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  2. 2018 World Cup

    You're making a spectacle of yourself now.
  3. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I think we can get three years from both. I guess, I hope. UND being really, really competitive in year 2 and 3 should keep both very interested.
  4. 2018 Season

    Just happy to be there
  5. 2018 World Cup

    High level soccer is the worlds greatest sport spectical you Philistine
  6. 2018 World Cup

    Pads vs no pads. A point blank shot from a soccer pro can kill you.
  7. NHL expanding to Seattle in 2014?

    It would be a damn travesty of justice to move the Calgary Flames out of Canada.
  8. 2018 Season

    As long as we stay competitive with Washington the game will be fun to see.
  9. 2018 World Cup

    Soo... 1990's one-team league: good. 2010's one-team league: bad. Makes perfect sense.
  10. New Mascot

    That actually makes me want a mascot more! (as long as it's not a bird with teeth . . . still creepy)
  11. New Mascot

    Get a Mascot the kids will love it they said https://www.facebook.com/VSbyHowlers/videos/1964906203542900/
  12. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Good point, I suppose the big club’s interest level on signing them would drive the timeline more than ego.
  13. 2018 World Cup

  14. Yesterday
  15. 2018 World Cup

    Spain/Iran had a little drama but yeah, this was probably the biggest meh day of the World Cup so far.
  16. 2018 World Cup

    Speak for yourself. I have no problem in that departm....well, I mean....yah I can relate.
  17. 2018 World Cup

    ..and it was never more popular. Certain guys have that affect I guess.
  18. 2018 World Cup

    This was celebrated wildly in the 1990's when only ONE team had a shot at the title...
  19. 2018 World Cup

    The NBA is hard to watch when you know what 4 teams have the only shot to win the title.
  20. 2018 World Cup

    In a typical NBA game 200 points are scored but watching it is hardly enjoyable or entertaining. To each his own. .........and remember scoring isn't everything. Anyone married for more than 15+ years can relate!
  21. 2018 World Cup

    Agreed. Three 1-0 snoozers today, though.
  22. 2018 World Cup

    Soccer is still better then women’s hockey.
  23. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Is Kennedy just playing us all? Think about it. Because of all this fiasco, we learned how much the REA takes for ticket and ad revenue plus we learned about the unwillingness of the REA and KEM to listen to Kennedy, Chaves, and the other UND coaches to put a Hawks logo at midcourt at the Betty. We also learned that this deal that is supposed to get negotiated yearly is just kicked down the road and not even discussed for years. Sure, nothing changed this year. But now that information is out there. Is Kennedy just holding serve now and not changing a thing to appease UND's biggest donor and just saving up his ammo for the next time he negotiates the deal?!!
  24. 2018 World Cup

    OK, I'll bite... Because hockey doesn't suck?
  25. 2018 Season

    Like your sights down the road! These P5 games do bring some bacon home and are exciting to have on the early schedule.
  26. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    I remember this was talked about at the beginning. Could of been a combination of both (Ralph's concerns of the U not managing like he would of wanted and the Legislature having concerns of getting a request to help pay the bills)
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