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  2. Looking for tickets for Saturday vs St. Cloud

    Forgot to put a contact email on here If you have tickets, send me an email at: mxflyer@yahoo.com
  3. For one last time

    Gross generalizations aside, Yes I think just about everyone would agree that we dodged a big bullet with what happened with the DAPL, and we are making progress, we have moved on from want are old nickname and logo back, to Hating the new nickname, to hating the new logo and now to hating the prospect of a new mascot, progress!
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  5. I am looking for 2 tixs for both the Friday and Saturday night games. PM or contact me at 32o9o54965. Thank you
  6. It's time...for the annual Hoggsbreath Brunch!

    I believe that we will be there (2 of us) as we have tickets and hotel is booked. Just waiting to see if my travel agent has other plans for me.
  7. NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    I was at the games this weekend (yes, MafiaMan, I was there) and during the Friday night game it appeared to me that Bowen got thrown out of the faceoff circle every time but once that I remember. There may have been a few other times he did not get thrown out, but that was one issue. It also appeared that he just did not have an effective game, i.e. he was pretty much unnoticed except for getting thrown out on faceoffs. That would be my guess.
  8. 2018 attendance

    If your all talking about FB wins ........ Win 13 games this season = Lots of sellouts in 2019.
  9. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    So much for the prediction that a split would leave UND at 10
  10. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Michigan jumped from 14 to 11, which drops UND down to 13
  11. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    A couple weeks after the results went UND’s way, this weekend was the opposite. Bad weekend overall.
  12. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Was just going to post same thing about Notre Dame.....Not Impressed
  13. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Michigan sweeps ND, 1-0. ND is not impressive
  14. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Michigan defeats Notre Dame 1-0
  15. NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    As do I. There were some good guys on those teams, though. Jim Cahoon, Greg Cameron . . .
  16. NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    If he can have 2 solid games in Miami then he deserves kudos......for playing the way a senior goaltender should be expected to play all the time not every sixth game.
  17. NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    They have to throw out their ENGs, but we don't?
  18. Yesterday


    Thanks! We are spoiled/probably no cure for that. They're getting me ready for bed. Bringing me spageti and meatballs and a bottle og Mondavi Penot Doir Then the meds and they take my computor away
  21. Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

    Pogo Mismash

    We're on the same team here, Old Fella. I'm not sure how up-to-date you are on the board, but we have lots of pre-2016 folks here who felt that a Sandelin-like record over the course of a decade would be perfectly fine if the team won 1 title. Well, now that title has happened within recent memory, but this board still melts down after every loss. There are no guarantees. It might be 2091 before North Dakota wins another one. I'm hardly a guru...just a fan, like pretty much everyone else here. Attended UND from 88-92 and watched some pretty disappointing hockey. All bad memories were erased by the 97 team and then -- BOOM! -- 00 gives me some more good times. 16 makes 3 NCAA titles since I've followed the school and the team. I could die happy sports-wise tomorrow, although I hope that sports victories aren't the highlight of my life when it's over. We are spoiled as fans - and those who don't think as such are plain wrong. Yes, we've had some low lows, but we most certainly have had more good fortune than misfortune. And we all hope that that continues. May God bless you all...and may God bless the University of North Dakota.
  23. Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

    Keep in mind that picks are due an hour before they normally are on Friday nights!
  24. Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

    RULES: Anyone can enter. Only 1 entry per person Each night the Sioux play, you are allowed to select 1 Sioux player you think will score a goal. Your player must score or you are eliminated from the competition. If your player scores a goal, you will move on to the next night the Sioux play. You will again select 1 Sioux player you think will score a goal, HOWEVER, you may not select the player you used in the previous round(s) as you can only use each player 1 time, and 1 time only. Again, if your player does not score a goal, you are eliminated. If your player does score a goal, you will again move on to the next night the Sioux play. Last one standing is the SURVIVOR! ***You MUST post your selection by replying to this thread.*** All selections must be in 1/2 hour prior to game time(ex. game time 737p, picks must be in by 707p). We will be using this boards clock as the official clock. If you qualify but miss a game, you are automatically ELIMINATED from the game. If all people are eliminated in the same night, all players that were eligible for that game will carry over to the next Sioux game as though all their players scored the previous night. You are allowed to post "if I make it" picks for a weekend series. For example: Sioux play Fri/Sat. You can make your picks for both games, please post these in the same post. Once your selection is made, you can NOT change it. Be aware of who is dressing and who is not, it is YOUR responsibility to find out! Shootout goals do NOT count as a goal scored. When down to 2 players, each participant must select a different player. Siouxsports.com will be used for all official stats and time keeping. 2007-2008 Winners: Game #1: Nodakvindy (79 entries) Game #2: NorthDakotaHockey (84 entries) Game #3: Ray77 (124 entries) Game #4: soSIOUXme (80 entries) 2008-2009 Winners: Game #1: draftsman74 (105 entries) Game #2: schmidtdoggydog (78 entries) Game #3: *Reformed Gphr Fan (44 entries) Game #4: Ice Arena Man (94 entries) 2009-2010 Winners: Game #1: *SteveP (134 entries) Game #2: Hrkac (111 entries) Game #3: *Reformed Gphr Fan (98 entries) Game #4: I Ranger (107 entries) Game #5: deansteg (109 entries) Game #6: SiouxSax (98 entries) Game #7: Walsh Hall (102 entries) 2010-2011 Winners: Game #1: AmericanSoldier15u Game #2: BigSioux Game #3: siouxknocka Game #4: *siouxzy Game #5: *minotsiouxfan Game #6: sprig Game #7: *SiouxScore Game #8: *u2numb 2011-2012 Winners: Game #1: UND85 Game #2: *siouxzy Game #3: 808287 Game #4: UND WF078 Game #5: Speez Game #6: Scorpio Game #7: *Reformed Gphr Fan Game #8: *siouxknocka 2012-2013 Game #1: *UND_Gina Game #2: *siouxporter Game #3: *Budwmn Game #4: Blackheart Game #5: *Stack Game #6: *u2numb Game #7: *Blackheart 2013-2014: Game #1: Laker Game #2: *Scorpio Game #3: bigskyvikes Game #4: luv4hockey Game #5: willythekid Game #6: SWSiouxMN Game #7: *Vegas_Sioux Game #8: jdub27 2014-2015: Game #1: cberkas Game #2: *Speez Game #3: ericpnelson Games #4: 90Siouxfan Game #5: *Ice Arena Man Game #6: soSIOUXme Game #7: *Vegas_Sioux Game #8: *ericpnelson Game #9: OLDNORSK Game #10: zqglmtv Game #11: Goon 2015-2016 Game #1 *SiouxSax Game #2: BeazSioux Game #3: siouxforcefans Game #4: *siouxporter Game #5: *SiouxSax Game #6: Predator Game #7: *Reformed Gphr Fan Game #8: *u2numb Game #9: *UND_Gina Game #10: *Budwmn Game #11: *SiouxScore 2016-2017 Game #1: *SiouxperSiouxFan Game #2: SiouxCrioux Game #3: siouxforeverbaby Game #4: Dirtpile Game #5: *SiouxperSiouxFan Game #6: *stoneySIOUX 2017-2018 Game #1: *u2numb Game #2: *Stack Game #3: urstillamelvn Game #4: Scoop Game #5:SWSiouxMN Game #6: *stoneySIOUX Game #7: *minotsiouxfan Game #8: FGHTNSXHawkey14 Game #9: *SteveP Game #10: Siouxperior Game #11: *Blackheart Game #12: siouxguyinFF Game #13: dakotaKid92 Game #14: *Stack *Multiple Winner Picks must be posted by: Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 6:05 pm CENTRAL Good Luck and GO UND!! In addition, if you are asking someone to make your post for you....please make sure to let them know to get it in on time. In addition, if you are posting a pick for someone, please make sure that you do it on time! Also, please specify which Johnson (Casey or Cam) when picking one of them. Don't make me flip a coin to decide who you picked. I won't remind you all this year!
  25. Sioux Survivor Game #14 2017-2018

    CONGRATS STACK!!! New game up shortly!
  26. 2019 UND Recruiting

    New offer: OT Jacob Golden, 6'6“, 265, Peoria (Peoria), AZ
  27. 2018 attendance

    Technically, the majority of attendance is going to be there regardless. UND draws 7k - 8k with bottom of the barrel teams. Bandwagon fans can only reach about 5k before the stadium sells out. I agree with your sentiment, though. I would say the number 1 factor of increased attendance beyond 7k - 8k baseline is wins. Sorry for the nitpicking
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