get much better than this. That said, I think everyone will agree that next year we will be better with most if not all of these teams. Just a good time to be an UND fan - yes - an UND Fighting Hawk fan! I appreciate this site and thank all that contribute.
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    I don't get the hate for Starman. He knows the game really well and points out things that I would miss and I've been watching hockey a few years. He also has a lot of good background on players.
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    Can we keep the nickname/logo banter in the Nickname thread?
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    Agreed, lost a TON of respect for Sandelin after this weekend. Team played like a group of little B1Tches!!! I'll be cheering against them, regardless of who they are playing. I'd rather see the Gophers win over those punks.
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    And you don't hear Justin Gaard talking about UND basketball or football like he does NDSU all the time on KFAN. This is the reason why. Faison is such an idiot and where is the SID that is in charge of this stuff? Damn straight this is an area that NDSU kicks UND's butt in. Media availability is a must when you make it to your first dance and you are invited to be on a 100kw radio station with the affiliates KFAN has.
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    This team went from street ballin' to a disciplined but creative style of play. If Jones himself or one of his assistants paved the way for that, more power to Jones. People are redeemable and they are capable of change. Maybe it was the power of the players faith and leadership that transformed the team, more than the coaches. Faison will have to determine that.
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    Woke up with a smile on my face still!!! A GREAT DAY TO BE A FAN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA! SO SO SO SO PROUD!!!
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    Guys - while I agree with hoops once on a while (not at all on this topic), his primary goal in life is to be a jerk - and he is very good at it!!! JUST IGNORE HIM - the more you try to debate him, the more satisfaction he gets as he tries to aggravate you!! IGNORE HIM!!
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    Why are we only looking at the $1.3 million number? Why don't we cut more than that number? It's ok to have extra money laying around for unknown expenses/surprises. If we want to be lean and successful, in my opinion you need to cut women's hockey and any other sports that the Summit League does not offer/support/require. People are going to be upset regardless about the cuts. Make the knife cut be deep and sharp to the budget. And be done once and for all. Time for the President to put his big boy pants on.
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    Put the puck in the damn net... that is all