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  2. Jerseys

    would've been nice to see the alt black be different than the white/green ones...
  3. Jerseys

    But yolk would be appropriate with the bird logo
  4. Improving the game day experience

    Truth be told... it's not limited to "after those games"
  5. Today
  6. Improving the game day experience

    It'd be one thing if it was cool industrial but it was more like don't give a !@#$ industrial
  7. Improving the game day experience

    Well we cleaned up, but we for sure left the rig there overnight. I'm guessing they don't want me to drive after those games.
  8. Jerseys

    I try not to think about it But bold easy to see Name & # is most important
  9. Jerseys

    I'd say the same thing about the football, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseb.... oh... wait. You get what I'm saying...

    It is the ONLY story EPSN has about college hockey.
  11. Greetings from Salt Lake

    Must have been forever... No ski lifts over any highways. Plus they have the original Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Plus a multitude of microbreweries and even High West Distillery & Saloon. Probably, the only time I hate Park City is during Sundance Film Festival.
  12. Jerseys

    The black jersey looks a million times better with the hem striping...last year's version for a memory-refresher.
  13. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Saw Landon Parker (EGF)play last weekend at Bantam Elite League in bemidji, was man amongst boys. Helgeson from GF was also good. Saw Kunz watching games there as well.
  14. Jerseys

    Standardized font or not, I'm just not a big fan of the modern style text for the hockey jerseys. Looks like a font Miami would have on their jerseys. But definitely can see it looking nice on the football and bball jerseys. Maybe it'll grow on me but my knee jerk reaction(only kind we have on this site ) wasn't positive. Actually like the logo as a shoulder patch as much as anywhere else I've seen it so that's a positive.
  15. Jerseys

  16. Jerseys

    So we'll complain about the number missing from the front...but be perfectly fine with no number on the sleeves & back and no nameplate?
  17. Jerseys

    "The pigeon patch." I kind of like it. New name for the student section?
  18. Jerseys

    Not a fan of that font; last years was better. Also, any way to make the pigeon patches smaller?
  19. Adidas deal in the works?

    I know we had fcs for sure. I think the big sky ones might be new. Not positive though
  20. Jerseys

    Similar to nodak651's complaint, when purchasing a replica jersey without any numbers, there's just a big hole there. So no, I didn't like the last jersey for that reason either. Actual jerseys the players wear will look good. That's why I made the "they look good on the ice" comment.
  21. Jerseys

    They will still fill it in with the number. Did you not like how they did the last jersey with the number in the center of the "North Dakota" on the front?
  22. Jeff Dubay

    Being a douche and gopher fan is kind of the same thing.
  23. Adidas deal in the works?

    Did we have the FCS and Big Sky stickers last year?
  24. Jerseys

    Again, I wish they hadn't left the big hole in the front. Oh well, they look good on the ice.
  25. Jerseys

    Replicas are still gonna look like crap with the big gap in the middle. Not gonna buy one. Not a fan.
  26. Improving the game day experience

    Big fan of these changes. The inside of the Al has always looked so industrial to me. Good to get some color in here. Well done
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