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  2. Counterfeit Sioux jerseys and pucks on ebay

    Columbia Sports? Great sports store. Had a stuffed bear in there. Located where Blockbuster was on South Wash
  3. former players

    Proofreading optional
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  5. Montana State Predictions

    You just stole my thunder, I was just going to say.....things are generally never as good.....or as bad as people think. We fell off a cliff for the day last Saturday, but I don't think the team completely fell off the cliff for the year and we all of the sudden reverted to a team who can't muster more than 10 points against MSU and is about to get run over by them at home. We certainly have some issues right now with injuries and some things to fix, that is for sure. But we still have some talent on the offensive side of the ball. I expect the guys to come out pretty fired up and ready to prove something come Saturday.
  6. Montana State Predictions

    This topic is hard to read, so many people down on the team so fast, I know the team that went down to SD laid a huge egg, but that's not the same team that everybody was hyped about to begin the season, I'm gonna chalk it up to a bad day and give the guys the support they deserve. We all know the true talent and potential of this team, it's the same guys. Everybody in this forum gives the student section grief about leaving the game at halftime when we're loosing, yet everybody now is leaving after three games.... .....27-17 University North Dakota Fighting Hawks. See you at The Alerus
  7. Counterfeit Sioux jerseys and pucks on ebay

    I'll give you $75 for it right now.
  8. Twins ?

    6 games remain against DET, 3 vs CLE. Got to beat up on the Tigers.
  9. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    As Wolanin goes, so will this team. Guy has got unreal talent. Can't wait to watch the kid break out this year. Likely his last year in Grand Forks.
  10. Twins ?

    Twins needed that in a big way. Magic number down to 8.
  11. Montana State Predictions

    Cats 21 hawks 7 UND 1-3
  12. 2017 Season

    They definitely looked a lot better in sets 2-4. Start conference play off right and now its time to get ready for UNC. Lets get home 2-0.
  13. Montana State Predictions

    More scared about this week because of how last week went.
  14. Montana State Predictions

    Was scared about last week.....scared about this week too. Cats.....28 Hawks....24
  15. 2017 Season

    UND takes it 3-1
  16. Montana State Predictions

    right now i think usd is better than sdsu; time will tell of course.
  17. Montana State Predictions

    UND 27 MSU 24
  18. Montana State Predictions

    Thing is, MSU nearly beat the Jacks and should have won. Add in they had a bye week and we played horrible all points to a loss. 27-24 Bobcats.
  19. 2017 Season

    That's more like it!
  20. Sioux Gopher tickets

    Have never bought or sold tickets on this website before. How does the exchange of tickets and money work, so that the buyer is assured of getting his tickets and the seller is assured of getting his money? Thanks.
  21. 2017 Season

    Audio is awful on this.
  22. Montana State Predictions

    UND- 17 MSU-15 UND holds them on a two point conversion with 1:41 left in the game.
  23. 2017 Season

    Not the way you want to start...
  24. 2017 Season

    236 is now available on pluto
  25. 2017 Season

    no pluto tv 236?
  26. 2017 Season

    Must be due to the crisp, clean Greely air.
  27. 2017-18 Season

    Avants and Seales are this years captains
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