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  2. UND to cut women's hockey

    The first challenge for our new AD....how to handle this issue. You know his office will be bombarded with calls from media and the thousands of women hockey fans that never attend games.
  3. UND to cut women's hockey

    It rarely freezes the ice on canals in the Netherlands. But when it does, every one is out. Ice skating is a national obsession that they don’t get to do outdoors very often.
  4. UND to cut women's hockey

    Can’t close Pandora’s box. you bring back one it opens the door for the other programs to say: hey! Why don’t we get a chance. the reaction on the academic side would be much worse. (How come athletics gets to bring a program back and we can’t?) It further proves this: Had all that talent and nothing substantial to show for it??? Come on Idalski.....
  5. UND to cut women's hockey

    I would bet none of these loud people have even attended a game.
  6. UND to cut women's hockey

    Let Finland, Germany, Sweden, Norway etc pay for roster spots and a few hundred thousand each, and we might be talking real money.
  7. Olympic Hockey

    Can someone please spare me the math and tell me what time the Czechs and Russians play tonight?
  8. Olympic Hockey

    I'd buy a "Gold Medal" type t-shirt from the twins now......................................................................
  9. UND to cut women's hockey

    The problem with women's hockey is that is hasn't grown internationally especially in Europe...........which is hard to image since almost everyone uses ice skating as their major form of transportation in the Netherlands.
  10. Olympic Hockey

    Can you imagine what would happen if Germany knocks off Canada after what had happen not only in women’s hockey but now in curling?
  11. Olympic Hockey

    That's a pretty special move. Can't do a move like that on bad ice, good thing they clean the middle of the rink.
  12. Olympic Hockey

    I agree. . . Stauber made a good decision to finally put the twins on the same line, but he should have played them on the Power Play (I don't think he did at all until the third period). I don't know about the OT. I'm still on the fence about splitting them up. He should have dumped the Kessel line down to 4th in the 3rd period and rolled the other three more often. . . especially the twins' and Marvin's line.
  13. UND to cut women's hockey

    So stupid to drop Women's Hockey at UND. Look at all the #exposure.
  14. Olympic Hockey

    I was equally confused why he didn't play former gopher Marvin more along with her line. It was just strange that the Brandt, Cameranisi and Kessel line had more shifts in overtime than the Lammys, and they played on separate lines in overtime, which is odd in itself. Had Canada scored on the giveaway by Brandt, how dumb would Stauber have looked, but that might have been the case on numerous occasions including the shootout without a Twin represented in the top 5 shooters. As a gopher, maybe Stauber doesn't understand the concept of grit in games like these, and just thinks talent alone can win out. Can imagine how mad the Twins would be if they lost in the shootout without having a chance to shoot.
  15. Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

  16. UND to cut women's hockey

    It’s already started on Facebook, people crying for the school to bring it back.
  17. Olympic Hockey

    I totally agree, it is called a Hockey Game not a skills competition. You might as well save time and just flip a coin.
  18. Today
  19. 2018 schedule /team

    These things require money, which the UND football program currently does not have. Have to reappropriate within the department, patiently wait for some mystery endowment, or continue to have UND football scrape by with the bare minimum. Adidas apparel contract does allow UND a few options, although not to the level of top tier FCS programs.
  20. UND to cut women's hockey

    Women's hockey remains far too stale.
  21. UND to cut women's hockey

  22. UND to cut women's hockey

    Now that the twins won their gold medal are they going to rally their fanbase especially Schlossman to get more articles printed trying to get UND to reinstate women’s hockey?
  23. Olympic Hockey

    Just read the move Jocelyn made is becoming known on social media as the "Star Spangled Dangle"!
  24. Olympic Hockey

    Hey what'd I miss????? No one tell me please.....................
  25. Olympic Hockey

    Yup...long day ahead of me.
  26. Olympic Hockey

    That Gopher line, Kessel in particular, just played awful all tournament. It's lucky she scored in the shootout, or I'd have been really pissed. Even the announcers, "they need to play the twins' line more". The Gopher line would barely shoot. Trying to do pretty ticky tack crap. The Canadians just pushed them around. And on the shoot out, you can't just go straight at the goalie, you have to get them going side to side. I definitely thought he should have put the twins in the first five, but I guess it worked out perfectly.
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