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  2. Would You Rather

    Complete exaggeration. No one on NDSU would run straight FB lead all night. Rudolph on the other hand might have tried. Don't oversimplify NDSU's offense; they do a lot with pre-snap shifts and spreading the ball around. UND doesn't spread the ball around nearly as much which directly comes back to offensive game planning.
  3. Would You Rather

    Well, I’ve never argued their off season program is way ahead of ours (and most others). We are talking OL/TE/FB. So they started 4 So/FR in one season? What year was that?
  4. Would You Rather

    You think Sam Houston would have stopped NDSU if they would have run straight FB lead up the A gap last night? They run more power but most of their success last night was A/B gap stuff. SHSU wasn’t stopping it.
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  6. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Depth will take care of many things!
  7. Fundraising

  8. Would You Rather

    Makes me wonder how the sophomore heavy Bison team won the Natty a few years back, according to some only Jr. or Sr. can be productive.
  9. Would You Rather

    Sam H. stomps us next year, no doubts about that.
  10. Would You Rather

    You think our run scheme is close to SU? It isn't.
  11. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Wouldn’t expect anything else obviously. I’ll go with Da Bizon
  12. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I agree. If the player makes us better, then grab him. But we have missed a lot on transfers.
  13. Hook me up! 701412-1905
  14. Would You Rather

    Who the heck on here thinks we are ok with the level of talent on this years team? You are delusional thinking that we don't think we need better players. We had no senior ILB's that were able to play, or probably even juniors. The upper classes OL mostly got hurt and were average at best anyway. The juniors and seniors on the roster to me are gap guys, caught in middle of transition. There were obviously some really good ones, but not the overall quality needed. It looks like we will have some good ILB's going forward, some of the younger or newly recruited OL guys appear to have some good potential.
  15. Would You Rather

    I was thinking last night.....UND's OL coach should be taking notes while watching NDSU's line. If the young guys that had to end up playing this year don' take a nice step forward, the OL coach has to go.
  16. Would You Rather

  17. Would You Rather

    I dont like the negativity either but in this case ir was justified. Sam Houston would have demolished this year's UND team and easily scored 50 on us with our depleted secondary and no true ILB'S. They scored 40 on SDSU in the first half, probably would have on us too this year. Looking forward to next year' game, hopefully Harris will be healthy and ready to go.
  18. Non-UND FCS Thread

    It does seem like SDSU's year this year they are loaded on offense. I'm just not sure I trust them to win the Big one if they get in verses NDSU. They'e never beaten them in the past when it counted.
  19. Would You Rather

    They currently play in the top conference in FCS and have many close games every year. We are moving to that conference in a couple of years. The other conferences are far weaker which causes the regular season to be more difficult than the playoffs for Missouri Valley teams.
  20. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Once we have program depth like them we will get to be extremely particular about transfers like NDSU is. We need some at DB LB & OL or we will keep wasting players by throwing them in the fire before they’re ready.
  21. 2018 UND Recruiting

    This class seems to have some nice pieces (Siegel, Maag, Slater, Bruner) but I don’t think it’s complete until there’s a QB!
  22. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I rather go with good long term help. I not convinced we gain much from transfers. Recruit high school kids and develop them to fit our needs, it's far better over the long haul.
  23. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Kinda have to go with the transfer route right now with how the roster looks But yes, juco OL from CA shouldn’t be what we are recruiting this far into Bubba’s tenure
  24. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I agree whole heartily with this. I see no reason we should need juco's or FBS transfers. I keep hearing how good NDSU is, and they never seem to go the transfer route.
  25. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Why are we recruiting juco OL from California in year 5 of the this staff's tenure? Juco OL never pan out and they sure don't from CA.
  26. Would You Rather

    First post on the football side of things here on ss. I was wondering if there is any talk of ndsu moving to a different conference? I watched the game last night and it was terrible for a playoff game. They should up the level of competition a bit don't you think? Big fish in a small pool thing going on.
  27. Would You Rather

    "Looked" terrible is exactly the point. NDSU is the reason they looked terrible. Despite the way they looked last night, Sam is a good FCS team. They likely would have hung a big number on this year's UND squad.
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