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  2. Anyone know which buildings they got approval to take down? KFGO reported that 5 of the 8 were values under $250k and tearing down these (unused eyesores?) would save a million dollars annually from the operations budget.
  3. At the April 2017 meeting the ND SBHE: signed off on the demolition of eight buildings on the UND campus renaming its old medical school tabled a resolution to officially sign off on the creation of a UND center focused on autonomous vehicles research.
  4. Given the impact this group has on UND, I'm surprised this thread hasn't existed before now.
  5. Wright State has significant budget issues right now. Some quarters are claiming one option is elimination of intercollegiate athletics. Should that happen, and Valpo and Milw, the Horizon would need to go shopping for three, and the logicals again are IUPUI, IPFW, and Robert Morris. However, historically, Bobby Mo has looked east for conference.
  6. Think Robert Morris will get a look too, but at least one of the IP's will be gone.
  7. Precisely. Wouldn't count out Wichita St fb, as they want to be full AAC members eventually. Also, if NMSU doesn't have an FBS invite, they might need to join. Left out the XDSU's as they thought they were MVC material and it be hilarious if we went FBS first.
  8. The speculation I'm seeing out in other forums is that the MVC will go to 12 (add 3) and that the preference order right now is: Murray State, Valpo, UW-Milw, Omaha. There's a claim in one place that the UNO visit did not go well and UW-Milw became preferred. If the MVC pulls two from the Horizon (Valpo, Milw) I still see the Horizon back filling from within their footprint and from the Summit (IUPUI, IPFW).
  9. The Dakota 4 and the Montana group are a random group of schools just like the rogue's gallery that is today's WAC. In the eyes of the NCAA that's reality. Never forget that. SV's point in the past was that if the Dakotas and Montana group wanted to go FBS, ever, they needed the vessel called the WAC. You had to have a bona fide invite from an FBS granting conference to go FBS. The WAC had retroactive power to invite teams to FBS as that conference (forget who's in it today) was, and retains power as, an FBS conference at one time. Since then, the world has changed: Liberty got permission from the NCAA to go FBS without a bona fide invitation from an existing FBS conference. Thus, the WAC is no longer needed as the vessel, the portal, to FBS. The NCAA has set precedence. They waived Liberty through to FBS without that FBS conference invitation. Now the dream of a "Great North" conference no longer needs to consider how to wrest control of the WAC (and it's magic FBS granting power) away from that group of rogues. Liberty saw to that. Now, in this post Liberty decision world, this consortium of the Dakota 4 and the Montana group can form up and then make the same request Liberty did at the time of their choosing.
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  11. Found Lamoureax girls blueprint / manifesto on a back room of the interweb
  12. Most of the teams in the MVC are the same as they were 10 years ago. But which conference is better? 2007 MVC or 2017 MVC? Is the MVC still appealing to the Dakotas? I don't think so.
  13. And yet you didn't even read my comment. I was pointing out that there is a big difference in this "Big North" going FBS and your complete lie of a WAC conference that you keep predicting will happen. As usual, you're moving some goalposts. It was a nice month when you went into your shell after UND joined the Summit and you had to hide from people showing how wrong you were. However, you aren't dumb enough (although history has probably proven otherwise) to believe that UND and NDSU fans would have similar thoughts towards your old WAC conference and the Big North as the WAC. I don't think anybody wanted to be in a WAC that consisted of NMSU, UTRGV and other random schools. I don't think anyone would turn down the chance to be part of a WAC that was the 4 Dakotas, the Montanas and Idaho/EWU.
  14. Here maybe, but not GPL, where it would have to be a small offense.
  15. May I add a few things to this: -Included in step 2, we need someone who has an expect opinion on coming up with trophies. You bring in an outside consultant who uses amazing resources such as Urban Dictionary. -You also need to include an option that you know won't work but is popular, but instead of removing it right away you tease both fan bases until the final cut where you get rid of it. -Of course at the end you will need to replace your key leadership because at some point during the process he/she got forced out.. I mean retired -Oh, did I mention spending as much $$$ as possible in a budget crisis and dragging this out and long as possible...
  16. I'm concerned that is has only 50% of the committees from the original blueprint. If we wanted to try something new, I would suggest going in the complete opposite direction. Instead of the winner gets a trophy, the loser has to take care of salt water aquarium for the entire year or something like that.
  17. My apologies. in jest but poor taste. a committee of lettermen and current players from both UND and NDSU to come up with 3 choices for a trophy and design. To be voted on by student body of both Universities.
  18. The MVC schedules site visits when there is mutual interest. Omaha is probably a Tier 2 candidate though. Valpo and Murray being Tier 1. My theory was the Montanas gave an ultimatum to the BSC that they wanted the Dakotas or they would leave. The other BSC teams voted so the Montanas would stay.
  19. I think a guy could get arrested for posting his D on a public forum like this.
  20. Quite frankly, I'm quite appalled and disgusted with how some of you are going about coming with a new rivalry trophy. Much like messing around with drones and throwing dead rodents onto ice, this is something that anyone with a taste of UND education should have down by now. You want a new trophy? Here's how you come up with a new trophy. Step 1. What do we want our new trophy to represent? Well, it's hard to say. How are we going to decide, you ask? Easy. The most effective decision making tool the 21st century has to offer. We'll make a committee to come up with what we want in our new trophy. Step 2. We know what we want, now it's time to execute. How exactly does one put all of our thoughts and desires into a tangible trophy? Well no one can. We need the collective wisdom of a governing body, say, another committee perhaps. If they need help we could open up the brainstorming process to a little crowd sourcing, but at the very least, we would need a committee to refine the ideas down for the rest of us. Step 3. After the committee narrows down the trophy ideas using very clear and transparent criteria and logic that these groups can't help themselves but to use, we could use a little democracy to pick the final winner. Admittedly, this is where it's going to get hard because you aren't going to have any clear winners, so maybe take the 5 or so, open it up to an election and set some hard line rules about any subsequent runoff elections. Now, if you think the hard line rules aren't what you want after this first election, you can kind of just discard those and do what you want anyways. Just say it was a prank or something. Step 4. After an undetermined set of elections, we will eventually have a winner. To build off this excitement, I'd suggest announcing it at an awkward press conference that includes out of place, uncomfortable yelling/cheering. Step 5. Bask in the inevitable praise that will rain down on the skillful execution.
  21. NDSU also has baby S*** yellow as well.
  22. For those of you in the know... who initiates campus visits? in other words, did Omaha apply to the MVC or is the MVC looking at Omaha unsolicited to return to Omaha after losing Creighton? Another example would be Sioux Volley has said the MVC was interested in Belmont the last time around, but they are not scheduled for a campus visit (at least there is not one being reported). Is the MVC not visiting Belmont because they are not interested in being turned down or are they not invited to Belmont? iirc, UND had applied to the Summit (and abruptly cancelled a campus visit by Douple) before they were accepted in the Big Sky, but there was really no press about the Big Sky making a campus visit to UND before the Sioux were accepted into the BSC. Was Faison working behind the scenes soliciting the Big Sky or was Fullerton working behind the scenes to rescue UND from football irrelevance?
  23. Or if no one comments at all, like currently. Awe shucks, my clickbait article didn't work??!?
  24. One thing that I thought would be kind of funny is this. I haven't seen any comments yet to Meloni's story. I think it would be kind of funny if a bunch of people, using obvious North Dakota connected user names, just went and posted a bunch of really positive comments about the picks. A bunch of simple stuff like, "I concur" or maybe, "list looks good, maybe switch 3 and 4."
  25. It's one guy's opinion, and it was clearly done to provoke. < ignore >
  26. What really seemed silly about it to me is the fact that we could see some significant changes in the teams between now and then. Montgomery could leave, followed by some DU players. Bjork could bolt Notre Dame. Who knows.
  27. Duke and North Carolina play for the Victory Bell Trophy. The bell sits on a platform that they whell it out on. The winner of the game then pains the base to the color blue that matches their school. Since both UND and NDSU have green, something similar to this could be good.
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