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    Practice #1 is in the books and Bubba and crew really harped on special teams work and two-minute offense. "Finish strong" was the mantra of the day and that is exactly what they the team did, as QB Andrew Zimmerman connected with Demun Mercer on a 65-plus yard pattern that, if it wasn't a TD, would have set the offense up with 1st and goal to go. That was the last play of the day in the the 2-minute offense drill and it got everyone excited. Other notes and highlights from the day: My hot take for today is that we have the most complete QB group that we've ever had in the DI era, with Studs, Heidelbaugh and Zimmerman, and Ketteringham and Boltmann on deck. All looked good today on Day 1. Three have a bigger learning curve than the two returning QBs. All that being said, it is not to say that we necessarily have the best QB group in the Big Sky, it simply means top to bottom, the raw talent and potential talent is the best I've seen at UND in the D1 era (that includes when we had Mollberg, Bartels, Studsrud, Riddle and Palendeck or Braden Hansen, Marcus Hendrickson, Mollberg and Bartels). Studs, Heidelbaugh and Ketteringham had the best day today under center... Boltmann and Zimmerman threw some nice balls but had quite a few balls sailing over receivers. It should be expected that Studs and Heidlbaugh would be more polished in the pocket due to their familiarity with the offense. Studs didn't do anything flashy but what he did got the job done and almost without error. A contender for play of the day was a nice long pass, catch and run from Ketteringham to WR Izzy Adeoti for a TD. Studsrud's best connection of the day came when TE Cloyd got behind coverage and went up to grab a long pass for a TD. JUCO Transfer Tykeise Johnson got everyone's attention with a Deion Harris-style pick 6 off of Studs. Johnson was in coverage when he changed directions on a dime and stepped in front of the waiting receiver to snatch the ball and run. Mikey Greibel was impressive today with all balls thrown his way including a one-handed snag along the sidelines. He looks the part early. Logan Alm played a ton at TE today and was equally impressive catching the ball as he was on hitting his blocks. Cloyd also had a good day at TE Newcomer Hayden Blubaugh made his presence known with some nice sticky-as-glue coverage on receivers, including a nice strong PBU in which he punched the ball out of the path to the receiver at the last second. As I alluded to before, practice closed with 2-minute offense series. Studs took what appears at this point to be the first string OL (Stockwell, Bell, Rooney, Taylor, Cox) and efficiently marched them down the field in the first run of the 2-minute drill. Studs capped off that series with two nice balls to WR Easton Erbes, the second of which was for a TD. Erbes was covered by Canady both times. Heidelbaugh took the second series with an OL comprising Blair, Aplin, Nguon, Tobin and Mortel. Heidelbaugh had two nice passing gains during his run: one to Mercer over the middle and a TD in the back of the end zone to WR Stetson Carr. Zimmerman took the final two series, first with OL Helgren, Bell, Stiner, Miller and Russo. Zimmerman struggled under center at first, though he did have a nice ball over the middle to newcomer WR Cam McKinney. Ultimately though the series had two balls sail on him and a sack. Zimmerman then got a chance to guide, what I am calling the first team OL, down the field for a TD -- capped off by the beautiful pass to Mercer that ended the day. As expected, Cam Hunt did not practice due to undisclosed injury. Also, freshman TE Graham Devore had what appeared to be a hand cast on today at practice. See you tomorrow.
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    Practice update: The team looked sharp out there this morning as they took their practice into the cozy confines of the HPC to avoid a wet and slippery Memorial Stadium field. There was a ton of energy on the turf, and all 21 drill sessions were conducted nice and crisp. The boys must sense that install week is approaching. Dranka, Pinke, Bennett and Honerlaw joined the group of a dozen or so players who sit out and DNP with various health conditions each day. On a good note, J.J. was back in full gear and looked just as good as ever. He was hitting his holes hard and participated in all drills. Also, highly touted true freshman, Graham Devore was taking limited reps with the team this morning, still with a hard cast on his right hand after an off season non-football mishap. He'll be a good one in future years. I will have to amend my guess on who might get their RS pulled now that McKinney and Larson have spent considerable time out of the practice and losing out on more and more reps every day. Right now, I am betting on Izzy on offense and Blubaugh on defense. It's probably for the best long term to give as many of our young guys, such as McKinney and Larson, an extra year to get even bigger, faster, stronger and come back with four more playing years. In most cases, as they say, we are trading their relative worst year for the their best year. That said, it is hard not to want to see what they can do right away. But remember had it not been for a hurt hand in Reyes' first year, he'd be gone already. Good things come to those who wait. I have to say that when it comes to the amateur eye-ball test, the line backing position group, as a whole, looks to be faster than ever. Maybe not quite as big but they definitely have the quicks. Since I made such a big deal of Tobin taking reps at RG with the 1s earlier this week, I should make mention that it was Aplin who did the same today. Now for the good stuff, the Play of the Day goes to none other than Austin Cieslak on the DL. Playing the role of nimble linebacker. Cieslak dropped back in pass coverage after Studsrud bought some time with his feet to his right, looking for an outlet receiver. Studs fired a bullet at a target that was in pretty tight coverage. When it was all said and done, the hefty Cieslak was on the receiving end for a pick. He rumbled down the field for about 15 yards before being forced out, eliciting an eruption of cheers from his defensive teammates and coaches, and secretly from some offensive guys as well. Studs more than made up for the Cieslak INT later with a long rope to the deceptively fast and sure handed WR Noah Wanzek who streaked past CB Garret "G" Bollant, who is lightening quick in his own right, for a 60-plus yard reception that might have gone for a TD depending on the angle of the safeties who were near by. Got to take another day off tomorrow but I will try to be back on Friday.
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    In running for legit worst post of all time on this board.....
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    2 arrests in 6 weeks, as a criminology major. At NDSU they call that "extra credit", nothing to see here.
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    SFI is now joining with KFGO and being rebranded to UND Football 360. They will do a weekly podcast. They will also join Shannon Schweigert on the pre and post game shows.
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    Hey Darrell maybe it's time to for you to move on as well with these comments. Most of us who follow North Dakota sports whether we're hockey only or all UND Sports fans have moved on. Now it's time for you to grow up and move on as well. The hockey versus other sports battles are over, quit trying to resurrect them
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    Thoughts from Saturday morning scrimmage: Good crowd, great weather... OK football. Two out of three ain't bad, I guess. Here we go: Apart from the those lost for the season, their were a bunch of players who did not participate today due to various conditions, including Dranka, Tamas Stewart, McKinney (hard cast on right forearm), Jade Lawrence, Torrey Hunt, Mikey Geibel, Stanley. The morning started out with a "pin the hip" tempo in the red zone, with Studs at QB and Toivonen, Wanzek and Mercer in the receiver slots. The OL was as we've stated in the past -- Stockwell, Bell, Rooney, Taylor and Cox On the other side of the ball was a heavy defensive front with Tank and Cieslak along with Mason Bennett. The linebacking corps comprised Palmborg, Rodgers, Noah Larson and Disterhaupt. It was Tyus and Holm at the corners and Reyes and Flowers at safety. We will see in the coming weeks how this kind of a line up shuffles around as other players come back into the mix. On the first series with Studs at the helm, Evan Holm showed his speed, ability to close quickly and pretty good coverage ability on a number of plays where he forced incompletions. Studs started a little slow but got it going on a beautiful wheel route throw to Oliviera out of the backfield who scampered in for a TD. Heidelbaugh took over next, connecting with Oliviera on another short slideline pattern in which the powerful back with deceptive speed did the extra hard work to muscle his way in for another TD. When Studsrud got his chance again, the senior QB connected with Mercer in the back of the endzone after the O line provided excellent pass pro. On Heidelbaugh's next try, the defense rose up. Cieslak powered in for a sack when Heidelbaugh got caught holding the ball too long in pocket. Both kickers, Taubenhiem and Leach, were good on their FG attempts for the day. Bubba then had his teams line up inside the 5 yard line for a goal-to-go series. The defense initially rose up to form an impenetrable wall. Then, on a seemingly wrecked play due to a bad snap... FB Coyne alertly located the ball in the scrum at the 1 and worked his way in for a TD. After that, the offense gained confidence. RB J.J. and the defensive line played a game of "immovable object versus the Irresistible force," Only this time J.J., as the Irresistible Force, had just enough to power in. On his attempt with in the 5 yard line, Heidelbaugh made good on a quick out to Stetson Carr, who got rocked by Vashon Tucker, but was still able to get the ball over the line for a TD. During live scrimmage drills, the emphasis was on the back up QBs (Heidelbaugh and Zimmerman) as well as J.J. at tailback. Early on at least it was tough sledding for J.J. and his fellow tailbacks (Austin Gordon and Teddy Sherven) as the defense put up a dominating effort. If you like defensive football, something that is pretty to watch is when the 3-4 works to perfection as in the d line eats up the blockers and the LBs swoop in for the kill. There was a lot of that initially during the live drills. Finally, J.J. did show a flash of what we hope to see much more of this year when he powered through the scrum, found a lane and exploited it for a 40 yard rush down field. Izzy Adeoti had a nice day at receiver after Toivonenen, Wanzek and Mercer were done for the day. Lots of quick out patterns, slants and curl routes to the speedy true freshman. My Play of the Day goes OLB Ray Haas on the edge, as the Cagey 6-5 Haas blasted his blocker and rushed to within feet of the equally towering Heidelbaugh who just barely had time to attempt a toss out to the flats. Haas was having none of it as the linebacker put up his arms and smashed the ball down and into the turf. The Pride of Red River factored in today with what I would have to call the Runner up Play of the Day. WR Chad Bartosh slipped through coverage and found a seam down field. Heidelbaugh's eyes must have got as big as saucers as the QB slinged a bomb toward Bartosh, who went up to snatch the ball and run for about a 70 yard pass and catch. The good wheels of S Ty Shannon to catch up to the play was the only thing that prevented a TD. On special teams, I think Austin Dussold is really benefitting from having quality competition in camp this year with Meindel. Dussold had a few good booming punts today and looked good. Meindel is a huge asset to have back, though, as he as proven to be a good one in the past. Meindel holds the UND all-time records for overall punt average (43.1) and punt average in a season (44.1). He also is a good athlete in situations where the punter needs to scramble or throw the ball down field. And finally, Meindel has the ability to kick FGs, too. This is important as newcomer Leach as yet to show confidence knocking down routine PAT or FG attempts. When Zimmerman got his shot. It was more heavy doses of J.J. The offensive line found its oats on this series, too, as they started moving the pile forward. J.J. exited a bit early today after a particularly hard run and tackle. He'll be one to watch in coming days to see how he does. The training staff was conducting the old "How many fingers am I holding up" routine with him on the sidelines. Today, Zimmerman exhibited a little better pocket presence and awareness to step up compared to Heidelbaugh, IMHO. One encourageing sign for the near and longterm future was how freaking impressive the young Offensive linemen did against a pretty salty young defensive line. The line centered by Nguon with Aplin and Sean Russo on the right and Tobin and Helgren on the left absolutely bulldozed the defensive front seven on a QB keeper by Zimmerman. Zimmerman also completed some nice out pattern throws to Carr, Izzy, Pifer and TE Paulson on his final live series, but ultimately they couldn't punch it in. Boltmann took charge next, and my big take away from the young QB recruit is that he has a tendency to scramble early when things seem like they're not there instead of letting things develop for a split second more. It should also be said, however, that Boltmann demonstrated the ability to make this work on several plays today. He had some nice gains on improvised QB runs. The newest tailback, Teddy Sherven, saw very little daylight to do anything with against a hodgepodge of young swarming back up Linebackers. DL Jalen Morrison, Nevermann and Geier were especially noticeable as the running plays were funneled inside and the LBS exploded to the player to blow them up. Ketteringham ended the scrimmage with a a nice pass to TE Paulson who got tied up with a pursuing Geier late in the play. The ball got knocked loose and Geier recovered. If I had to make an assessment, I would have to say that overall, the defense won the day, but the offense had some shining moments. This is not to forget that many of the offensive starters didn't play much beyond the first series or were sitting out altogether. Same goes for the first line defense. The boys have a day off tomorrow and are back at it on Monday. See ya!
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    The wife and I decided to jump in and bought season tickets this morning. Can't wait for the season to start!
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    The one thing that I think the so called "Siouxforever" fans fail to realize is that we agree with them on the principle of their argument. The overwhelming majority of UND fans wanted to keep the Sioux name back in 2005 when this really got started with the letter from the NCAA. We all agreed that the NCAA was wrong with their assessment that having native american nicknames/mascots/logos created a "hostile" environment. We all agreed that political correctness was getting way out of hand and was apparent here as well. We all were hoping for a better nickname. We all were hoping for a better logo. But like it or not, this is the world we live in. And in this world, Fighting Hawks is the nickname for UND and the logo represents it. Should the NCAA have stayed out of the nickname issue, yeah. Could UND have come up with a better nickname, sure. Could SME come up with a better logo, sure. But all of those battles/debates/fights/etc are over now. There is no reason to keep fighting them, and resisting the change associated with them. We were all "Siouxforever" fans at one point in this process. Slowly more and more people accepted the fact that UND being the Sioux forever was not going to happen. We are all fans cheering for the same teams and athletes. That fight and passion we all had when we were united in our fight with the NCAA should be focused on cheering on UND. The nickname battle may technically be over, but it is still going on in our fanbase. I am hopeful that all UND fans will finally accept the Fighting Hawks name and logo for what it is: a symbol of the great University which we all cheer for.
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    They should have the National Championship Trophy, the Nickel, and Sitting Bull on display in the Alerus.
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    Practice #4 The coaches increased the intensity a notch this morning and the players responded in kind. Anyone taking a play off heard about it from the staff and there was a lot of competitive back-and-forth chirping between the defense and offensive corps. Things are starting to heat up! I focused a bit on the young linebackers today, the ones who are likely to see the field regularly. Yesterday I commented on how much bigger and thicker Palmborg looks this year compared to last year, well, add highly touted red-shirt freshman Jake Geier to that list with Jake Rastas not far behind. Geier really stood out to me today, both his size and his agility in filling the gap. Just from my amateur eye-ball test...I think linebacking will be in good hands this year. We are young but the talent is pretty damn good. Kind of like when we were wondering about this relatively unknown Donnell Rodgers kid out of Minnesota, only to watch him develop into a difference maker. The speed guys, especially at WR, had a really good practice today. I would say it was Izzy's best practice so far. McKinney had a good first half of practice as well. I really like what Logan Alm and Derek Paulson bring to the TE position ... along with Fiedler, both converted TEs are getting a ton or reps, both are good on the block and both can catch. Alm snagged a one-handed grab along the sidelines today (but still got chewed out for his route running). The coaches aren't letting anything slip. Would you believe that Boltmann had the best day today of all the QBs on the field. The rookie looked really crisp and accurate on his throws. The future bodes well for him if he keeps up his progression. All this is not to say that any of the other QBs had a bad day. Speaking of Boltmann, during live passing drills with four DBs in coverage, the QB hit Izzy on two 40 yard ropes that would have gone for TDs, and topped it off with a 30 yard TD pass to Stanley. Later Boltmann hit Wanzek in stride for a 40 yard TD catch and run. The Play of the Day, however, has to go to the QB-WR tandem of Brad Heidelbaugh and Izzy. Heidelbaugh hit Izzy about 40 yards out after Izzy got behind the coverage of Jaxon Turner and the speedster WR took it the rest of the 80 yard distance for a TD. On the defensive side of the spectrum, Newcomer TyKeise Johnson had a nice PBU on a pass from Studs to Izzy to close out the first round of passing drills. Later on, Jake Rastas and Palmborg both had near picks that turned into valuable PBUs During Team Drills today: Blubaugh (CB), Flowers (FS), Reyes (SS) and Torrey Hunt (CB) made up the first-line secondary with Palmborg and Haas on the outside at LB and Disterhaupt and Rodgers in the middle. Disterhaupt played reps at both inside and outside, too. Offensively, it was Rooney in the middle flanked by Taylor and Cox to his right, and Bell and Stockwell on the center's left side. Nguon and Stiner also got reps at center. Grant Aplin mostly saw reps at RG. The team drills today consisted mostly of running plays with some passes sprinkled in for good measure. Defensively, Blubaugh continues to play really well. He made his presence known on one sequence in which he prevented what would have been a nice reception by Izzy with a last second strip of the ball. The Runner up Play of the Day came during team drills when Studsrud stepped back and launched a perfect 50 yard bomb to Wanzek instride for a TD. One of the walk-on CBs was providing coverage. A final thought: UND, like any program, has had its fair share of recruiting misses over the years... players who didn't pan out for one reason or another... on the other side of the coin, it's fun to look at the list of current players who originally were PWOs for UND. They include Grant Aplin, Tyler Coyne, Luke Stanley, Austin Gordon, Logan Alm, Tanner Palmborg, Andre Steiger, Brett Finke, Jake Rastas and Derek Paulson. There's some good ones in there! See you later!
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    Practice #2: It was a fun day from a fan's perspective out at old Memorial today... lots of fun plays. Bubba might beg to differ on certain aspects, because, well, he's the coach. The theme for the day today was that The Defense Strikes Back. After a day in which the offense ran a bit roughshod over the defenders, the tables turned a bit. My Play of the Day came from the defensive side of the ball: It's not often that you see a player pull off a Pass Break Up and an INT all on the same play, but that's exactly what Torrey Hunt did. The second-year CB stepped in front of a Studsrud bullet over the middle to Toivonnen, batted it up and away and then recovered his positioning in enough time to scoop the ball up just before it hit the turf. In other action: For the second day in a row, Mikey Greibel looked really good out on the practice field, and for the second day in a row the rookie snagged a one-handed catch along the sidelines. Austin Gordon just never lets you down the way he practices. Every time, he explodes off the ball like a bull out of a chute and increases his power through the play. Some of the rooks could learn from AG as sometimes it looks more like they're rolling out of bed than exploding through the play. Speaking of practice Studs, if WR Easton Erbes were maybe a couple inches taller and a bit thicker...you'd probably have heard more about him on Saturdays. The kid continues to grind and do everything right, not letting any catchable balls hit the turf, catching tough balls along the sidelines with toes in bound, and in general, hustling before during and after every play. Observed that Izzy, Toivonnen, Mercer and McKinney were being used a lot on jet-sweep action plays, either fakes or actual sweeps. Two different QBs -- Ketteringham and Heidelbaugh placed perfect balls to Greibel and McKinney, respectively, on slant patterns that would have went for long distances. The starting four in the secondary, at this point in practice, appears to be Tyus, Reyes, Flowers and Torrey Hunt. We'll monitor if that changes. Tyus played coverage perfectly on a long overthrown pass by Zimmerman, snatching an INT in the back of the end zone. Ketteringham connected with freshman WR Izzy Adeoti for about a 40 reception. Though they had there moments, McKinney and Izzy did fight balls a little bit today, more than I've seen to this point... looked to be more mental concentration than ability. OLB Palmborg has become a monster. He looks really good, strong and fast on the edge and in drop back pass coverage. Someone asked me about newcomer TyKeise Johnson's position yesterday. He's mostly been playing corner. After the aforementioned first-line secondary, it apears that Blubaugh, Kyle Heiptas, T Johnson, and another newcomer in Eli Allen played mostly the corner back position, while Randolph, Turner, Tucker and Shannon patrolled the middle. The first-line line backer positioning appeared to be Palmborg and Lawrence on the outside with Disterhaupt and Rodgers inside. During 2-minute drills to end today's practice, Studsrud started things out again. That series was highlighted by a PBU on Toivonnen by Tyus Carter, and a nice INT by LB Andre Steiger. (The LB crew had been changed out after the Tyus' PBU) Heidelbaugh took the next series and it was mostly the Hayden Blubaugh Show on defense. Blubaugh had two athletic PBUs in a row on coverage of Mercer than then Stanley. Heidelbaugh was able to connect with Seibel on a 45 yard bomb along the sidelines, with Randolph providing excellent coverage. Just a nice athletic play by the senior. That series ended, however, with today's runner-up Play of the Day: If there was ever a play where both sides of the ball could come away feeling ok about what just happened, it would be this one. The defense, however, felt just a little bit better. Hiedelbaugh through a rope about 20 yards up and along the sidelines to Wanzek, who miraculously came down with the snag and got one toe in-bounds despite being blanketed by Tyus Carter. It's the kind of play that you'd expect only Wanzek to make. So as I am prematurely gesturing the completed catch signal from my spot in the Memorial Stadium seats, Reyes swoops in from out of nowhere to clean things up and knocks the ball loose before Wanzek is completely down. It was big boy football on both sides of the ball. Zimmerman took the final series, which was mired by bad snaps and incompletions (bad throws, drops). Zimmerman did find life on his series with a nice long third and 10 ball to Redshirt Freshman TE Derek Paulson, who is now wearing Dulin's old #84. Bumps and bruises are mounting a bit and I anticipate the bike brigade membership will start growing in the coming days. Nothing looks too serious. See you tomorrow!
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    That board has always been that way. Nearly every poster there....
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    Finally made it out to a practice. It was a beautiful morning with enough sun to keep the impressive number of fans warm but just enough wispy cloud to cool it down every so often. It was really nice to see the level of interest in a practice from the fans. SID Ryan Powell was kind enough to hand out rosters which, for guys like me who haven't been to a practice yet, was a huge help to see which new guy was making the play. I'll start with the wet blanket stuff. Mckinney with a cast on his right wrist was a bummer. I was really hoping to see his jets today. Jade Laurence wasn't participating, not sure if it was an injury thing or not. He wasn't limping around and had no hardware on. Greibel, another guy I wanted to see in action was also out in a similar capacity to Laurence. Randolph was walking around on the sideline with no limp and no brace on. Murray is playing very slow out there. Not sure if he just plays like that or if his head is swimming in the playbook but for a guy with 4.4 speed he plays SLOW and soft out there. I hope it’s just that he’s thinking instead of predicting because we need the depth at ILB. Mindless does not have his swing yet. You can tell he’s pressing really hard to be the starter. Kicking is just like golf, he’s going to need to relax if he’s going to be the starter. Studsrud didn’t look very good throwing the ball today. He was missing badly on a lot of throws; nice spirals, but missing his targets. Not sure if this was due to the defense knowing the 1s were just passing or what but he needs to not start the season the way he did last year. Johannesson is a specimen, however, I am worried that he runs soft most of the time. His pad level is not good and he doesn’t explode into contact the way a back his size should. He appeared to be the nail more often than not today. He does do a good job of falling forward and making the pile move a bit but when he is head on with a linebacker he runs into them instead of exploding through them the way Brady does. Worst of all he “got his bell rung” and was checked out by the trainers. The trainer did some quick concussion testing and then told something to Rudolph who did not react positively. James did not go back in and seemed a bit out of it. Not good. Now for the good stuff. Blubaugh looked really nice out there. Very sudden feet and great eyes. He also looks thick enough to hold up which is huge. He blanketed guys often today, often 2nd or 3rd teamer but still, he looked really good. Tyus Carter was out there with the ones and made a few nice plays including swatting a ball out of the air that he probably could have picked off. Nice to see him out there. All about the Ray Haas bandwagon! Wow! I’m curious how he did not end up with a PAC12 offer. He just looks different out there. The height and length are obvious from the start but it’s how fluid and aggressive he is that is going to make him special. There was one play in particular where he absolutely eclipsed the QB and ate the ball. There was no chance any QB would have completed the play the way he got in there. You can tell by the way his teammates react to him that they know he is going to be special. Noah Larson was in there a lot today throughout the entire scrimmage. He looks strong but appears to still be thinking as he plays a bit. Tough to gage him off of this one performance as he didn’t make any huge splash plays but also didn’t make any noticeable mistakes. Mason Bennett is ready for this year. He absolutely blew a play up in the backfield. He exploded off the ball and the OL had no chance of stopping him. Consistency will be his thing this year because we all know he has a ridiculous ceiling. It was nice to see Bennet Hellgren out at LT today. He looked really solid. Good to see from a guy that hasn’t really been out there competing yet and came in with great promise. The centers did a solid job on the slaps all day. Nevermann looked really good at LB today. He basically killed an entire series on his own, knifing into the backfield with great speed and anticipation. He could be a nice surprise for us this year. Andre Stieger also was noticeable out there today. He’s not a huge guy like Haas but he has that desirable combo of high motor and good instincts. He was around the ball all day and made some nice plays. I hadn’t seen him play yet and he was a very nice surprise. Those 3 true fr DL look nice, real nice. They are big and strong and fast. Can’t wait to see them in the future. Ott still has that first step that we all saw on his film and is bigger than I was expecting. Heidlebaugh looked pretty decent today. He still has a LONNNNNG motion and the ball doesn’t really jump out of his hand but he was solid. Zimmerman put the other QBs to shame today. Going against the non first team defense certainly helped but his throws were quick, tight, and on the money. The ball spins out of his hand in a really smooth way. If he can get the playbook down well enough I would expect him to overtake Brad. Kettingham struggled a little today. He certainly looks the part but had a couple loose throws at first. He then settled in and had a few nice ones. Boltmann isn’t very tall but he’s thicker than I thought he would be. Throws a really nice ball and moves around in the packet really well. The defense was getting a little salty about him taking off and running when nobody was open but I liked the fact that he didn’t try and force the ball like a lot of young QBs tend to do. Cieslak is a moose. For a 300lb DL to move like that is scary. If his shoulder holds up he will be all conference at the very least. Izzy made a bunch of catches today. He’s not big but he is defiantly fast enough to make an impact. I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to see him open it up in space and turn on the jets but he is certainly quick and sudden. Had solid hands as well. The first team defense and offense as a whole looked the part today. The d is FAST and confident. They have that same predatory nature they had last year. Our DL is DEEP. That unit goes 4 deep at some spots and there isn’t a huge drop off. Really impressive how the coaches have built up that group. They are the foundation of the entire team. The OL wasn’t bad today. At times the backups got eaten alive but our DL is going to do that a lot this year. The starters were solid and some of the second string guys looked like the belong. Need this group to get up to the level of the DL. We have a few guys that could be on the MN All Hockey Hair team. Fiedler could be a captain of that team. Doused looked really good punting today. Had the sound that you are looking for and had really good hang time. Like I said before, Meindel has a long way to go to unseat him based on what I saw today. IMPACT player of the day has to be GF native and former Red River Rat Chad Bartosh. He got loose early on a tricky little play similar to the one USD burned us on last year. Made the basket catch and got about 60 yards before getting caught from behind. Later in the play he just about took down the goalpost on a redzone play. Took the term post pattern a little too literally and totally committed to the hospital pass the qb threw. He laid a post shattering hit on the goalpost and kept on running. Overall the team wasn't as sharp as I was hoping for but I did see plenty of things that the coaches can work with to make this season a success. Tough to really know when we didn't get to see the true 1's vs 1's.
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    Thanks, guys! Really means a lot! I really enjoy being out there, and usually schedule a working vacation around fall camp so I can just pop into work for an hour or two early in the morning and then head out to Memorial Stadium. It's a pleasure to provide a little more insight on things for everyone. I promise tomorrow a full recap on the scrimmage for those who cannot make it out. Cheers!
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    Tickets should be sold for fair market value. FMV isn't $40 for these tickets. This is much better than having an artificially low price, causing a ton of people to scramble trying to buy tickets to flip. It makes no sense for the school to sell a $100+ asset to me for $40. It also makes no sense for me to be mad that my school doesn't want me to get an asset at a huge discount. I'd much rather have the program making $ off the tickets than some flipper.
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    Practice #5 Pretty uneventful day out on the football pitch today ... some highlights, some things to work on but pretty much a solid go by the Fighting Hawks. My observances from today: Without further ado, my Play of the Day goes to the secondary and came in the last part of practice during 11-on --11 play. QB Zimmerman chucked the pigskin about 40 yards and seemingly was about to hit cagey 6-3 WR Travis Toivonnen on a fly pattern when Cole Reyes, as he's apt to do, flew in for the rescue and blindly threw his arm up in a volleyball one-handed-dig-like motion, deflecting the ball high up and down into the waiting arms of fellow safety Chuck Flowers for the INT. It's always tough to be too critical of the team when there are mishaps during team drills because the personnel changes out so frequently and it's hard to discern trends, but there were some bad and higher-than-optimal snaps and some procedural stuff that need to be cleaned up moving forward. It was spread out among the team on both sides of the ball and not tied to any one individual. In team drills, Studsrud rolled out to his right and hit Wanzek on a 30 yard out pattern in traffic. Later, Speedy WR Izzy Adeoti showed excellent ball control, after an up-and-out pattern, corralling a 20-yard bullet with his finger tips and then bringing it before gaining some more YAC. Speaking of Izzy, when you watch him catch and run, it's hard not to be reminded of Clive Georges. Izzy is a slightly shorter version of Clive with much the same speed and juking moves as Jiven' Clive after the catch. It will be hard for opposing defenses not to bite or at least honor if Izzy or any of the other speedsters go in motion in the backfield. It's a matter of pick your poison, take the motion guy or bank on the fake to the motion guy in lieu of a delayed give to one of the power backs up the middle or risk a quick toss over a pinching secondary. As a defense, if you guess wrong, it's already too late. Noah Larson and Tanner Palmborg really had nice days today defensively. Looked extremely assignment sharp. Especially impressive for a young guy like Larson who's already got the physical tools to compete. Always vocal Torrey Hunt was white-on-rice over the middle for a PBU on Wanzek. Took some time today to watch the DLs and the OLs go at it in the trenches during positional drills -- Engwall and Greer showed to be extremely powerful dudes one-on-one, bull rushing their opposing OLs back and to the ground. Bennett, on the other hand, showed an extremely quick first step that was difficult to counter. Young OL Mortel really stood out to me on that side of ball. He held his own against the DL beasts that just kept coming in waves. Taubenheim looked really good on FG work today, hitting 4/4 from inside the 20 at varying positions on the field left and right. His kicks were center and would have been good from much longer distances. Stetson Carr acted as holder. That's it today!
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    Practice # 3 Another beautiful day out at Memorial Stadium this morning as the pads were popping for the first time in fall camp. The Fighting Hawks added shoulder-pads to their helmet and shorts practice attire and the intensity went up a notch at least for the first hour of practice. Bubba would like to see that kind of fire for the entire session and challenged the team to work on maintaining the desire to learn and perform at the highest level from start to finish. He also challenged the Hawks to clean up some minor errors that would have cost the team a number of 5-yard penalties in a game situation. Basically though, the day was another good practice for all involved. The Play of the Day goes to the Pride of Red River WR Chad Bartosh whose stick-to-it-iveness was rewarded with a long TD catch and run courtesy of Studsrud. On the play, Bartosh slipped behind coverage about 25 yards up field -- Studs fired a bullet that was nearly intercepted by Walk-on LB Bryden Swenson. Swenson couldn't handle the heat on the ball and bobbled it around for a second before it continued on to the hands of Bartosh. But Bartosh bobbled it around himself before pulling it up from his ankles, recovering and running it in for a score. JUCO Transfer QB Zimmerman has clearly upped his game as he guns to solidify his spot at backup to Studsrud. The game looks to be slowing down for Zim as he's showing his skill more and more. Fellow QB Heidelbaugh didn't shine as much today compared to Zim. Ketteringham was excellent again, and young Boltmann held his own. The benefit of having at least four DI caliber QBs on the practice field at the same time was evident when there were two live drills taking place at the same time -- Two QBs handled drills focused on running backs and the others handled passing drills on the other side of the field. There was a lot of emphasis placed on getting the ball carriers and blocking receivers on the same page (getting ball carriers to help set up the blocks before them) around the edge and downfield. Once developed, this is a muscle memory habit that really good teams do really well. Santiago, McKinney, Torrey Hunt, Izzy and Seibel all took turn at punt return duties this morning. I did not see any RETURNABLE punts muffed on the turf by any of them. Dusshold and Meindel were pretty even on their punts, placing them between 47 and 54 yards out. Meindel had the long of 54 but Dusshold had a bit better accuracy today. As for field goals, Taubs was 4/4 from various distances within 25 yards. Newcomer Leach was 2/4. In live action: WR Cam McKinney almost got to show off his speed on a jet sweep. All was going well and the speedster was blazing around the left side when he tripped over the 50-yard line and almost bit the dust... he recovered and built his speed back up but the misstep was enough for the LBs and DBs to catch up. WR Izzy Adeoti finally showed some of his top end speed today on a sweep play of his own. The freshman took the hand off, read the defense and abruptly cut up instead of taking it wider... the move figuratively broke a few ankles as Izzy blazed into the secondary. All that said, I think he's still got more speed that he has yet to show us. Zimmerman had a nice pass completion to Mercer over the middle that would have gone for a TD. Mercer is a quiet burner. On the defensive front, DL Mason Bennett used his huge frame and bear claw to reach up and knock down a Zimmerman attempt out to the flats. The possession guys made their mark too, as Zimmerman hit Toivonnen on a beautiful slant pattern that the big cagey receiver was able to scamper up the field for considerable YAC. Take care!
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    What I wear to the game has a lot to do with what I think looks good that day and, quite stupidly, superstition. I wore my green F'hawks shirt throughout the football run last year because they kept winning in it. Otherwise, some games I might have opted for my old "Sioux crew" shirt (which are still cool). If I hear a let's go Sioux chant, I'll chime in. If I hear let's go Hawks, I'll clap and yell too. I won't leave a guy/gal hanging on a Sioux yah yah either. I do, however, reserve my booing for opposing teams, fans, referees, scores from around the country that I don't like, Bob Kelley appearances on the big board (08-12 I can't help that), any mention of rival teams, commercials I don't care for, beer prices that are too high, lines for the bathroom that are too long, 2 beer limits, when the wrong little kid wins the dance off, when a guy beats the cute college girl in the intermission/halftime/timeout challenges, and when the arena plays dumb new music. But I do not boo our team/team name. On this note, we should bring back hissing. I've always heard of booing and hissing, but I never hear hissing. Let's hiss the heck out of people.
  20. 8 points
    Will the Fighting Hawks logo be at center ice at the Ralph this year? If so, here is what it could look like. I leave the floor open for debate.
  21. 8 points
    Actually, Minnesota didn't really want him anyway.
  22. 8 points
    If a player shares that another player was missing voluntary workouts with someone outside of the team then I don't think very much of that player. Doesn't do much for the locker room morale when they come to their fan site and see postings about a player missing workouts - especially a player that already has had some team issues. Just don't see the reason why a UND fan would find the value in posting something like that - but as you say it's a public board.
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    Bought 2 more season FB tickets today, there will be bigger crowds at the home games for 2017. They will be mailing out FB season tickets in 2-3 weeks. The improvements to the Hawk's Nest, an effort to enhance the football experience, and more depth on the team = can't wait.
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    Me, too.... and Teeder - you can say that your updates aren't necessary with the other people covering the team, but I'll say that I like your updates the best. You cover more ground and you're not trying to write stories, just observations on what you see and updates on what you've learned. Don't get me wrong, I think the other guys do a good job - but they're different, and you fill a niche that they don't. If you get tired of writing them and need a break, that's one thing - but if you don't do an update because you think others have it covered, please reconsider!
  25. 7 points
    Video of Berry talking to the players after finding out ticket prices for the Gopher series:
  26. 7 points
    I talked to Clive Georges a few days ago. He is back in Florida and was working out in Gainesville, hoping to catch the attention of a team in one of the Arena leagues. It is sure too bad he had the injury issues. A nice guy who had nothing but positive things to say about his time at UND - very good to hear!
  27. 7 points
    Forcing the logo on anyone or any building is a waste of time. Have some patience, it will happen. In the meantime quit the constant complaining.
  28. 7 points
    Manke and Freund are UND's all-time leaders in completion percentage, and Freund is the only QB in UND history to be at 70% in a season. Manke had a 68.7% completion rate in 2006, which is incredible. 2 QBs in all of FCS threw for 70% last season. 2 QBs in all of FBS threw for 70% last season. 2 QBs in the NFL threw for 70% last season. Those are statistical anomalies. Easton Stick threw at 58% last season. The #2 overall draft pick Carson Wentz threw at 62% his senior season. Brock Jensen threw at 66% his senior season. Not sure who compared Brock Jensen to Keaton Studsrud like you stated or where that came from. Gage Gubrud passed for 66% last season. Keaton Studsrud isnt ANY of those guys. We need Keaton to be Keaton. He's not going to complete 70% in this offense and system. He is who he is. Nobody is making any excuses for Studsrud because of the O-line or receivers. My original point in my post was that he needs to improve his completion percentage, which I stated. When Studsrud is healthy, he is the unquestioned leader and catalyst of the team. We all agree that without him UND is not the same. Yes, Studsrud's play will have a huge bearing on the success of the team. If he throws for 65% this season, we are laughing.
  29. 7 points
    Not really....Minnesota has a giant M at center ice, not Goldy Gofer...Wisconsin has a W at center ice, not Bucky Badger...DU has the word DENVER at center ice, not their horrible logo that looks like Daniel Boone's cap with scrambled eggs on it. So UND not putting the bird at center ice is no different than a lot of schools.
  30. 7 points
    All players but one reported tonight. I will let you guess the one that didn't. Time to move on with the players that want to be here !
  31. 7 points
    These kind of responses are disheartening. Someone posts something people don't like and the knives come out. It happened to me a number of times. It's kept me from posting more, to be honest. I guess that's the ropes on a public board like this but it's a shame. The original poster is correct to a degree. Grady has missed a number of workouts throughout the summer (others have too... they are not technically mandatory). He's still a member of the team. He'll be a fascinating player to watch when camp begins to see how he adjusts back to football and how the team accepts him.
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    Bubba has done one thing tremendously well: believe that UND is a special place for football. The previous staff had limitations in their confidence and vision. Bubba and his staff have done the polar opposite. It's been tremendous for this program. Great things are ahead.
  33. 6 points
    Agreed. Everybody knew who we were cheering for when we were sporting these:
  34. 6 points
    I am the exact opposite opinion.
  35. 6 points
    HAHAHA. Can you imagine players pacing around the locker room nervous as hell saying... "Have you seen the ticket prices to this game, MAN we're screwed!!"
  36. 6 points
    If the weekend goes poorly, people will complain regardless of ticket price. "I paid $100 to watch this?!?!" "I paid $50 to watch this?!?!" "I drank $9 beers for 3 hours to watch this?!?!" "I drove 300 miles to watch this?!?!" It's all the same.
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    I've been out there... just thought there was enough other chatter with UND Sports' daily reports, UND 360, The Insiders, and Tom Miller to fill the void. I've basically concurred with their assessments the past couple days. Two words: Logan Alm Two more words: Ray Haas And two final words: Cole Reyes All have been very very good as of late. Haas laid a lick on a fullback today with a forearm shiver that stopped the runner in his tracks and to the ground with a thud. It would have been hype video material had it been in game. #47 lookin'' like a bad hombre.
  38. 6 points
    UNI is the exception to this rule. They could start out at #18, lose their first two FCS games and move up to #17 based upon quality losses.
  39. 6 points
    so it's looks like they "lied" when they said there wasn't enough time last year to get a new stencil made for center ice...don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining...part of the reason i embraced the new logo qucker than i thought i would was by how much bubba has embraced the new logo from day one (including the press conference to unveil it.)
  40. 6 points
    Purchased my season tickets today!
  41. 6 points
    Some do, some don't. Seems to be a lot of hand wringing over putting our postage stamp logo on the ice.
  42. 6 points
    Cool, quit talking about it now. There are 100 other players that are actually working hard and trying to bring UND to new heights in the FCS world.
  43. 6 points
    Grady is now the starting LT on the UND all time what could have been team. He'll be clearing the path for Ryan Chappell.....
  44. 6 points
    I'm not sure what's worse, the boos at the games after a penalty kill two seasons ago which had almost died out last season. Or your CONSTANT preaching and bitching about people not agreeing with you...blah blah blah! Give it a rest.....please! Come on October and... Go Sioux/Hawks!
  45. 6 points
    My grandpa was 12 when North Dakota changed its nickname from Flickertails to Fighting Sioux. He died in 2008 and his final words were: "I can't believe they changed the Flickertails..."
  46. 6 points
    If playing with themselves was the deciding factor.... the Griz would be "hands down" No. 1.....
  47. 6 points
    ...or who gets inserted unexpectedly into one of the biggest games of all-time?
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  49. 5 points
    Center ice matched last year's jerseys, which were ordered before the Hawk name was announced. This year will be different. The Fighting Hawks to the crowd was said often, but they quit due to complaints about the crowd booing. The SiouxShop name is historic, they can keep it or change it. If you want to continue to complain and battle with those at the REA, you can. You'll no doubt find someone to fight with. You are on a mission to fight with the REA/"hockey only fans"; if you give it a rest it will all pass in time. You are part of the divide when you don't have to be.
  50. 5 points
    Yes I am a huge part of the "Sioux Forever" crowd. Hawks will never roll off the tongue and the logo will always look hideous in my opinion, I cringe every time I see it! I'm mainly a hockey fan but every other UND sport too me is still the Fighting Sioux! I wouldn't say moving on was the "right thing" or "adult thing" to do, we just had to do it too pander to the snowflake society that we live right now which is really sad to say. I'm actually waiting for the day where people run out of things to b*tch about so they say we can't use bird mascots anymore because any type of feather is too NA, or we can't use the color green because it offends the earth. Rant done for a while