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  2. Olympic Hockey

    That Gopher line, Kessel in particular, just played awful all tournament. It's lucky she scored in the shootout, or I'd have been really pissed. Even the announcers, "they need to play the twins' line more". The Gopher line would barely shoot. Trying to do pretty ticky tack crap. The Canadians just pushed them around. And on the shoot out, you can't just go straight at the goalie, you have to get them going side to side. I definitely thought he should have put the twins in the first five, but I guess it worked out perfectly.
  3. Olympic Hockey

    “Oops I did it again”, the name of Jocelyn’s shootout goal. GF Herald headline perhaps??
  4. Olympic Hockey

    Well, that seals it - this will certainly create a buzz to grow women's college hockey. Who's gonna write the $2 million check every year to bring women's hockey back to UND and keep it going? Is it even possible?
  5. Now here is a Fighting Hawk

    Looks like it's all in French?
  6. Olympic Hockey

    You are correct sir! #EdMcMahon
  7. Olympic Hockey

    USA won the 3rd and OT. Canada won the second. FIrst period was a draw. Maybe slight USA win. I'd say USA outplayed Canada most of the game.
  8. Olympic Hockey

    I love that song!
  9. Instead of the Little White Dove https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1676303235761879&id=867732709952273
  10. Olympic Hockey

    USA 5th Shooter for the Win, ME: Lamoureux is gonna win it for the US!!!! ....two seconds later...wtf. Then I was worried he was gonna go back to Kessel. I guess I give him credit for "correcting a wrong."
  11. Olympic Hockey

    if you want to see it again: http://www.nbcolympics.com/news/gold-last-us-scores-third-period-equalizer-wins-shootout
  12. Olympic Hockey

    BREAKING NEWS: USA jerseys...still awful.
  13. Olympic Hockey

    Woe, Canada!
  14. Olympic Hockey

  15. Olympic Hockey

    I think he's better-known as the guy who gave up the GWG to Harvard in OT in the 1989 NCAA championship game...
  16. Today
  17. Olympic Hockey

    Stauber? Isn't he the inventor of the goalie training tool? The Stau-bar? I think the Minny goalies were wearing it backwards in practice there for a couple of years.
  18. Olympic Hockey

    First shooter: Gigi Marvin, Minnesota. Second shooter: Hannah Brandt, Minnesota. Third shooter: Emily Pfalzer, Boston College. Fourth shooter: Amanda Kessel, Minnesota. Fifth shooter: Hillary Knight, Wisconsin.
  19. Olympic Hockey

  20. Olympic Hockey

    Give the guy a break....like honestly how much have the Twins played with each other the last 20 plus YEARS??? Great coaching call to not have them together in OT.....
  21. Olympic Hockey

    Well, 5 power plays helped that. Mid-way thru the 3rd, the US held a 26-20 lead in shots on goal...with 13 of those on the PP. And I'd expect a team with 10:00 of PP time under its belt in 50:00 of action to have a big lead in time of possession, so, yea...
  22. Olympic Hockey

    Worst thing about this is it will be hard to fire Stauber now.
  23. Olympic Hockey

    Well-played, Mauer. Well-played.
  24. Olympic Hockey

    Check the stats. SOG, faceoff wins, time of possession.
  25. Olympic Hockey

    I hope ur right
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