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  2. I assume you are referring to Hedstrom - I know we are interested in him but I don't think we have made an offer.
  3. Does that surprise you? IIRC, SiouxVolley knew nothing about the WAC's supposed magic wand ability to create FBS schools until it was discussed publicly in Idaho's athletics study. Then he jumped on it as if it had been part of his predictions all along.
  4. If Minnesota was behind it, why did they continue to schedule FCS teams after losing to NDSU? They played another four FCS teams after losing that game as recently as last year. I would bet that the B1G Network had something to do with it. The B1G is now playing 9 conference games, plus an additional game against a P5, leaving 2 games for G5 teams. What games are going to look better for TV/strength of schedule, games against Navy and SMU, or Navy and Indiana St? I don't think losing games to NDSU made them happy though, no doubt.
  5. but it is one position that we are kinda weak at...and he looks talented bc for all we know zimmerman is joey "swag" bradley 2.0...
  6. I think I'm the article it said that he tried boxing. I'm hoping he is in decent shape after this break and trained even a little. Either way he won't be a fresh as he was when he was a freshman. I think the step from HS as a running back to D1 is bigger than the resumption of a D1 career after a year break. Look at it as recovering from a long injury without he baggage of actually having a big injury. Im happy his family and friends have supported him coming back.
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  8. He has a real opportunity to get a nearly free education by playing football. By sticking with football he also has a chance at the big league if he develops like we expect him to.
  9. Not a big fan of bringing in too many transfers, especially at the qb position.
  10. If/When/Once the Valpo/Murray MVC invite occurs, is it for 2017-18 or for 18-19?
  11. after reading some reports about potential replacements for wsu... 1. these mvc beat writers are delusional...the mvc will be a one bid league for a long time regardless if they add valpo, murray, omaha, und, milwakee... 2. being an fcs football school ( or heck even a d1 hockey sponsoring school) is seen as a bad/ foolish thing in the non-fb schools minds... 3. summit needs to make a
  12. I think you answered your own question.
  13. I know a kid on my wish list is the big from Hopkins.
  14. Does anyone know the reason he left Sac State
  15. New offer: SF Quinn Blair, 6'6", 205, Dearborn (Divine Child), MI
  16. bring him in...
  17. Just to add to the great news already... QB Ketteringhaul from Sac State apparently wants to come here. Has to sit out a year but has a redshirt season to burn.
  18. anything but sundogs!!
  19. Don't know the scholarship situation, but any chance we see any more surprises. (juco or fbs)
  20. I suppose you're right, I didn't look at it that way. Maybe school, football, being away from home, and a kid was too much to process at first. Some time away probably changed his perspective.
  21. One thing that encourages me about this upcoming season is DEPTH. All across the offense and defense. Some depth is not tested. But injuries are a big part of the game and this team is better situated to handle injuries then ever before in the DI era.
  22. Yeah, but he ain't Karlsson. Most of the rest of the Sens are fairly anonymous.
  23. What concerns me is he's been away from the game for 2 years. Yea, some fundamentals come naturally, but a lot of other things you need to work on constantly to keep sharp. I'm going to wait and watch how this works out and hope for the best.
  24. Him being eligible for this year tells me he always understood the value of education. Maybe he realized he has a real opportunity to make a career playing football if he puts in the work and wants to pursue it.
  25. That's absolutely true. Maybe having a kid and spending a year away led to him maturing quickly and changing his views on life. He may now realize the importance of an education in creating a better life for himself and most importantly his kid.
  26. I usually turn it to sportscenter when there is absolutely nothing on tv worth watching....just to have some background noise. That or the weather channel.
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