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  2. The headline you'll never see in the Grand Forks Herald: Least Talented Incoming Class According to the NHL Draft in over 17 years.
  3. This is most certainly the truth. Unless an INDOOR football stadium gets built in Grand Forks, UND football is best situated where they currently are within the Alerus Center.
  4. Lack of a specific deal with Adidas that includes complete merchandise availability. That is, UND football has only a program-specific deal in place with Adidas, not a department-wide deal; therefore, the options - including the retail options for fans - are limited. A department-wide apparel deal (as mentioned here: would most certainly change the current limitations by allowing all UND apparel to be better available for UND fans. How would this be accomplished? Through athletic department consistency with a single athletic apparel corporation, such as Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour. This is one of the reasons the pending deal is significant and must get done.
  5. But they had to fight hard to even get to the USHL, and were drafted at a later age. I'm sure there are guys like Cameron Crotty that UND would liked to have got, but next man up after you miss out. Would rather get team guys than me first guys like Kieffer Bellows.
  6. Actually this movie could have more sequels than Rocky.
  8. That year turned out horrible for UND.
  9. Not to many kids out of high school are regardless of how chin ups they can or can't do
  10. Don't spoil it for the rest of us!
  11. I know this has been posted elsewhere, but why can't we buy the Adidas hats/gear the coaches wear???
  12. Omaha fans said the same thing when they made the Frozen Four.
  13. Outdoor ain't gonna happen up here. There's a reason they're called fair weather fans.
  14. One of the CFL teams built a nice new outdoor stadium with cold weather in mind. A sunken bowl with wind breaks from close buildings like an IPF. The stands are covered like Washington cold and wet is the worst. So you limit wind and rain for fans and keep the homefield edge for the team. Add glassed in luxury suites for the revenue boost. Fifteen or sixteen thousand capacity with an SRO around twenty thousand would be great.
  15. I haven't seen the film, but I know how it ends.
  16. 1999, Mike Commodore
  17. Yesterday
  18. Not physically ready to compete against NHL defensemen.
  19. Ken Wregget was actually good though, 3rd best goalie in Penguins history after Fleury and Barrasso.
  20. What does not doing a pull up have to do with putting the puck in the net?
  21. Yeah, but both ladue and poolman were drafted. And both those boys shined in the toughest junior A league in NA.
  22. For what little is out there on Arizona State's new hockey arena. The ASU facilities master plan shows it next after the Sun Devils Stadium renovation is done, looks like it will go next to Well Fargo Arena right where the fraternities use to be. Anderson wants to have the Wells Fargo Arena renovation ready to announce in 60 to 90 days.
  23. Holy committed to Nebraska today. Not sure if scholarship or PWO.
  24. I recall Lawton saying in this year's draft coverage that sometimes they throw a scout a bone late in the draft if he hasn't had one of his scouted players taken. To me that says how much of an inexact science scouting and recruiting is, especially with the underage draft and recruiting with so many late bloomers like Poolman and LaDue.
  25. To be honest I am more concerned about next year's class with the possibility of Senden, Mattson, and Keane. Being that Keane and Senden are character role players, I would guess depending on who leaves, they might have to wait another year to come in, or commit somewhere where they could play sooner if they choose.
  26. Well those teams can hang their most drafted players banners UND will hang another white and green banner.
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