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    I wonder who is working on the requiem for Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving or who is writing the swan song on the de-funding of men's golf. Don't recall much of an obituary for wrestling back in the 1990s. Wayne's piece on the fall of baseball was pretty much a cursory one and done attempt ( I guess a program that had been around on again off again since at least the Phil Jackson era wasn't as deserving). It still puzzles me how one flash-in-the-pan sports program spins off so much angst and garners so much ink in relation to its meager draw at the ticket office and mediocre conference standings.
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    (Figured this should get its own thread, separate from the rest of the Stanley Cup discussion.) Proud to call you a Fighting Sioux (forever)! Savor every minute, and enjoy the summer. Well done, young man.
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    I don't remember a "no" vote meaning you automatically want to buy a condo and live downtown. I voted no because I want to accept a company investing in our city, and feel that we have enough green space to develop some of it.
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    The odds of that happening are about 1 in vermillion.
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    I think what's most gratifying about the decision is being able to see now how much that terrible name held back the tribes. I mean just look at Standing Rock. It's a bona fide utopia now just five years later.
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    I don't normally post, but couldn't refrain, so here goes: I work downtown, however the business I work for is not retail nor does it rely on foot traffic downtown. Therefore, I really don't have any skin in the game as far as this benefitting me or not. I even recently had family pictures taken in Arbor Park, so I certainly appreciate what it brings to the table. Taking into account the above, I cannot fathom the city letting this opportunity pass by. This is a park that is RARELY used for really anything. Yes, as I said, lots of people use it for backdrops for pictures. But there are other places I could go, no problem. We have farmers market every Saturday morning in the summer, Arbor Park sits empty. We have big events such as artfest, Arbor Park sits empty. We have a park that is bigger than Central Park in New York City a couple blocks away. That park has shelters, a path, acres upon acres of green space to use for whatever you want. All the while, nothing happens in Arbor Park. My opinion on this matter would be totally different if I ever saw more than a couple people using Arbor Park for any purpose. To me, this feels very much like the women's hockey issue. They averaged only a couple hundred fans at each game, but then when they get cut, thousands of people were screaming that it was wrong. If those people actually supported the program, it would have been a different story. If everyone who wants to save Arbor Park actually used it ever, this would be an entirely different discussion. The effect on property tax savings to me is irrelevant. Dollar amount wise, it doesn't matter to the individual citizens. What does matter is that there are $20,000-$25,000 of maintenance costs that the city doesn't have to spend to maintain a rarely used park, and instead can be put to a different, hopefully better, use. If Arbor Park is developed, there will be thousands upon thousands in new property tax revenue to the city once the tax breaks are up. Again, this is money that can be used to further better our city. Some people view downtown as unimportant or just a place to avoid because it is just a place for younger people to go get drunk. While bars are inevitably a part of downtown, why can't we continue to keep bringing new things in that get people excited about the prospect of going downtown with their families and spending the afternoon walking around. Spend a weekday walking around our downtown. Then, go spend a weekday walking around Fargo's downtown. It is incredible how much better theirs is. They have all sorts of restaurants of different types. They have tons of shopping. The sidewalks are bustling with people of all ages, genders, and races. Downtown is a true destination in Fargo. I don't think the same can be said for Grand Forks in its current state. Think about all that have been added in the last few years. Boutique shops, a bakery, a pharmacy, a brewery, another brewery on the way. Those are great things. New business brings new foot traffic, which helps those new businesses thrive and stay around. I am glad there are a group of individuals in town that are strongly pushing a great downtown, and actually, a great city overall. They have had some wonderful ideas. For example, the City just won a grant to turn the bike path on the Greenway into a 2 mile long skating path during the winter. How cool is that?! You can take your family for a skate starting this winter. Innovative thinking gets younger people excited about wanting to live in Grand Forks. The future of Grand Forks is directly affected by the ability to attract and retain new residents. Maintaining status quo will not get people excited about moving to Grand Forks or staying in Grand Forks. The fact that the pro-park crowd refused to accept an invitation to a debate is pretty telling to me. That is your chance to spread your message on why the park should stay. If your argument is strong enough, it doesn't matter who moderates the debate. If your best argument is "there are tons of other places to develop", that is a pretty weak argument. I want to know why we shouldn't develop right here, where we have someone waiting to pump millions into the local economy. Yes they would be willing to develop elsewhere. But they want to develop right here, so if there isn't a good reason not to, then let's get on with it. All of the above are why I will be voting "No" on June 20.
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    Boom... well put The brownstones across from Joe Blacks sold at similar price points. Would I buy one? No... I want a house w/ my own yard. But clearly, not everyone feels that way thus investing their money into downtown real estate. If real estate were built on one person's preferences it would fail miserably. I still find every excuse from some of the Yes votes laughable. "Why not a different lot?" Because Dakota Commercial decided this was the best(See: most valuable) place to build and they're investing the money and chose this lot. "But they're just another set of overpriced condos". Just because you can't afford them doesn't make them overpriced. They're worth what people are willing to pay... which we'll discover shortly Honestly, you'd think us No voters were agreeing to cut down a rainforest. It's a tiny not-really-a-park that some people sat in a few times on their lunch break and a select few that are looking for a nice spot to fornicate after bar close.
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    http://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/letters/4285986-letter-und-football-players-did-their-neighborhood-proud bubba is the best glad we hired him
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    Yeah, sitting on the intersection of two major Interstate systems and railway hubs to and from the Twin Cities and Chicago, hasn't hurt Fargo one bit. Good on them. I will take Grand Forks, though, any day and twice on Sunday.
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    You've been waiting how long to let that out......? No one in Grand Forks is selling this game as anything but a body bag game while I seem to remember the Fargo media pumping up Valpo like they were the next coming because they were a "D-1" team. But regardless, you obsession is amusing to the rest of us.
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    Hopefully the raise is big enough for Monique to go on a twitter rant.
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    While Denver is the sexy choice as October national champion, I think the Pioneers are going to have their hands full trying to unseat 31-time champ Minnesota.
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    If you didn't want people to know you were using a different username, you should've switched up your posting habits and your mannerism. I don't know why you bother wasting energy on the charade. Meet the new Dave, same as the old Dave.
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    You realize that they only reason he was playing is because the starter, Murray, got injured in warm-ups. While MAF played well, there is absolutely no way to prove that Murray wouldn't have them in the exact same spot. And yet people here have you so far down the road in your love for MAF that you are basically cheering against your favorite team winning the Stanley Cup. .
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    Please, Ottawa, please. It's for the children...
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    Yes we know, your dick is huge.
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    To clarify for the trolls - Wyoming, at the time we played them and Utah, 2017, not even close to each other as a program. But yes, an over confident opponent can be good for us.
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    I question whether he even knows where he is going. "Team" is no longer a thing to alot of kids. Some just want to be re-recruited, some just don't care about teammates, programs but act like they do. Just wanted their scholly. 3 schools in 5 years is an embarrassment.
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    But then wouldn't it be Murray's turn this year?
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    i think everyone is ignoring what has been obvious for a long long time...the non-turf concrete needs to be "fixed' before one of these young men (und or the opponent) is severely injured while trying to slow down...
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    I'm not sure that it should be "all about the hockey atmosphere". Maybe it should be about a pleasant experience for all those attending. Like I said, in my group I'm really the only UND die hard that doesn't care where I watch them play, just so long as I get to watch them play. I don't go to the Twin Cities every year for it because of the venue, I go because my favorite team is playing. I also don't drive 100 miles to GF every weekend just to spend 3 hours in the REA because its a nice place. I do it to watch my favorite hockey team. Regarding the light rail, that's one of the reasons we really like the Target Center location. We stay at a hotel that has a light rail stop right out front, and its a nice 30 minute ride. Would be twice that time to ride it to the X as far as I can tell. And the one time I was at the Xcel (Frozen Four) parking wasn't a grand experience either. We'll go regardless of where it is at, but I'm not going to whine about the Target Center. I've been to plenty of crappy sports venues in my lifetime, but I've never bought a ticket to any event because of the venue. I always make my plans based on the teams playing at it.
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    Can't believe the vote was that close. Scary.
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    I think more people have been to a UND Womens hockey game in the last year than have been to Arbor Park. (Too soon?)
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    Grand Forks and/or North Dakota needing more 'green space' and comparing it to New York City/Central Park is pretty dang funny... the whole damn state is green space. We need development and growth with investments in projects such as this. I'd suggest the awesome Greenway which is a couple blocks away(and runs for about 6 continuous miles) as Arbor Park faithfuls' alternative choice. If that's not enough you could even cross the river to EGF for several more miles(however not as well maintained).
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    Why would anyone buy these? I'm not a billboard for you, Black Clover. Shouldn't the brand logo be smaller than the team logo? WTF?
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    And here we were all worried you weren't following UND football in the off season.....
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    The new Fighting Hawks Magazine is ready to hit the shelves!!
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    Because Schlossman thinks it should. The ironic part is that he spends way more time covering the women's hockey team now than he did while they were competing. Would be interesting to see how many tweets and stories he made about the team the year before the program was dumped, and how many after.
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    Fluery should not even be mentioned on the same planet as Lou Gehrig, Tom Brady, and Ken Stabler.
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    Total drick move by Bernstine
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    Well to be fair to Duluth, all their fans were at Scheels...its just that the ticket allotment (400?) greatly exceeds the actual number of Bulldog fans.
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    And they were surprised to learn that the Gofers weren't playing.
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    You never go full Bison Dan
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    As someone who spends a lot more time downtown than you, I wouldn't go as far to say it is "doing good right now". There are some good things and some not so good ones and there has been a lot of time and effort (mainly from the Downtown Development Association) just to get it where it is but there is still a lot of room for it to get better. As for green space, why exactly does one city block need 4 pocket parks with another huge town square the next block over? It isn't because they are constantly being used and are full all the time. No one (except your hyperbole) is saying that not developing it spells doom, they are saying that someone wanting to invest millions of dollars to offer some mid to upper level housing for people and add more business space is a lot more beneficial for the city than preventing an empty lot from being developed for the next 100 years. Since we're throwing hyperbole out there: The non-development crowd would have you believe that the park itself is the lifeblood of the downtown area and developing it would somehow turn the whole downtown into buildings and concrete.
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    I think a few people are going to be upset. Both DaveK and Roosevelt83 are the first 2 that come to mind...
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    Will you be watching the game tonight in SD or HD TV?
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    Worked out well for Johnny Walker, I'm sure this will end just as well.
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    Am I the only one picking up on geaux_sioux's sarcasm here??
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    General studies major is a tough one. How many schools offer masters programs in that?
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    Here is my dream conference: North Dakota Montana State Montana Eastern Washington Weber State Idaho Idaho St Northern Colorado Cal Poly UC Davis Sacramento State Portland State Northern Arizona Southern Utah
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    Good luck to America's favorite team tonight... The Ottawa Senators. May Murray give up 6 goals so everyone here goes home happy.
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    From the Chad Johnson thread. Chad graduated from Roosevelt in 1982.