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  2. It's strange how well they've done on the road this season. They're almost 10 games below 500 at home. Cleveland is similar in that they also have played better on the road. I hope they're able to keep it going so I can watch meaningful baseball this fall.
  3. Dennis Cholowski and the Poehlings - not sure if we offered, but they have had first rounders this year and last. - I'm just not seeing the studs, especially after 3 straight Frozen Four appearances capped off by a National Title.
  4. Tough not to be impressed with how this team keeps finding ways to win road games. 23-9 so far. They won just 29 road games all of last year. Really looking forward to watching a duel between Sale and Berrios tomorrow night. For whatever reason, Sale doesn't seem to dominate the Twins as much as he does most teams. Hope to see that continue tomorrow.
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  6. What were the recruiting classes rated when they got Caggulia and Stecher?
  7. UND could always do the Wisconsin method, recruit everyone then choose who you want later.
  8. Name someone who decided on Clown while holding an offer from UND. It does seem like the team didn't get the recruiting boosts other recent champs have had, although it may be other teams' recruiting gets more attention after a championship.
  9. Hopefully the trend continues.
  10. And the sweep is complete.
  11. Then Penn State can hang a banner for it.
  12. Winners and losers of the draft.
  13. That's all fine and good, but what I most care about is the fact that Penn State had four players drafted, a number topped by only one school and matched by three others.
  14. This will turn into the B1G had 17 drafted players in the 2017 draft, just like how the B1G has won the most National Titles.
  15. Congrats on your gophers nittany lions having four picks
  16. The same exact team in front of him but superior teams opposing them. The way the bracket worked out this year, the 1st and 2nd rounds provided the toughest opponents the Pens would have to go through on their way to the cup. They beat Columbus and Washington based on how great the goaltending was, they beat Ottawa and Nashville based on how well the rest of the team played. Look at the goal support as well as the number of shots and quality of shots that each goalie faced and it becomes very clear that it was a difference of night and day. If Murray doesn't get hurt prior to Game 1 of the 1st round the Pens get swept in the 2nd round (that is if they manage to survive the 1st round).
  17. I hope they do - with Jost gone from last years class, if you look at last year, this year, and next year there is not a lot of high-end talent coming in - not like we are used to. BU will always get some (although they are getting such an outsized lot for the last several years), but it is hard to see Penn State, Minnesota Duluth, and St. Clown take it to us with some recruits. I wish I knew more about what is going on? Have we missed on several high enders or is this our new strategy?
  18. We all agree the NCAA are a bunch of money hungry, hypocrites. I don't see them going away. $$$$
  19. Duh, how do you not understand this?
  20. No, the numbers show he actually does worse with the exact same team in front of him....
  21. ncaa needs to go away they have become a defactO parasite that only exists to save their jobs but when college academia is basically the same type of scavenger they love each other - America needs to take back many things that have become tainted by their kind
  22. Pump the brakes, cberkas. The day's only half over...still plenty of time for something even dumber to come out of Roosevelt's keyboard!
  23. Wait they won 2 Stanley Cups because the team hates Murray? That's the dumbest !@#$ I've heard today.
  24. So...that is what I was saying. He shouldn't go anywhere but the U of M next year...
  25. But if Marc-Andre Fleury is in net with the exact same team playing in front of him, he's the greatest goalie of all time?
  26. But he's only being asked to face Big 10 defenses this year, so...
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